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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  April 21, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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entry has been looking at the problem in europe itself football beasts premieres next week on the documentary channel. you never know what's around the world seem to be people use that excitement expectant now and that's where the dream comes from. the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave quite badly. i mean stabbed it up i read stall. it's. when a young self you know to participate in the fight to fight in the street people to . tell us more shifts.
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like that and i think if you mind if i was saying the last few articles of other. people in the california spoke a little. bit of this reporting about there are there are lots and special events of almost on a lot of sort of our broadcasts.
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well it's a. lot of. the mission. more good than follows from the start. moving in these in these are different and involve constant involved in. other headlines it's come to light the u.s. has been helping the lebanese armed forces in the fight against islamic state however it's fear that some of the money and recruitment is in the up in the hands of hezbollah which washington at least for grabs as a terror group the issue was raised in congress and lovelorn on his blog a terrorist organization you just towns to see all the its balance of tens of thousands of illegal rockets violent extremist organization or lebanese.
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is a menace lebanese hezbollah a terrorist organization. figures show since two thousand and six the us has provided nearly one point seven billion dollars to help the lebanese army the security assistance funds were mainly used to provide equipment facilities and training and after the disclosure a state department official said the u.s. keeps track of all equipment handed over decreasing the risk of hezbollah using it however some members of congress along with regional experts argue there's no difference between the lebanese army and hezbollah which is supported by iran experts told us they're not convinced. to not only put money with love and look to put a security force with the best mistake on the united states perjurer made this decision because those below basically used to trolling the entire lebanese armed forces or destroyed them just change your mind sure. there's a law made you tears were by iran and of course the conflict between the united
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states and iran knows very great conflict between us ally israel and hezbollah the us administration. quite bluntly. puts it as if it has only one objective in delivered on the syrian lebanese and even jordanian area and death is the defeat of isis they do not care about all the rest of course they don't want the conflict aeration between israel and hezbollah but as long as they believe that the libyan is on forces are helping them against isis they would rather ignore all the rest for israel it could be helping. him directly and contributing to further bloodshed if a new round of fighting. starts the lebanese government though takes
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a different view on the group with its president praising as well as work and saying it helps avoid civil war has put out fires as also join the country's army and islamic state operations. one of the headlines a german play about hitler is being slammed for offering free tickets to those who wear swastikas more story after this break. it's.
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most definitely wasn't a victim. of any kind of federation or attack from the russian side because that will destroy the trust and credibility as far as exchanges sort of concerts and they are dependent on it because they certainly have to get their people back if they get into trouble. welcome back to r.t. international a prime minister of armenia a former soviet republic located between asia and europe says he will only quit when he solve the country's key geopolitical problems his statement came after nine days of mass and to government protests across the country with more than one
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hundred people arrested on saturday alone on media recently changed to a parliamentary system where the president has a relatively symbolic role with the prime minister gaining more powers showed us sort of the sense that down this president this month before being nominated by parliament for the position of prime minister the protests began on the thirtieth of april after his nomination was. demonstrations of only growing after he took up his post you rallies have erupted across the country tens of thousands of opposition supporters are blocking roads calling for the prime minister to step down as well as a new government election they say the protests are peaceful but there have been clashes with police so more than three hundred have been arrested. now in other stories a group of texans is fighting for the lone star states independence from the u.s. there's even a new book that explores the practicality of texan. we spoke to its author and political commentator who says both the momentum is building for
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a so-called tax it. if you really want to drill down to why texas has had such an increase in support over the last decade it really boils down to one thing texans are sick and tired of being governed by one hundred eighty thousand pages of federal laws and the core texans believe that the best people to govern taxes are texans this idea that somehow this political and economic union called the united states of america can be fixed is a myth it is a fallacy what we have seen is in any attempt to repair reform the federal union has been met with nothing but lip service and outright insult and outrage here in texas they propose political support in texas for texas independence or at the minimum a vote on texas independence and right now even with the president donald trump in office we are still facing significant structural issues in the united states and
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texas independence needs to be on the table this texas nationalist movement was formed back in two thousand and nine since gained more than three hundred fifty thousand supporters according to them they're actively campaigning for independence referendum and want restrictions on government spending to further reduce economic integration with the united states according to polls more than the whole thing dependent supporters all republicans so we took to the streets of texas to see what locals think about a potential texas. i. think it's ridiculous. now. that's a good idea to have them in the pens i definitely agree that no. we are independent that we rely on the rest of the country you know some people our rights get taken from us are here. you don't really like you know we've had this
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discussion about texts and opinions for years to many people who gave their lives for us to be in the united states i mean because you have so many. you know ethnic groups and religion you know as well as you know in california for everything they said that. it's not going to happen it's not going to happen in california. they'll get over it will be good. theater production in germany has come under fire for offering free tickets to spectators willing to wear swastikas the offer was made ahead of the premiere of a play based on the youth a battle fit being staged to mark the anniversary of his birth. itself he. was.
