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the place this will be floats through no. fault i guess it just feels like a regular small mosque doesn't feel like we're in prison and the people are very friendly oh you need to deal with a really little problem last post i visit because it's the first of the two hundred . to come some so it's not clear to most of those not listening to the most recent past one in which the problem didn't exist well thank you. and this prison mosque they've been trying to convince me that any radicalized muslim who ends up behind bars here gets rehabilitated very quickly. but if you win you money. will that you will. the colonial but the problem
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states. when it. was known because they were. not to. be true. i don't believe that i beseech you to think that would screw them. to have me feel that. i mean the host i didn't was going to post it all i would do seriously and show you know the hood and came to the english name and be sure that i need to click on talk to you in the. woods and she'll move it touched any if you go to most addition to mother earth moving into what they were then even though some consider she is i'm so so immediate needs to should fix this with. any we ship them with me perhaps i just. was to be too unusual with.
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over to the u.k. now where police and intelligence have a number of key suspects in the poisoning of double agents screw powell and his daughter that's according to a british newspaper the telegraph which on friday playing the persons of interest are already back in russia based on passenger flight lists leaving the u.k. now that's of course despite both the un's watchdog w. and the u.k. government being unable to determine the origin of the poison used in the salzburg attack london still insists that russia is responsible claiming that only moscow could have produced the substance russia's representative to the c.w. said that the u.k. is withholding information making it very difficult to establish the truth. russia will not accept any national or international results of any investigation without access to full information including materials from the british without consular access to our citizens and most importantly without the obligatory participation of
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russian experts in all actions to establish the truth that happened on march the fourth before. that even though the u.k.'s position as we can somewhat learns are likely to backtrack on its allegations against russia they sort of back confirms into a corner i can't see how they can they can rescind what they've already said because particularly not only did they expel twenty three russian diplomats that actually immediately before the had even had a chance to examine this so-called evidence but they encouraged a lot of the nato partners to do the same thing so they can for diplomatically to row back from this position particularly a very vulnerable diplomatic time for britain. so i'm not quite sure what they can do apart from to keep scapegoating russia but i suspect rather sadly this is going to sort of languish in the conspiracy theory category for anyone who questions this very thread their official narrative that britain has pulled together. well that's
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all from us for this back in about thirty five minutes with the latest global headline updates. there was no trial no discussion no evidence no proof there was only judgment and punishment is highly likely that russia was responsible for the juveniles russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder more than one hundred russian diplomats were expelled by britain and its allies they were told to pack and leave russia replied in kind tit for tat moscow wasn't to defend
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itself it was told only to confess where old confidence about the identity of the culprit at the end the question is whether he will first confess the press lead the mob pundits marched forward put claim in russia's culpability and be guilt they needed new proof what they wanted was fear ratings they said the government had all the proof it needed by your to support the fingerprint on the current. stuff and we are national not sure. it's the government for russia. of surrogates creep out is not an isolated case but the latest in a pack of reckless behavior by the russian state the russians the russians a russian russia russia russian russian denali i'm afraid the evidence is
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overwhelming that it is russia. the u.k. foreign office tweeted that the new rich. no the agents used in the attack on sergei script bolland his daughter came from russia and then it will went south we have not verified the precise source you have not been able to establish porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide you know the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular nerve agent is so to be clear you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that britain's top chemical labs said that they had no idea where the nerve agent came from in direct contradiction to boris johnson's claims claims that he used to convince his allies to boot alex russian diplomats the
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foreign offices initial tweet was quickly deleted and all of it was blamed on a misunderstanding someone had transcribed it wrong except boris had said the same thing on video you argue that their source of a snuff edge and not the chalk is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly when i look at the the evidence when the people from from porton down they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no dogs britain's government went into damage control they had other secret information they claimed intelligence reports classified of course but that doesn't matter it could only have be russia there is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable for the attempted murder of mr script powell and his daughter the pundits needed even less than
