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virgin's digestive track changes larry you're scaring the normals all right try to praise or take a break not to their nostrils. then there's yemen we're helping to destroy yemen largely to make saudi arabia happy apparently we only claim to care about syrian children to justify regime change we couldn't care less about yemeni children or rocky. palestinian children north korean children to get them on children or somali children i mean put michigan children baltimore children eight of american children where really good children davida children. oh wait i think that for babytalk i was at fiction i think it was me i'd like to let you know might my memories are starting to blend with the three d. movies i've seen they're just kind of coming together. but the head of the cia is
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all trying right i have that right. alan brown goes even further in our analysis about general clark's bombshell what do these seven countries have in common none of them is listed among the fifty six member banks of the bank for international style settlements that evidently puts them outside the long regulatory arm of the central bankers central bank in switzerland the most renegade of the lot could be libya and iraq the two that have actually been attacked it's all about the bank and mother. right now yes. probably then why is the us so eager to turn syria into a failed state in syria never drop the download your whole stupid theory falls apart right there oh does it does it does it annoying is really does it. chicago tribune february two thousand and six. syria dollar drops as primary hard
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currency i think i'm noticing a bit of a trendy a so now that iran has officially dropped the dollar be prepared for an even greater push for war with iran the recent pressure started about a year ago when trump got into office in iran threaten to drop the dollar the mainstream media will likely run in increasing number of reports pushing for obliterating yet another country such as this from p.b.s. over on the still top state sponsor of terrorism one must assume this list of terror sponsors does not include the country that made arms that significantly enhanced isis's military capabilities or the country that averages over one hundred forty bombs dropped per day under donald trump but those bombs don't cause terror those are the happy bombs there they are they just drop nine hundred ninety five richard simmons down on people that are gone this is very jazzy and fun it's
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a good time. but only if this is all about dropping the dollar then why was french president macpro not running around d.c. this week trying to get trump to stay in the iran nuclear deal yet france was leading the charge to attack libya and bring down gadhafi and you really are second really really. i'll tell you why iran dropped a dollar for the euro so france cool with that that sounds good. but gadhafi was threatening to drop the dollar and the euro for an african currency it's all about banking but the nice thing about our manufacturing of consent for war nowadays is how predictable it is what will happen next is the u.s. will continue to raise the threat of iran at the same time will be funding rebel groups then if things get crazy enough will. started
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a run of having w m d a your chemical w m d or nuclear testing and then we'll go there is a red line when the bun because they've crossed the red line and we are the moral authority based on. giving our foreign. giving our foreign policy red lines is like putting lipstick on a pig to get red lines lipstick again i guess i stayed up for like three nights coming up with that. act like israel stood for first iran seeks to dominate the world in fact they have already taken over this area put tween our military bases oh yeah. you know over don't you know. they didn't even leave a piece for us they've also taken over this island off the coast of alaska there is there is an iranian military base staling down alaska all right
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and i am of course lying. but. could you imagine how much we flipped out. if in a run in military base just popped up near us we would lose our goddamn buy but of course iran would never do that because they have no intention of dominating the world however we've done that everywhere around here oh yes that. was one of the reasons we've done that so you can make sure everyone keeps using our banking system they just about the thank you notes write it down you don't find out the company was you guys exactly the are you.
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ok. alcoa welcome oblate cam now let's take the news from behind so you guys on this show try to cover the redacted and censored news and i try to avoid the downright conspiracy theory stuff you know the stuff that has basically no evidence to back it up like maybe the eleonora could jackson stalled your bathroom plumbing may be done old trump is actually intelligent i don't know i don't entertain that stuff but sometimes i have no choice but to at least mention some of these nutty conspiracy theories so. this is one of those times. the d.n.c. is suing a rush the trump campaign a wiki leaks alleging their twenty sixteen campaign conspiracy.
