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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  April 25, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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the most hopeful is jerusalem counterparts i don't think some of those who are under the oak vision they're not going to go through this. and that's. not going to compete in the gaza as you do more in the middle east don't put this off. load. this. whole boatload.
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this hour's headlines stories donald trump ailes america's beautiful friendship with an intimate meeting with the president much at the white house but disagreements between the two leaders remain. also ahead a network of sophisticated tunnels used by militants is uncovered beneath the syrian city of duma r t us exclusive the. g seven member countries joining efforts to get to know russia better agreeing to set up a working group the country's. fifty days until fifa world cup twenty eight kicks off here in russia on our t.v. star studded team is on exploring the host city.
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around the clock across the world this is r t international from the team and myself you know neil welcome to the program our top story and donald trump heaped praise on the money will not a meeting in the white house the two presidents met to discuss topics such as syria the iran nuclear deal but it's their touchy feely friendship that's all over the headlines. do you. think. mr president the old saying what a great relationship we have and they're actually correct it's not fake news finally it's not fake news so it's a great honor great honor that you're here but we do have a very special relationship in fact i get that piece of. the piece we
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have to make him for he is perfect so it is really it is really great to be with you and your special critic now a lot of the basis of recent unity between donald trump and french president mccraw on has been the recent attack on syria france and the united states along with the u.k. cooperated in the recent air strikes in syria now it seems pretty clear that mccrie on was hoping that this recent attack could kind of lay the basis for a continued cooperation between the united states and france kron has been referring to the united states as kind of a gerund turf contemporary multi-lateralism however when he brought this rhetoric up at the white house donald trump didn't seem quite eager to go along with it in the long run we need to bring peace want to make sure that syria does not become an enemy in the region we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east and we've got not. thing for it nothing less than nothing so far as i'm concerned that
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difference and striking rebuff from trump is a little bit of a blow to mccraw especially when he himself bragged about the possibility that he had convinced donald trump to keep u.s. military forces in syria now donald trump says that that's not the case but mcclaren has been insisting that it's him who is responsible for convincing trump to keep a military presence in syria trump later went on to underline the fact that the united states will be leaving syria as soon as they can as far as syria's concerned i would love to get out i'd love to bring our incredible warriors back home when it came to the iran deal just an hour before the press conference donald trump and the french president they were both very adamant in their position it was a terrible being should have never ever been made we could have made a good deal or a reasonable deal if you're and it was a terrible deal we have to take it as a part of the broader picture of which is security in the oval room it's insane
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it's ridiculous it should have never been made but we will be talking about what we want to do it contains iranian residents in the region and d.c. view it's part of this broad broader picture your not going to be restarting anything they restart it they could have big problems bigger than they've ever had before and you can mark it down but after sitting down with the donald it seems the crown has changed his tune somewhat the people don't want any pun a call for a number of months so i've been saying that this was not a sufficient do you but it will enable us at least until twenty twenty five to have some control over the nuclear activities we therefore wish to work on a new deal with iran mr president you were saying that it was new. to him that. he would be who he ran deal with to be preserved no you will too can develop a new deal with a boundary why did you. your mind. but when i said there was no plan b.
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you are usually refer to the fact there is no plan it be it was about climate change rather than iran. what do you have as a bit there option i don't see. what is a what if scenario all your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear are you going to i'm going to thank you. thank you. thank you thank you. emmanuel mccrone symbolism to the meeting by presenting president trump with a tree from the first world war battlefield the site of the two leaders planting it in the white house garden hunting twitter users plenty of ammunition.
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and so it's a great honor to take part. these veterans or they call witness trees that that lived through the war see around you have continued to grow. living on the final militants are purged from the syrian city of duma kilometers of underground tunnels used by militants have been revealed our team has exclusive video from the area that shows the vast network of health far more than just the necessities.
