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tv   Keiser Report  RT  April 21, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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six inventions as well on this all simple buy it from western homs dealers because that way you can fire them safely from the moral high ground these three of them friday for a into syria i think humanitarian intervention they live by it millions of dollars worth of humanitarian aid into the country store the shadowmen styles where humanely into leaving out and million bucks apiece while every hole cruise missile represents a one off million dollar aid package all the premier face and getting help to the people who really need to look to the syria mission really and keep apart from going up a few empty buildings where everyone has been told to take them myself anyway releases under the car in washington london paris this kind of p.r. is the ball subject is striking a lesson into syria makes for a much better headline. storm gregg's it on persian protesters getting
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a police gassing of their own mission in. north korea says it's stopping its nuclear and missile tests with immediate effect . the announcement of a party meeting according to the state news agency with details here struck. now that nuclear ization is complete and verified circumstances we do not need any further nuclear tests medium long range intercontinental missile tests the north korean leader made that surprise announcement early on saturday morning and it came with the promise that pm will never use the nuclear weapons they already have except in the event of a nuclear threat it was also claimed that previous tests have allowed them to successfully miniaturize warheads and develop the means of delivery likely in light of that fact japan had a skeptical reaction to the news with the japanese prime minister promising to keep a close watch moscow which has long been working for a diplomatic solution to the crisis pointed out that this is just the beginning of
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a long process and other powers will need to be ready to make concessions as well. we are glad to note that the situation on the peninsula is the other thing in a positive direction in line with the road proposed by russia and china for resolution of the korean issue the first stage is assume a mutual freeze on military activity in the region as well as setting up direct contacts between north korea the u.s. and south korea followed by multilateral talks aimed at a comprehensive resolution of all issues on the korean peninsula including the nuclear issue the north longtime ally china stressed its continued role in the resolving the conflict while expressing hope that will continue on the path to peace through dialogue with the international community which is something that planning vowed to make a priority just the day before we saw direct phone links being installed between the north and south korean leaders as they prepare for their first comment since two thousand and seven and a much anticipated meeting between donald trump and kim jong un is also in the works trump tweeted that he is looking forward to that while praising the news of
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the program suspension meanwhile u.s. vice president mike pence so this progress could not have been achieved without trump and his strategy of maximum pressure however analysts we've heard from believe the latest breakthrough comes because of the work of many players in the region not trump stream of threats president has been threatening north korea all along and don't forget north korea. firing this testing missiles and and carrying out tests until felder. acquire the ability is to deliver a sort of devastating nuclear deterrence the united states even before president trump has given the cold shoulder to north korea and the north korean learned that the united states was not to be trusted because a wild north korea at one time tried to demolish some of their facilities you never get anything in return so this time around kim is learning the tricks and try to acquire credible capability is. the sales of world cup
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tickets to russia have produced some pretty interesting patents america for one country despite not qualifying has the largest number of foreign fans coming over the u.k. numbers that was surprisingly small despite the england team booking their place at the final tournament a number of reports in the british media of late have claimed many fans who travel won't be safe the reason is the supposed threat posed by russian hooligans however a new r.t. documentary has been looking at the problem in europe itself football beasts premieres next week on the documentary channel. you never know what's around the world seem to be the. excitement. that's where the dream comes from. the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia going cold because we can do all these things and behave quite
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badly. i'm just. going to yank you. to fight in this. shift. you mind if. you want to go who is involved in. this local law.
