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you know if i got any doubt tamara. lots of them where are the seventy fifth i'm a. c. of all most of the world. but i will make a start a bit on the some of your limit on the cost of an instance if huntsman on a six ounce cups only in the sample mosque on the board like you but i think it's a phenomenon one mixing like it's one of only. that you don't want me that we can point to become a focus on us alone won't we if you pay for the old one just doesn't essential that's going to last them off they've only got the one without the long term this last one not us on the. second i'm going to get them off in a minute i'm like saying it's getting lost you know it's awful when somebody is nice. but i don't want to do this the others like i actually so don't think i'm a dense well you've got to psych. of them read all of them read. one of the thirty no no if this is.
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just what they look. after if you want to fix on some of you it was this. because all mexico thought about modeling the. go see the visible of this cartoon about three months when. they said almost on a fair amount of freedom i brought a pashtun. rivalry between the fans of two athens based clubs nothing like us has become a war of attrition that has raged for decades the conflict has seen dozens of young greeks mutilated and even killed. every athens dumby provoke street fights in
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southern europe the fair play rules between hooligans are really observed the way motorcycle helmets fight with sticks steel rods and often knives to. you know the good unicorn that are the mistress of most of their own will almost have the last ounce of their own then in this with the in name last thing they love are now that in there they will said our source for the lift of the of the her own young. well you got your wife and i of course. your one hundred you're my long talk or not. to stay with us some of this fourth day off the stormy source gershon one of us from what they say a lot of what they have some doubts about this economic i learned catherine give us order. to lift those would be midnight. yes they only are taken over so let me see on system and.
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make them one of them are going to mr ueberroth yes the lord want to sit on. a limb bianca's fans have been banned for the team's next two games. but even though no spectators will be able to attend the next match that doesn't mean there will be no fighting the olympiakos hooligans are scouring the city in search of rival groups two hours before kick off scouts report finding twenty odd person i call schools. a group of reds immediately sets off the location finding anything they could use as a weapon close to where. it's the threat of violence and the potential for finding that is where the adrenaline come. on in the attraction of the who can coach for many is the fact that matched
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a thing it doesn't impact on the rest of the week. and in many cases you won't even see the guys you see at football during the working week because you come from move different places different things. extreme plenty of always been linked because football. provides a very good recruiting ground for these people because you go to groups of working class lads together. so it's easy to spread that message easy to find in and like minded individuals my view my personal view is that the country everyone needs to be committed on in terms of hooliganism and racism is germany because of the immigration situation i think there is a huge amount of anger in germany and it's festering because they have history his face it.
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seems wrong. we're all just don't. get to see proud. and in detroit. betrayed. find themselves worlds apart and we choose to look for common ground. a few hours before the game the stuttgart hooligans and ultras gather in an informal club but only group members can into not even the police can get in
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without a warrant. or. very. brave yes. i just heard my name drop everyone's gun forms for you. i said they were. very trying to. visit a class on game i did some in chicago. undress is a veteran who are going in stuttgart a distinguished member of the group he started fighting back in the eighty's he's one of the few who aren't afraid to show their faces. because if you can specify a gun that we're talking about this is this because khaled and i was and we were. gob cyclists mean to go they going and they were annoyed so it was us and we had a good so we go in and overboard like this but then the high end up at us i would say oh this is what we can cops and that's. when saddam going on and when or if i'd just been just up on the outside it's not and. that if you're on the fence in the
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force and so in our cars. and on the cement i was some talk i was it started i once in a thousand as much time as missing and going somebody of some children doesn't this fall so this ticklish going to have way of me could muster up and as he was on this from the second i jumped him a tough kid and by his by the way my lingo my mother saw that i was and i became on this decision was wrong and i just go for it this is a strong agreement so this. side and side of practitioners can decide if i do it up we took him first i says they also model some of the doubt so income. so how did mr goodrich angst not on describing this throughout. the now be shown for jobs on both lewisham new search to gain loss this is new done sign lol fine for me and infirmed . rule will get done follows for the start.
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you just bought a start to invent it or give it to through or. if. you want to an all star one. vendor. will be. on this side. going to last and so forth can do a blitz and it was. so depending godlessness foil on children kalu coffee and. blood and will randomly say listen going to pop tarts and sound this noise a male wouldn't.
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also listen with the knowledge in the center line you watched one load it can live on the phone in the months of john mcphee lloyd one which in which you fly on monday defunded you don't suppose you don't do you know develops a from you on. the shelf in his or her food t.v. a good muslim on sharon to show it circumvents live in. the martial law it is fun but it would class on my show assistant on so many. constant weekends. really puts all. sorted. out for them looking like again you know one of the top school people want to give all those school to me about.
