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people and i argued that women should not have the right to even leave their own homes without permission or police of war the. poses a significant threat and his speeches encourage act of terror we discussed the issue with a number of analysts. people who come into the united kingdom you know france the european union have to sign up to the values of tolerance and respect respect for different faiths different ways of life it wasn't any kind of laws within europe freedom of movement of free speech he wanted to deny people that the issue is you can't be talking about freedom of speech and integrity and then silence people i will defend your right to free speech but when that free speech the supreme oh the denying of all those their rights the nuts when the actual boundaries because stopped because you cannot say to somebody you have free speech well that in that free speech you're trying to deny all the people that right and one of the problems
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we've got is what we don't see our justice system being dealt with properly and dealing with that in a way is just it's just and get on with we see a number of extremists who are involved in terrorism or supporting terrorism now behind bars the justice system is working because those people are being caught and be put behind bars we've got the extremists here who we cannot deport but to their own countries so you seen consists not only of you demonize muslims if you denies muslims and the sloan and you call as a cancer and you call as cockroaches that's all think should be called out. so more than one and a half million tickets have already been snapped up for the feast of football that is the world cup which kicks off in russia are in less than two months figures show the largest amount of foreign fans heading over from the u.s. to spite their team sadly failing to qualify english fans meanwhile live only brought around thirty thousand tickets potentially fueling speculation the current
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tensions between russia and the u.k. perhaps are putting people off a number of reports in the british media of late have claimed any fans who travel over won't be safe and the reason given is there suppose a threat posed by russian hooligans however an r.t. documentary has been exploring of the situations any different elsewhere in europe of football beasts premieres next week on the r.t. documentary channel here's a short preview. you never know what's around the never know what's in your company feet you say excitement that not knowing that's where the adrenaline the most comes from. and the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave quite badly.
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i mean stabbing up i read still. it's. illegal when a young you see yourself you know to participate in all the fights if i think it's meaningful to. tell us more sportsmanship. like on the development of the open mind is that we're saying the last few months of awful is a lot of. people on the telephone discuss a little. bit of this parting upon the months when a special of almost on a postcard with
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a lot of thought of our broadcast. room the police to. be a fly on the slip. punishment and infirmed. rule good on policy for the start. but winning in these in these things if you don't and you know it's constantly evolving and. still to come here on the program on r t could the u.s. state of texas make a bid for freedom from the rest of the country and he discussed the issue with the leader of the texas independence movement right after
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a very small break. the way the system should work is that every stock bond security underwritten by wall street or any bank in america one percent should be carved out and put into social security so that americans whether they have jobs as minimum wage workers or whether their c.e.o.'s all across the spectrum everyone gets to participate in this thing called the american economy because if you don't all stocks are not part of the american economy. most definitely wasn't a victim. of any kind of. person because it would destroy the person could be two years flotus exchanges sort of concern and they depend on the because they certainly have to get their people thank you they get
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into trouble. it is good to have you with us today a group of texans off fighting against the very notion of the united states of america by wanting independence a new book explores the practicality of texan independence we spoke to its all for the leader of the texas independence movement who claims momentum is building for a so-called tax it. if you you really want to drill down to why texas has had such an increase in support over the last decade it really boils down to one think texans are sick and tired of being governed by one hundred eighty thousand pages of
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federal laws four hundred forty separate agencies in two and a half million elected bureaucrats at the core texans believe that the best people to govern taxes are texans this idea that somehow this political and economic union called the united states of america can be fixed is a myth it is a fallacy what we have seen is in any attempt to repair or reform the federal union has been met with nothing but lip service and outright insult and outrage here in texas the texas nationalist movement was first formed back in two thousand and nine and has since gained both in three hundred and fifty thousand supporters it actively campaigns for an independence referendum and it wants restrictions on government spending and its bid to resist economic integration with the united states according to polls more than a huff of independent supporters of republicans so we took to the streets of texas to see what locals think about a potential tax it. now
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. that's a good idea to have them in the pens definitely you know. i. mean that we rely on the rest of the country. to take it from us. you know really like you know we've had this discussion of texts and goodness. for years to many people who gave their lives for us here. because you have so many. you know ethnic groups and. you know as well as you know in california they said that. it's not going to happen it's not going to happen in california. they'll get over it will be good. for the u.s. the democratic party has launched a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the russian government alongside wiki leaks
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on the campaign over the alleged meddling in twenty sixteen's presidential election . and he takes a closer look at the latest twist in the long running saga. you might be thinking why the need for a lawsuit exactly how many probes can there be on the alleged russian interference in the us two thousand and sixteen actions so let's count welfare slaves as the special counsel investigation led by former f.b.i. director robert mueller not forgetting the u.s. senate she disarray which initially pounce to focus on president trump's firing of f.b.i. director james comey then that is the u.s. house judiciary committee which has detailed every effort is made to conduct oversight of the trumpet ministration and on top of this the house intelligence committee the senate intelligence committee a trolling through anything that could suggest collusion perhaps the more eyes on the case the better the result because this clearly isn't enough for the d.n.c.