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it through this reporting about the monsoon and possible show of almost on the group the fiddler on the foot of our boat approached. the police a. real slug uninsulated he'll miss me and infirmed. rule and get on policies for the start. the winning in these in the heat if you like and you know it's constantly evolving and. it. coming up short in german play about hitler is
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being slammed for offering free tickets to those who wear swastikas or not after this short break. the way the system should work is that every stock bond security underwritten by wall street or any bank in america one percent should be carved out and put into social security so that americans whether they have a job as minimum wage workers or whether they're c.e.o.'s all across the spectrum everyone gets to participate in this thing called the american economy because if you don't all stocks are not part of the american economy. most definitely wasn't a victim. of any kind of. person because it would
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destroy the person could be two years flotus exchanges sort of concern and they depend on the because they certainly have to get their people a bank if they get into trouble. welcome back to the program it's come to light the u.s. has been helping the lebanese armed forces in the fight against islamic states however it's fear that some of the money and equipment is ending up in the hands of hezbollah which washington regards as a terror group issue was raised in congress. and levanon hezbollah a terrorist organization you just towns to shield its balance of tens of thousands of illegal rockets violent extremist organizations like this or lebanese hezbollah
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. is a menace lebanese hezbollah a terrorist organization figures show since two thousand and six the us has provided nearly one point seven billion dollars to help the lebanese army the security assistance funds were mainly used to provide equipment facilities and training and after the disclosure a state department official said the u.s. keeps track of all equipment handed over decreasing the risk of hezbollah getting its hands on it however some members of the congress along with regional experts argue there's no difference between the lebanese army and the group which is supported by iran experts told us they're not convinced. to not only put money with love and look to put your worst with the best mistake on the united states purge you were made this decision because this blog basically you spew trolling the entire lebanese armed forces you destroy them just change your mind sure. there's a lot made you cherished by iran and of course the conflict between the united
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states in iran knows very great as well as the conflict between us ally israel and the us administration. quite bluntly. puts it as if it has only one objective in delivered on in the syrian lebanese and even jordanian area and that is the defeat of isis they do not care about all the rest of course they don't want the conflict aeration between israel and hezbollah but as long as they believe that the lebanese armed forces are helping them against isis. they would rather ignore all the rest for israel it could be helping. him directly and contributing to further bloodshed if a new round of fighting. starts or the lebanese government though takes
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a different view on the group with its president praising his blog's work and saying it helps avoid civil war as well a fight has also joined the country's army and islamic states operations. of the headlines a group of texans is fighting for the lone star state sin dependence from the u.s. there's even a new book that explores the practicality of texan self rule we spoke to its author and a political commentator who both think the momentum is building for a so-called texas. if you you really want to drill down to why texas has had such an increase in support over the last decade it really boils down to one thing texans are sick and tired of being governed by one hundred eighty thousand pages of federal laws at the core texans believe that the best people to govern taxes are texans this idea that somehow this political and economic union called the united states of america can be fixed is a myth it is
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a fallacy what we have seen is in any attempt to repair or reform the federal union has been met with nothing but lip service and outright insult and outrage here in texas they propose political support in texas for texas independence or at the minimum a vote on texas independence and right now even with the president donald trump and office we are still facing significant structural issues in the united states and texas independence needs to be on the table of this texas nationalist movement was formed back in two thousand and nine it since gained more than three hundred fifty thousand supporters are actively campaigning for an independence referendum and want restrictions on government spending to further reduce economic integration with the united states according to polls more than hoff of independent supporters of republicans so we took to the streets of texas to see what locals think about the possible texas. i.
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think it ridiculous. now you know that's a good idea to have them in the pens definitely you know. i think. we are independent and we rely on the rest of the country you know some people are right you take it from a marker and. you don't really like you know we've had this discussion about texts and goodness. for years to many people who gave their lives for us to be a different story i mean because you have so many. you know ethnic groups and religion and you know as well as you know in california for everything they said that it's not going to happen it's not going to happen in california. they'll get over it will be good. affairs of production in germany has come under fire for offering free tickets to spectators willing to wear swastikas the offer was made
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ahead of a premiere of a play based on the youth of adult hitler being staged to mark the anniversary of his birth. the it's something you. think this. was the first to do this because it is disrespectful and clearly beyond the limits you don't present
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a play dealing with out of hitler on hitler's birthday literally insights and people with far right views to come to the theatre i think that's wrong as it takes him but i would not do it like that i think it's very provocative i would have done something like that but we should not restrict freedom of speech or the arts that i wouldn't wear a star of david or a swastika just because someone tells me to. want to do that so i just i think i can show so darity without a day to start and show compassion for the victims of the holocaust as for those who take a swastika i find that outrageous but generally i like the idea behind this performance in hackney but if i choose to wear a swastika which i think i will do my motive will be to see how people react. by him come. local authorities have denied it breaches german laws banning the display of nazi symbols the show has sparked
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a row among residents and local action group describe the production as unacceptable and call for a boycott the plays director though says he's only wanted to create an environment for debate. we need more awareness and we cannot read this somewhere in this with simple discussions but through action i want to provoke a discussion and get people arguing and that's exactly the idea behind this production. some local news from moscow and our girls been killed and seventeen other people injured as a hurricane has ripped through the capital today the hurricanes caused extensive damage cause falling trees and buildings as well vicious winds hitting up to thirty meters a second thousands in the moscow region have been left without electricity. that's it for this offer myself on the team here at all t. do you want to send thirty minutes though for the latest global updates.
