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tv   Politicking  RT  April 20, 2018 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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in find the in the international community agreeing that it was assad who was behind it but at the end of the day it wasn't their thoughts soldiers who were carrying children's corpses around and putting them in all those many positions. well first of all i guess we all i saw those photos and thank you for sending to me on i you know these photos are horrible it's one of the things i think that moves a lot of viewers towards becoming very concerned and worried about the whole civil war in syria today i can't judge whether these and i don't think opie seven inspectors judge either whether these photos are. extremely accurate or could have been manipulated i would assume some of them clearly could have been easily manipulated manipulated foam coming from the mouth you just don't know sometimes foam is extreme in us like dilated pupils two or constricted pupils as well the eyes that you just don't know when the photos were taken how long the body was the poor child of the individual is dead it's very difficult and that's why i say we
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can't make any judgments on these attacks based on photos of that nature we we clearly know at some point somebody was hit with some sort of a chemical they look like they were victims of chemical warfare no other wounds on the body at all but we can even tell that because they're fully clothed it could be they could have been requote so i'm just saying we need multiple sources of information to prove these cases and in the in the dozen a so cases that the gym in the a fact finding. mechanism from a mission from the o.p.'s w used i'm quite convinced that what they've concluded is correct that syria has been found guilty of probably the syrian government about five i think it's five maybe it's up to six cases now with if do whatever we see from duma this week from the fact finding mission and the isis islamic state has been found guilty of at least two uses of mustard we don't know where this these chemicals are coming from except now apparently you know according to police the
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americans the british the french and others who supported them maybe the you know scientific research facility was still doing work but the. inspections that have gone on by the o.p.'s w. in syria over the last five years you know have not proven any major production of chemicals any hidden stockpile or anything so that that still remains an open question but dr walker riyadh talking here about the upholding of a major global norm on the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons on their clearest signs here that one of the parties jaish al islam an al qaeda affiliate beach was accused by amnesty international off using chemical weapons against the kurds in two thousand and sixteen these parties clearly involved in manipulating the evidence to create the impression that chemical weapons were used if it's ok for them to use children's corpses like dad do you think they would really think twice about using chlorine for real given how easily available it is you know
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chlorine is very sensible it's not banned necessary it's not banned at all in the chemical weapons convention but it is banned any chemicals banned of it's used as a weapon and no matter what it is. you know talk and he talks and he talks a chemical. peel ation of these pictures your question and i. say again i think they can be manipulated but i think it's still useful to see some of these these victims look like in fact they were hit with some sort of chemical and the other question is if it was dropped with barrel bombs or aerial bombs which is many times the case from helicopters and aircraft and if syrian aircraft and helicopters were vectoring over that very site at the same time where all this happened it's pretty clear to me that the syrian government is to blame for this i don't see any other explanation the al qaeda groups islamic state they have no aircraft no helicopter they could easily have brought some some barrel bombs also some
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destroyed to that very side as i think happened in duma i mentioned you the case of these huge cylinder cylinder lying on bad you know without damaging battle. even the blanket underneath it how much how much really how much physics does it take to figure out that this would be highly unlikely i think you know the o.p.'s the inspectors have looked at all of that exxon and i i can't answer every single instance you know i've i've never been to syria i know the access of the opi study inspectors has been limited to a week or two after all or later after these incidents i think you just have to read the reports well and you'll find that on the whole there are obviously further questions many of which you've raised which i think a very fair on the whole these fact finding mission and jim reports have been very accurate what bothers me most right now is we need the gym the joint investigative mechanism under the united nations auspices to continue and russia has vetoed the
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extension of the gym even after personnel have been changed in the gym several times and these are all multilateral operations including russian inspectors and officials as well but mr walker i'm sure you know that russia has all for it its own composition of how the they the joint investigative mechanism could be structured i mean i don't believe that the you know a person who is so involved in the subject like you wouldn't know about that you know that russia also submitted its own draft and the united states we did it so please don't they don't make it they don't deprive our viewers of the context here because there are actually three resolutions that were put on the draft resolutions put on the table i'm sure russian was vetoed and they had them eric and was well it'll be important for some sort of invest independent investigative mechanism that everyone finds fair including multilateral inspectors from a dozen countries we don't want to rush an inspection we don't want american inspection we don't want you know our iraqi inspection or syrian inspection one of