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so while they starve this they are asked to be moved around in our blood as you see these tunnels are massive they make catches work on them as well as civilians and they wouldn't feed those who refused to work and you can see how big they are and how much they have been there is like a city beneath the city. we would be taken to the spot where the fighting with the and they would give as a matter of fifteen minutes before it started they showed us how to act and huge issues he told us what to do. then disappear after that it all depended on luck before the fighting they used to tell us about jihad the martyrs of jihad and about heroic death on the battlefield but other times they treated us like dogs.
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the showdown between militants on the government in syria is on the table on artie's going underground today. i would say that even in london there is growing recognition that your government has been victorious against the major brooks who's in your country why did it take so long well it took so long because we had we have two hundred fifty thousand jihadi mercenaries from from one hundred nations. in waves wave after wave after wave i mean it's a miracle that we're still that you know all together was not withstanding as a country. ninety percent of the population lives in government controlled areas of it's a miracle how we. first still to solve this war supported by the thought on us for no eighty year. well you can
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watch the full version of our tease going underground right after a bulletin this news hour. the group of the world's largest advanced economies the g seven want to get a better picture of russia they're planning to set up a special working group to study what they describe as moscow's malign behavior russia was at the top of the agenda of a gathering of the group's foreign ministers in canada picking up the story jacqueline vote at. the g. seven a club of some of the world's leading industrialized nations tackling the planet's biggest problems from financial crises to military conflicts but it's also the g. eight minus russia and it seems they just can't help talking about the member that they kicked out last year was the focus of the g seven foreign and security ministers meetings in toronto the g seven foreign ministers are calling attention to so-called malign behavior by russia the respected look at ways to keep pressure
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on russia without imposing new sanctions for two days g seven foreign and security ministers rub shoulders in toronto at an event with the tagline building a more peaceful and secure world and apparently for that to happen first and foremost russian these people. but in its place then things like war and world hunger can be addressed just like last year and the year before that and so on because you see in ukraine and russia's actions all of the very reason for the g seven brussels summit this is now the second year in a row that the g. seven has met without russia another example of russia's isolation ukraine is the victim of russian aggression we must never forget that fact if i think about the position of that if you putin now he's you know he's so far he's really the repeat of russia now this time around it included a whole laundry list of russia issues condemn russia's irresponsible and destabilizing behavior check demand such alleged actions cease immediately check
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agree that it is highly likely moscow poisoned sergei screwball and his daughter and that there's just no plausible alternative check and the acting u.s. secretary of state went to far as to tell reporters that russia has to be a quote constructive partner in syria or be held accountable so to be fair they did manage to cover a lot of ground it just more often than not happened to be russia related let's just hope they can avoid getting too carried away with their plans. what we decided was that we were going to search on a jew certain group that would look at russian malign behavior in all this money frustrations whether it cyber war whether it's this information assassination attempts whatever it happens to be and collectively try and call it out and the hostile it may not have reached its peak either this meeting was perhaps just a preview of what we can expect when the leaders of the g. seven countries come together in june to tackle the russian mess. switching gears now it's fifty days before their biggest sports event of the year before world cup
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gets going in russian artie's star studded team is traveling across the country to the events host cities checking our preparations this time legendary month chest united denmark goalkeeper peter schmeichel got the lowdown on the fourth largest city in russia you catherine burg. this is the arena and it's one of the most extraordinary and then used to host world cup matches this is a brand new stadium for the put in twelve thousand additional seats only for the full games to be played. and you might ask yourself what's extraordinary about that well all of those ecstasy well actually cite cyrena. what about this passionate about the city i'm to this michel and i'm here to find out. you know that evil is still close to the ural mountains which makes
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a place full of natural resources one of them is gold and now i'm going to produce my own gold. that's very hard by the way i'm going to put a wide line. on the form here when i pull the gold into here i need to be able to see when it's full that is afraid that's cooling the gold down. when you see what that does in a minute. he. said on the fridge. to see if i did see changes oh. he's really down by the way they say he you see the edges that. aren't in the middle ones not
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on any long cuts will lead to his up. close done. now. oh forget. that only three minutes ago. that was a thousand degrees. clue if you did this i could pick it up. this is half a million dollars and enough gold to make two for the world cup trophy.


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