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look at the blockade on the animosity for fifty almost sixty years did it change the regime in cuba no the last administration realized that the majority of cuban americans wanted normalizations the normalised and when you normalize you can talk and i want to tell you from my experience in cuba when the united states you sugar . instead of a hammer things change in cuba in the way that the united states wanted to. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch put a funnel school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending city to twenty million one player. it's
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an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so we'll all chance for. and six points. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go meet the center of the football with you and we will show you all the great game the great the good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join that for the two thousand and thirteen world
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cup in russia meet the special one. needs to just take the radio beyond the team's latest edition to make up a bigger. book. and is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fiddlesticks mission to do it looking for you like you know. this is my compass he is going up to study hall maybe. you know john without a doubt. the only palestinians who gets the most help from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the vision know only could do this. and know it is all of us not just you have to display any of the muscle that you had i don't know if you compete in the doesn't seem to do more commitments also don't put this off.
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with no make this manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round the. because one person. we can all middle of the room sick. even in this day and age of hardly believable political thriller is playing out in real life layers upon layers of fact checkers debunking each other and attorney storm of fake news conspiracy theories it's hard to imagine any want to and
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explained history staying in the public's interest and imagination for a very long time and yet one has lived on through decades of attempted to funking and thorough investigations and that's the assassination of president john f. kennedy to try and try to get some more light on this perplexing chapter in american history some stone was joined last week by historian and author james do you genial. jim thank you so much for joining me today i really want to discuss this new book of yours the j.f.k. assassination and i have to ask you i mean you've written it seems like about almost half a dozen books now on the kennedy assassination over the many years and i want to know why do you keep coming back to it what is it that you're trying to express with this new new book well with this particular book which is called the j.f.k. assassination and the evidence. this was designed. to kind of counter what i took to be the new
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hollywood spin on the kennedy case you know which you know represented by things like. what happened at the fiftieth anniversary the two thousand and thirteen all those terrible media shows. the movie. parkland you know and so what i wanted to do was to look at the evidence in the j.f.k. case in the lights the declassification process by the j.f.k. act and the nation's record review board to show that this new span that television movies are trying to put on mckays is completely out of you know not not supportable by the faction fact i would say if you read the book you'll see that the original warren commission verdict on oswald
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is even less supportable today with this new evidence then it was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four when the warren commission report was was first issued so that's what i was trying that's why the subtitle is called you know the evidence today. in terms of going back that to a thirteen time period i think even going back ten years or so there was a british computer model that was put out basically saying this is definitive proof we've done a simulation and we've proven that it was oswald that killed kennedy because of this computer sim and it's just it's insane how every few years it comes up that they try to use these type of sittings whether it's a simulation or you know bugliosi is book reclaiming history as the definitive tome to say look this seals the case and yet as you say it hasn't and it have we learned anything new from the twenty seventeen disclosures these new files over the vaults last year. yeah there's well see the problem is as i'm trying to address in this
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book is that there's a lot of really new and interesting stuff that is being released is just that the media. really doesn't want to tell you about this or new and interesting stuff for instance the stuff about oswald allegedly being in mexico city is i think some of the most interesting material you know that has been declassified and very briefly. is let me say that the cia said that oswald went to the cuban consulate and the russian consulate for a total of five times yet even though the cia had something like three cameras on each place they've never been able to produce a photograph of oswald going in or going out even though they had ten opportunities but today beyond now we know for example that the cia had to
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informants inside the cuban consulate they asked the informants more than once did you see oswald show in the picture the jews see this guy inside the cuban consulate and all every single time they asked either one of them for a total of four times they said no we never saw this guy inside the cuban consulate so this makes it very very interesting as to why the cia had the ones that oswald was there even though there is no evidence that he was and by the way i'm sure somebody like you knows that the audio tapes that the cia sent up to washington which are supposed to record oswald's voice in mexico city the f.b.i. agent said well we just talked to this guy this is not oswald on these tapes. you know so this is you know and by the end if you take about six months ago if you
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recall when trump was supposed to release these new documents in october almost every program that was on the air and there was literally a dozen of them ok said they all assume that oswald was in mexico city because the cia said he was you know when in fact the declassified evidence leaves that question wide open was here was any so that's just one of the things that i think is so there's another one that i you probably aren't aware of because nobody talked about it the f.b.i. had a report that out about ten days before the assassination jack ruby was an electronics store looking for some amplification equipment for his clubs are right and oswald was with them in the store ok and so ruby asked the guy's name he turned to oz wald and said take his name