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a movie joke sounds russian means russia did it establish that it is not a chalk and not. it is by definition of the translation of the name which means new comma part of a program in a soviet union in the late seventy's and eighty's the points me there are a lot of questions to ask of this whole mess but over the last weeks we've interviewed dozens of chemists experts and military types and here their biggest gripes. the nuvi choke nerve agents a new secret they haven't been for decades there's many well published formulas of nerve agents so that snow problem i mean mary where you have sarin so manji v.x. there are abundant abundant and the structures are known and the toxicity profiles are known so so many people can make nerve agents they know what structures to go
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to go toward thingy's anyone can legally synthesize nerve agents there's new ban so long as it's for research. research the o p c w convention does not forbid researching toxins for the purpose of defense against them i think many countries which have advanced chemical programs carry out such research for defense as we showed there is unclassified information the u.s. britain france the czech republic and others carry out such research that might come as a surprise given what boris johnson and others had said earlier but you need to know. about the difference between body britain. and the government let him appear to. side seriously they make novacek. we make light statements one is a hideous weapon specifically designed for assassination the other is
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a implausible theatrical project with a mysterious buzz they would normally but perhaps not the entire truth or if a thing was they identified the substance very quickly which would mean with absolute certainty that porton down has the substance which it could compare structures samples with not so we innocent of the rule put in down has its secrets for the snow we have and a feeling like that would never have come from us or you know leave the four walls of our facilities would you say to the the theory that it's this is somehow a british operation and you've waved it out of the door or certainly isn't anything that came from our facility because as i said we've got the highest standards of control and security and there's no way that anything like that could ever have come from court and the we. may have the samples you do it's not a secret you can literally google step by step instructions on the synthesis of the
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deadliest nerve agents here they are screenshots from books and studies and they lable to the public neither the formula nor the chemicals are any more russian than air itself the chemicals are very simple and so all the first reports on these are kept blaming kept saying that the chemicals were uniquely russian technology and and when i look at the chemical structures that that simply isn't true for years now researches of published studies and theses are new beach oak which there are dozens and dozens of many developed in different countries this isn't one good tool in twentieth of in the us or the published of people numerous chemical. compounds we were interested because of the toxicity we also invited them under the system
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here i can show you there are more than sixty compounds here and they've all been indexed means someone somewhere synthesize them and shared the information since then these formulas or some of them have appeared in various publications constantly you simply cannot say they are a secret there's more to it if you suspect a potential adversary has made a new discovery you have to do the same in order to study the new substances properties and make an antidote it's true to say that russia is not the only country being able to sympathize a few grams of know each other in the late ninety's all intelligence services in the west worked on because they were these rumors about a new military chemical agent produced in russia so so i'm not surprised that in france in nuking in the united states they have this kind of information that could explain this speed in which the product was identified that's the purpose and
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that's the job of this kind of laboratories. and that we is in this difficult as it sounds if it's really a novacek we're dealing with it's not a real problem to synthesize that kind of nerve agent all the necessary components are easily available on the open market the synthesis does not require sophisticated procedures any specialist in organic chemistry would be able to make it though every expert we talked to says you need serious expertise and substantial funding to make the pure agent. well the pledge to the end we'll be up to some on the need to plant the seeds and
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know that the folks here have the upper hand so that obviously we've. in these we wanted to put is a good pulse bought stuff hard to. kill being pretty cool would associate fellow powerful. don't want to stop jumping to the cia flush the innocent until. he's gone time you sound to so female to ballet speech your own fault with so she went to. the next measure that a modern kind of there is much to be asked. in the philippine city of angeles when the us military moved out the six tourists
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moved in. and now a whole generation of fatherless children is growing up piano. played that. compass and. i bake day is a general idea i pass and i know you don't think. that the sun. sorry it isn't the first time the t.v. crew you see or think takes you were in won't answer is known that now and that it's through our system there. that's it the better you are my god. they love it there you can take the deliver above it just can't take the birth of a girl to such a movie no woman you know. if you.
