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p.r.t. teams the latest edition of the big. book. is internet one crashes into pedestrians in the canadian city of toronto police reporting tonight at least eight people have been injured the. new partnership blossoms in international politics as the french and american presidents bond over a mutual dislike of syria's leader. number of activists question the west narrative being singled out that was kremlin controlled online we speak to one blogger accused by the u.k. government of the big a russian. in the british government if they can even confirm that i'm not an automaton how can we believe anything they have to see about the evidence they how poor school and syria's chemical attacks. the cameraman says he has a video evidence showing that a palestinian boy was shot dead by israeli forces on the gaza border on friday
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posed no threat to assault. when i filmed him he wasn't carrying a stone or a sling shot or a knife he was acting like everyone else in the market. good evening i'm kevin i just turned ten at night here in moscow we're starting with breaking news it's just from toronto canada where at least eight people have reportedly been injured over the last hour or two in a van and drove into a crowded pedestrian so the police say as it stands at the moment that driver is in custody and authorities are told people nonetheless to stay away from the area as get the latest on this ongoing situation or to a medical one. is there bring us up to date alex. so as you mentioned there is a suspect in custody at this point the incident happened just before one thirty pm eastern standard time here in toronto and what we know right now is that eight to ten people were injured and there are now reports that five people are dead the
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white rental van jumped up on the sidewalk and plowed into a crowd into an in an area called north york and toronto it's the north part of the city obviously jane or so i should say young and finch as the intersection it's a heavily populated area a lot of condominiums in that area and when this all went down police jumped into action there was a brief standoff with the alleged assailant some say that he was carrying a gun police were saying drop it or we will shoot these are all reports from the scene we know that paramedics are still working there at the scene subway services have been suspended to the area and the streets have been closed for hours now so obviously police are taking this very seriously even though they have the suspect in custody investigation is ongoing yeah that's a big new line we have both of you is there on the deaths have been reported we just talked about injuries before just to recap has that been confirmed or will they get that info from so just
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a few minutes ago we were i was checking out the updates it was four deaths and now it's up to five i can't really say confirmed at this point because till we see the police actually come out and say that that's a that's a different thing from media outlets in the city from people at the scene from eyewitnesses and what we do know is that we saw a number of orange tarps covering bodies at the area and you can only make that assumption at this point that these people are deceased it's about ten events ok well it came across it there in toronto it's america correspondent alex motivates thank you. well some details to come out in the last half hour or so some of the witnesses at the scene claim they saw the van driving along the sidewalk indeed. i guess you know some artists and i start here is our life is now going to. land on the and not so many people just shout out the car that. you just don't give warning and that he did something wrong and that's really your life down there and if you
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know him and all the news on purpose passing the card and the long work issues like the. car companies can start but you just don't call so that's not going. to come back to through the program will come as well if you mobile next tonight the french president survived in the u.s. for the first state visit of the trumpet ministration before getting into washington just a bit earlier stressed that he wants the u.s. as well as other allies know to stay in syria i think it would not be wise to withdraw even after islamic states defeated we were left to build a new syria after what the day we were finished this war against isis if we leave we will leave the floor to the iranian regime. pressure and these guys and they will prepare as a new war head of the visit mccrone infused of the special bond that shares with the u.s. president and donald trump is expected to reciprocate too with
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a dazzling private dinner at mount vernon the mansion was the home of america's first president george washington and is indeed considered to be the cradle of american french relations next to nisha sethi looks at why mccrum stateside visit promises to be so special. total trump is the thinnest u.s. president in nearly a century and his face chair without holding a state dinner but he's wasting little time and his second his first in a date at the white house french president emanuel but the tyranny this initial encounters have been slightly shaky. micron even went as far as trolling trump on his favorite platform off the washington pulled out of the power of the climate deal but paris this child seems to have done the trick i remounted dinner atop the eiffel tower with famous ladies last july may have been enough to figure if i'm forget the bilateral tensions since that we've seen the best of the newest political bromance.
