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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  April 26, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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to say of recent arrivals and the contribution towards the on systematic problem in germany right now noir we have a new phenomenon as we have many refuges among whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in another form of anti-semitism into the country and it's not that's prompted thousands of people to come out here to the streets of the german capital to say you know challenge the semitism in this city. because of it all its forms. letting state side now we're a public golf club in pennsylvania apologized to five black women for calling the police on them they were kicked off the grounds after the co-author of the club and his father complained that the women were playing too slowly it's the latest in a series of incidents where african-americans have been arrested or asked to leave a public facility in the u.s. why. on sunday
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a black woman was arrested in a waffle house in alabama for refusing to pay for plastic utensils the video of her arrest shows officers wrestling her to the floor threatening to break her arm and exposing her naked body another case happened two weeks ago at a starbucks coffee in philadelphia stuff there or call the police and two black men because they had not placed an order and wanted to use the restroom that sparked a wave of anti racism protest. i just want to die. in response the c.e.o. of starbucks ordered all restaurants to close from under a tree until racism training calling a nationwide campaign against the coffee chain earlier we spoke with a columnist and author dave perkins human rights activist randy short but the ongoing controversy. racism against the two shins is real and the prejudiced this area. but we need to care about america as well as an entire society and look
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after everyone if we don't do this we're going to have worse problems i have enormous difficulty accepting the idea that this young lady trying to run her starbucks in philadelphia spends time thinking about class and segregation and trying to target black beetle had she been trying to run the restaurants and she's trying to do it like order and keep the business working and not let people take advantage over you guys loitering and not purchasing products from a store while using their facilities how do you stop that from happening again but i don't think that's a little girl running the starbucks as best she can reluctantly calling the police to sign saying saying loitering again he's thinking about using loitering laws against black people yes there are people that have a literate and businesses yes there are folks out of order some of them of black
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but i've worked with a lot of white drunks in my day and they don't get handle quite the same way this is a fact i'm not going to last a rattle and play another slowly than men then five women together play very slowly in the entire culture is waiting for the fact that i would like has nothing to do with it it's the fact that they are so low as a long ass people pretend that injustice and mistreatment of people is ok as long as it does not impact yeah that is the problem with the majority it they lack an understanding that it can be us today and it could be them tomorrow now this is where i asked myself the question at what point do you treat black people like ordinary people and subject them to ordinary rules of society at what point do you stop taking every incident as racism and start evaluating them as human beings and how they're acting that's my question you know there's controversy brewing over the release of an american prison inmates who is sentenced to. twenty five years to
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life for the murder of two policeman herman bell is set to walk free on friday however new york's police union is making a last ditch attempts to keep him locked up with the story artie's killer muppet. herman bell the tourist for being a cop killer and a member of the black liberation army will soon become a free man after spending nearly fifty years behind bars for shooting two policeman dead back in one nine hundred seventy one now the new york parole board's decision even had the support of a son of one of the slain officers it seems that individuals with no knowledge of ms to bellow the circumstances that led me to support his release many years ago have taken it upon themselves to drum up hate and then gins the parole board of new york might have shown sympathy and a willingness to forgive but not the policeman's union the patrolmen's benevolent association they're guilty then and they're guilty now and no copula should ever walk the face of the year now siding with the police's n.y.c.
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mayor bill de blasio who called for the decision to be reversed and for bell to stay behind bars the parole board received over three hundred sixty seven thousand letters urging them not to free herman del despite his record as a model prisoner well not quite there and not actually that many individual messages the associations website gave compliance the option of automatically sending a letter for each of the sixty two cop killers listed on the site that meant that fewer than six thousand objections to bell's release generated over three hundred sixty seven thousand messages completely distorting the level of the outcry in fact according to one poll eighty six percent of new yorkers support the parole board's decision we decided to talk with some former cops about the associations ethics i can't comprehend a man who openly admitted to killing three cops. i can't comprehend how that person
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would be allowed to walk the streets i could picture every cop out there being absolutely outraged at the point of acting on their motion especially in today's climate where they are still abused do your government is trying their back on the police officers. i can absolutely picture not one cop out there not wanting six hundred thousand plus letters being sent to the parole board to eb requesting this man's parole be denied it's manipulation you know i mean. it's very tragic and they actually took three people to put parole is what it is you know we have murderers rape is awesome this people who get paroled every single day and to hell bent on if you kill a cop they want you just right and jail is supposed to be people now cops like to talk about the perilous situations they put themselves in and the public that they serve in order to do that but this incident will leave some in new york questioning their integrity. r.t.