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four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because they did not shoot around a corner. because if you go through history of mankind it's been a cruel and destructive over and over again and some our cities have come back and many are quite beautiful and wonderful place and. if you look in the middle east in places like syria it's it's i agree with you it's totally depressing and. and i
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wish the political issues involved with it could be resolved but i think until that is done there's very little hope that the saudis will be able to turn the tide of. us. i imagine are times when we're going underground just today u.k. prime minister tereza may meet several strain in counterparts as the nato backed war in syria threatens to cripple fuel supplies to the island nation within a matter. days coming up on the show from south america to syria we talk about the history of international gangsterism a new liberal dries ation alleged by the man who could have been mike pence twenty sixteen usa vice presidential candidate john and stolen well folks commonwealth
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what was this week's meeting of leaders representing two point four billion people actually like we talked to one premier about i.m.f. imperialism cambridge analytic assume is and the tourism a deportation scandal plus the public are absolutely despise that type of behavior from where. it takes place despicable behavior in britain's house of commons all this of all coming up on today's going underground but first this week marks nearly fifty years since ever more violent u.s. bombing in vietnam sparked protests across the united states with images of veterans discarding their medals to fight a war that would go on to kill millions now going forward medal in a country that doesn't mean anything but pretty medal. so i got a medal. so i got a medal i got a silver star purple heart army commendation medal. national black and american
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corporate it doesn't mean. now from south america to syria the u.s. and nato nations continue to practice what our next guest describes as international gangsterism he fought in the vietnam war and ever since his fourth against new liberal interventionism by nato nations right around the world joining me now from new york city in the u.s. is the founding executive director of the u.s. human rights network and twenty sixteen u.s. a green party vice presidential candidate. thanks for coming on going underground why you calling on the u.s. to pull out of syria well thank you for for inviting me. we are making the call like many people around the world for the us to seize this intervention into that nation see that as a. intervention that is illegal and immoral there is no objective right that the u.s. has to to intervene into syria and certainly not to quote unquote punish
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a no other government and their leaders so we say this is a continuation of the kind of of minelli immoral but illegal international gangsterism that will seem the u.s. authorities involved in for quite some time and so we say now is the time to draw a clear line a clear up people's law and if you will and say the u.s. out of syria u.s. sees the illegal interventions around the country around the world sees the international against the rhythm that has undermined international credibility when it comes to international law and created a very dangerous environment in which. many many states believe that they came up with a ball of alcide meant to national law and morality then later the opposition had nothing call it legally questionable why do you have any of president jump in
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mccrone prime minister may bomb syria before u.n. inspectors are allowed to investigate an edge chemical attack in a damascus area of syria i think to the u.s. where this has the objective of the stablish being a a justification for remaining and syria and of course they needed the political coverage from there to their two partners if you will. and so i think both great britain and france have their own particular reasons but you know those three states are part of the the what what we refer to as the axis of domination the us navy so e.u. axis of domination. so these three states operating as they do these three states that are a part of the western european colonial project are have operated together before
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and is quite clear they have objective common interests in the middle east so it wasn't surprising as unfortunate and we're glad that there are significant numbers of people in all of those missions they're happy express their opposition ironic that of course your call for the u.s. to leave syria was echoed by president donald trump shortly before the astronauts well of course and that was what appeared to be the rational response from of from his administration but it's quite clear that there is a very powerful forces inside the u.s. state. that the a withdrawal from syria as being against objective us interests and almost like clockwork then we have this so-called chemical attack in syria and them the response from the trauma ministration and the other two political is if you will so