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the friendship between our two nations. and ourselves and my day is on break but. nothing will ever separate us. deep rooted in that blossoming relationship that lies the military foundation president micron was the first to back donald trump in his decision to strike syria even boasting that he convinced trump said to be a notoriously bad listener not to withdraw troops in the additional ten days ago president trump was saying the united states of america had a juicy to disengage from syria and i assure you we have convinced them that it is necessary to stay for the long term the relationship between the two leaders has drawn comparisons with former playschool best george w. bush and tony blair once dubbed the old couple their friendship was noted will be
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full invasion of iraq and the british government inquiry called the bad bush relationship it's a tempting factor in shaping it their relationship went from clean and healthy on toothpaste to a mutual hatred of saddam he say. sound familiar syrian dictator bashar al assad the best of it asserted bashar al assad is at war against his own people micron and trumps common grounds can be found in good old fashioned ego a self-proclaimed stable genius and the strong as the roman gods jupiter all good leaders make another's weakness their strength and the money thief this chance for front his own special relationship with the u.s. at a time when the u.k.'s was beginning to flounder not to mention ties with other european leaders as well but it can always be smiles and handshakes take the iran nuclear deal currently trying a wedge between their new found friendship of the worst years i've ever seen disasters deal one of the dumbest deals one of the worst deals ever heard was the
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iran deal or four agreements but that was a bad one we cannot and will not make this certification. a solid robust verifiable agreements that guarantees that iran will not acquire nuclear weapons to denounce it without proposing anything else would be a serious mistake not respecting it would be irresponsible as the deadline approaches to fix or nick the iran agreement is thoughts maicon might be the only european leader to try to talk trump out of breaking the deal but with the white house back on the diplomatic dating scene for the first time in two years that's plenty of things for the media and world leaders to. go but the breaking news story at least eight people reportedly been injured after a van drove into a crowd of pedestrians if you just heard our correspondent in toronto earlier on he said that also unconfirmed as he said this those reports maybe up to five deaths
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there as well people covered in yellow tarpaulins police say the driver is in custody now it looks like this event is more or less over as far as we know but details still sketchy they haven't been able to immediately identify this driver this white van rental company we think authorities are to. people stay away from the area nonetheless as a matter of safety some subway services in that city have been suspended worth bearing in mind security very much top notch they're at the front lot of form for front of people's minds because currently toronto's opening the g. seven summit with a nasty incident there in the central toronto tonight we'll keep you posted try and get a handle on whether it was actually died there or not. doubts are continuing to grow over claims of a chemical weapons attack in the syrian city of doom earlier this month a number of western journalists have traveled to the city say they're struggling to find eyewitnesses to confirm the reports you know and we'll get more details earlier from our senior correspondent we'll go steal. if you were expecting any concrete evidence of assad's culpability or even any set suggestion well you're in
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for a disappointment because we're just coming back from in town about five kilometers from here and it has approximately twenty thousand people who have fled from eastern guta and above all do the people very telling us very piers reasonably that this whole story from april to seven was. there are many people i talked to amid the ruins of the town who said that they never believed in gas stories which they usually put the boat they claim by the army is the most groups these are serious journalists that we're talking about robert fisk a reporter from the independent he has decades of experience in the middle east he went to east ghouta to duma spoke to locals and witnesses and doctors working at the medical facility all of them told him they didn't know anyone who would suffered in this attack who had been a victim all they know is the someone said something about chemical attacks as
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a reporter a german reporter from the dia if there's this trend of people journalists coming out and say hold on maybe we got this wrong and invariably they face a backlash if they go against what the media has been saying for weeks and weeks now trumpeting that assad did this suddenly if you say hold on a second they come right up to you it just seems like many in western media in western governments already have their minds made up they've decided they know what has what has happened look at the united states backed by britain and france it launched an attack on syria mere hours before o.p.c. w specialists were jew to arrive on the scene point the o.p.c. w. organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons there had been criticism that . why weren't they intimate there they're now right here they arrived on saturday
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they've collected samples put through the jugular how they work their procedures they're all very hush hush so there isn't a lot of information where the claims originate from where is this story coming from we're all pro rebel sources the first one was the white helmets which are largely financed by western governments pro-rebel actors rescue is for rebel fighters and they released reduce from a hospital showing them downs in people with legibly the victims of a chemical attack then there was the syrian american medical society which is financed again by the united states to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and they claim that they treated five hundred people with symptoms of exposure to chemical agents it's these two sources that was cited by almost the entirety of the media and governments it was their reports and their videos that went out
