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tv   News  RT  April 19, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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so with. the regime the situation is very really dangerous. i. please take gas paris protesters as part of paralyzing transport strikes over president micron's reforms. also to come this hour just days after slamming syria's white helmets as propagandist rock legend roger waters reveals the activist group had been trying to lobby his supporters in the war. somebody was charging that we had to go to the hospital so. when i came in some people grabbed me started pouring water on my had a russian t.v. channel says it's interviewed a syrian boy seen in the white helmets forces reportedly showing the aftermath of
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a chemical attack a child in this bar to give their account didn't fall been doing that day. and in germany refugees are increasingly turning themselves in this terrorist in a shocking tactic to avoid deportation. so they're welcome good evening it's just turned six o'clock here in moscow you're watching international now thousands taking to the streets across paris in paris at the moment against president reforms as part of a three month long transport strike that paralyzed the country we can get more details now from our correspondent sheila dubinsky who's in the thick of one of the protests in paris for us charlotte good afternoon just tell us there what is the mood like there at the moment. well just for a moment it feels like it's come back to. protests this music playing it's common
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people are walking but just a few seconds ago we did hear what sounded like another explosion or not is something that we have seen that stalks of the clashes between a small group of protesters and the police the protesters throwing out projectiles some of those are exclusive projectiles other police then responding in here you cast we've also seen the movie cannons deployed here already as you see people are stopping because they think something is happening behind them what we see is this . continuous a little ignition all of explosions and then we have the clashes between the police and the protesters which can a time become a very very intense unlike what you can hear generally around this which is music and people wanting to protest against these reforms that have been brought in by president matt coombs government just behind me you can see some of the unknown is the anti capitalists looking at one of the recycling bins here
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a group had to remove the recycling bin we're not going to turn around and show you because they're very very keen to not have their faces shown on the camera in fact they have become violent in the past when we do you show their faces on camera and that's because the police want to try and identify them but for the moment it seems very calm here but that can change within seconds in an environment like this where there are many people here who are out for some sort of clash with police take care shall be. from this recycling bin being it now. we don't know whether that's just part of the plan to get small projects dogs to throw at the police or whether it's just a part of general destruction that we see from the anticapitalist seen all of these protests and problems. ok thanks to a shot of thanks for the update that was shouted to life. heart of paris.
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now in other news we have revelations on how a controversial syrian activist group the white helmets tried to lobby roger waters co-founder of the law their gender rock group pink floyd a lobby group called the syria campaign sent an e-mail to the musician inviting him to a fund raising dinner on behalf of the white helmets affiliated organization in the same letter the group in detail described the work it claims to be doing in syria it does insist the group's mission is to elevate the voices of serious peaceful heroes and also to help bring pace but waters' was less than delighted with the invitation i was quite suspicious after i was invited to that white helmets dinner now my worst suspicions have been confirmed i don't blame them for having bought into it on the face of it it felt horrible that the white helmets were just good people doing good things but now we know they're trying to encourage the west to drop bombs or missiles illegally in the syria ok well let's discuss this
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a bit further now with there you go she done if he joins us in the studio we saw a statement there a critical one for mr waters but he's also been pretty vocal on stage to well indeed it was somewhat of an indirect response from roger waters to all of the barrel of e-mails he received from the lobbyist for the white helmets because there was another e-mail that he in fact did apparently was from a french journalist who openly stated that he worked with the white helmet and it said i'm a militant with the syrian white helmets pay attention to this and he wanted to meet roger waters he asked for stage time with him to address his fans and sort of make a case in the name of the white helmets like a message to the children of syria now as far as we know mr waters did not directly respond to this e-mail but he did something else have a have a look. white. plains. broken a solution. really complicated. issue.