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it is quite clear that there is there is real attentions and even contradictions within the u.s. administration and donald trump. who appears to be always in charge is quite clear that he may not be as in charge as people might think i'm sure the well they have in these a palace and number ten have denied that they're pujols of your president that why you join powerless to the. to this situation in syria to the anglo-american backed israeli bombardment of gaza. what we clearly show that there is a congress here that if the concern is supposed to be to protect human life if if the activities of the of the syrian government this supposedly i was involved in this chemical attack was so egregious that it required international intervention then we raise a very simple question as the israelis are involved and shooting with
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a lot of ammunition on protesters murdering people on the gaza border one would assume then that there would be calls for some kind of of interventions of sanctions. un security council resolutions when it comes to to israel but clearly it appears that palestinians are killable that there is a different set of morals involved in these two situations and we say that basically. it has to be one stent one standard of morality one standard of it's national law and that no nation no nation state should be above the law so we point that very simple. example out to show the basically the must be other kinds of ventures and motivations involved in this intervention then a supposedly concern for international peace or for humanitarian interests the
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israeli government denies it's deliberately targeting civilians and has said it's conducting inquiries into footage that seems to be shows the i.d.f. killing civilians m.p.'s in this country routinely tell the british public the gaza is run by terrorist hands and you being to gaza how was your experience when i've been to the west bank or they would allow me to go go to gaza. and i can tell you though even the horrific conditions. in the west bank indicates that the conditions in gaza i have to be even more horrific. we are about he said that if people had a chance to really experience life under occupation. people in the west that is. the support for the israeli state would evaporate in a moment it is absolutely incredible absolutely inhumane so the very fact that
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people live and they are in essence an open air concentration camp in gaza still living in the rubble from the last israeli attack in that strip of land and that now they are attempting to raise the issue to the attention of the international community by marching to the borders of that concentration camp i reminding the international public that you know they are under occupation that there is a land there that they still believe belongs to them because they were kicked off the land and then they are met with life. ammunition it is absolutely incredible that that kind of activity is allowed to to continue without massive international outcry but let me say this there is massive international outcry not as action unfortunately though we don't see it as intensely as it should be in the west. and of course iran has been bombing syria and there isn't anything to be
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a reproach moment in israel and saudi arabia which opposes yemen with british weapons how would you characterize your president's relationship to saudi arabia is consistent with the relationship of the treat us administrations but basically the saudis. are part of the u.s. strategic. plan for maintaining control of have very important part of the world it is a state that provides billions of dollars to the u.s. arms industry and therefore. it gets the support from the administrations even when it is when that government is involved and a clear violation of international norms and standards. be it in bahrain are the current vicious war being waged any emon they get of they get a pass but again this shows the the how paderewski of western opinion and the
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hypocrisy of policymakers both in the us and throughout the western european theater this kind of relationship continues that the saudis and that don't find themselves in the dock in the hague with the other war criminals along with people like the tony blair and george bush and russ failed and not rockall bombing it demonstrates that the west a commitment to something called international law is a fraud so we say that all lives are in fact precious and that the law of the palestinians the lives of people in yemen are just as precious that the lives of people in syria and the lives of people on the in the the ghettos of detroit and the southside of chicago we say that basically what we see happening globally being exit. shooter by the western powers led by the us is just the flip side of the kind
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of repression that we see a domestic league in the us and that's why we have building in attempt to rebuild an antiwar movement in two minutes rest movement in the us to confront these contradictions and yet nato his military has failed to install proxies arguably from iraq to libya do you think though i've made yet what in venezuela which will see presidential elections next month we have seen that these attempts to try to circumvent the will of the people who have not been successful they can in fact put in place repressive governments that can be installed in a place for a few years but it is things that the trend in the last thirty forty years have been a trend going toward. establishing more and more progressive government that are committed to upholding the.


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