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tv   News  RT  April 25, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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angela merkel though public opinion at home is also a big factor when you look at a recent poll that shows that a significant chunk of germans view the united states as the biggest threat to world security not russia the vast majority of those polled said that they weren't scared of russia while almost half of the said that they blamed the current tensions between the west and russia on the united states with only a quarter saying that moscow was responsible for the current impasse while almost eighty percent said that they felt that donald trump was a bigger threat to global security than vladimir putin found with portraits of the two leaders i set out on to the streets of berlin to ask people who they thought was the most dangerous trump or. both of them are unpredictable but trump is even less predictable and he does not represent western political goals i don't know what he represents except himself. i would see equal work one day
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if you. were going to ask is yellow. comments only i liked it. and that's why you're here to sort of. know what you intended to. really see trump because he's unpredictable putting has been in politics for many many years and i think he has a more stable force and i think donald trump is way more unpredictable and squire it's interesting especially with to keep you in in north korea east to the would you agree to give the current as angle a merkel looks to maintain pressure on moscow she may well find herself under scrutiny at home over just how willing she is to risk damage to german business in order to keep the pressure on peter all of r.t. . let's just staying with germany that whole bit longer now it's been revealed that an alleged former bodyguard of a summer bin laden. he's been living in the country for more than twenty years not
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only was he never deported he's also been enjoying regular welfare payments the forty two year old chin is even known as sami a is thought to have worked for al qaeda in afghanistan back in two thousand he reportedly entered germany on a student visa three years before the out taking up residency he then filed an asylum request which was denied in two thousand and six a court described him then as an acute and considerable danger to public security however a higher court overrode a deportation order citing concerns that some e.a. would be subjected to torture in his home country but the court's ruling met with some harsh criticism with a member of a. party slamming the decision and saying the country's asylum law was being exploited the opposition alternative for germany party has not polled its punches either. in germany it's like this if you
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a real political refugee someone like edward snowden to julian assange ask you both come even close to be able to claim asylum on the other hand you have people coming to our country who were never involved into any kind of politics they throw away up their passport and then they all they have to do is claim to be political asylum seekers and then they are they say they are granted any kind all benefits of the german welfare state for a life long time in case of this common writer for some up and latin he had to go to the police station every single day for the last twenty years or so just to check but he still they are. in germany we have the southern u.s. numbers from the federal police we have seven hundred sixty people who work characterized as violent islamists people. the police has to look after all of them some time this this works out but it's not possible to look at
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all all of it all the time facebook posts or pressure on allies members or rights we get into that sack story after this. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to present. something i want to. let you go right to be approached this is one of three people. i'm interested in the lawyers and i. think they should. seemed wrong. but we're all just don't. get
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to shape out to stay active. engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. seventeen minutes into the program welcome back as the final militants are purged from the syrian city of duma kilometers of tunnels used by militants have been revealed now the latest video from the area shows a vast network and one that held more than just the basic necessities.
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they starve this they harass the they moved around in our blood as you see these tunnels are massive they make catches work on them as well as civilians that they wouldn't feed those who refused to work and you can see how big they are and how much they have in there is like a city beneath a city. we would be taken to the spot where the fighting with the and they would give as a matter fifty minutes before it started they showed us how to act and who to shoot the guy he told us what to do with then disappear after that it all depended on luck before the fighting they used to tell us about jihad the martyrs of jihad and
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about heroic death on the battlefield but other times they treated us like dogs. well the city of to become best known as the alleged scene of a chemical weapons attack earlier this month america the u.k. and france hit targets in syria over the alleged attack with no solid evidence it had actually taken place the global chemical watchdog the o.p.c. w. finally started a fact finding mission there at the weekend arties going underground host afshin rattansi spoke to a syrian m.p. about the strikes. the thirteenth the hospital or clinic of dumas where the video of the regional videos was shown all denied there was ever an attack including doctors and. medical clerks and indeed does a hospital and the star witness of all of this is the star kid who was shown in all in all these videos and he said that there was no other chemical at that and he did
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not know what why the lights homeless were treating him like this and that we're saying like this he was he was shocked even what we had to give away even before strengthening our chemical weapons when we had them in our arsenal we never used the beginning of these proxies actually they were used against us of two thousand and thirteen. my twenty kilometers from aleppo and we are the ones who stopped but at the first claim and request the police got inspector that these jihadi groups that you call moderate rebels are using chemical weapons bear in mind we don't have all the powers to control the wind directions and we live played a dance with highly intensely populated areas and our troops are everywhere so it's not really smart to use chemical weapons to hurt our soldiers and our civilians. to the top of the world in seven days
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a team of women from europe and the middle east have completed a week long skiing expedition to the north pole their journey was sponsored by a big global cyber security company casper ski lab as part of a campaign to empower women an r.t. crew accompanied the team on their quest. to gives those girls i know say the team a platform from which to share their story and that's to be the powerful thing about this expedition is that we're going to share all story and hopefully inspire look small girls and boys men and women to go on and on and never reach beyond the expectation of others. but i could i would
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quickly i believe i'm the first kuwaiti to ski to the north pole but i certainly don't want to be the last this is the goal for a better state a message to all women everything is possible if we are ready to put in not that if we're ready willing to reach the goals. this is the thing the borders they conquered the north pole even the choice they reached at the first time set up camp that through the for that night the ice flow moved them away because when we came to pick them up and they were five kilometers away from the north pole and we took them back.
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facebook will now let members appeal the decision if any of their posts are removed the social media company says it's aiming to improve its policies in response to widespread public criticism the move comes off the back of a recent poll showing the majority of americans. don't want to online information to be restricted by the government at the same time however more users are open to the idea of tech companies introducing such restrictions we spoke to social commentator on three brian logan he thinks people can make up their own minds want to online information they can trust the best way is to allow the news to come out people want to have information presented to them and then they can decide which room was fake most people shoot go to a station or look towards people of their present nine by you staying but eventually be a decision of a person and that decision of some kind of bureaucrat in washington d.c.
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or elsewhere well the pew poll also revealed the visions between democrats and republicans in the u.s. when it comes to regulating online data as you can see democrats are much more in favor of the idea on free brian logan again thinks that's choose to close relations between many democrats and tech companies. if you go to california if you go to the san francisco bay area it is completely liberal berkeley and very prominent up in that particular area there is a big reason why democrats support tech companies being able to do whatever they want to do and also sometimes you have to companies that are democrat packets is a lot of money being in exchange that's why you see a lot of democratic support for tech companies being able to create down and also their companies of course are going to be corrected on a more conservative things due to having so many liberals in that particular area in silicon valley of california so of course they're going to be in favor of that
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which squashes the viewpoint voice of their opponent. but i finally this hour a u.s. appeals court has upheld a ruling stating that it can't apply for copyright protection in the case in question a monkey a monkey took a selfie with a wildlife photographer a camera and then an alamos rights group decided that the images belong to the monkey and launched the case on its behalf.
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why didn't the monkey appear in court it's like he doesn't even met. well it all worked out in the end didn't ok get right side up to the moment developments on ortiz twitter page waiting for you right now this is our to introduce.
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manufacture consent to step into a public will. when the ruling class is to protect themselves. when the final merry go round. we can all middle of the room see. the real news is really. a fight for many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only.


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