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and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the referendum a very small number of suspected research agency linked accounts forty nine counts were active during the campaign which represents less than point not five percent of the total number of accounts that these are very low level things until we complete this investigation we won't know but what we haven't had is. information that's enabled those to target on a particular page or a particular phenomenon something tells me they'll keep and keep on plugging or understood and westminster thanks very much for that. a public golf club in the u.s. state of pennsylvania has apologized to five black women for calling the police on them they were kicked off the grounds after the co owner of the club and his father complained that the women were playing too slowly it's the latest in a series of incidents where african-americans have been arrested or asked to leave a public facility in the u.s. . why.
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on sunday a black woman was arrested at a waffle house in alabama for refusing to pay for plastic utensils the video of her arrest shows officers wrestling head to the floor it was another case two weeks ago at a starbucks and from a dash it. called the police on two black men because they've not placed an order but wanted to use the restroom not sponsor away from anti racism protests. i thought it was just ok i didn't want to die that. i. be ok in response to that kind of thing the c.e.o. of starbucks ordered all restaurants to close for mandatory anti-racism training following a nationwide campaign against the coffee chain we got reaction from economist dave perkins and human rights activist randy short. racism against the two sions is real and that we're prejudice is real that's that we need to care about america as well
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as an entire society and look after everyone if we don't do this we're going to have worse problems i have enormous difficulty accepting the idea that this young lady trying to run her starbucks in philadelphia spends time thinking about class and segregation and trying to target black people can't she's trying to run the restaurants and she's trying to do. order and keep the business working and not let people take advantage over you guys loitering and not purchasing products from the store while using their facilities how do you stop that from happening again and i don't think that's a little girl running the starbucks as best she can and reluctantly calling the police to sign saying saying loitering again is thinking about using loitering laws against black people yes there are people that have a literate and businesses yes there are folks out of order some of them of black but i've worked with a lot of white drunks in my day and they. don't get handled quite the same way this
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is a fact i'm not going to last a little and play another slowly than five women together play very slowly and the entire culture is waiting for the facts as nothing to do with it it's the fact that they are lol as long as people pretend that injustice and mistreatment of people is ok as long as it does not impact yeah that is the problem with the majority it they lack an understanding that it can be us today and it could be them tomorrow now this is where i ask myself the question at what point do you treat black people like ordinary people and subject them to ordinary rules of society at what point do you stop taking every incident as racism and start evaluating them as human beings and how they're reacting that's my question. american broadcast to n.b.c. has joined the dots and discovered that ati's online series in case you missed it is in fact linked to our take an exposé article the journalist say they looked at
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the registration data of the show's website and cross checked it against the registration for. how we could save them the trouble though if they'd just gone to our website dot com clicked on the show so there it is it's right up there at the top i mean response to n.b.c. scoop the show's taken viewers on a behind the scenes told to blow the lid off its connection to watch. so here we are first look offices although there is a slight smell in the vodka and caviar. we're in so it is probably a spy i keep an eye on it. but first glance it looks like any other office but take a look below the surface and something starts to seem off we spoke to i see why in my eyes members of staff so tell me what's it like working for someone connected to r.t. . well i always loved the topless game show tutti frutti when i was at school. here
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you could get a schoolboy right but that was that was on the sky channel r.t.l. this is this is r.t. this is this is funded by russia we're talking about well what you mean r.t. is funded by russia. for the russians who are. yeah i mean if your parents is mainly just one and stuff over to poly and things like that to be honest i've never really had so much freedom at work no one tells you how to answer for over and i'm just really happy but do you work alone i mean do not you know i really like to talk about. sure i have total freedom to study looked at as well as the turks to move. from toss took. a limited supply. prove records from the. book.
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and i've just heard that the host of the show party boy goes just arrived at work so let's see if we can get a word with her because boy go. back to high you are aware that i see why my is funded by the russian state through r.t. want you. for. the play yeah yeah i got the email yeah. i was going to take this inside. so there we have it i see links to r.t. you'd have to be pretty special to think it was a secret. u.s. authorities have moved into a russian diplomatic compound after envoys that were expelled we'll give you the details from that and hear from a former ambassador who knows how these things work after the break. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the
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world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question by the way is going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come up you have to go i mean eighty percent of the beach but always will and will go all the great the great if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone and does that worry you and i'm really happy for joining us today for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciated me to just read the review p.r.t.