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with this to the propaganda of the point home it's in others we would be encouraged to encourage our governments to go and start dropping bombs on syria. you obviously doesn't like lizzie but why did you decide you think to publicly criticize them well you don't understand that you first have to know what the white helmets are it is a group that market itself as a civil defense group they say the rescue people there first responders they say they post videos like these when where they pull people from under the rubble of left after the alleged to syrian government air strikes but in the videos that they are not posting online but somebody else do for them they're seen mingling with terrorist groups with militants from terrorist groups there is a video this is an old news for. and these are the volunteers with the white
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helmets helping clear out the execution site so really if you do research you'd find a lot of journalists working in syria denouncing the white house which roger waters did too and he's a celebrity that publicly criticize and there have been celebrities that have taken a different stance on this well indeed generally the mood of the sort of the reputation of the white helmet in the west among celebrities have been pretty favorable because we've seen some other stars like for example this british band coldplay endorsing the white helmets and calling them syrian heroes as you can see also you have ben affleck also siding with the white helmets praising them we have been our grails the sort of reality show star. also also praising the white helmets there was even a documentary short the one oscar in twenty seventeen for that in fact in one of the e-mails roger waters was suggested that he. should see that documentary and the lobbying firm described it as the powell this is
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a very powerful thing so there you have it those two emails the they were provided to by ruth would his himself to max blumenthal to contribute so he can pick up the story from here for the first time a mainstream figure on an international stage on the eve of war has validated what we've been reporting how this western funded organization funded by western and gulf governments has basically been an instrument of encouraging regime change and it's not just a group of average volunteer rescue workers it's an international influence organization whose representatives show up in congress to lobby for no fly zones and just sank sions on syria as well as parliaments across europe while they're operating on the ground alongside al qaida and their allies that this was an enormously rousing speech by roger waters that has legitimized the journalism that we've been so mercilessly attacked for publishing and it's forced
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those who have attacked us and accuse us of being conspiracist to actually look at what we've reported look at the facts and they really have nothing to say back to us they can't simply dismiss it as a kremlin conspiracy anymore when roger waters is saying this however roger waters is now under attack particularly by israeli and qatari media israel wants regime change in syria and qatar does as well and has been a funder of the white helmets so the question is can he hold strong and will there be public support will people support roger waters and what he said and i suspect he's under enormous pressure right now to walk back his remarks in a very dangerously mccarthyite atmosphere where we have asked for a comment on this from the white helmets but so far they haven't got back to us. meanwhile a correspondent from the russia twenty four t.v. channel claims to have found a syrian boy seen in the white helmets footage said to show the aftermath of an
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alleged chemical attack in an interview which can't be independently verified the child and his father do recall vence did unfold in duma on april the seventh artie's murdered as more details. these harrowing scenes panic fear terror soaked trembling children screaming adults and strange as it may seem many of them had no idea about what was going on. we were in the basement my mother told me that we had run out of food and wouldn't have anything to eat until tomorrow i heard noises outside somebody was charging that we had to go to the hospital so we went there when i came in some people grabbed me started pouring water on my had. eleven year old has and was one of the apparent victims in the white helmets video here he is after
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being drenched and sprayed he was found in duma and interviewed by a russian war correspondent. he's fine if a little confused and that's me in the video that's me. yes as were many other kids any child would be terrified ergo the panic which the white helmets were there to film he was eventually found though by his father who was none the wiser this is the police i didn't hear anything about the chemical attack i was outside britain notes anything further my family lives in the hospital. it does make sense poisonous gas would be invisible you'd imagine everybody would want to take precautions especially when you're hungry and they give out food for thought spittle. i went to the hospital
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walked up stairs and found my wife and children i asked them what had happened and they said you go outside was shouting about some smell and told them to go to the hospital at the hospital they gave dates and cookies to the kids one of the. doctors who was reportedly on shift at the time seemed surprised by the sudden influx some people come to. people in what. they said. we wouldn't think. of the symptoms here the doctor and others did however say that some people came in complaining about difficulty breathing which is common when an explosion destroys a building for example there's a lot of dust makes it difficult to breathe and especially affects people with
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asthma. people from the white helmets told us about the use of chemical weapons but we saw no sign of that if chemical weapons were used against those people our medical staff would have also been affected. we've sent a request to the white helmets to comment on this but received no answer yet what we have seen is more and more witnesses coming forward to say there was only panic and no evidence of chemicals and we heard an explosion and somebody said it was a chemical weapon we ran to where the noise came from and started pouring water over the people but they seemed to be ok and then walked away without any help people are so confused somebody started pouring water over people's heads saying there had been a chemical attack i was at the spot with my wife and daughter but none of us experienced any symptoms of chemical poisoning and it's remarkable how these
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scenes convinced three countries to launch cruise missiles at syria especially remarkable when you realize that so many of the people here had no idea about what was going on only that someone shouted about chemicals. well the u.s. and its allies do cite their own intelligence sources to justify saturday strike on syria they cues the syrian government of deploying a toxic agent over the area which at the time was held by rebels u.s. british and french military has hit syria retaliatory air strikes however some and i questioning the chemical attack allegations notably mainstream british journalist robert fisk visited duma himself and interviewed locals we asked former british counterterrorism officer charles to breach to comment on the situation journalists who got in on the ground robert fisk is a notable person i'm thinking of there he says and attended by syrian government