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was was. telling us. that. this was do this because it is disrespectful and clearly beyond the limits you don't present a play dealing with out of hitler on hitler's birthday literally insights and people with far right views to come to the theatre i think that's wrong because it fixed soon i would not do it like that i think it's very provocative i would've done something like that but we should not restrict freedom of speech in the arts that i wouldn't wear a star of david or a swastika just because someone tells me to no one adapts and i think i can show
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solidarity without a davis star and show compassion for the victims of the holocaust as for those who take a swastika i find that outrageous but generally i like the idea behind this performance in hockey but if i choose to wear a swastika which i think i will do my motive will be to see how people react. and mine come. local authorities denied it breaches german laws banning the display of nazi symbols the show has sparked a row among residents a local action group has described the production as unacceptable and called for a boycott plays director says he only wanted to create an environment for debate. we need more awareness and we cannot. simple discussions but through action i want to provoke a discussion and get people arguing and that's exactly the idea behind this production. time magazine has released its annual list of the top one hundred
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most influential people in the world low as mr one may most media do talk about. the kremlin russian influence afraid to say negative and above what in the pool. is highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder. is culpable. is with. overwhelmingly likely that it was his district.
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look if i were to say how many times has his name appeared or russia or combinations thereof cheers mention it does that not indicate influential good or bad info bunch or does it mean it's positive or negative and a could be it could be negatively influence i guess but just by virtue of how many times you mentioned it how many times has his picture but of the cover how many times has the word russia russia collusion russia this russian interference boat how many times every single day and you mean to tell me despite the foregoing he's not influential come on. a girl has been killed and seventeen people injured as a hurricane rips through the russian capital on saturday cars have been damaged by
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falling trees and buildings with vicious winds hitting up to thirty meters a second officials warn a second wave of the hurricane may blast through the moscow region tonight. so for myself on the team here at r.t. for this hour join us again in about thirty five minutes for more news headlines from around the world. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of alternative but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the beach but how would you. agree. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we go.
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a low. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia. this special one. needs to just take the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition make it up as we go. to look. at financial survival guide i don't buy any i was on if you. think of the friday as of last summer buying from the future trucker watch kaiser. forman or sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all for. different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the oldest did
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not shoot around a corner. please . please please. please let's sleep let's let's see let's see lucky little sleep such a. leap. from a bad steer all of that our. kids to months it appears are a sunk cost bought stuff i didn't look.
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look. look. let's to build a wall will be up to some of the see what the sales and over the books fair this year for you also look at all the leaf. pale boyapati of a replica of all the film i want to say look i want them to last say they want me to look candy at philcon they. don't want to sell them up in d.c. i should be honest someone told you don't buy me news on the so females of ballet she also says she might cost six. hundred as a motha to tell you there's much to be an. elite
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and maybe even a little. it. who told. you . if you need. to load you. will you will know more about how i'm home from up there so what he said involved me the most are for sure that all goes. well for our icing. variation is a mug with. the danger they took it for him yes if there's any behind this stupidity although. i can see i see. many of you of the goofy shit hardball know me will be whom i forget where the moon sticks out it will be the old people who look at me i'm feeling that everything must fail. me i feel
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a stab at the maze of you to the way you. can without the design but i mean this emotional process of hope that i can get going now but i care about. the chance of the stability that i think it will be new but i doubt. it but as you live near. by the americans who. there's always a difference when i put those with a look i don't know what is on those in the. heart that they have less or no by the task. they hastily you might each month their way this way and one. more for my g c s. and pressing it. with traffic going to high school now with this visit by. the bus i mean i'm. going to spot some land and lose me.
