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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 21, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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to the european court of human rights was rejected. was sent back to algeria on friday following his conviction for provoking hatred towards jews shiites and women in public speeches he reportedly made slurs against jewish people and argued too that women should not have the right to even leave their homes without permission well police had warned the a man posed a significant threat and his speeches encouraged acts of terror we discussed the issue with a number of analysts people who come into the united kingdom you know france the european union have to sign up to the values of tolerance and respect respect for different faiths different ways of life it wasn't any kind of laws within europe freedom of movement of free speech he wanted to deny people the issue is you can't be talking about freedom of speech and integrity and then silence people i were i will defend your right to free speech but when that free speech is the supreme oh the denying of all those their rights the nuts when the actual boundaries because
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stopped because you cannot say to somebody you have free speech although in that free speech you're trying to deny all the people that right and one of the problems we've got is what we don't see our justice system being dealt with properly and dealing with what it always does this is and get on with it we see a number of extremists who are involved in terrorism or supporting terrorism now behind bars the justice is that is working because those people are being caught be put behind bars we've got the extremists here who we cannot deport but to their own countries so you seen consists not if you demonize muslims if you denies muslims i mean sloan and you call as a cancer and you call as cockroaches that sort of think should be called. now the sale of world cup tickets to russia have produced some interesting patterns so far america despite not qualifying has the largest number of foreign fans coming over while the numbers from the u.k. are so. prizing the small despite the england team booking their place at the
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tournament a number of reports in the british media of late have claimed any fans who travel over won't be safe the reason given is the supposed threat posed by russian hooligans however a new r.t. documentaries been looking at the problem in europe itself football base premieres next week on the r.t. documentary channel. you never know what's around the never know what's in the computer the. excitement not knowing that's where the address. of the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia going culture where you can do all these things and behave quite badly. i. am mr. storm. that's.
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going to yank your chain yourself you know the truth be told to fight in the street to. tell us more sportsmanship. of the good looking up the mind is that we're saying the last few articles of our. political discourse a little. bit at this particular point there are the words from our special. so almost on
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a third along the foot of our broad approach to. the police i. feel so lucky to be punishment and infirm to rule on policies from the start. i. was living in these images but if you look under the role it's constantly evolving and. good it's just coming up to quarter past four here in moscow still ahead for you this hour could the u.s. state of texas be making it bid for freedom from the rest of the country it's certainly trying to we've got the details just after the break.
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the way the system should work is that every stock bond security underwritten by wall street or any bank in america one percent should be carved out and put into social security so that americans whether they have jobs as minimum wage workers or whether they're c.e.o.'s all across the spectrum everyone gets to participate in this thing called the american economy because if you don't all stocks are not part of the american economy. most definitely wasn't a victim of any kind of. person because it would destroy the person could be exchanges sort of concerned. because they certainly have to get their people back if they get into trouble.
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welcome back now it's come to light the u.s. has been helping the lebanese armed forces in the fight against islamic state however it is feed that some of the money and equipment is actually ending up in the hands of hezbollah which washington regards as a terror group the issue was raised in congress and levanon hezbollah a terrorist organization uses towns to shield its balance of tens of thousands of illegal rockets violent extremist organizations like isis or lebanese hezbollah. is a menace lebanese hezbollah a terrorist organization figures to show that since two thousand and six the u.s.
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has provided nearly. point seven billion dollars of help to the lebanese army and security assistance funds were mainly used to provide equipment facilities and also training after the disclosure though a state department official said that the u.s. does keep track of all equipment handed over to increasing the risk it has been using it however some members of congress along with regional experts argue there's no difference between the lebanese army and hezbollah which is supported by iran experts told us they're not convinced to not only put money with a lot of these armed forces look to put security forces. on the streets perjurer made this decision because there's a lot of basically used to draw in the entire lebanese armed forces and destroy the strain from our shores. first of all major terrorist reported by iran and of course the conflict between the united states in iran was very great.