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nevertheless with growing opinion growing views witnesses testimony that nothing such happened you know you've got to question where they got this from world where this information and why this information appeared in the first place nevertheless the russian position is that we shouldn't jump to conclusions we should wait until the hard facts with which we can you know come to a judgment. mentioned there the self-styled emergency response group behind the reports of the chemical attack has long been brought in controversy what elements of been frequently accused of having links to hardline islamist groups in syria including terrorism. the activists enjoy significant support of the less from western governments the group says it's receiving twelve million dollars in overseas donations this year and while the u.s. which is thought to be the what home is largest contributor is reviewing its funding right now for syria generally seems the state department says the group won't be affected by any future cutbacks is that funding any funding that the us
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was providing to the to this group and because of the polls as far as i am aware all of the work still continues people's bills are still being paid if there's anything that's a change that also might let you know which contributions are still for as far as i know that is all still is all still in play a member of the u.k. house of lords baroness caroline cox has just returned from syria where she arrived shortly after the view west of the u.k. and france launched their attack on my country she spoke to locals there and brought back to us her impression of what she saw in the face but she got. i do see when i come back i mean yes you are press releases that people are very keen to hear the point of view from people inside syria it's widely felt and is it widely reported that b.b.c. reporting is very biased and very one sided and see if we want a bigger picture and if you miss a wide range of people as far as the response we had from them as unanimous and it was real anger at the missile strikes by the u.s.
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united kingdom and france and they regard there is as illegal there was no mandate for them from the u.n. there was no justification because syria is about to attack their countries they regard it as an ethical in timing because they took place just before the chemical weapons investigators were due to visit and they also guard it is dangerous because if a chemical incident had occurred it could well have occurred they suggest by the jihadists who have access to these kind of materials it was not in president assad's interest to undertake a chemical attack at that stage and if it was it produced by the g. harvest and elicited that sort of response from america britain and france then they're afraid the jihad is for be tempted to do it again to get an even stronger response against the syrian army and syrian people but after leaving canada to tell you about more on our breaking news story at least eight people have reportedly been injured after a while i'm on
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a sidewalk in toronto canadian police say the driver now in custody at least but they haven't been able to identify him they say at the moment details coming through more and more it's believed the driver was armed and rented this van from a local maintenance for authorities have told people to stay away from the area obviously some subway services in the city been suspended security have been stepped up the general. toronto is currently hosting the g seven summit again if we hear more on the already confirmation about what our correspondent was talking about earlier on unconfirmed reports of deaths we will of course update you. a saudi led coalition air strike has killed the political head of yemen's who is the rebels according to a statement from the rebels yemen is now into its fourth year of civil war government forces backed by saudi arabia are fighting against two three rebels in the north of yemen they remain loyal to the country's former president riyadh heads a coalition comprised of persian gulf countries basically looking to restore the government total control over the country but year in year out it goes on
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humanitarian organizations accuse the coalition of reckless bombing campaign resulting in civilian deaths the latest coalition air strike on sunday then hit a wedding killing at least twenty guests including the bride according to health officials forty six others were hospitalized most of the wounded children were here some of them in a critical condition tonight the saudi led coalition is supported by the u.s. the u.k. and other european countries earlier this month donald trump approved another deal with saudi arabia on billions of dollars worth of new arms supplies and weapons the u.n. secretary general said that this conflict in yemen has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis. of that long.
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so once again will face all casualties let's get some insight from an arson our based journalist mohammed a lot tab. so the saudi led coalition said again the civilian targets three times just this weekend this time they would talking about a wedding reception even the bride died is what's being reported how could this be happening if in making precision targets house without knowing time in time out. yes and the night the saudi fighter jets according to the eye witnesses and also the people who we talked to from the who survived the try they describe that the saudi five years over over and over the wedding which which took place in the north of the capital sanaa in a place to one hundred seventy kilometers far away it's in the original for.