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a month before the steward got game with german police visited the headquarters of one who can gang to interrogate its leaders they learn that a large fight was being planned ever since then all over the country police have watched founds and hooligans closely on match days. before it was a cell phone now he's in the internet to my contacts and they do it in a y. which is as anonymous as i can be and as secret as they can make it but. again the attraction is that excitement of klein and stuff. about bullying it's about coming out on top it's about who is the bravest the maddest the most organized the most violent the most well trained. and it becomes like almost.
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commonplace to think of feet in gothenburg the main bridge in gothenburg right here and it's well located because you can see it whenever you travel the main bridge will see the painting you know. for example what will happen if. you know the city will come and try to change over it. of course that's a good they will have a reaction i live in iligan life twenty four seven no doubts. but of course extra matches if we have a sounds to get a fight may be ill thought a battalion run much itself but will depends on the match also on the type of fight that you can get in so.
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hopefully get a fight got under the are very big give rivals a loss we always want to get a shot to put them in the place. we don't have a good relationship with the cops of course to try to lock us up to try to stop our fights cold cuts of a. little over. three. zero. zero.
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when you're in the fight when you're in doubt so when it's on to explain how you feel about it but it's an incredible rush. kremlin or a rage separate thing you know all the most is mixed up in one. place really much you know. the problem is a sweet and they don't deal with going on the want or you. really can't understand it because they know we have a room so you know sweden scene is trying to exclude you know of course the key to each other in the fields but still be don't be don't overdo it when you knock down
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you know don't love stand stomping and jumping on people. and they know that as well sort of i really don't get it. if you would a cane one of them it's all thing would have skated it would be like do today crawl called orbison poland or something i mean you killing each other over there didn't want to. let you go below the age of oh so far or killed so yeah it's. nice everything is a price of fighting now and you got your promises good chicks and they are. you know when to fight then i mean sometimes it's kind of old to stop yourself and i catch this guy you know sometimes my teeth of course want to stop and if a fancy mixer drops.
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by me i just leave because i never see this but i think. this is for me. just. to see. from six looks like it's. going to the sense that that's. a given for the field so that. if. something was most likely. to go. on what else then if you think about the you can
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implement. it even then it can make a view of the message you both go. on but. also you have a proof enough they can use obama care isn't just a little. i would draw under way in a fight a really beautiful not that i'm going to get. of course i want to keep the heat. and i want to flip to be about family for a job. for me and my kids don't want to be all that if it's between being a predator or prey of course i want them to be presidents and. oh god. i'm.
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living in islam is a beast if you die and evolves is constantly evolving but quite more happened in the future already that the fact that is still news proves that they haven't solved the never solved another never solve.
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elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and middle finger sticks miss it to me feel like you know that this is my complicity is going to go sunday homie you know john you know nothing else nobody should be the only palestinian says gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who come to the vision to look at this. and the earth is all of us that it's got to this lady of the most of this god i know what you call tedium of doesn't seem to do more. twenty seventeen. a freelance journalist working with. militant shelling in syria.
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recognized. months with the sake of the truth comes through that these you can submit to publish a video. now. i. i.
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i i. saudi arabia's top diplomat warns qatar its government faces collapse unless it starts backing u.s. operations in iraq. when headlines french leader. between pleasing europe from iran deal during his address to the u.s. congress. this agreement. may not address all concerns but we should not abandon it without having something substantial and more substantial than. also the. extremists reveal their alleged bodyguard of bin ladin's been claiming benefits in germany for over two decades. and russia's defense ministry displays fragments of missiles it says the syrian government
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intercepted during the recent western strikes the us claimed all of its missiles hit their targets. thanks for joining us here on earth international live from moscow with me. today welcome to the program. saudi arabia's foreign minister has warned the qatari government it could collapse if it doesn't start lending support to the u.s. military in syria. qatar should finance the u.s. military's presence in syria and send its own military forces there before the u.s. president lifts an american protection for qatar if the u.s. is to withdraw its protection represented by its military base in guitar then the regime there will fall within less than a week. this comes as we've heard different words from trump basically giving the impression he's still making up his mind about whether or not to withdraw u.s.