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employees and so on he spoke to ordinary residents to medical staff who none of whom confirmed the idea that there was a chemical attack we're already i think saying i'm detecting science myself that there is a slight backtracking amongst government statements rowing back slightly saying well actually we weren't completely clear that's why we we were lying on social media we were lying on activists on the ground and that's why we only carried out a limited strike so they're already i think preparing the ground for the possibility at least that is so p c w report isn't particularly helpful for example it may actually find that there were no trace of chemicals of chemical warfare you watching r.t. still to come from russia's ambassador to the un has strongly criticised his u.k. counterpart over britain's handling of this kind of power poisoning case we'll tell you why just after this break. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to us of the
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world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there. i think obama the durand line never fulfilled his his threats i suppose are predictions. on the other hand i also don't support trump president trumps you know unilateral actions either but i'm in favor of multilateral responses not unilateral action we all hope for the syrian people that we can find a good resolution of this in fact we can develop democratic processes in syria and elsewhere in the middle east as well as time goes on.
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welcome back now russia's ambassador to the un has lashed out at the handling of this kind of powell poisoning case the scene of business exchanged tirades with the british in a highly charged session after mosque i was once again denied access to the probe. to quote from william shakespeare's henry the sixth suspicion always haunts the guilty mind allow me to return the literary flavor today the rational account if you keep behavior is a we write of george orwell's one thousand eight hundred eighty eight for the
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modern day a modern russian method. when i listen to some of my colleagues it seems this is no longer an alice in wonderland it's alice through the looking glass. while britain has released documents revealing that neither it nor the a p c w investigation was able to determine the origin of the agent in the sole spring attack but the u.k. still insists that russia is responsible claiming that only moscow could have produced the substance however russia has responded with summer reading some rather interesting details but one it says that the navi chocked type agents were in fact produced and painted over one hundred times in the u.s. and the u.k. continues to withhold information on the probe making it hard for russia to discuss london's conclusions but. russia will not accept any national or international results of any investigation without access to full information including materials from the british probe without consular access to our citizens
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and most importantly without the obligatory participation of russian experts in all actions to establish the truth is all that happened in saul's on march the fourth former m i five agent and he says that even though the case position has weakened somewhat london is unlikely to backtrack on its allegations against russia. they sort of backed themselves into a corner and i can't see how they can they can rescind what they've already said because particularly not only did they expel twenty three russian diplomats virtually immediately before the o.p.c. w. had even had a chance to examine this so-called evidence but they encouraged a lot of their nato partners to do the same thing so they can't for diplomatically to row back from this position particularly a very vulnerable diplomatic time for britain with direct looming not quite sure what they can do apart from to keep scapegoating russia but i suspect rather sadly this is going to sort of languish in the conspiracy theory category for anyone who
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questions this very thread their official narrative that britain has pulled together. the number of terror related investigations in the german state of barden vandenberg has skyrocketed recently but it does turn out that half of the cases are refugees actually turning themselves in peter all over has been taking a closer look at what is behind this unusual development. the number of asylum applicants coming here to germany decreases what we have seen is an actual increase in the number coming here saying that they were part of a terrorist outfit and it has politicians absolutely baffled i can't understand why someone would accuse himself of a serious crime in the hope of gaining an advantage in his asylum claim to particular reasons in the southwest of the country jump out because it's there that one hundred fifty nine people have declared themselves as members of
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a terrorist organization already in twenty eighteen if we jump back to twenty seventeen while three hundred people saying exactly the same thing why would anybody claim to be a member of a foreign terrorist group well because maybe that investigation could be solved tomorrow but most likely never investigations are proving to be very time consuming because they are almost always alleged foreign acts for example in syria iraq afghanistan or somalia if we look at countries like afghanistan which germany and all the e.u. nations have already referred to as a safe country to return to then you can see why people would come forward and say that they have information and would rather face a trial than deportation that you have in the thirty's and suggesting this is the easy way out anyone who makes a false confession must understand that he is going to face criminal consequences all of which has its roots way back in the summer of twenty fifteen when angela
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merkel opened germany up to refugees peter all of r.t. . and this trend isn't just consigned to germany either it's also happening in greece too we can have a look because hundreds of asylum seekers recently gathered outside a police station in the city of thessalonica for the very same reason many of us has an opportunity to stay in the e.u. and the fastest way to eat. get the necessary paperwork started a large waiting line reportedly formed for days after a surge in illegal border crossings from turkey it follows ankara's military operation against syrian kurds shia political analyst and consultant first believes that the refugee crisis has been very costly for europe we continually see the judicial system of the european countries is simply not sure what to the challenges the refugee crisis is the most in the past years by and your
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third twenty seventeen became. the german government has to employ over two thousand. traditional experts to deal with the increasing new pieces concerning. about all. terrorism also all these is absolutely the. traditional system it means a sharp increase in their own costs. bag clashes with police and broken out on a sixth day of mass anti-government rallies in the armenian capital of yet a van demonstrators are angered at the former president's bid to become prime minister. i.