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teams the latest edition to make up the bigger certainly better just a look. back the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman has launched a withering attack on u.s. authorities after inspectors at the russian consulate in seattle following its closure on tuesday but to suggest that i make it by the american agents have made a host tell take over i have no other words for it even though yes authorities been the work of the russian mission in seattle it doesn't mean that we have no property rights or us authorities have no documents that show their actions to be legally sound it was just a political decision. security personnel reportedly broke the locks to gain access to the building and carry out checks on wednesday the compound is now being patrolled by police now u.s. officials decided to close the facility and expel sixty of moscow's diplomats
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following the poisoning of former double agent and his daughter in the u.k. last month the u.s. state department says that the building no longer enjoyed any privileges or immunities and that its inspectors actions were fully in line with the vienna convention on consular relations and i discussed the matter with a former greek ambassador he also question the legality of the move this is not the first time i think that we had the same issue that happened to los angeles russian consulate that was closed again after it was closed. is the authorities broke into it which is totally illegal even when you bring to the relations case of war the country that leaves usually leaves the consulate to do the responsibility both with the state. still what is happening now is totally legally what's been done but i hope that russia
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does not retaliate because you don't rebel you eating only illegal activities there is no end to not international law is no longer being implemented we saw that in syria and we saw the attacks what happened there so it's a it's a general motors of humanity i can say. there's controversy brewing over the imminent release of an american prisoner who spent more than four decades behind bars for the murder of three policeman and bell is set to walk free on friday but new york police unions been making a desperate last ditch attempt to keep him locked up morgan has the story. herman bell the tourist for being a cop killer and a member of the black liberation army will soon become a free man after spending nearly fifty years behind bars for shooting policemen dead now the new york parole board's decision even had the support of a son of one of the slain officers it seems that individuals with no knowledge of
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ms to belo the circumstances that led me to support his release many years ago have taken it upon themselves to drum up hate and then gins the parole board of new york might have shown sympathy and a willingness to forgive but not the policeman's union the patrolmen's benevolent association they are guilty then and they're guilty now and no copula should ever walk the face of the year now siding with the police's n.y.c. mayor bill de blasio who called for the decision to be reversed and for bell to stay behind bars the parole board received over three hundred sixty seven thousand letters urging them not to free herman bell despite his record as a model prisoner well not quite there and not actually that many individual messages the associations website gave compliance the option of automatically sending a letter for each of the sixty two cop killers listed on the site that meant that fewer than six thousand objections to bell's release generated over three hundred
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sixty seven thousand messages completely distorting the level of the outcry in fact according to one poll eighty six percent of new yorkers support the parole board's decision we decided to talk with some former cops about the associations ethics i can't comprehend a man who openly admitted to killing three cops. i can't comprehend how that person would be allowed to walk the streets i could picture every cop out there being absolutely outraged the point of acting on their motion especially in today's climate where there should be used to do your government is trying their back on the police officers i can absolutely picture not one. they're not wanting six hundred thousand plus letters being sent to the parole board to eb requesting this man's parole be denied manipulation this quote you know i mean. it's very tragic incident he actually three people who put it is you know we have murders rape is awesome this. every single day and. if you kill
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a cop they want you just right and jail is supposed to reform people now cops like to talk about the perilous situations they put themselves in and the public that they serve in order to do that but this incident will leave some in new york questioning their integrity. r.t. new york. l.g.b. t. group has dropped american political journalist joy reid from its awards list the move comes after scandal surrounding alleged posts on reid's blog in which for example she reportedly said said that she was disgusted by homosexuals scenes in movies and she did apologize in december for those comments recent posts have swung the group to finally rescind the nomination. i regret the way i addressed the complex issue of the clothes and speculation on the show i mean with
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a mocking tone and. i hope that whoever dropped to the side recognizes the pain that patients caused not just to me but to my family and communities that i care deeply about she lied about it she claims she never wrote those blog posts in the first place someone else did she said she did how sinister insurance for absolutely. when we reviewed the archives we found nothing to indicate tampering or hacking of the way back machine version.
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that's what we're across and they all say newsroom this hour i'll be back with more thirty five minutes see that. girl.
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elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fit to finish it to do it long before you like it here this isn't my cup of tea is going up local study hall maybe you know chalk hill about. the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak vision not only could give us. and the earth is a laugh at that it's got to this lady of the muslims to have an identical t.v. in the doesn't seem to do more commitments also don't piss off.