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in a place far away from any military positions. the i would this is. why they have been attacked the describe that the have seen horror for. bodies that have been ripped out because of the. destruction of the strikes a lot of also the medics there the have also sent messages to. and miss social media to call people to to come to the hospital as. a big number of injured people were. going to travel were transferred to the hospitals according to the latest statistics that over thirty three people were killed in the in the wedding. it's not the first of its kind to take place since the beginning of the saudi. war in
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yemen in order to drive out the describe the rebels from the areas they have already to taken control after the twenty fourteen. the situation continues to what happened on the other side of this this is. the other side of this the saudis are saying in fact it's because the who these are taking here when she'll say that's where the some of the death carnage and destruction from where you are inside now what's your view on that. as a journalist from yemen and i believe that the. in more than one occasion the yemeni civilians were attacked i visited a place inside a band where they were a wedding talk laced there this area is very far away from any military positions. i met with the people there talk to me they told me that the they would be the have the have hair the silence of the the warplanes they have
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they have heard the word planes hovering over the wedding. different times but suddenly they have the hair we didn't expect that these saudi arabia's fighter jets would target a wedding at that time. this is what it was one of the cages that the people describe what happened to them in a big gathering of civilians also what took place in a review can that led to the killing of over fifteen people who were displaced from their region because of the saudis glacial in. yemen in more than one occasion but as you say with this long list of horrors that are being reported back from from that side where you are. your thoughts there from from snow like you. so breaking news story again has given up they've just joined this really what we're talking about at least eight people have reportedly been injured after a van hit people in iran today on a sidewalk in toronto canadian police say the driver is now in custody are you
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seeing this video hit first time i've kind of seen it. with police cars driving around except of the some of the mobile phone anyway they say that they have the police immediately been able to identify the gather taken into custody or sort of motive for it it's believed the driver was armed and rented the van from a local rental company authorities told people to stay well away from that area obviously some subway services in the city been suspended too will police try to get a handle whether this is all over yet security is of course been stepped up in toronto it's currently hosting the g seven summit as we're saying so a lot of eyes on security there in that city but. that he was going through from a toronto there soon as he got a handle on whether there have actually been fatalities or not across part of thought they could have been but the very much unconfirmed you know. most of the witnesses at that scene claim that they saw the van driving along the sidewalk. the man was walking through the intersection a young encounter it was just one of the middle of the intersection and the van
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just went right into one plowed right into it and then apparently he drove down further and he went on to the sidewalk by the next building and he had more people there and just kept on the scene i seen a white van with film with red coloring on it and i always thought was that she smashed into someone over there he just went on the sidewalk you just started dating everybody man here every single person on the sidewalk anybody in israel you would hit the bus stop everything are shattered there's a lady in there i saw i just stopped and i look tonight when after it again and i see this is crumbling up one by one and one by one interesting are dragged on and their blood is all over a young empress is really bad out there are hard i'm so shaky i'm still dying from this i can't believe this is happening this is like unbelievable this is so unbelievable. two words by the i i just does not mark stand i start here now why did you just now go to night long and not so many people just shout
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stop the car that. you just don't give warning and i think it is something you call an ice cream or life down there and if you know it all hinges on purpose cancel the card and the long work you feel like keep the car something you can start but you just don't call some of this time down the. number of online activists who cast doubt over the west narrative and are being branded kremlin controlled we hear two people in particular have been singled out in claims that they're not even real people but instead automated accounts run by the russian government well that's something that's become known as a russian bought off in the news these days according to u.k. government analysis their accounts grew in popularity after skeptical posts on the soles breakpoints in attack and for their views on the chemical attack in syria in falsified now one man accused of being a bot spoke out yeah he's human on u.k. t.v. you have consistently and prolifically taken an anti british standpoint
