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and represent a client it's just another meeting and top junior met her. and he said it only lasted twenty minutes and they didn't speak about it very much if the opposition of . then can find evidence that they were conspiring together they were trying trying to undermine hillary clinton so it's up to them to do that but on the face of it just no duty. would have to prove that it had other. rover objectives in the meeting and he'd find it very very difficult. to prove. the new wave of allegations come as the u.s. house intelligence committee reveals it's found no evidence donald trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign had been working with russia so no collusion according to the committee but the democrats still refused to endorse the findings and have to continue the probe with more on the report is directly. if you've heard it once you've heard it a thousand times but here it is once more for those of you in the cheap seats the
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russian active measures campaign against the united states was multi-faceted they leverage cyber attacks covert platforms social media third party intermediaries in state run media the house intelligence report begins with a novel idea the american people rightly want to know what the russians did and how and well each section starts off with accusations of what the kremlin did where the evidence is meant to be there is just a bunch of blacked out text nevertheless the committee concludes that russia's goal was to sew discord in america and cast doubt on the democratic process that's apparently with point zero zero zero two percent of u.s. election related advertising on google and with an equally huge amount of ads on facebook twenty five percent of which were never seen by anyone that's in the report still the aim was apparently achieved and is the sole reason for the expanse of divide that has grown in america since the election rush's active measures campaign achieved its primary goal of inciting division and discord among americans
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for more than a year us politics have been consumed by busy recriminations charges and countercharges about the attacks it's wholly unclear how russia's alleged actions are responsible for the political chaos that has ensued since trump took the white house it wasn't russia reporting that term's former campaign manager has connections to ukraine spelled out collusion one of the many theories that the report shoots down the charges against paul the for president trumps for mccown pain manager perceived more than seventeen million dollars in secret payments from a kremlin linked political party in ukraine but it was the american media that hypothesize that trump jr is meeting with a russian lawyer proved moscow was supporting trump donald trump son think he was about to get help from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin this is looking more and more like treason all these strange behavior from the president it's all explains now a stream of lee. by the intelligence community condemned by the report as damaging
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national security wasn't orchestrated by the kremlin who are also learning from your sources that intelligence officials they denied n.b.c. news is learning from intelligence sources u.s. intelligence sources tell theby s news or even taken bastard half of team trump was accused of meeting with him and that threaten their jobs but the report says there was nothing sinister there also there the controversial russian ambassador sergei look of course of the pictures of course is shameful picture where the united states press corps was kept out by the russians were allowed in there is an open question whether there was collusion cooperation between trump associates during the campaign and russian officials all of that discord was home grown so after a year of searching that included seventy three interviews nine hearings and briefings and the review of countless documents were left with the conclusion of no collusion and as much proof as we had before the report was released meaning little to none. who talk of russia meddling almost always involves a bunch of this channel has a so-called tool of kremlin influence
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a list on the apparent reason is a growth in artie's popularity according to the report moscow uses google and its services to spread propaganda via r.t. accounts and in notes that artie's weeks two million subscribers on you tube the lawmakers are also disturbed by the fact artie's taken to be in the same group as quote legitimate news sources but media analysts lionel thinks that congress is mistaking an alternative point of view that interference. the only thing that we can maybe point to is that these people called the russians russian government russian actors people with russian names i don't know but these people that we will collectively call the russian. put a tweet and facebook story that did not encourage armed revolt by the american citizens not one of ins of the it merely presented allegedly the point zero zero to whatever percent of this but presented stories that other
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american actors and politicians and folkson and activists were alleging as well so it just so happened that this horrible russian examiner's of dissent or whatever was or sowing discord happen to me are exactly the same thoughts and sentiments of actual americans who may have had a different opinion from hillary clinton it's the only story in town and the american public has been so habituated to this means that they want to hear more of it they believe there is evidence when there is no evidence no no i'm sorry to say this isn't stopping i hope it does but i'm afraid it won't. it's fifteen years since one of the darkest chapters of the iraq war the luge a massacre that was when u.s. soldiers opened fire on civilian protesters scores of them were killed at the time the u.s. military claimed that the protesters that opened fire on the soldiers first human
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rights watch never found any trace of bullets in the building where the offices have been within a year the u.s. had lost an all out military assault on the city it was known as the first battle for fallujah resulted in around six hundred deaths and civilians including women and children were among the casualties washington used white phosphorus and ability to rainier which according to doctors led to a surge in infant deaths miscarriages and birth defects there's also a twelve folding treece in child cancer cases that's even higher than among hiroshima survivors is on locals in fallujah still dealing with the consequences. that i hear the story begins with that attack in fallujah when the americans attacked at first i had a few miscarriages and then i had to fight among. the doctors discovered that it was a result of the phosphorus which was used by the americans.