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down he's going to get a free pass for the club ok so that's this is the kind of stuff that's coming out which you know the mainstream media in this country doesn't really want the public to know very much about you know so there's people like you you know that we try and get this information out. and where are we in terms of the actual declassification process so trump had some issues that he basically was being stymied on by the cia and other parties to basically continue or view before disclosure so what files are still do we know the files that we know about obvious because there's plenty of share of files that were destroyed buried we'll never hear about the the was that we know or a way to be disclosed what are we looking at as far as f.b.i. cia files i'll say that i'm really glad you asked that question because next week is supposed to be the last day he gave them an extension of six months until april
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twenty sixth all right now it's very very difficult to get a finite number as to how many the files have been released how many have been released and what we call redacted form that is blacked out areas ok but the best sources i've been able to get is that there is something like about three thousand pages that have not been released in any form at all and there's about twenty eight thousand pages that have only been released in redacted form so next week april twenty sixth to be exact ok there should be a lot of new information coming out of the national archives ok if if and he did it once ok if there's no delay and remembered the president is the only person who can delay this process any further because by law these should have been
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released last fall he gave them an extension which he's allowed to do all right so i hope i really really hope that the press and the public will hold trump's feet to the fire and let him come through with that promise and he said in october let's declassify everything i mean i think sean fifty. five years is enough of secrecy on the j.f.k. case i mean if oswald did what are you still trying to hide. well that does beg the question in general what are they trying to hide i mean let's go to your thesis and to what year in terms of your research and your analysis of the situation the elements that killed kennedy who were they and why is it so important as you mentioned fifty five years later to still allow this level of hatchet jobs and media censorship on the subjects to be in place if you know the people that killed them presumably are dead why does it matter well i think and you
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know i think most people who study this case will agree is that the kennedy assassination. was literally an overthrow the government in order to stop kennedy from changing the direction of american foreign policy in many many different areas you know not just not not just towards the soviets not just in vietnam not just in cuba but different areas of the world that very few people know about because they really weren't studied all right so i think that's the reason i think that as far as the what happened in j.f.k. in dealey plaza i agree the lot of other people that it was very likely a combination of the cia cuban exiles and and the elements of the underworld organized crime. because all you have to do is
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look at oswald number one who has senator richard as has all the fingerprints of intelligence about him and you take a look at jack ruby who had several connections to organized crime and just from the combination of those two characters ok you come up with and by the way let me add this very few people know this but even the warren commission considered that possibility. two lawyers for the warren commission griffin and leon hubert said there's ample evidence that jack ruby was involved in arms smuggling and arms dealing ok towards cuba and there's a distinct possibility. ruby might have had an indirect connection to oswald in the area because of course there are doing all those funny things in new
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orleans you know with cuban organizations so that is where i think that that is what i think happened to can of the you got caught up in that where for the reasons that the objective was to drastically alter his direction of american foreign policy. american astronomer edward p. discovered and prove that the universe we live in is expanding and his work laid out the foundation for the understanding of the big bang theory of our galaxies creation his work also led to the creation of the hubble space telescope that completed its twenty eighth year in space this week launched from the space shuttle discovery in one thousand nine hundred one has collected nearly one and a half million observations since i'm sending this it's very first image back to earth on may twentieth one thousand nine hundred of star cluster n g c three five three two known as the wishing well cluster and the wishes of scientists came true as the hubble space telescope stated came pouring in wanting more than fifteen
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thousand scientific papers that have been cited more than seven hundred thirty eight thousand times hubble has even time traveled in a way having traveled thirteen point four billion light years from earth as we celebrate the achievements of the hubble space telescope and its team i think on the words of ed when people pull himself equipped with his five senses man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science. may our adventure continue . our school while twenty eight years imo when we first launch trouble of what will kill them with one little picture shows up and eloquently have loved us pretty fabulous all right well that everybody is well it's our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are told of your love for the elf so tell you all i love you are open to all and top our keep on watching all sox have a great game but. you
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never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you can walk into a nice fat excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenalin in much comes from. and you can use a nice blend definition and the extremes will probably support. the violence he's a pug and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture where you can do all these things and behave badly. they're going to be full of horse colorful all for thirty plus plus more so for the last. one this may end in firm. rule and didn't follow us from the start. i would grow older when the fire broke out i really did a poll down down went up with a good. meaning in these amusing at least if you don't let me involves this
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constantly evolving. thank. you.