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question what does it mean by theory or. does it mean the interests of sixteen million. people all does it mean in the chinese government but . doing. it in a political activist who often post up anti western views on twitter he says accusations that he's a russian bot are therefore total fabrication is another account by the way that's called the eye of the british authorities similar thing it belongs to an australian blogger this time of syrian descent when the u.k. government accused her of being a russian bot over her post on the scruple case the response was that she's only human really again and miriam says to join my colleague colum breyer in the studio . well you look real to me you're sure you're not a russian bot. last time i checked it's only real human being. you know the british government they can't even confirm that i'm not an automaton how can we
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believe anything they have to see about the evidence they have who are scruple and syria's chemical attacks the u.k. government argues that one reason to doubt you is being a real activist is that the number of posts that you wrote or reposed did more than two thousand tweets in just twelve days and that's around two hundred posts a day where did you find the time to do all that how can you explain that large number. well i can explain it because the number is in fact false i checked my analytics and i've only posted nine hundred tweets in thirty days that number comes from the atlantic council's d of our lab it wasn't just me and it wasn't just ian who you just heard recorded from sky news it was actually a coordinated attack against a bunch of academics activists including vanessa believe tim is a professor as well anyone who is basically coming up against the mainstream media lies and the u.k. government lies the lies that they are using to start wars overseas so it's clearly
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a smear campaign to try to intimidate people into silence and to try to smear anti-war activists as somewhat of a biased voice you know related to rushes and expect things to get worse and i no seen the censorship i mean i have been shut down my facebook account has been shut down they've tried to shut down my youtube account so i'm not sure how long i'll going to be staying online but i'm going to continue as long as i can so a bit repetitive here but you know we appreciate you guys as we go along this is rolling news let me tell you again about what's coming from toronto over last few hours in canada at least eight people reportedly been injured after a van hit people on a sidewalk there canadian police say the driver is in custody they haven't been able to identify him it's believed the driver was armed was driving a rented car white one from a local rental company for just told people stay away some subway services in that city been suspended security is of course been stepped up there for the g. seven nothing more to tell you about the moment but you can bet your bottom dollar
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when we get it will tell you. that it was emerged appearing to show the moment israeli defense forces killed a palestinian boy close to the gaza border during protests on friday please be aware that what you're about to see contains some distressing seat. it was shot in the head he died instantly was only fifteen years old but he was the fourth child to be killed during a series of anti opera patient demonstrations in gaza or in the past month instance caused a global outcry it's been condemned by both the united nations and the e.u. despite that though an israeli generals explained that soldiers will continue to shoot anyone that approaches that fence including children to my great sorrow sometimes when shooters small body and you intend to his arm or shoulder it goes
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even higher the picture is not a pretty picture but if that's the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the state of israel and that's the price. for a nice camera man who film one with killing told us that the boy posed no threat he thought of the soldiers and indeed was unarmed because the thought of getting shot if he was participating in the march like everyone else lots of people were participating and he was among them he was not a threat to the israeli army and he was not acting in a manner that could have been considered threatening he was a fifteen year old child no matter what he was doing he couldn't have been posing a threat to the soldiers given the distance between him the friend as well as the fact that the soldiers were stood one hundred to two hundred meters back from the fence on the other side when i filmed him he wasn't carrying a stone or a sling shot or a knife he was acting like everyone else in the march israeli defense forces have responded to the criticism by posting a picture on twitter that they say shows a group of palestinian boys attempting to damage the border fence the i.d.f. says hamas which governs garza or is using youngsters to carry out acts of terror
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israel's defense ministers also lend his support to the i.d.f. stressing that protesters should not be approaching that border spot to give it to the lady a journalist from the hereto newspaper though he's got other ideas he says the simply no need for soldiers to be using live ammunition on the border. gaza is the biggest cajun and after eleven years living in this cage there is this need to raise your voice and what other ways do they have to raise their voice nobody cares about gaza now that the world knowing israel nobody cares about the think that two million people almost two million people are living in in a siege in the biggest jail. and that's their way to protest i mean they are and most of them don't get closer than three hundred meters to the trains they don't endanger the lives of anybody by the end of the day it's all about the means and there are other means to stop demonstrate.


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