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or maybe the real reason why this lawsuit diff is the end game all the investigations mentioned can give you positive political results but what they can give you is money in two thousand and seventeen the republican national committee raised a total of one hundred thirty two point five million dollars in fundraising behind was the democratic national committee whose yearly total was sixty seven million dollars roughly half of the r. and cs total haul but with a lawsuit on the cards they could make up the difference in no time and who are they trying to get this money from while there's quite a collection of the defendants all the russian governments on the russian special forces president trump son son in law and wiki leaks and julian the sarge somewhat less expected target businessmen who once held the miss universe beauty pageant in moscow and a multis academic and then the lawsuit names ten anonymous john deuces co-defendants so there we have it the d.n.c.
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requires another set of eyes on an alleged election interference if you call so individuals why not sue a whole federation the least it covers all angles. production in germany has come under fire for offering free tickets to spectators willing to wear swastikas if it's off the head of the premiere of a play based on hitler's youth being staged to mark the anniversary of the dictators but. the stuff he.
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was under the worst of this because it is disrespectful and clearly beyond the limits you don't present a play dealing with that of hitler and hitler's birthday literally insights and people with far right who used to come to this and i think that's wrong because it takes to me i would not do it like that i think it's very provocative i wouldn't have done something like that but we should not restrict freedom of speech in the arts that i wouldn't wear a star of david or a swastika just because someone tells me to should know when i've got some kind of i think i can show so darity without a dangerous star and show compassion for to victims of the holocaust has for those who take a swastika i find that outrageous but generally i like the idea behind this uniform and beneath the hackneyed let's talk of you know if i choose to wear
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a swastika which i think i will do my motive will be to see how people react. by him come. local authorities have denied it breaches german laws banning the display of nazi symbols but the show has sparked around among residents a local action group which described the production as unacceptable and cold for a boy caught in the place a director says he only wanted to create an environment for debate. we need more awareness and we cannot treat these summer nights with simple discussions but through action. names to provoke a discussion and get people arguing and that's exactly the idea behind this production of mine and start a saturday morning here in moscow and go saturday programming on international we are back soon with. thank you you.
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thank . local blogs sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they stole from. the new socks credit tell you to separate gossip the tabloids by falsehood support. off the past doesn't tell you on pulling up and let's fight. these are the hawks that we along with all look what's.
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going on. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into excitement is that not knowing that's where the adrenaline in much comes from. and you can use a means by definition and the extremes will support. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. you're going to be full of horse colorful all over the phone plus both more so focused on the last. punishment and infirmed. role will get done far less than we thought. i would grow older where enough i figure out i really did a poll down down went up
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a little get. the meaning in reason is that at least if you don't win the involves it's constantly evolving and. please. please please please please let's. just let's sleep let's. see blood lust slit cuts cuts. leap.
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from a bad steer all of that out. in the few months it appears a song will pass stuff by going to look. look. look. let's to build a wall we'll keep you up a smile that leaves you like the sails and over the book still to your feel so little league. feel for you buddy of the stuff i'm so focused on what i say look. i'm only on the moon the last safe wanted to look can be a little kid saying. i want to welcome up in the scottish someone told me he don't i mean you sound so female to valet shit and also says she going to cost six.