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thank you. black. folks walks of life and money from all points on the globe and as it expands it just a war of the size of anything else trying to piece with it that includes various money regimes but also i level back economists so christine legarde is just the latest to get. the big black.
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comes on the increased pressure from regional rivals a new report claims that even hired a pentagon link to produce a film linking to terrorists. thousands rally across germany against a recent spike in anti-semitic attacks with chancellor merkel admitting the country's facing a new form of anti jewish sentiment. and new york police unions accused of manufacturing public outrage over the release of a former black nationalist who spent four decades behind bars for the killing of two officers. first often in a three here in moscow names called him welcome to your global news from the
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international first for you it's been revealed that a dubai based company hired a top level p.r. executive to produce a film linking with terrorism a report from the bureau of investigative journalism also claims his firm previously created propaganda material for the pentagon breaking it all down for us now here's what i've got. there's no propaganda quite like military propaganda psychological operations that these psyops serious stuff aside from mere unlimited money you also don't have to deal with all those annoying ethical restrictions on to sassoon's newsgathering. having seen the process and worked in the process of them realize this is a big project so we would do the news items that would go out on the news and or on various channels locally and we were to make it its best we could look as if it was made locally belled part to injure specialized didn't military grade
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propaganda the british p.r. firm was active in iraq for years into the us commander there they did crazy stuff faked local news reports smeared iran put together. propaganda videos planted them in people's homes and tracked who viewed them i was asked by my boss. we need to make this style of video. and we've got to use how great is footage and all their propaganda to it and we're going to track of our google analytics good times last year bellport injure lost its license after it emerged that it likely stalked racial tensions in south africa as part of its work their thing with having morals is once you lose them it's difficult to pick them up again but i
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digress guess what bellport and just former boss is up to the biggest diplomatic crisis in the middle east since the first gulf war a growing diplomatic crisis of qatar seems to be in crisis as more middle eastern countries sever diplomatic ties with saudi arabia bahrain egypt and the u.a.e. have all cut diplomatic ties with cut up you know the whole cat saudi arabia schism where the two u.s. allies almost came to blows here that was helped by charles and dreher the man who oversaw bellport injures operations in iraq propagandist extraordinary financial and logistical support for terrorists and terrorism groups like hamas the taliban and al-qaeda who operate freely out of doha and use business and financial institutions to support radical islam and global jihad. mr ron dreher was paid
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handsomely by a dubai based company to smear cata tire to terrorists to iran to tell everyone how bad. it is using the iraqi formula anyway where's the radical islamism is operationally. significant operation going to be fine with . these documentary it really is it became available on netflix you tube it was shown to trump's former chief strategist steve bannon former cia director david petraeus ex defense secretary leon panetta just to make it clear foreign money gulf arab money used to make a fake propaganda film by professionals and then shown to millions shown to some of the america's most influential figures to promote international conflict on fake
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grounds this is the big time league of propaganda. the now we've asked for comment from andrea and associates which produced the film as well as the dubai based company lapis communications so far we've heard nothing back when we do we'll let you know what they say the film was released last summer when gulf states cut diplomatic trade and transport ties with cattle accusing it of supporting terrorism something doha has repeatedly denied back then the u.s. president sided with arab nations saying carter had a history of funding terror at a very high level saudi arabia took the lead in the isolation campaign. kingdom's foreign minister is now warning that the qatari government that it could collapse if it doesn't pay for washington's military presence in syria. could charge should finance the u.s. military presence in syria and send its own military forces there before the us president lifts american protection for qatar if the u.s. is to withdraw its protection represented by its military base in qatar then the
