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tv   News  RT  April 28, 2018 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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end to the korean war as well as officially designating the d.m.z. as quote the peace zone as of may first while many specifics still remain to be negotiated to say the least a decades long stalemate that seemed to be veering towards a possible war under president trump suddenly seem to yield dramatic advancements towards korean reconciliation increased ability also promises to lift or at least stabilize markets that have been somewhat roiled by the prospect of a war that could go nuclear and for more on this we bring our t. correspondent alex mahela bitch and alex what are some of the highlights from the talks between the leaders of north and south korea. you know bards not too often in this business we get to end the week and i'm happy you know and this is a happy note these guys met nobody thought it was going to happen the way it's going to that it happened in the demilitarized zone each of them crossing over the president moon from the south korea crossing over briefly into north korea with kim jong un pulling his hand across and vice a versa it was supposedly completely unscripted he was just saying i hope to visit
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you one day in the north and conduct and said come on i'll take you to the north right now so it's just one of those things it's happier than we've heard it from coming from the korean peninsula in a very long time and as you mentioned nearly seventy years of war at least on paper between the north and south and now they're saying by the end of this year they're going to end that as well as the fact that we're looking at denuclearization and you know what a lot of people don't want to hear this a lot of people do but president trump did have his role in all of this here's a tweet from president trump himself i mean he says war to end the united states and all of its great people should be very proud of what is now taking place in korea now we know president trump i was talking the pretty harshly about north korea at times and there was an exchange between him and kim jong light late last year the but this all built up to such i guess critical because if you want to call it just built up a situation that looks pretty dangerous that it seemed the two koreas said hey we
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don't want any part of this and you have to give president xi of china also some credit here i'm sure he played a massive part in this as well now we're looking at president trump possibly meeting kim jong un next month as well as the north and south korean militaries meeting as well so yes this is a move forward any way you look at it and it how would you sort of look at speaking of which how would you look at some peace some reunification of the koreas yes a bit a lot of people are talking reunification but i mean it's pretty interesting no let's look there's a couple of hurdles in the way and here we have a graphic for you that kind of explains why. going on wages wages are huge they so sell korea the wages are three thirty nine thousand four hundred we're looking at the whole area here china sixteen thousand six hundred japan forty two thousand seven hundred and then you look at the approximate per capita income in north korea it's seventeen hundred now how do you get those two things to meet has to be a slow reunification this is not something that can happen overnight that we're not
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talking about used in west germany here which also was a troublesome arena for reunification this is much bigger and you have to put a couple of things into play here also does kim jong un want to step down from power because that's probably the way that it would go and for him maybe it's in his best interest take a couple billion sit back relax be a billionaire for the rest of your life you know take it easy and not have to be worried about getting killed off like them saying or gadhafi also the north korean people interesting early enough many that have defected to the south have gone back to north korea just because you look at south korea some of the highest suicide rates schooling sixteen hours a day to try to get into the universities are studying all the time some of the worst work hours per day they were looking at the love of the strongest economy in the world compared to a grey area in north korea so there's a lot of things that come into play but you know what there's one country in that part of the world that's really afraid of us that's japan because the united korea would be an economic powerhouse maybe not today but tomorrow definitely party
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correspondent alex mann hyla thank you very much a great weekend alex you tip. in the continuing media merger mania there is moves this week as comcast corp is bid thirty one billion dollars to buy european television operator sky p.l.c. the offer beats an earlier offer from rupert murdoch's twenty first century fox fox already owns thirty nine percent of sky but once it all but there's more to it than meets the eye and here to discuss is veteran media consultant and more importantly the host of the big picture here on r.t. america holland cook himself holland thank you for being here sure appreciate it your best ok so try to explain this the disney's involved somehow it's hard to figure out where all the players are you can't tell the players without a scorecard but the play book will be eerily familiar rupert murdoch owns fox which owns a chunk of sky the big pay t.v.