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and i have conducted a study based on samples analyze them in certified german maps which have nothing to do with any political party they found your a new career and other publications you know. this mr howard she's a very good student despite her disability when she writes on the board or in her notebook i mean it is very legitimate she's one of the best unions in.
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and there's been little relief for civilians in a matter of years islamic state would start to take a foothold in fallujah bringing with them the turmoil of civil war and even after i saw was driven out of the country local still say life in the city is far from normal. and although we came back from the camp to fallujah they told us that the city and its suburbs are clear of these so we came back as we were cleaning the house an i.e.d. went off and killed my sister and sister. and at this neighborhood went through a lot this house lost two women and i lost a son and the other was crippled and seen any official pass by here about him so often i don't see. what the bay area is destroyed is not a place anyone would want to come to we stay in our house go to the house in front
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of us use this road to come in and out of it that's what we don't go anywhere else the area is full of bombs or additional fire look at these flags all over the place which we can't work here the area is dangerous soldiers have come here set off two or three bombs and left syria behind me is closed off from the flanks trying to come home but they can't. america's secretary of state by pompei recently accused germany of failing to meet the nato military spending target two percent of g.d.p. but berlin is currently digging ever deeper into his pockets by snapping up military drones in aircraft i think peter all of a went to the burning airshow to check out germany's latest hardware. this year is an exploit is underway in the german capital poland thousand square meters of all things aviation from the commercial private and military sectors.
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not just next to me are some of the joints currently operated by the german military this is the current and if we come over this way this is the current t p that's the one that could be equipped with weapons now then made by an israeli company in a joint partnership with the aerospace giant airbus and over the next nine years germany is set to spend a billion a year zero increasing the current fleet of these many isn't just looking to buy drones from abroad behind me is apparently the future it's called the european mail now it's a joint collaboration between italy france spain and germany and the developers all of this particular unmanned aircraft told me why those type of drones are the weapon of choice for modern european armies this is now the next step towards the
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kind of independence in europe and that of course comes them along with a clear push into several. meaning of ranty but also to well when it comes to the real ability. also on display is. thirty five now this is lockheed martin stealth jet that's being touted as a replacement for the tornado fighter bomber that's currently operated by the german military and it's not just the professionals that get to sort through the air using this tactical simulator of a helicopter i can even fly a mission small children in town. drop a bumpy ride. with me in charge companies from all over the world to showcasing their wares in germany is in the market to buy the country's army chief is already called to defend spending by fifteen billion euro by twenty twenty one but
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opposition politicians aren't happy with that direction or the pressure being put on germany by its nato allies to spend more on the military this is the wrong direction in the mall and very lax in the. education and the climate solutions of the health system in germany for example. the military says and if you look at the german population german population wants peace if i walk around and. everyone i want peace so i think the government have to listen listen to the population and we as a liberty bring forward position and other actors. humanistic just very well with that position as well despite those dissenting voices it does seem that the german military set for reform the boost and without a load of new hardware peter all of that r.t. berlin. the united states is calling for new sanctions against iran over its
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ballistic missile program details coming your way after this break. trying washer buying gold as i'm gold mine gold is like us are the biggies but the pay you know no one lives in a free our country alistair else is blown away by the up we're going to bump into the big bad feel wolf and then take a member to your god countries like india they're like want to stab it was step back we had our sector household sector has all the gold there the government doesn't exactly and then the big bad feel will often fall to the people part of such a survivor the government was blown away then you've got the countries like china and russia that have said wow stay out of twenty four carat gold loyal dog and the big red theo walcott the club and it didn't blow the rousing way. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taken your
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last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest piece things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave in still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one different person to speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. continue to try to to. come
