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thousands of people have taken to the streets in cities across germany crying a recent spike in anti semitism in a country that says i got marco has admitted that germany is now facing a new form of hatred towards jewish people our europe correspondent peter all of her was at the rally it was just last week when a nineteen year old syrian asylum attacked two jewish men in the rather well to do friends allow of the area of. no no no so this was your immediate situation it is she says to me do you know you know that from jewish leaders in the city to say jewish people should refrain from wearing the keep now that prompted well that prompted many people to come out here on to the streets of the german capital in order to say that they were going to wear the traditional jewish headdress the the yarmulke depending on how you want to call it they came out here today this evening and said no we will defy that we will wear it and we are proud
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of our jewish heritage i spoke to some of those and asked them exactly why they were here and what they wanted to say i think we we need solidarity. with all religions. within all religions christians jews people and. muslim make us well every religion has this right to live here and to leave and it's a freedom together that my up here my belief. to live here to give otherwise it's. i muchly christian jewish people belong to the same group of religions as i do i'm here to show my support what's happening in germany right now is no good we've seen people beaten simply because they're wearing a kippah schools have to be protected at all times kindergartens as well this is an acceptable as we've seen from some of those people we just heard for this isn't just you. jewish people that have come out wearing the yarmulke in support of the
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jewish community here in berlin people from all faiths have told the same thing well we have seen a recent rise in. attacks and we have seen a recent rise in understood that he incidents in germany in general some of those involving schools well we did hear from the german chancellor angela merkel who had this to say about recent arrivals and their contribution towards the un systematic problem in germany right now noir we have a new phenomenon as we have many refuges among whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in another form of anti-semitism into the country unfortunately and to cement isn't existed before that. and it's done that's prompted thousands of people to come out here to the streets to the german capital to say you know chandy semitism in this city and you know it is of in all its forms . and moving to the us now we're
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a golf club in pennsylvania has apologized to five black women for calling the police on them they were kicked off the grounds are for the co owner of the club and his father complained that the women were playing too slowly it's the latest in a series of incidents where african-americans have been arrested or asked to leave a public facility in the u.s. on sunday a black woman was arrested on a waffle house and i would bomb a video of her arrest shows officers wrestling her to the floor threatening to break her arm exposing her naked body another case happened two weeks ago at a starbucks coffee in philadelphia stuff there called the police and two black men because they had not placed an order and wanted to use the restroom but sparked a wave of racism protests. yeah. i.
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in response they c.e.o. of starbucks ordered all restaurants to close from montreal until races and training following a nationwide campaign against the coffee chain right here we spoke with a columnist on or third dave perkins on human rights activists run the short about the ongoing controversy. racism against the two sions is real and the prejudice is real but we need to care about america as well as an entire society and look after everyone if we don't do this we're going to have worse problems two guys loitering and not purchasing products from a store while using their facilities how do you stop that from happening again i think there are a lot of cases where people are overboard in terms of responding to people of different races that they perhaps could dial it back but i don't think that's a little girl running the starbucks as best she can reluctantly calling the police sighing saying loitering again he's thinking about using loitering laws against
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black people yes there are people that have a literate and businesses yes there are folks out orders some of them a black but i've worked with a lot of white drunks in my day and they don't get handled quite the same way this is a fact this is a problem that businesses are entitled to deal with especially those that serve the public in a way with limited space and a lot of turnover yes they're entitled to say you need to either order something or leave as along as people pretend that injustice and mistreatment of people is ok as long as it does not impact yeah that is the problem with the majority it they lack an understanding that it can be us today and it could be them tomorrow now this is where i asked myself the question at what point do you treat black people like ordinary people and subject them to ordinary rules of society at what point do you stop taking every incident as racism and start evaluating. as human beings and
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how they're acting that's my question to you just coming up to sixty minutes into the program what do you say to this. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only move. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. a little walk to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you
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to fight the battles that are going. to do so for the tell you that the cost of the public by itself. off the bat doesn't tell you that you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the walking. hello again there is a controversy brewing over they release of an american prison inmates who is sentenced to life for the murder of two policeman herman bell is set to walk free on friday however the police union is making last ditch attempts to keep him locked up. outrage over a parole board's decision to shri convicted cop killer val p.b. attorneys argue the parole board did not consider the court transcript of bell