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came in. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy own foundation let it be an arms race in this scary dramatic development that only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. if you go through history of mankind it's been a cruel and destructive over and over again and somewhat our cities have come back and many are quite beautiful and wonderful places. if you look in the middle east in places like syria it's it's i agree with you it's totally depressing and. and i wish that the political issues involved with it could be resolved but i think until
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that is done there's very little hope that the saudis will be able to turn the tide that. i think the fact that it's a military grade material rules out any sort of kitchen sink approach to making this by military grade my reading of that is that this is a pretty poor product. and of course you can't make this in any basement the chemicals are highly toxic and the lab has to be well equipped with ventilation the talks of recreation equipment and the chemists themselves have to be educated not every lead can synthesize this but there are twenty also loves that can. but then the muse not on the experience of international experts say twenty or so all the
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board trees around the world can produce nava chunks the argument that there is no alternative explanation to russian made newbie talk feels. at least six countries said verifiably synthesize the nerve agent and failed to declare it to the u p c w . and for months. any time a country and there are many discovers the properties of a new chemical structure is took this is your chemical weapon potential dimmest immediately according to the convention register it with your p c w but no country done so despite having created many such chemicals but these small stalks for research major chemical arsenals or another thing unlike the us for example russia has already destroyed its chemical weapons stockpiles my understanding is that russia was has been pretty careful in many instances and the
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destruction of it stockpile of forty thousand tons was done under supervision of the o.p.c. w. in the hague and the o.p.c. w. is full of praise for the russians did for the destruction program they watched it all every shell that russia declared to was founded inspections has been destroyed . britain's decision to classify almost every aspect of what happened and the investigation has got the ruling mill running but there are bits that have leaked out tidbits that have the scientists scratching their heads look at what newbie chalk ease it is simply deadly and know each other is supposed to be very toxic highly toxic five to eight times more toxic than than the x. which is already very very toxic so a small amount should have killed mr creep out for sure but again it's very
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difficult to assess and evaluate this kind of question before knowing exactly how the product was delivered during the assassination there are two main means of delivery by will through skin but even so i'm putting it if you've handled symptoms appear and death follies in minutes if you get some skin symptoms and death can say from minutes to hours generally people exposed to nerve agents die outright they die very quickly if they get less of a dose if the person didn't touch a significant quantity of it when they were opening the door or that if they got it washed off rather quickly then then the the exposure level is lower and the person might not die very quickly make no mistake you don't need much of it add to the
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interesting thing with nova chalks is that there are so many of them and they come in so many different forms they can come in a powered as solid as a crystal and even as a liquid but just to give you some reference if this was a variety of the nuvi chalks. a single drop is enough to kill ten people ten people within minutes if this was in the haled even more. at first one might think that the script bars could only have survived because the deuce was very small but experts know what they're looking for mr glad kid is a toxicologist who helps make and he do still nerve agents missing orchestrating of the most liberal support lots exposure can milimeter to constriction of the peoples and worsening of eyesight or medium exposures counselors by brokers spasms have
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exposure means convolutions and the loss of consciousness if we agree that this was an attack with the account of phosphorus chemicals then judging by the symptoms they were heavily exposed in principle is considered lethal without adequate treatment with a but was it really high level exposure the reported symptoms don't match they simply missing people are seeing for sort of installations to be put talks about the various exposure levels if they were foaming at the mouth and once it's a coma they were probably heavily exposed if so how did they get to a park bench from the shopping center why didn't they call an ambulance also we're talking about gonna pass by exposure through the skin there are other symptoms such as stretching vomiting and bowel looseness yet no one reported such symptoms but a lot of them were when witnesses found them they said this group out was rocking