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hundred as a motha to tell him there's much to be a. little bit maybe even a little. it. those who want to. leave. if you. feel you. will you will know more that i'm home from up there so what he said involves me the most are for sure that all this. food as much as i want for our icing. variation is a margaret do you think they should be able to forgive me if it isn't even about this is the although you know you can see i see. my memory of the
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goofy chicago gnome in me will be a skit where the moon sticks out it will be the old people who look at me i'm feeling that everything must fail. me i feel a shovelful maze of inch of the way you. can one back which it isn't but i mean this emotional process of thought that i could have gotten out but i care about. the chance of the stability that everything will be new for it out. here but as you live near. by the medical school. there's always a difference when i suppose i said look i don't have values and those in the ocean is the heart they have us all know that ask. the hey you might be too much the way it is really and we're forcing the bad you more for my g c s so by. pressing me. with traffic going to high school now with this
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was a. month i mean i'm . going to spot something. at least we. think if you're coming here in the end. zone two thousand pistoles. bhatia engineers may find out this middle ear just like it before for. most of the other must decide either. because my skin is full that is outside the. month there was a spate of us my cameras them up played the m i k o one to the. bus the most formidable is all of this mess things my. most need to
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see a wall for did all of us who knew i did some more powerful calomiris ago so on monday to his own more suddenly a new chum goes in on that my eyes those are flooded so that all. of us are visibly kadam as i made them. go plus our quote of the. letter going to school from. here so monday that you just as i missed don't move to us just a moment and enjoy the good emails the multiple stuff. just to . spread just to do. it was good. just goes to. get a little gap in this
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a little valve on the unschooled was a she. was going to tie that couple of us down on the on line. mission as among. the chandos on the ship does on the side of the cause of the jewish. school missy at the start up is pushed there's just an awful. amala nation began to. pick up on the sticks the whole. thing that's. missing is out of the. dish castro had something to use same with their dish as to not push the sound too long it was and. still poised on the first of the last one up for become. a c. if we see you pick out us dog. it was methodism found
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a home for the meal blues but if it is a lot of people know they will equal mistake i've read that they he. dumped a big g. of pot to me plus should we. pull p.b.s. out the one on the phone when you got your process illegal to traffic will pacific have a vision. of the ground up bits but also be a wall before for the moment and i promotes will just when you know the progress on your mind could be made it was fantastic cialis read you walk by the boat while the insured in the boat how long shaves is there the elements the both don't move once you. eat a cheeto so full some of them which i just don't know at the time and the book. will go on also scuffles in the post with the police schools in the woods she has. always pushed them to stone bridge made some one to. talk with up to one of the.
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deal bundle above that it was one of the new commander. had them all into emma when the d'argent come on my second without things as you darling. only to money and i know because of families that had a k. at ail him airplane there is just been a lot of the us here here want to thank him. what they have all that because of all that things have. turned out the last song fair song for the spanish boy. to move from me to trimming. legendary robinson was a division of. skill and he just wanted. to go there are still going on with them. for the jihad that they're still going some
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of you know they were for the middle class was a hard. for me so you saw him. before you left going you know someone with the. most sense and they'll. give. you the oils all year pressure coming to feel that i mean they're going to fit all they know where they journey that the more don't look up past the scene but i eagerly but could it also must cause a kick up the scores are going to happen to be the main major source shout get a college team. against events come along and make a bet is in the can people people competing. on the video teaching are zero and i don't wish to share the skewed. this is your
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can wish to go to the far field for you to ask which of their august was no way for me and you get shit if you don't beat me over here to still not follow up. to the elmo. nah xander losing style to spill aboard the looked after just that august even in tone when. the room was restarted. as a. way of samples you're going to be awake to five gal of the horse scene if we don't mind the put on my old boss so. all more want to see a lot of water. that is why it will be in new york she was. going to shoot as a sequel to. all definitions that it's going to she received the. intel
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we. are seeing it with. key. squeeze a spot i mean. you just think they have. more of the go must sell. more fame fortune should be on the. to do use those who want more. studies on if she can do more if you me of the stuff but. not. the fire jerry was on. or off the. scent that is someone that should be it. up there on the run a while back with. first thing with the fact we need to know. the photo five. then when now with four mom one might have a goes up by me at last saying before you have what i love the sound mom lines on
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the police even if i've read it to her when you put it up with this and you put it to school you to be delegates to gambling on for this fact you fell for the be. the end of the. well that's very actually the founder of the land one of the islands on the fleet but is appeal again that it will see our. nephew who was on the west bank down and. did the same prey animals in the fields you want to be the fish with the money supersede even one. thing. and then. it's by hand on the do you suppose. we. looked up but is. it
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a present this to me or from me. to post september. domain no from a street is actually the main door this is. a male scale and secure them is ms epochal sixty. two star you think you can just and then can you. still have i leave the. ball confined by the. odd bit big. guy you know we don't see eye alan schwartz salt on the top of the city. be put down by our nice to be their research i reached out to the someone who you're going to see call the cycle fall out of the show about the subject but one that would work but if you don't come day how do you follow that council should a lot of stooges say yes we're supposed to look there's a will.


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