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forces from syria he's been talking about it from in terms of very soon relatively soon it's not exactly clear now we did hear trump say that if saudi arabia wants the usa to maintain a military presence in syria they should help pay for it they will be making a decision very quickly to ward an issue with others in the area as to what we'll do saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well who do you want to say maybe you can have to pay so now we hear the foreign minister of saudi arabia saying that there are regional rival we are must share the burden of the fighting in syria or else there could be some rather harsh consequences it's interesting to note yesterday tuesday donald trump was at the white house this speaking with the french president mccraw on and he seemed to indicate that there were other countries that had been approached by the united states about increasing
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their role in syria financially as well as merit militarily but there is talk of the prospects of an arab coalition in the works for syria now this is certainly not the first point of disagreement between qatar and saudi arabia folks recall over a year ago there was a falling out between the two countries and that resulted in a number of countries cutting off diplomatic relations with. saudi arabia and during that spat we heard that donald trump unprecedentedly accusing qatar of funding terrorism. said that they absolutely are not funding terrorism in that statement from trump was simply inaccurate so now we've heard these very very dramatic words from saudi arabia's foreign minister who are waiting to see what comes next security analyst and former british. told you that any go for sending their troops into syria would be acting illegally. well a lot depends on the difference of course between what is being stated quite grandly by various politicians and leaders and what actually may actually turn out
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to happen on the ground let's not forget that this would be an occupation force because syria of course is a sovereign entity certainly the recognized government of syria has not invited. these other countries from the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council states to come and join in any action or any military operations inside syria itself let's not forget sad president assad and his forces are winning the war in syria and almost certainly at some stage those that then replace american troops may well end up in combat against syrian forces and possibly also russian forces and those countries will be keen to avoid that i suspect. the french president has concluded a three day trip to washington by addressing the u.s. congress where you got a warm welcome from lawmakers. best. the president of the french
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republic. and mine all spoken for yes the cli of the special bond between the two countries in a lengthy speech full of historical references. friends i suppose dissipated in the story of this great nation from the very beginning. that. runs point also was a part of french philosopher evolve. and benjamin franklin george washington for america and france that's a good song of the united states. the income simone de beauvoir martin luther king president there was a result from thomas jefferson to him it was not. novels this is a very special relationship this is.
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well along with all those historical references there was some policy discussed most importantly the iran deal now the media has portrayed a trump and a relationship as a bromance so to speak comparing it to the infamous bush blair bromance of the early two thousand but that could definitely be a mischaracterization considering that mccrone took some positions that were totally out of line with trust policies including expressing support for the paris climate agreement using the phrase make the planet great again which is in stark contrast to make america great again slogan now mccraw was a bit more ambiguous regarding the j c p a way or the iran deal calling for a more comprehensive deal while reiterating that france would not be abandoning the twenty fifteen agreement for a number of months i've been saying it was not a sufficient deal but it will enable us at least until twenty twenty five to have some control over their nuclear activities. we therefore wish to work on a new deal with iran. we signed it at the initiative of the united states.
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we signed it boasts the united states and france that is why we cannot say we should get rid of it like that france will not leave the g.c. theory because we signed. mccraw as explanation today seemed to be a reaction to backlash from the e.u. and again mccrone did clarify that the necessity of the agreement outweighs washington's concerns and he urged other signatories to stick with the deal until there's a better one but more crowded trump reaching consensus came as somewhat of a surprise to the other signatories especially considering that five hundred french british and german m.p.'s wrote a letter to the u.s. congress asking them to support the deal saying that the concerns should be addressed separately and not within the context of the j c p o a which evidently is in direct conflict with the crown and trump sphere so check out what the e.u.
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and russia have to say about it and what can happen in the future will seen the future but there is one deal existing it's working it needs to be preserved we are against the revision of these agreements and believe it's very counterproductive to deal with a longstanding international efforts will make sure that these agreements and shrines in the u.n. security council resolution weren't be violated trump has until may twelfth to decide what he's going to do but now that there seems to be some division amongst the members of the e.u. it's impossible to predict what exactly will happen as for how this all looks from tehran political analysts they had moustapha told us that although fraught so the american might be a lot in on the iran issue the rest of europe doesn't want to shift. the trio nations in europe especially friends even more than germany and britain is trying to get closer to donald trump's aspirations and demands especially with regard to iran is not the only issue but there were rest of europe is
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a standing against any intensification of problems and tensions with iran they just reject the demand by. european nations. to impose the unfair their sanctions on iran for its missile and regional activities so this shows that europe is not much willing to work with donald trump. the man who was once allegedly a. body guard has been living in germany on welfare for more than twenty years with more on the story here. even though some of the laden was killed in two thousand and eleven by u.s. special forces operation he was just the figurehead of the group and some of its members are still out there one of them it turns out has been living in germany for over twenty years now and has been getting welfare payments to boot he's been named in the media as
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a. national and he's believed to have joined al qaeda in afghanistan back in two thousand and illegibly worked as one of osama bin laden's bodyguards because he was already a german resident by that point he dented germany three years prior a need on a student visa when he came back he filed an asylum request that was denied in two thousand and six and a court in germany described him as an acute and considerable danger to public security but a higher court subsequently overrode the deportation order and they cited concerns that this man sami a would be subjected to torture back home in tunisia now sami a was never actually charged with terrorist activities in germany but laura sees deem him a security risk and he has to report to a police station on a daily basis and this whole story has been unearthed again.


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