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new york more stories coming up after a short break including highlights from the final day of the french president's trip to be. look at the blockade in the animosity for fifty almost sixty years did it change the regime in cuba no the last administration realize that the majority of cuban americans want to normalization the normalized and when you normalize you can talk . i want to tell you from my experience and to you but when the united states you sugar. instead of a hammer things change in cuba in the way that the united states wanted it.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race is on the very dramatic developments only really going to. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. hello again unless the international is the monday in the ukraine government to investigate an attack on a roma gypsy camp in the capital kiev. last week a nationalist group destroyed the camp children were reportedly injured in the incident people fled while their tents and other belongings were burnt the attackers also used tear gas and reportedly guns. no one can be sure that they want become the
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next week to swarm a frantic calls the shoot themselves with and caring for the public but actually they're terrorizing ordinary people well police in kiev say there were no reports of violence on the fires were simply part of a cleanup operation a political commentator we spoke to thinks that nationalists in ukraine have the government's support. i suppose that the on the local level some policemen of the world try to prevent violence but when the government and the parliament officially praise and glory fight not says how can expect anything else and i said actually it's not they first came to jews is the very first said that they came to ah this is when they came to me it was too late i mean people in the west should not be silent about it meanwhile authorities in another city in ukraine have opened a painting contest to mark the creation of
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a nazi division in the country during the second world war so in the contest teenagers are asked to draw something linked to crean's who volunteered for the nazi unit and there's a cash prize for the best one big door yes can again ses the rise of nationalism is not confined to you chris. many places in europe kind of. radical. views are becoming more and more popular and this is a result of the whole crisis which was caused by immigration european union cannot provide an answer and this atmosphere of this para today cause the right wing radical groups to succeed in certain places. the french president has wrapped up a three day trip to washington by addressing the u.s. congress where he got a warm welcome from lawmakers best birthday. the president of the french
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republic. thanks. emmanuel mccrone spoke enthusiastically of the special bond between the two countries and i went to a speech full of historical references. friends as participated in the story of this great nation from the very beginning. i met as. transport ourselves to the french philosopher of old. and benjamin franklin george washington son of america and france. son of the united states burm simone de beauvoir martin luther king president of the results from thomas jefferson to hemingway's novel to focus novels this is this very special relationship this is this. i
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or one surprise from the visit was the french president's stance on near round nuclear deal along with his u.s. counterpart suggested that a new agreement might be needed and following the meeting with the u.s. president that donald trump was likely to exit the around pact he also said. need to work on a new and broader nuclear agreement regardless of the us leaders decision to run based political analyst told us that the spy fronts in america seemingly aligning and pushing for a new round table the rest of europe doesn't want to go along hello my name is the trio nations in europe especially friends even more than germany and britain is trying to get closer to donald trump aspirations and demands especially with regard to iran is not we are you shoot. europe is a standing against any intensification of problems and tensions with iran.