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sentencing when they made their decision that p.p.a. filed a lawsuit against the parole board saying it failed to follow the law and considering bills release well among the unions initiatives to keep bell behind bars was generating letters from the public it has been claimed that hundreds of thousands of people protested his parole but the figure appears to have been exaggerated scale up and explains. herman bell notorious for being a cop killer and a member of the black liberation army will soon become a free man after spending nearly fifty years behind bars for shooting two policeman dead back in one nine hundred seventy one now the new york parole board's decision even had the support of a son of one of the slain officers in these times over getting increased hate we need more compassion and forgiveness the parole board of new york might have shown sympathy and a willingness to forgive but not the policeman's union the patrolmen's benevolent
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association they're guilty then and guilty now and no copula should ever walk the face of the year now siding with the police's n.y.c. mayor bill de blasio who called for the decision to be reversed and for bell to stay behind bars the parole board received over three hundred sixty seven thousand letters urging them not to free herman bell despite his record as a model prisoner well not quite there and not actually that many individual messages the associations website gave compliance the option of automatically sending a letter for each of the sixty two cop killers listed on the site that meant that fewer than six thousand objections to bell's release generated over three hundred sixty seven thousand messages completely distorting the level of the outcry in fact according to one poll eighty six percent of new yorkers support the parole board's decision we decided to talk with some former cops about the associations ethics i
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can't comprehend a man who openly admitted to killing three cops. i can't comprehend how that person would be allowed to walk the streets i've read the parole board's view that they don't look at the crime in the past they look at the behaviors and the needs going forward which doesn't really you know get a personal to make sense to me yes i could picture every cop out. they're being absolutely outraged the point of acting on their motion especially in today's climate where they are still be used to do your government is trying their back on the police officers i can absolutely picture not one cop out there not wanting six hundred thousand plus letters being sent to the parole board to eb requesting this man's parole be denied she just wouldn't surprise me if there was just a glitch in the system it's manipulation you know pat list of p.v.a. president he's a role cop i think that he is really believing in the cops and the good cops in the
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city down on the wrong path i mean for this very tragic incident he actually three people not just a jury perot's what it is you know we have murders rape is boss in this people who get paroled every single day and to hell bent on if you kill a cop they want you just right and jail is supposed to be a form people at what point i'm not advocating from the get out of parole made a decision that he gets out who is pat lynch and you know his role is to say that this guy even his son bell's son actually wrote the boy and he agrees to. be paroled now cops like to talk about the perilous situations they put themselves in and the public that they serve in order to do that but this incident will leave some in new york questioning their integrity. r.t. new york. the french president has wrapped up a three day trip to washington by addressing the u.s.
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congress where he got a warm welcome from lawmakers this thursday. the president of the french republic. emanuel spoke enthusiastically of the special bond between the two countries in a lengthy speech full of historical references. friends sports is created in the story of this great nation from the very beginning. let us for a moment transport ourselves to the past french philosopher voltaire and benjamin franklin george washington son of america and france that's a good son of the united states burn the income simone de beauvoir martin luther king president through the results from thomas jefferson to hemingway's novel to
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focus novels this is this very special relationship this is this. thanks well along with all those historical references there was some policy discussed most importantly the iran deal now the media has portrayed a trump and relationship as a bromance so to speak comparing it to the infamous bush blair bromance of the early two thousand but that could definitely be a mischaracterization considering that the current took some positions that were totally out of line with trust policies including expressing support for the paris climate agreement using the phrase make the planet great again which is in stark contrast to make america great again slogan now look wrong was a bit more ambiguous regarding the j c p a way or the iran deal calling for a more comprehensive deal while reiterating that france would not be abandoning the twenty fifteen agreement for a number of months i've been saying that it was not a sufficient deal but it will enable us at least until twenty twenty five to have
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some control over their nuclear activities. we therefore wish to work on a new deal with iran. we signed it at the initiative of the united states we signed it boasts the united states and france. that is why we cannot say we should get rid of it like that france will not leave the g.c. . because the signing. macross explanation today seemed to be a reaction to backlash from the e.u. and again mccrone did clarify that then the ceci of the agreement outweighs washington's concerns and he urged other signatories to stick with the deal until there's a better one but mccrone interim breaching consensus came as somewhat of a surprise to the other signatories especially considering that five hundred french british and german m.p.'s wrote a letter to u.s. congress asking them to support the deal saying that the concerns should be addressed separately and not within the context of the j.c. p.o.