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you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you going to walk and you never know who's going to be there and it's the excitement it's that not know it that's where the adrenalin must comes from through. only going is a means by definition and extremes to all for your support because you're prepared to fight for the reputation or not a name of your football club. the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture like it's a part time gang culture where you can do all these things and be
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a bloodbath. i. believe in islam is the least if i may involve this constantly evolving. vertebral market zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero. despite
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owning three restaurants he still prefers to tenderize and grill me to himself it isn't just his stuff and clients who called him the shelf shelf is the nickname of the founder of the wise men from gothenburg one of the most violent gangs of football hooligans in europe. back down extremity and into heaven anyways it was fun thing to soak into football he wanted a family and everything in stock or malaria and now it's all more violent supporters and for them yes i was trying to use a toilet so i thought in doing trips over there rick in pubs you know you have to rest people and a few us finally had enough and like ok it will fight back. from me and it's more like self defense most of my boot and sort of we've had to go to this is that it is more or fans started going to trips abroad got. i'm going to stand up i read stall or wrecked stuff i was stabbing was it started in a face or before is
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a small like old school fighting storming pogs closing each other you know rewards you know people who are using sticks and knives and bottles and everything would be going to get you and some chairs now it's more violent but there roylance was more respect and didn't have any leads and actually want to kill each other. and indiana that i die when i was actually died and i was more sportsmanship well for this fight. i don't i don't. i. i. thought i might. get together on haunted posters both stated tykes for on the throne sixty plus and. when you young you really have to show yourself you have to participate in all the fights you have to go to games. or all.
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over if i think it's really important if you and i will be along you can play can blame oh my girlfriend don't don't go we had to go. thank you thank you. for the unfussy fight maybe six times a year i mentioned be too old to get away six times a year well. turning up these days you're going to have to train at least three times a week. and you won't cheat on your part of my show you know i mean if you take out thought of trying to five the strongest try to sell me trying to foist on us by following the team so you don't want to have someone who's just hanging over. you know. oh no. no oh well.
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almost everyone uses it but show some training distanced. basis starbucks is. saying and i'm in may and i'm fine until we tried to train together here. granted he did i see on monday for when they come where they would go you know that's going to try to get to the number salute them. the keys and stuff like that so it's different every day. because sometimes we both are secluded gathering and sometimes we get that the. central time is the one before there may be a year due to that there's a one to four team time and we miss the group but also. the best way to find out
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here is so if there is stuff that we look for or just follow them to do something like that to let them know before today most of the game it depends out best way of we think there is still. the pub so we don't have a team firefight with on plus us with on third person and usually it's a bow to one to three minutes let's get it to we. or the runaway or both very aggressive. and so tactical and it's more about sceptical numbers fearless on one on em games yeah raymond bang and everything so if we stand up we will start till. you get you know you know that it was interesting. because of all of the on screen from scandinavia that probably the most crazy i think sony one of the most
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right wing firms. that's quite scary. similar extreme for. the wise men and badly boys set all of those guys it is all about the fight becomes about the confrontation at clubs know every game but when you've got a local rivalry it will be if there is any violence it will be about who comes out on top.
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and. for the left that open the door and you came into the zone and. yeah the greek capital is divided into zones of influence between the greens and the reds and i goes into libya because supporting hooligans. are just becoming a bit different. but. you know if i got down to long after but then you have to go months they come and where are the same difficult men go. that's what they want to. but our way
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of. going to break into the program of football hooliganism you can watch it online we've got a breaking news event to take you to russia's defense ministry is giving a presentation on the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma now moscow says it's tracked down witnesses ready to testify that instead it was stage russia says the white helmets emergency response group was responsible for the attack on april the seventh with the intention of implicating the outside government russian representative to the un's chemical weapons watchdog is now talking to reporters. over recent days and recent weeks the hague. has also been the chemical capital of the world. has to do with the fact that here in the haggis they had quarters of the c.w. . and over the recent weeks there have been
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continual continuous sessions. by our executive council and there have been discussions heated debates. on a number of issues including among other things the incident in duma on the seventh of april twenty eighth a lot has been written about it in the press and with this regard together with our assyrian colleagues. we have organized this briefing at the. c.w. had quarters. you know did. you go back and once again relieve these events of the seventh of april it was concluded before starting the press conference because i would like to introduce to you. all the
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people who are sitting beside me at the stable but i was put on to the right of me . so. rigidly. the luggage because it had of a. russian. chemical defense forces general eager curial of lewis did on it to the left of me. it is good as good as deputy of the permanent representative of the syrian arab republic at the o.p.c. w. doctor dr sun of the. and next to him sits our hero. his son gear up and next to him says his father. we have people from syria who came from duma from syria who came here to the hague to participate in this briefing in this press conference
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. but i'd like to start. making a statement. that this event today this briefing and the press conference. we. got and the fact that they're held in no way harms the efforts or undermine the efforts of the experts the c.w. experts in duma they have already been there and they are working on schedule they know what places they have to visit and to see they are. taking. interviews. and we call on the technical
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secretariat of the obviously w and it's experts to make use of their time in syria in order to actually examine. what under the under cover under ground chemical labs existing in syria which as we believe has been used to produce chemical substances weaponized substances used for all kinds of provocation and. but i mean. there is no place for delays here but it's better if you must know now is the time to deal with these on the ground laboratories with this warehouses where they store it we need to put an end to these kind of provocation exhibit is. now. as for what happened on the seventh of april duma near damascus.


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