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between us ally israel and the us administration. quite bluntly. puts it as if it has only one objective in deliver on the syrian lebanese and even jordanian area and that is the defeat of isis they do not care about all the rest of course they don't want the conflict aeration between israel and hezbollah but as long as they believe that the lebanese armed forces are helping them against isis. they would rather ignore all the rest for israel it could be helping. him directly and contributing to further bloodshed if a new round of fighting. starts. the lebanese government though takes a different view on the group with its president praising hezbollah's work and
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saying it helped avoid civil war as bluff fighters also joined the country's army in anti islamic state operations. now in other news a group of texans is fighting for the lone star state's independence from the u.s. there's even a new book to see that explores the practicality of texan self rule we spoke to its author he claims that momentum is actually building for a so-called texas it. you really want to drill down to why texas has had a surge an increase in support over the last decade it really boils down to one thing texans are sick and tired of being governed by one hundred eighty thousand pages of federal laws four hundred forty separate agencies in two and a half million unelected bureaucrats at the core texans believe that the best people to govern taxes are texans this idea that somehow this political and economic union called the united states of america can be fixed is a myth it is a fallacy what we have seen is in any attempt to repair reform the federal union
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has been met with nothing but lip service and out ride insult and outrage here in texas well this texas nationalist movement was formed back in two thousand and nine and it has since gained more than three hundred fifty thousand supporters they are actively campaigning for an independence referendum and want restrictions on government spending to further reduce economic integration with the us according to polls more than half of independent supporters are republicans we took to the streets of texas to see what locals actually think about a potential tax it. i. think it's ridiculous. now. that's a good idea and the friends i definitely know. i think.
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we are independent that we rely on the rest of the country you know you take it from us harder. you don't really like you know we've had this discussion about texas opinions. for years to many people who gave their our troops your arms thirty i mean because you have so many. you know ethnic groups and religion you know as well as you know in california definitely think that. it's not going to happen it's not going to happen in california. they'll get over it will be good. news now in a theater production in germany has come under fire for offering free tickets to spectators willing to wear swastikas the offer was made ahead of the premiere of a play based on the youth of that off hitler being staged to mark the anniversary of his birth. the the stuff he. was.
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was. telling us. what. was needed most of us because it is disrespectful and clearly beyond the limits you don't present a play dealing with out of hitler on hitler's birthday literally incite some people with far right views to come to the theatre i think that's wrong. six to me i would not do it like that i think it's very provocative i would have done something like that but we should not restrict freedom of speech or the arts. i wouldn't wear
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a star of david or a swastika just because someone tells me to. want to upset me so i think i can show so darity without a dangerous star and show compassion for the victims of the holocaust as for those who take a swastika i find that outrageous but generally i like the idea behind this performance but if i choose to wear a swastika which i think i will do my motive will be to see how people react. my name come on the. local authorities have denied it breaches jim and always banning the display of nazi symbols but the show has sparked a raw among residents collection great persists cry production as an acceptable uncalled for a boycott the place director says he only wanted to create an environment for debate. we need more awareness and we cannot treat this readiness with simple discussions but through action i was there to provoke
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a discussion and get people arguing and that's exactly the idea behind this production. that more than one hundred protesters have been detained in armenia on saturday a former soviet republic located between asia and europe this is in fact the ninth day of anti-government protests there after the former president was nominated the prime minister i mean he recently changed to a parliamentary system where the president has a relatively symbolic role for prime minister gaining more powers to step down as president this month before being nominated by parliament for prime minister protests started on the first of april has now. confirmed the demonstrations have only grown after he took up his post when he rallies have erupted across the country and tens of thousands of opposition supporters are blocking roads and calling for the prime minister to step down and a new government election too they say their protests a peaceful however more than three hundred have been arrested after clashes with
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police. i. finally this hour time magazine has released its annual list of the top one hundred most influential people in the world although it is missing perhaps one of the biggest names that the media always seems to talk about. crillon russian influence trump afraid to say a single negative warned about blood in the pool. is highly likely that russia was responsible for the two poles russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempt to. escape is culpable all quarrel is with putin's kremlin overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision.
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so that brings you up to date thanks being with us this afternoon don't forget they've got plenty more stories out for you to look at say that's on our website and. in july twenty seventh seen on and also to a freelance journalist watching this on t.v. militant shelling in syria. the owner his sacrifice quality has established a holiday memorial the lives they will recognize war reporters who often risk the months with the sake of the truth and through that peace you can submit to your published works in a video form written form go to a little naughty dot com into now. four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all
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four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no. possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. please . please please. just let sleepless nights. sleep sleep sleep
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sleep sleep sleep such. least. more about the bad stuff you're all locked out. in these new months it appears a good pulse bought stuff i didn't look. look. look too much to build a wall built up a small bed me see what the sales and over the books where does your brain so little as a leap. to. kill any of a couple so i want to say look i'm only i'm a little five the law states want me to look can't be
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a little kid they. don't want to look in the cia slush going to someone to military you don't find the so female to valet shit on faultlessly human costs if. you have muslim action under that same order the coming days may still be at. least maybe even a little. it will slow down a little. believe. me you need. you feel you. old you will know more that i'm home from up there so what he said involve me the most are for sure that all goes. well for our icing.