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regime there will fall within less than a week the saudi foreign minister was referring to the presence of more than eleven thousand u.s. troops in cattle he made the remarks after donald trump called for money and ground support in syria from his wealthy allies in the middle east however security analyst and former british army officer charles shoe bridge believes it's the saudis who should be concerned over their friendship with washington. is using this issue as a stick to beat qatar and of course qatar has used its considerable wealth to also attack for example in propaganda term saudi arabia both countries have been uncomfortable allies for some time certainly they've both been backing the syrian rebellion of course in this particular instance saudi arabia knows that qatar is not in a position to physically provide troops on the ground simply because its armed forces are so small but of course they would like to see qatar's finances further trained it's interesting donald trump's remarks and self has said that without us
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in other words without the americans those countries would fall within hours or weeks or something like this instead this is a truce that is very rarely spoken publicly and they want to then deflect attention onto one another. thousands of people are making their voices heard across germany over a recent spike in anti semitism there a few days ago chancellor merkel admitted that germany's now facing a new form of hatred towards jewish people our europe correspondent peter oliver was at the rally in berlin it was just last week when a nineteen year old syrian asylum applications to jewish men in prince lao of the area of berlin no no no no this is your security. situation magician she says to me do you know you think that prompted jewish leaders in the city to say they say jewish people should refrain from wearing the keypad well that prompted many people to come out here on to the streets of the german capital in
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order to say that they were going to wear the traditional jewish headdress they came out here today this evening and said we are proud of our jewish heritage i spoke to some of those and asked them exactly why they were here and what they wanted to say i think we we need solidarity with all or at least circles. within all or addictions christians jews people and. muslim i guess well every religion has this right to live here and to leave and that's freedom to govern you wouldn't to i muchly christian jewish people belong to the same group of religions as i do i'm here to show my support what's happening in germany right now is no good we've seen people beaten simply because they're wearing a kippah schools have to be protected at all times kindergartens as well this is unacceptable as we've seen from some of those people we just heard for this isn't just the jewish people that have come out wearing the yarmulke in support of the
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jewish community here in berlin people from all faiths have done the same thing now we have seen a recent rise in anti semitic attacks in some of those involving schools now we did hear from the german chancellor angela merkel who had this to say about recent arrivals and their contribution towards the unsuspected problem in germany right now noir we have a new phenomenon as we have many refuges among whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in another form of anti-semitism into the country and it's that that's prompted thousands of people to come out here to the streets of the german capital to say you know chandy semitism. in the city. it is of it all its forms. public golf club in the u.s. state of pennsylvania has apologized to five black women for calling the police on them they were kicked off the grounds after the kohinoor of the club and his father
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complained that the women were playing too slowly it's the latest in a series of incidents where african-americans have been arrested or asked to leave a public facility in the us. on sunday a black woman was arrested at a waffle house in alabama for refusing to pay for plastic utensils the video of her arrest chose officers wrestling her to the floor it was another case two weeks ago at a starbucks in philadelphia stop there called the police on two black men because they do not placed an order but wanted to use the restroom that sparked a wave of anti racism protest. the. response to that the c.e.o. of starbucks ordered all restaurants to close for mandatory anti-racism training following a nationwide campaign against the coffee we got reaction from economist dave perkins and human rights act.


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