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back and forth waving his hands it seemed more like the effects of narcotics if it was a small dose than first would come meiosis then the rest of the symptoms convulsions uncontrolled urination but we didn't see that in photos or hear of it in reports there are many questions oh lord how some symptoms manifested but others which go hand in hand simply weren't there then there's the treatment that they were given needed to look another. not typical you have to know what c.s. before using it otherwise you can worsen a victim's condition so we can say with a high degree of confidence the british intelligence knew well chemical agent was used and how to treat it if indeed this was a new feature nerve agent at work the square pounds were very fortunate british medics must have realized quickly what was at work here there's no other explanation people do recover from know the agent their recovery can be prolonged
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it may not be uncomplicated it depends on what damage may have been sustained early on the best outcome for people is very prompt treatment. we've mentioned britain's proof or lack there of what is widely talked about is that there's limits to evidence i don't think that the british government or british experts said they were in possession of any proof their accuse a show an easy bade on suspicion not on proof because it's in this kind of affair you know it's very difficult to find a smoking gun it's very difficult to trace and have real proof of coop ability in this so that we are talking here about suspicion not proof that can be scientifically proven but the only way you could get the exact source is if the nerve agent were not very pure if it's made by
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a nation state that knows what they're doing and the purity is there then you don't have any impurities to mark against it would be very hard to to name it to a specific location or a particular laboratory where there's in one country or another it's not possible to to identify that to a certain country that's that's not possible the chemistry is the same doesn't stop people from trying this isn't the first time the usual suspect is. being called up it likely won't be the last time or will produce to put in your goodness but i can give you an example in two thousand and one when reports emerged of postal terrorism in the united states some was mailing envelopes with anthrax do us immediately accuse russia involvement but then they least agreed to talk about it with us after a month or so they concluded that there was no russian trace and didn't even apologize rather it was rogue scientists working in a military lab who were mailing this anthrax but that's in the past no lessons were
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learned this time around and there's a whole set of different questions of that. if you had people in chemical protection suits working at the scenes and thereby pedestrians walking about while police had no protection at all it all seems staged there is still no answer on where this substance was found now they're saying it was in buckwheat it all says that they either can't find the substance or there was no substance that they were poisoned with something else yes and it is for its corporate support and if you follow o.p.c. w. procedures there inspectors must go to sites and collect samples of chemicals themselves following an attack but britain only officially informed the o.p.c. w. days after the event it collected all the chemical and biological samples itself and then hundred the samples to the o.p.c. w which goes against regulations. what is for certain is that russia is being
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shunned from any investigation despite being the accused it's being told nothing which makes it hard to defend yourself well you get the feeling that they just don't want to let russia near the investigation bog area speaking for the e.u. recently said russia is guilty because there are no other explanations no evidence no investigation they just accuse us of committing a crime that we did not do we don't understand. position the more transparent the investigation the fewer questions the international community including russia where guys do you have.
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a. clip of most definitely wasn't a victim. of any kind of a federation or attack from the russian side because it was both really destroyed russian kind of debility as far as exchanges sort of concerns and they are dependent on it because they certainly have to get their people back if they get into trouble. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub even to walk into any site excitement it's that work now and that's where the adrenalin
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much comes from. and you can use a nice blend definition and extremes will probably support. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and behave badly. in portable hospital for the long. more so for the last. one this man infirmed. war policy in the god. i would rather we are not really good at all that are going to get. the meaning in these and is there anything for you and the involved this comes from the involvement.
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in the stories that shaped the week here on all of the international witnesses saw the aftermath of alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of dubai raised doubts over the video evidence that's been circulated and our team has been speaking to doctors locals and some of those who are here in the footage people from the white helmets told us about the use of chemical weapons but we saw no sign of that we started pouring water over the people but these seemed to be ok then walked away without any help. and a growing number of asylum seekers in germany are claiming to be terrorists in the hope of avoiding deportation allegedly exploiting a loophole filesystem.


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