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thirty nine percent and he wants to own more until comcast as in n.b.c. or perhaps your cable company stepped in and one upped his offer so rather than owning lots of sky murdoch could end up owning none of it because it is still with me so with you fox which murdoch owns and agreed to sell disney it share in sky and along with that lots of fox film and t.v. assets which makes disney now a distribution and content player in the u.k. and will result in a bigger library of stuff they show us here at home so it's not a battle of the goliath split they do dance around each other and one that brings up this issue we've talked about it in the past that these big sort of the old standard television networks they've got more competition now from digital for advertising so they need it holy look at things different right they do and the
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scariest word in their world is programatic selling meaning to me the commercial inventory is now going to be bought and sold on. online in an automated option rather than will mad men and sales reps and all of that so their commercial rates are being depressed because the seller has lost control to the buyer so they need more commercial inventory and what senate for comcast and disney in the u.k. is they also get into pay for play with a share in sky and as we see from netflix pay for play is a pretty good business model every month they're hitting my credit card it's invisible you know it really has changed when you think about it we've talked about it before you know the old school three networks and maybe p.b.s. and then you go to fifty seven channels and there's nothing on and you go to hundreds of channels now you have digital there's lots of competition for those advertising dollars we spoke last week you're kind enough to join us last week two of we talked about that sinclair media group deal trying to buy tribune well in the
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mean time sinclair has agreed pursuant to the f.c.c. the federal communications commission to sell off some of their. different stations including w g any in chicago but now there is a letter from twenty two different senators saying let me quote what they say stop making further changes to the nation's broadcast landscape until the agency has conducted a complete and holistic look at the state of broadcasting the media and waiting before waiting for a ruling what do you make of his letter translation hit the brakes i was actually going to ask you about this because you have two different camera angles on this having worked the hill for senator daschle you know what it's like when that phone starts ringing and when the e-mail comes in when the touristas pop into the office when the snail mail comes in the members of congress hear that loud and clear and having been a commissioner i thought of you when i saw this story because suppose instead of
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trading commissioner you were an f.c.c. commissioner would you be wary of the sinclair syndrome. ib hundred percent where i mean twenty two is a big deal with senators they can cause your problems but it's not fifty one rus non-majority so they definitely need to take it into consideration but by so i would tap the brakes maybe not hard on the brakes we thank you for being with us your show the note another new edition coming up what are we talking about tonight on the big picture we have a record number of women running for congress this time and you will be intrigued and i predict amused by two that will introduce you to tonight and we're going to talk about boycotts economic boycotts against radio and t.v. talk host and more recently against starbucks and we have a couple of schoolteachers from this mammoth job action going on in arizona so that's all in the big picture tonight seven ten thirty eastern on r t america ten eastern are around the world on r t international hollin cook we thank you i am
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already intrigued won't miss it thank you my friend you bet commish. thanks very much for watching we'll catch you next time have a great weekend. in july twenty seventh team on an attempt to freelance journalist working with the team militant shelling in syria. so on a second focus has established a memorial the lives they will recognize will reporters who often risk in the city because the truth comes through that these you can submit your published works in a video form britain form two and they don't come into. your bible. three little piggies but the big number one is an affair clancy alistair houses blown away by the huffing and puffing at the big bad wolf and then
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taking a number two you've got countries like india that are like one step bad one step back a second household sector has all the gold there. exactly and then the big bad wolf often popped in the people. the government was blown away and you got the countries like china and russia that i said was. twenty four karat gold bullion and the big bad. and it didn't blow their house away. international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos in middle fiddlesticks miss it to me like you know that this isn't my cup of tea is something i'm going out to study hall maybe. john tells me they should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the vision know only could
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be this way. and no it is unfair to this lady of the most of the i'm going to continue muslims you know do more in the middle don't piss off. the little boy. told you guys are so tonight at the table i think i need. to be. more you know gentle to listen to me that would have lead us through june twenty ninth two thousand and nine other the target children the children you want to. look at. this hour's top world headlines when i see international republicans in the u.s.
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house intelligence committee clear president of collusion with moscow if they deliver a final report in toy alleged russian. in the twenty's sixteen presidential election . people in the iraqi city of fallujah struggled with the consequences of chemicals and radioactive materials used by the u.s. and its allies fifteen years after the iraq war started. germany is stepping up its military spending pumping money into state of the hardware that is despite concerns from the opposition and the general public. behind me is apparently the future of the european mail. and secretly recorded order released by the intercept shows how the us democrat leadership pressured a new candidate to drop out of the race for the u.s. house seat in colorado.
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news on the hour every hour and what a big day for news it is welcome to the program this is r.t. international. so no collusion that is the verdict of the u.s. house intelligence committee which found quote no evidence that donald trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign was working with russia the report further deepen partisan divisions in congress as the democrats refused to endorse the findings and valid to continue the probe. investigate. if you've heard it once you've heard of a thousand times but here it is once more for those of you in the cheap seats the russian active measures campaign against the united states was multifaceted to leverage cyber attacks covert platforms social media third party intermediaries in state run media the house intelligence report begins with a novel idea the american people rightly want to know what the russians did and how
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and well each section starts off with accusations of what the kremlin did where the evidence is meant to be there is just a bunch of blacked out text nevertheless the committee concludes that russia's goal was to stow discord in america and cast doubt on the democratic process that's apparently with point zero zero zero two percent of u.s. election related advertising on google and with an equally huge amount of ads on facebook twenty five percent of which were never seen by anyone that's in the report still the aim was apparently achieved and is the sole reason for the expansive divide that has grown in america since the election rush's active measures campaign achieved its primary goal of inciting division and discord among americans for more than a year us politics have been consumed by busy recriminations charges and countercharges about the attacks it's wholly unclear how russia's alleged actions are responsible for the political chaos that has ensued since trump took the white
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house it wasn't russia reporting that term's former campaign manager has connections to ukraine spelled out collusion one of the many theories that the report shoots down the charges against paul the for president tom's former come pain manager or save more than seventeen million dollars in secret payments from a kremlin linked political party in ukraine but it was the american media that hypothesize that trump jr is meeting with a russian lawyer proved moscow was supporting trump donald trump's son think he was about to get help from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin this is looking more and more like treason all these strange behavior from the president it's all explains now a stream of leaks by the intelligence community condemned by the report as damaging national security wasn't orchestrated by the kremlin who are also learning from your sources that intelligence officials they denied n.b.c. news is learning from intelligence sources u.s. in.


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