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. every. orca back the u.s. is calling on the europe and other allies to slap new sanctions on iran in an effort to hold the development of ballistic missiles meanwhile tehran's foreign minister spoke out against recent calls by the u.s. and other countries to strike a new deal on terror and nuclear program as well as to curb the nation's influence in the middle east. this is jewish and in syria and the other middle eastern countries has nothing to do with the iran nuclear deal the u.s. is making the moons that are unacceptable only for the people of the room but also for the other countries who signed the nuclear deal and for the world community as well. on the potential new agreement which is being discussed by global powers is thought to be aimed at containing around in the middle east it may also address
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iran's ballistic missile tests which have still being conducted by to run even though they're in violation of a u.n. resolution and i suppose by the french president and the agreement should also regulated iran's nuclear program after the current one expires both emmanuel micron an angle americal appear to worth a change their stance though on the around deal after they met with the u.s. president. the isn't there we believe it's better to have this agreement even if it's not perfect and have no agreement. the iran deal is not sufficient to see that iran's ambitions are curbed and contained it is most important to recognize that you run through its ballistic missile program is trying to exert your political influence in syria and lebanon. the solid or blockbuster verifiable agreement that guarantees that iran will not acquire nuclear weapons to denounce it without proposing anything else would be
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a serious mistake not respecting it would be irresponsible longly france thank you . but we should acknowledge the current agreement doesn't allow us to address all of the issues among the things not covered by the iran nuclear deal is iran's activity in the region and. we discussed the flip flop on iran's nuclear deal by the french and german leaders with politics professor from the university of tehran side mohammad marandi who believes that such a move will diminish the credibility of the matter on in the eyes of iran. he did more damage to themselves then twenty one else because iranians are looking at the actions and the statements of these european leaders and when they see that they flip flop so easily and they try to appease the u.s. president. so readily then in future i don't think that the iranians will ever take the germans or the french seriously again they'll know that in the ad in the in future they simply are are useless to negotiate with because they have no influence
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and they are willing to bow down to the u.s. president if he demands of them to do so so more than anything else they damage themselves because iran is not going to allow any changes to take place in the nuclear agreement when when the nuclear agreement was a was being discussed many in iran were critical of it they were saying that iran is giving too many concessions but ultimately when the iranian society to sign those critics and those who supported the agreement they all agreed that you ron must abide by its commitments over the last couple of years more than two years the iranians have been abiding by their side of the bargain and the americans haven't. a link conversation has revealed the u.s. democratic party's leadership pressured a candidate for a house seat in colorado to drop out of the race. he would like to get out of the race. i know your fund raising.
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you guys or someone money. i mean it's a. smaller. sum with someone and then i marry. what you. believe ita the many you heard have been focusing his campaign on clean elections on commenting climate change and improving the u.s. health care system he was endorsed by the state senator last may but was i later
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asked to drop out of the race the house minority leader nancy pelosi defended the move so i don't see anything inappropriate way. mr hoyer was engaged in a conversation that the realities of life in a race as to who can win in the general election and the first time that leaks of pointed to attempts spy the us democratic party to influence elections for example e-mails revealed by wiki leaks showed the party officials tried to use bernie sanders religion against him and in favor of hillary clinton both were representing the democrats in the twenty sixteen race for the white house weeks also showed the then vice chair of the democratic national committee secretly gave clinton debate questions in advance that was during the democratic primary for the current d.n.c. chair and says that incidents such as those are things of the past. but we're moving forward we have to make sure that everything is fair and open and everybody
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has a fair shake and that's what we're going to do. we discussed issue with journalist and author daniel who believes that the democrats are becoming less democratic there's a split in the party between the base and the and the higher echelons the elected officials it's totally undemocratic. it's smoke and mirrors the base thinks they're getting a choice but they really aren't because the the real candidates or the side are chosen behind closed doors but the democratic party is in the danger of self destructing it's it's trying to think that will win in two thousand and eighteen if it passes itself off as the republican lite party. but that's a very risky tactic because the risk the danger is the old wind up needing its base of support which will either stay at home or vote for green candidates or others who are challenging the democrats from the left so they're trying to try to walk a very thin line and i don't think they'll be able to to do it. appreciate your
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company thanks for staying with our to the latest news headlines coming your way at the top of the hour. in july twenty seventh team hunted all set up a freelance journalist working with atif militant shelling in syria. to honor his second fight scotti has established a solid all sorts of memorial they will recognize war reporters who often risked their lives for the sake of the truth and through their fees you can submit to your published works in the video for britain for you to award on t.v. dot com into now.