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multilateral inspectorate which is what the fact finding mission is all about what the gym was all about and i don't understand having read the russian proposals. why russia cannot agree on a fully independent multilateral international inspectorate going forward to try to find a club that i can tell you that i think it believes that the united states the united states tries to manipulate the gym mechanism through structuring it in a way that is most beneficial for its aims can make it rather the debating about it because i think we made our views pretty clear can i ask you one more thing because you know you'd be belted explanation explanation to everything that we've discussed today in russia is that what we're witnessing in syria goes back to barack obama's august two thousand and twelve statement on the red lines and the intensified efforts on the part of various state and non-state actors to make sure that the
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united states is jaw and into the conflict that it stays in syria for as long as it takes and hopefully takes the side of not only the militants or their problems but also the anti raney inside that it would be of these really interest for example do you find these explanation plausible at all you know i think i think i wish the peace process the geneva diplomatic peace process would have taken hold much earlier i think obama drew a red line and never fulfilled his his threats i suppose are predictions. on the other hand i also don't support trump president trumps you know unilateral actions either but those of us who've worked on this crisis for the last five or more years a very frustrated and more long frustrated long before when the rebel groups in syria had to resort to violence to try to oppose bashar assad's really in you
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man cruel long time tactics of torture and an ugly behavior as a. dictator in syria and. i think. everyone has a little bit to blame i agree not sure what the united states could have done more you know we haven't done military action directly as we have the last year with president trump maybe we should have done that earlier but i'm in favor of multilateral responses not unilateral action and i must say we're also very critical of russia's support for such a horrible dictator in damascus we all hope for the syrian people that we can find a good resolution of this in fact we can develop democratic processes in syria and elsewhere in the middle east as well. dr walker may have to leave it there the only thing i can say that from my experience of talking to many syrians both on the
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process side and the opposition side they certainly don't want any help from the united states when it comes to democracy building. police apply those efforts elsewhere for example in saudi arabia and i think it would also help turning some of your attention to the treatment of humanity human beings there but anyway it dr wachter you've been very gracious and very patient with me thank you very much for participating in this conversation i also encourage our viewers to keep it going on our social media pages and i hope to see you again same place same time here on worlds apart.
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the fed prints the money and then the pentagon blows it up in various countries around the world ourselves us soldiers out there to get maimed and blown up you don't die for your country to protect democracy you die in america to stop inflation that's what the soldiers out there are dying for they should replace the american flag upside down dollar sign or something.
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large to go with me up to some of the. blood to sam's and over the books of the europeans so the dog. in the zoo month it appears a bus stop budget. deal being put forward as much as follow that article. want to stop jumping to the cia slush going to. be told i mean you sound so female to ballet she cheered on faultless is she going to. play matchmaker that game or a kind of various mistakes b m's.
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after slamming them as propagandist pink floyd star roger waters reveals the white helmets activist group had tried to look weak his support in the syrian war. clashes break out on the streets of paris as transport strikes continue over president macro's labor reforms. and in germany dozens of refugees
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confessed to having links with overseas terrorist groups in a controversial tactic to avoid deportation. for war on the stories. of the top of the hour rory sushi will be in the studio with a full news bulletin but now stay with us for the kaiser reports talking about the u.s. defense contractors cashing in on foreign wars. this is the kaiser report the show that brings you liberation theology right into your living room for your whole family to enjoy freedom by. lotsa speaking of freedom a lot of. americans british people think we're bringing freedom just like remember when we bombed iraq and they were supposed to meet us the flowers throwing flowers at us and they never quite did nevertheless one thing that. apparently does
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is the stock market right there were a lot of headlines from friday the thirteenth when we syria and everybody like at the street dot com we're like defense shares up by five billion dollars we're all making money so we're going to go over a few of those headlines oh that's great news to understand that under the democrats it was the muslims are going to wipe us all out now wonder you know what i got that reversed it was somebody who was afraid of muslims and some people are afraid of russians you know they they like an existential threat from afar they don't like to look at the stuff that's happening inside america like i often tweet when people are saying they're russians russians i say what i flint michigan the u.s. government trying to kill people with voice and vote for you know the nerve agents in london what about the nerve agents in flint michigan killing americans we don't care about that because the stock market went up and we all got rich and we all hate black people so you're an idiot and i say well. it's also important you know
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april thirteenth a lot of people are already paying their taxes i paid a huge amount of taxes i felt really really sick to watch two hundred twenty five million dollars with a tomahawk fall on syria half of them were apparently intercepted so perhaps my tax check was actually intercepted and just evaporated in the air but i want to look at some of these charts. over the defense shares for example and we're going to look at some reasons why these are so much over the last few years first we're going to look at raytheon and they were two hundred twenty two dollars on friday the thirteenth they were up there but up five fold however since august twentieth when the fifth largest military contractor in the world with fifty three thousand employees the world's largest producer of guided missiles the tomahawks.


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