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security in the city has been tightened to size it demonstrates he's tried to block streets and reach government buildings police seen a arresting protesters here the heaviest. price on monday when forty people were injured in and around eighty seven to ten you know by some of those have now been released. and stepped down as president this month at the end of his term but poem and then approved his candidacy for prime minister on change day and he's already started to appoint his cabinet all of whom have kept their posts from the previous to the opposition and he's trying to cling on to power. he wants you all say thanks me company today will be back with more news on the side of the latest from the process in paris you can see the many screen there at the top that .
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we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but no signed up to be poisoned by our own people i've seen stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products said to not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between periods and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from exposure from the bird. pits would really literally send a v.a. probe and they don't want to pay it so the wady in decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they won't have to pay. for elvis
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because the middle finger the movie is too mild a slight. delay deny hope because. i think obama the durand line never fulfilled his his threats i suppose are predictions. on the other hand i also don't support trump president trumps you know unilateral actions either but i'm in favor of multilateral responses not unilateral action we all hope for the syrian people that we can find a good resolution of this in fact we can develop a democratic process sees in syria and elsewhere in the middle east since well as time goes on. all over jailed or current jr. goes quiet
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little death. although we're all very different conclude. video. three twenty eight some snow there were details.
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but i will say that the way the law was written. i didn't have it in my mind that i would be walking down the corridor of a totally free person but i'm thinking if it's twenty years here which is also a lot yes a lot but not in texas standards because texas turns out life sentences like this candy. these are the two options that could happen here and we need your vehicle. ok and where do i fall from that from here you would follow this way ok so that doesn't make sense that it makes sense or ok the other one is if i'm getting in a vehicle and you're turning to do what have you got to do is. yes. he's already here pow pow so that's what happened and what's going to happen you're going to follow this with like this and this is what happened this is what they
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said i'm not sure if i'm going in a vehicle. i need your vehicle and then i. i'm not sure if he felt like this or like this but he felt he felt toward you as he were to. so is this guy here getting in this wasn't just give him the only option if he felt for discovery here shutting our power he went over he was in a vehicle that's the only way if this guy was leaning forward on the street where he was given a vehicle or he got shot from inside a vehicle and that's what they all say that he wasn't getting in the vehicle language shots were fired yet he said yeah but they said he did it and he said i didn't see it because i was just getting in the vehicle because he's wanted done it . there's gavels one of them hidden in a bony option that's the only person that can shut it they just they ramrodded. this guy going in because one that shot him that's they forbade us don't want to get it done. some good megacorp clean shoot dog and have twice get goes very
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fast so what happened in between and we were just brought in the longest but it's we get out there i get go knock on the door nobody answers and i'll come back or nobody answers because i'm getting in on the if you know it was a pontiac grand prix your grand am to your car if if you sit in there or see someone else sit in the present seat and you have to lean your seat forward first for the person to get the back seat all you liked is two shots back where were these bullets placed in the head oakley i was sitting in the passenger seat. so he had turned sideways. but in your first statement he said the bullets were on the right of his head right out that's why we get because he was like this months probably going to hit him here below and probably hit in there i don't know exactly where they had him i just know they had him somewhere in the journal the scent you know they had him in.


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