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a which evidently is in direct conflict with mccrone interim spew so the check out what the e.u. and russia had to say about it and what can happen in the future will see the future but there is one deal existing it's working it needs to be preserved we are against the revision of these agreements and believe it's very counterproductive to d. rove the longstanding international efforts will make sure that these agreements and shrines in the un security council resolution weren't be violated trump has until may twelfth to decide what he's going to do but now that there seems to be some division amongst the members of the e.u. it's impossible to predict what exactly will happen. a university professor in california who has sparked outrage after she posted a number of tweets celebrating the death of former first lady barbara bush in one post run the juror referred to mrs bush as a smart an amazing racist who raised the war criminal that was apparently
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a reference to her son former u.s. president george w. bush when told to call barbara bush a witch the professor is no stranger to controversy in previous comments she tried to justify earth hijackers and advocated the use of violence. distance fighters in the sixties and seventies they didn't kill anyone but they scared out of people you know they would hijack a plane and be like we're not going to hurt anyone on this plane like why is spencer's house still standing i don't understand like it needs to be broken into you people need to throw grenades into it or fresno state university where works the scribe her tweets as insensitive and embarrassing though it concluded that the professor was acting in a private capacity and that no disciplinary action would be taken and there are many who believe the current climate on many campuses in the us and beyond is not healthy one. if a professor who is on the right or even central had said anything of the sort of
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vote obama is family or any other you know democratic president right you have a family member if they said anything much less hair terrible they would have been excoriated it's a complete double standard the rules do not apply equally very rarely do you see a left. leaning professor academic public figure be censored you never see right wing people or centrists or libertarians or anything like that ever trying to shut down these people they may complain about what they say they may call it reprehensible often it is but they don't try to prevent the speech from happening and converse lee if you are central or slightly to the right or anywhere else that's not left you don't get a chance to speak you suffer much greater consequences you can lose your job you can lose your position we're basically telling young people that only certain types
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of not only speech but ways of thinking are correct appropriate or going to be tolerated and we're basically that's what we would call brainwashing it's thought policing and that's the most pernicious and dangerous outcome of these types of unbalanced approaches to speech. is our news fernald who are back watching the hawks though and just a moment and see you and often are somewhat more global news. and is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and then build to dismiss it to do it look like you know. this isn't like complicity is something going on the sunday i mean you did. that's.
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the only palestinians gets the most help from its jews from counterparts those things is and of those who in the world and the vision to look at this. and know it is not just that it's come to this lady of the messiah that you have and if you compete in the it doesn't seem to do more than it was last resort. greetings and salutations are you having a bad day by having to choose between paying your student loan this month or buying your niece a birthday present and you're forced to buy cheap fast food over expensive healthy food or can two jobs just to keep the lights on well have no fear because in case you didn't know comcast yes comcast cares they do last saturday april
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twenty first marked the seventeenth annual comcast cares day the annual once a year about the reminds us service slaves and plebian is just how much our friendly neighborhood corporate media conglomerate truly cares about all us vassals paying for their nice suits and golden parachutes. take a listen as comcast employees imus and b c analyst nicole wallace and reverend al sharpton hyped comcast big day of giving while sitting just inches away from their corporate paymaster comcast senior executive vice president david cohn and if you look carefully hawk watchers while conan speaks you can still see the bloody carcass of net neutrality hanging from his to. big event here as we fell a great comcast cares day now and it seventeen year it is believed to be the nation's largest single day corporate volunteer advances of ads show him here this is part of the people in this building and around the world all excited about doing
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go to doing. this i think we can bring the world to women the one of those you know will have over one hundred thousand employees members of their families and nonprofit partners volunteering tomorrow and over a thousand projects in more than twenty countries so it's really become a global effort way to al sharpton system for the comcast is occurring on the work of belsen mandela. but it wasn't just the airwaves of morning joe were comcast was patting itself on the back for its great day of charity according to splinter news dot com and b.c. affiliates across the nation pitched in and d.c. beriah ran a p.r. sounding segment that was a lot like all the other one sort of n.b.c. in fort worth texas n.b.c. ten in philadelphia n.b.c. four in los angeles n.b.c. five in chicago and n.b.c. connecticut just to name a few. i would very sinclair broadcasting them now let's actually practice some
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humility and start watching honks. what. the. real thing would be. as you get to the bottom. like you that i got. this. week except. the one parts i know so well and i'm topical oh. wow that is pretty incredible like i read. isn't the real point of charity to help people and not kind of pack yourself pat yourself on the back and gloat about it to the world are you some kind of communist
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. you best go why don't we just help people for the sake of helping people that's not how the world works. not how the world works we are in the land of cable giving cable comcast cares comcast cares you know because i mean i mean look no one notices that i'm not i'm not against the idea of a corporation like giving back i'm absolutely but this sort of self-congratulatory all over. the fast that was going on on m.s.n. b.c. is really sad though it's really icky it was like you're not alone reza and you are not alone in feeling that whatever that is glenn greenwald tweeted today he tweeted out saying this is creepy and humiliated and muslim b.z. devotes almost eight minutes of airtime on morning joe to heralding the humanitarianism of its own corporate owner comcast complete with combat cum cast executives touting themselves under the cairo on comcast cares. jones but yet they