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you never know what's around the corner never know was in the pub you can walk into that excitement is that now and that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. it is a move by definition and extremes of all forms of. violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and behave badly. they're born before the horse before the law. was more so for the last. punishment and infirmed. more or less in the start. of a broader where no really did uphold are now going to get. the meaning in reason is there anything if you don't buy the evolves it's constantly evolving.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to fund patient let it be an arms race is scary dramatic developments only going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time time to sit down and talk. the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents right here again i covered how iran was threatening to drop the u.s.
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dollar in its dealings with foreign currencies i assume you wrote it down at the time all right there's going to be an exam and well just this week we found out iran has finally done it they've finally switched from the dollar to the euro the united states gets a lot of our power and economic my from the petrodollar in fact we've got a funny little habit of invading and destroying countries that stop using the dollar it happened so long that you start to realize it's a bit of a trend it is good you know like if you have a friend who is like dating a stark raving mad girl with no sense of humor and you're like jesus christ what is wrong with her and then he breaks up with her new i go and i'm gonna we're going to hang out again and then he starts dating another one exactly. i guess that's his type you know it he likes women who probably understand his head
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and dry wall and that's his. well invading and destroying countries that drop the petro dollar is starting to look like our thing. as the guardian reported in october two thousand rock insisted on dumping the us dollar the currency of the enemy for the more multilateral euro so not long after that the bush administration desperately wanted to force the w m d intelligence agency had to make it fit for innovation we now know the w m d's story was all. sewn large it had other smaller horse or bidding. so clearly there were other reasons the us needed to invade and one of the biggest ones was saddam switch away from the dollar but that's not all soon after libya began moving towards and african gold based currency and lining up all of their
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african neighbors to join them we invaded them as well with the help of nato author ellen brown pointed out this fact at the time of the invasion she says gadhafi initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro and called on arab and african nations to use a new currency instead the gold dinar john perkins the author of confessions of an economic hitman great book he has also said that the true reason for the attack on libya was gadhafi has moved away from the dollar and the euro clearly it's all about the banking all right. but that's ridiculous if you were about the banking then the rebels in libya getting help from nato and the united states would have set up some sort of new banking system after bringing down get down be actually that in wait ellen san said several writers have noted the odd fact the libyan rebels took time out from their rebellion in large to create their own central bank
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this before they even had a. government. yeah you know the brutal war to do list. torture and murder gadhafi in the streets check to kill a raccoon for dinner check three former central banks jack. for find somewhere quiet to take a. working on that point i'm sure does sound like it's all about the banking maybe the rebels had some help let's dig a little deeper most of you know about general wesley clark's famous quote about seven countries in five years i've played this pub on the show being announced check your notes will be an exam if the end. clerk is a four star general the former nato supreme allied commander and he ran for president two thousand and four basically nothing with his life nothing at all. he may very well be remembered for the fact that he told us the pentagon said to him
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in like two thousand and two we're going to take down seven countries in five years we're going to start with iraq then syria lebanon then libya somalia sudan we're going to come back get iran in five years most of those have happened and we've added some to the list of course afghanistan well they didn't have our money they had our drugs. twenty four thousand afghans they were producing twice as much as it did in two thousand by twenty fifteen afghanistan was the source of ninety percent of the world's opium poppy it's all about the banking and sometimes it's about drugs. i believe trumps economic adviser larry kudlow told me that. we. had a one hundred thousand dollar a month coke habit i mean look i'm fine with anybody doing anything i want on their own time as long as it's consensual i'm fine with that but all hard truth. was he snorting diamonds and it passed through us virgins digestive track changes. larry
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you are scaring the normals all right try to praise or take agreed not to the last report. then there's yemen we're helping to destroy yemen largely to make saudi arabia happy apparently we only claim to care about syrian children to justify regime change we couldn't care less about yemeni children a rocky road. palestinian children north korean children we had them on children us somali children i mean put michigan children called to more children today the american children where really good children davida children. oh wait i think that for babytalk i was at fiction i think it was me i'd like you know might my memories are starting to blend with the three d. movies i've.


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