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just rejected. by. european nations. to impose the further sanctions on iran for its missile. so this shows the europe is not much willing to work with donald trump. american broadcaster n.b.c. has joined the dots and discover that artie's online project in case you missed it has in fact links to r.t. in an exposé article the journalist say be looked at the registration data of the show's website cross-checked against the registration for r t they could however have simply looked in the show's section on our website in response to the scoop the show has taken viewers behind the scenes to blow the lid off its connection to r.t. . so here we are first look offices although there is
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a slight smell in the. vodka and caviar. we're in so it is probably a spy i keep an eye on it. but first glance it looks like any other office but take a look below the surface and something starts to seem off. we spoke to i see why in my eyes members of staff so tell me what's it like working for someone connected to r.t. well i always loved the topless game show tutti frutti when i was at school there you could get our school right but that was that was on the sky channel r.t.l. this is this is r.t. this is this is funded by russia we're talking about well what you mean r.t. is funded by russia for the russians who are. yeah i mean if your parents is mainly just one in stuff over to poly and things like that to be honest i've never really had so much freedom at work no one tells you how to answer of
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over and i'm just really happy but do you work alone i mean i do but it's not you know really something i like to talk about. sure i have total freedom to study looked at who was what was it talks to move to for example sort of . from toss to look for fuel. or limited supply. on a good can prove or a cause for. and i've just heard that the host of the show party boy has just arrived at work so let's see if we can get a word with my boy. whose books are high you are aware that i see why my is funded by the russian state through as he wants. yeah hi yeah yeah i got the email yeah. i've got to take
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this site. so that we have it i see links to r.t. you'd have to be pretty special to think it was a secret. so that's how it works well that's our thursday morning stories that's how they're looking i'm back in thirty minutes with more global news updates from r t h q in moscow next though exam on world. you never know what's around the corner never know what's in the. excitement it's knowing that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. going to him and the extreme through all. the violence is a part. of schizophrenia. you can do all these things and behave badly.
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important people of course colorful all. the more so for the last. honest man infirmed. war. in the start. of a broader where. really did a poll. mean anything is a belief if you don't know the involved. it's gone from the vulgar and. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest things that i never
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got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with the death of this one to. speak to now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. but. it is. what it is the end.
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of a. leash. barfi . welcome to worlds apart cuba is one of those countries that's long been perceived and described in terms of ideological opposites known in the u.s.s.r. and later russia as to freedom island chains of capitalism it has long been seen in the west as one big treason ruled with an iron fist but when you've spent almost
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half a century documenting the lives of its people as my guest today has done you'll find that the reality is different from the ideal or ideological cliches one is cuba really like to discuss that i'm now joined by john alpert the american journalist and documentary filmmaker mr alter it's good to see you in our studios think you're much for coming thanks for inviting me i appreciate it now you are here in russia to promote a documentary called cuba and the cameramen reach i think is a very straightforward and a very honest title because you really show cuba as you've experienced it over what is it forty five forty five years and i think this is very unusual for a western or american journalist because most of them believe that you need to cover stories from the position of either neutral observer and so often from a position of judgement rather than experience or immersion why did you break that tradition i wanted american people to really experience what the cuban revolution was like and it's complicated and i don't think you can understand this ninety
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second news report i don't think you can understand it in twenty nine second news reports i spent forty five years following three families and castro when you watch the revolution and you watch these people age and you learn a lot about cuba and i think it is also very obvious in your film that this kind of emotional involvement that you develop with your character is also allowed to you not so not only gain trust but actually gain unprecedented access to. some of them including fidel castro you go the extra mile to show him as a human being rather a historical figure the way you show came up to really how you remembered him. that's the way i remember him fredo trusted me. i can with you he consider me to be a friend and. took the risk. in my camera into places
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it had never been before into his bedroom into his kitchen. taking his shirt off for me. that he is not a bullet hole but is this it's a feel that nobody had ever seen even the cubans had never seen a feel like this before but i've seen some reviews especially in the american press and they were very very critical of. the reviews that i saw i saw there were about three weeks after the really right wing people who obviously i don't think it even seen the film decided they didn't like it but up to that particular point of resetting the review was positive positive positive outlook and i think the accusation of the claim that some of the review writers made was that you were. way too friendly and not critical enough but pam how did you i think about it there are some very very critical moments in this film special period in cuba when the economy collapse when the soviet union fell. and they withdrew their support in cuba the negative impact on the cuban economy was like an eighty five percent