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but i think if you come in here. and two thousand pistoles. they found out this middle ear goes against the. mother of the most dangerous i even. if i was my skin is cool when that is their side even. the. month there was a spate of us mike yeah my some are quite a m i k o one to the. bus a must for one of those laws of this mess things in my. room in the most cynical in syria wafa did our last see you i did see some
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a powerful look at my recent posts on monday to the zone more suddenly a new chum goes in on that my eyes those are flooded so that all go. to the outside visibility ketamine made them. go plus our quote of the. bill. that are going to screw them. here so much money that you just as dumbest. move to us just a moment and enjoy the good news the multiple stuff. such. as this is true just. because. this goes to. get a little that this is the album with globalization. is going to tie that cup of us
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down on the on line. nationalism and. the chandos omission on the side because of the jewish. school missing at the start up is pushed there's just an awful. the graduates. will stick up from the sticks you hold on. to the past you'll still missing out on. this festival as something to cheer same of their dish. not push to solve any monolinguals and. no point on the crystal ball much one approved. see if we see you pick out a national guard. deploys methodism found a home for the meal blues but if it is a lot of people know they will be a mistake i've read that they have no name you can still look at arby's my uncle
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big g.o.p. me plus should we. pull p.d.'s out the one on the phone when you got your process illegal to traffic will pacific have a vision. of the ground up bits but also be a wall before provide a moment and i promotes a book you just mean you know the pub read on him going to the mates it was thin past self cialis read you walk by the boat while the jury in the boat helo and shaves is there the adams the book was so you. eat a cheetos so full some element of that is going though at the time and that book. will go on also screwed up also in the post with the please scroll cindy would she has. pushed them to stone bridge made someone to. talk was a boy when the. bundle
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of blood that was one of the new commander. to me and have them all out on emma when the bargeman come on my second without staying because of the obvious. only to money and i know because of families that had a k. at ail remembering their interest with a lot of the us here here what happened here. what they're called are the days of all that seems to have. kept their last song fair song so the spanish polished. trauma from media coming. legendary robinson was a division of. the skill and she just loved. to go watch the state of the wood. for that she had them there still can still love you there for them is that this was a hard. for me so you saw him. before you left went you know
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someone with the. most sense and they'll. give. you the oils the pressure coming to feed but i mean they're going to fit all they know where they gian that the more don't look up past the scene but i usually look at the us almost quick except the scores are meant to happen to be the main major source shout at the college and to score against events come along and make a bet is in the people people competing. on video which. i don't wish to share the skewed. this is the or can wish. for you to ask which of their august was no way
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a my for me of you get shit if you don't get me to still not follow up you stand to . be able to see. nah xander losing style to spill aboard the looked after just that august even in tone with. the last question was a restart of. the. way i view samples you would think the awake to five gal of the horse scene if we don't mind the put on my old boss so. all more want to see a lot of water. that is why it will be in the uk she was. going to shoot stuff as a sequel to. all but i mean she is the chicken to she received the. intel we've. seen key. key. but i
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mean. you just think they have. more in the will must sell. more forms of the on the. the. who are more hip but that's a pretty much stays on the she carefully do more to me of the. night. the fire jerry was on. or off the. scent that is someone that be it. up there were no one bad wolf. first if it was a fact we need to know. the focus on. them when now when for mom one might argue as the crimea last thing before you have what i love of sound my mind's on the police i'm here from you did you feel when you sit through the stuff with the symphony you put in the score you to be billeted to gambling on profit the fact
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you fucked with the the. now. well it's just that he's the founder of the land one of the islands on the fridge but is a plural gained of digital siyad. was on the west. of you the. same prey animal if you want to be the fish with the might supersede the even one. thing. to see the. spider down not disposed. to. look up but it is. a puzzle to me. to post september come tell me no from a street is actually the main door this is. a male
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a scale i think you know me as ms m. proposed to. the star you think you could just say they can give us a post about i leave the. balkan vibe or the. odd bit big. guy you know we don't see ireland spoil the whole of the whole top of the city. be put down by our nice will be plenty of each i reached the door the same one who will be sick all the cycle fall out of the show about the job but one that with good will but if you don't come day out to follow that council should a lot of stooges shit and say yes we're supposed to look there's a word to me.


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