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look good these are the same people by the way that freak out and spend days talking about sinclair media having a must read on there and yes yes same. roundabout terms trying to figure out where of a. journalist to write i wonder where that magical line as for journalism becomes not journalism one of the. jobs of the fairness and i just reported a lot of good work you know he kind of had the raised eyebrow that i did you know comcast property in person b.c. when it was nominally independent analyst host doing a cultish comcast commercial is bad enough but al sharpton claiming comcast was current on the work of nelson mandela was something else. i mean al sharpton can make you know he's a visual thinking person he can compare anything he wants to judge without that's his decision but it does seem a bit much in my mind while the giant corporate doing some charity work one day out of the year yeah i am i'm going to i'm going to just say this i'm not afraid of her
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i i'm not afraid of criticizing my friend al sharpton on this one to me it's very unsettling considering the blood that is on corporate america especially companies like comcast you have poor african-americans all over this country who are marginalized already and are kept out of things because people like comcast couldn't give them i don't know just basic internet to a community these are people who are not these are not good corporations bringing all of this joy and to sit there and be there just sort of shouting on corporate america is green and nonsense is a little weird but it's not something new though like this isn't as if this is never happened the new york times reported back in twenty fifteen that when comcast was looking to acquire and b.c. universal and that comcast funded research and political groups were endorsing the deal but the new york times are actually pointed out that a similar pattern is evident with charities like the urban league and more than
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eighty other. community groups that support of the media company and then also accepted collectively millions of dollars in donations to the comcast foundation over the last five years the question is how many people do you give money to will you report on them on your news stations with authority will you be able to tell people about a corporation or or each article organization will you keep from saying bad things about them because you gave them money that's really interesting and it's very interesting good luck you know they'd of course come because executives like a lot of them said all of the money that we give to these charities does not influence them in supporting arse in the time of the n.b.c. universal merger with one of the there they just did that on their own free will because none of the money and help that you've given them over you know makes a difference to be always love when people use it as book you know from one huge blood sucking corporate monolith to another. story. capitalism often stands a direct conflict with thriving you healthy human race and in the world of biotech
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investing and in april tenth twenty eighteen report released by goldman sachs to their clients analysts found that companies that produce permanent cures for diseases are a bad investment asking clients the. quandary is curing patients a sustainable business model and the report titled the genome revolution analysts noted that the potential to deliver a one shot cure is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy genetically engineered cell therapy and gene editing however such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapy as well this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for a sustained cash flow and the report they use a hepatitis c. cure made by gilly and sciences that have a ninety percent cure rate through the eyes of goldman sachs finding a cure means less sick people according to goldman sachs in the cases of infectious diseases such as have to try to see curing existing. since also decreases the
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number of carriers of vailable to transmit the virus to new patients thus the incident pool also declines yes it does health care for the analysts who don't really seem to get it is supposed to make people healthy and prevent disease in others but as goldman sachs has proven with this report the people investing in our society's future don't really care about the people whose a lives are being lost in order to make sure that johnny investor gets a new summerhouse. wowsers. that is a blood sucking corporate beast to another blood sucking corporate b. why i believe in some circles. goldman sachs is known as the vampire squid i believe so in many circles because that is amazing so these guys are really saying like hey don't invest to stay away from this company because it is a loser because they cure people when there's no money in the cure right because your profits will keep going up. while. you have it i think is what are
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you a cowardly i'm just gives a matter of fact your. heart has just rinks you know this and this is a grows yet each of these stores i mean look at the cost of the tightest see cures about ninety five thousand dollars for twelve weeks and. they carry a ninety percent of the predator curate that so that's what two thousand five thousand dollars alone and then you never have to take anything wow that's huge the library time cost for persons who become an hiv infected age thirty five is over three hundred thousand dollars sixty percent retroviral medications fifteen percent for other medications and twenty five percent for margaret we're talking big money in all of this at the end of the day but we're talking cures for ninety five thousand dollars not that much when you think about a killer and long term but when you're looking at it from an investment standpoint you're looking at a company like gilliatt which i think very funny bible bomb of. i was
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a universal cure. everything i'm so guilty of. that they're saying there's this danger to companies like that for investors and everything which i think is funny the company is founded one hundred eighty seven of why they're going after this company they focus on anti-viral drugs so that would be for things like hiv aids hepatitis b. and c. as well the company that makes tamiflu for those of you who actually have that so one of these usa is gilead was also the first former suitable company to sign an agreement with the medicines patent pool which is working to increase global access to high quality low cost antiretroviral anti-retroviral therapy through the sharing of patents they were listed as you know when you have some of goldman sachs say they're not worth it they're out there trying to actively bring the cost of these drugs down so that people can yet they're still making profits every year in fact as of may twenty seventh teen the company was listed in forbes magazine as one of the top one hundred public companies and sales profit and market about.


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