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contraction of their economy no electricity no transportation food shortages and because the people trusted me the people who are suffering i film things that the cuban people never filmed and that nobody else is filmed and so. the road reviews that i saw understood that. more gratifying was it and i still get them today the hundreds and hundreds of e-mails from all over the world especially from cubans and because i think you cheated them really as a human being rather than you know a foreign they're coming into their country and passing judgments about how flawed various systems really is and i think this is what many people experience with western journalists including in this country when somebody comes to your house to your country as flawed as it may be and tells you you know how flawed do you really are and i tried really hard to be honest and the. most gratification i get is when
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the cuban say that when their children ask them these are pro castro needed to castro when their kids say mommy daddy what was the revolution like they're going to take my film out and show them my film now to quote this famous saying by a british historian lord acton that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and i'm not sure you would put it in quiet those terms but. i think being in power for so long as fidel has been in power and being hunted for so long because i think he survived more than or around six hundred assess a nation at times that would change your personality have you noticed any character changes in him over time well i think i was the last journalist. the last american to be with fidel before he died. and he was always very open and friendly with me i think in terms of his relationship to the united states. he needed a strong defensive posture because the aggression focused on him was really really
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very severe i think it hurt the revolution i think that the revolution needed to be more flexible and he to be more flexible with the human rights that needed to be more flexible economically. and. to some degree pushed into inflexible position that he didn't come out of you saying it was a matter of. personality aging or was because of the pressure that his country was subjected to i think it's both. i think it's very very important to have a very very strong feedback loop when he was young was all over the island he was playing baseball with everybody. you know he certainly couldn't do that towards the end. but every country needs to be corrected my country really needs to be corrected and you know that's the that's our work that's the work of false reporters some people say we're not patriotic i would like to say
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that maybe that's quite a high form of patriotism when you point out the things that are wrong with your country because you want your country to be better well i agree with you but i think it also depends on how you say it because i think sometimes and that's my personal issue of the day american journalism and american or western criticism in general is that sometimes critical things being said to put people in countries down the rod to. show them deficiencies in their systems and. i heard you say in some of the other interviews that you believe that. cuba was never really given a fair chance to run its social experiment to the fullest do you still believe that i sure would have liked to seen that happen you know when the revolution began free healthcare free school housing guaranteed jobs literacy
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campaigns that taught everybody how to remove the we were fighting for these things in the united states at that time and the fact they were going on in cuba was very very exciting. but there was always so much tremendous pressure economically politically militarily against the regime you know would have let the cubans experiment so we don't have to try this if it doesn't work we can look down there and all gosh it didn't work in cuba let's forget about having universal health care . but they never had the chance the problems with the communist systems in general is that while their stride striving for bigger things they tend to forget about the little comforts of life and i think you put it well in one of your interviews when he said that it's good to have free education and free healthcare it's also nice to have a hot shower shower in the morning if cuba hadn't been pressured so much if it hadn't been sanctioned so much do you think they would have figured out how to provide both to their population you know that they had internal debates they were about
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the economy and sort of the individual is the i don't think they were resolved i think it's one of the reasons why che guevara left the country because he was in conflict with some of the other people that have more power internally and the tragedies will never never know cuba is now in the process of having a pistol transition of power and the united states department of state has already described it in pretty derogatory terms. well they said it wasn't free it wasn't fair it was dictatorial in nature. they also believe that this is not really a change of power after all and you know just a change of a figure had but. there's no way of knowing what i'm going to ask you at this point of time. they were in their way of making it an educated guess but i'm going to ask you still. how do you think the relationship it's been transamerica cuba ended this new president is going to develop over the next few years how do
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you see i would like to see it continue on the path to normalization that was started in the previous administration i think that was healthy look at the block. caden the animosity for fifty almost sixty years did it change the regime in cuba no it was a completely unsuccessful policy if you got in your car to go see your bush every day and your turn to key in the car doesn't go anyplace when you get in that same car every day for fifty years no you go to the metro you take some other route to this the united states had a talk about cuba's and flexibility we had a really inflexible policy too there was totally unsuccessful cost a lot of suffering on both the united states can afford to be inflexible when it comes to our little neighbor and there is a mountain yes there would. be that going. to the retrogressive miami community that is every day more and more
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a minority unfortunately that's back and forth again the last administration realize that the majority of cuban americans want to normalization in the normalised and when you normalize you can talk and i want to tell you from my experience in cuba when the united states use sugar instead of a hammer things change in cuba in the way that the united states wanted them were like i can't go backwards fast enough in the year to show you what what what's going on in cuba now. it seems that in order to protect lection prospects in florida there is a little bit of a game that's being played with the very very very reactionary cubans who are disrespected more and more every day by the cuban community since the western commentators compare this new president make l.g.'s canal can now. and i know that you visited the soviet union during its reformist years of glasnost and perestroika reach.


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