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variation is in my b.g. of the day which is a typical day i mean for those that have been bad this is the although you know you can see i see. many of you the goofy shit hard all known to me will be i forget where the moon sticks out it will be the old people who look at me i'm feeling good as they feel i must say oh. i feel a shovelful maze of each of those years they've been without the design but i mean this emotional process of thought that i could have gone now but i can't budge company or family to chance a disability that everything will be new but i doubt. it but as you live near. by americans who. knows the difference from a for those of ok good to have what is on those in the. heart they have less or no
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by the task. they hastily you might each month their way this way and one. more for my g i c s by. pressing it. with traffic going to high school now with this was a. month let me. go spot something my aunt lu's me. but i think if you come in here. and closer to close friends. you know i smile. they found out this middle period was like it before for. most of the mice and i even. if i was my screws pulled out is there save them. the.
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month there was a spate of us my cameras them up quite a b.m.i. kayo was a. bust a must for one of those laws of this mess things in my. new police state. sealed off they did all us to for you i did some more powerful come over suggests own mind up to his own more saddening against me you some goes in on that my eyes those other sides that all. of us are visibly bit odd ketamine made them. go plus our quote of the by. never going to school go home. care so much it you. them is going to lose to us just
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a moment and enjoy the good news cause the multiple stuff. such. as this was predicted. it was good. this goes. out a little that this is the album the once told was a she. was going to tie that to about her but then on the on line. mission was a month. in chandos on the on the side of the cause of the jewish. school missy at the start up and push to see how formal and may she began to. i'll stick up on the sticks the whole. thing that's. missing is that all of. this castro had something to cheer same of their dish to use to not push the sound too long it was and.
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still poised on the first of the last one approved don't. see if we still pick out a national guard. deploys methodism found a home for the meal blues but if it is about a people now they will be a mistake i've read that they heave the name of his film about bees my son too big for me people should we. give us the one on the phone when you back your process it will be able to traffic will pacific our vision. of the ground up bits but also field will call for a vote in the neck and i promotes a book you'll just be going to the pub read on your mind pretty maids it was fantastic cialis read you walk by the boat while the insured in the boat how long shaves is there the elements the book don't look once you. eat a cheetos so full some of them with i was going though at the time and that book.
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will go on also screwed up also in the posts we've appointees schools in the woods she. will use to push them to stone age mates someone to. someone talk was a bore when their. bundle of joy that was one of them if we had a. demand had them all into emma when the bargeman you know i'm on my second without things because of the obvious only to money and i'm not because someone is a how to. it may have been the other interest with a lot of the us here here what happened here. but there's of all the footage of all that seems to have. turned up the last song fair song so the spanish voice. trauma from media coming. legendary
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robinson was a division of. skill and he just wanted. to get the feel of it with him. for that she had the most eloquent some of the there was for them is that this was a ha that was just awful. for you that's going to be you know someone with the. most sense and they'll. give. you the annoyance of pressure coming to feel that i mean they're going to fit all they know where they gian that they're more don't look up past the scene but i really. could yell so much cause a kick up the scores are meant to happen to be the main media source shall carol. again events come along with the it is in the can people people competing.
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on the video featuring audio i don't wish to share the skewed. this is the or commercial of the deal for the fans the out for you to ask which in their august was no way a michael mele you get shit if you don't overdo it it's still not a law you stand to. go to. noisy out of losing costarred spilled. what the f. looked after just that august eleventh. was a restart of. the. way i view samples you're going to be awake to five gal of the horse scene if we don't mind the put on my old boss so. all morning you want water. that is why it will be
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based in new york she was. going to sue as it's called. open for me to sleep if you're going to she received on the line that is the. key. key. squeeze a spot i mean. you just think they have. more on the go less so. more they have fourteen should be on the. to do. more. studies on if you can do more if you mean to be tough but leave. the small fire jerry was on. or off the. scent that is someone that you.
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are better than the one bad wolf. first if it was a fact we need to know. the focal fast. then when now when for mom one might have a goes up by me i last think before you have what i love the sound my mind's on the police even hear from media who would do the stuff with this and you will never score you the steve be delegates to gambling on for this i keep up with the. election then i feel the problem there. the lead one of the islands on the fleet but is appeal again that it will see our. lives on the west that it. is something that the ghosts a prey animal if you want to fish with that might supersede even one. thing.
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and then. it's by hand on the disposed. to. look up but is. it a present this is to funny. to by september come tell me no from a street is actually she made your dog this is. a male style and to give them is ms m. proposed to. the star you think you could just and they can you. still have i believe the. balkan vibe or the. odd bit big. guy you know we don't see eye alan schwarz salt.


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