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grand conspiracy. we didn't doctor that that's a file photo. in this grand conspiracy hillary was a perfect candidate and the reason you hardly ever saw a yard sign with her name on it was because wiki leaks hacked the yard signs and made them all say trump or bernie and julian assange right now is sitting in the ecuadorian embassy in piles of hillary yards. therefore the corrupt democrats are now suing wiki leaks trump and russia and yes the republicans are corrupt too but pointing that out feels like it was like the laughing when your senile grandpa leaves his fly down i mean it just says cruel at this point. but luckily while the corporate dems are caught up with conspiracies are. other people genuine election activists are actually fighting for
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a more legitimate system and this month the appellate division of the new york state supreme court affirmed the that electronic ballot images are subject to public disclosure pursuant to new york's freedom of information law this means that in yet another state the courts are finding the ballot images are public property we should all be entitled to see this as a guy who was writing this to make candor the election fraud much harder to pull off which sounds good but let me let me just propose think about this if we have more legitimate elections we will no longer be number one as the worst election system in the western world. why would you want to change an award winning system. that would seriously find the election activists in your state or city and demand publicly viewable ballot images moving on according to
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a new study the average u.s. taxpayer sent three thousand four hundred fifty six dollars to the pentagon last year and just thirty nine dollars to the e.p.a. and all of that thirty nine bucks half of it went to help pay for scott pruitt forty three thousand dollars sound proof booth. sky you can make those soundproof walls and stickers you want you will never be able to blackout the sound of your soul screaming all right each pizza in the booth with you. but more importantly each one of us paid three. dollars. during the war in chad perpetrated around the world by our military and considering we are funding jihadi fighters in syria i wonder how much of my personal tax dollars went to those fellas you know his guess is a thing i'd be ok with it i'd be ok if the government were just honest with us just
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telling the truth they should have commercials like for just the price of a cup of coffee a day you can provide an automatic weapon to j.c.l. langley a member of job at the local affiliate. without your for help jade's would be relegated to stabbing people with dull butter knife. hell you can even just send him the cup of coffee terrorism needs energy and does. all of terror attack is no terror attack. so next year keep in mind that the only eighty dollars of your taxes is going to welfare programs in the us but three thousand four hundred fifty of your taxes is going to welfare programs for weapons contractors killers. there's a cia agent in nicaragua. right now always very thankful you're recovering his drop of it all right.
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the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response of the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing and nowhere to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. on a city parking space is not a solution. someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all they're a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. in july
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twenty seventh and also to a freelance journalist working with. militant showings in syria. has such a focus has established a memorial they will recognize will reporters who often risk the months with the sake of the truth comes through that these you can submit to your published works and the video well written form to allow. him to know. back in the fight. against mass incarceration we've seen some grassroots victories recently regarding mandatory minimum sentencing and bail reform but the corporate
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recovery talker sees need to profit off our prisoners has given rise to mass e.-commerce aeration which is different from carcinogens which is cancer from cigarettes e-cards duration is the electronic monitoring of pretrial defendants and parolees through devices like ankle bracelets which turns life on the outside into an open air jail for more on this we turn to our senior prisoner over jack to didn't know him again. ok. calling it an open air jail is a bit much all right let's reserve that for something more accurate like working at a strip mall forever twenty one. right the forever is your say. but these miners are doing their part to keep people out of brick and mortar jails more than one hundred twenty five thousand people were tracked with these devices on a single day in two thousand and fifteen versus fifty three thousand the same day
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in two thousand and five that many acts prisoners this is a prime opportunity for rehabilitation and entrepreneurship that's why i've started selling my own evil divisional monitors to the screen with so they can read uplifting messages like the world is yours. within one hundred yards of your house . fender's will love to read their opportunities are limitless within certain limits. at least i am creating something that invests in an ex of predators well being just like b i incorporated their one of the largest eve monitoring companies in the u.s. and when private prison company geo group acquired them they included imani to ring in their gilo care division this prepare. the for real world past like paying bills especially since the average person with a monitor often pays user fees ranging from three to thirty five dollars
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a day. thirty even just three dollars a day adds up when you leave prison jobless the these monitors already severely restrict them for the prisoners from setting up job interviews things like that i know you know what an employer employee or loved to hear is like do an interview for the job and we do it via skype because i've got a bracelet on that won't let me leave the house parable anyway it always loses it no. but you know what never loses the signal be eyes exact utrecht monitor like this one will feel replaceable battery that gets up to eighty hours of battery life with a single charge although my email on it or will soon compete with a battery powered so legal and were new will systemic racism. that's for sure oh you have to do is hold it within close range of any job session speech. that's a little bit depressing what's the pressing is our beta version was solar powered
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her house arrest doesn't really work without sunshine but very likely it is essential a weak signal for any reason beings cops think they're a wall it's it's why paul had a ford has to wear two ankle bracelets now. a virgin your probation officer couldn't track his first one so we had to get a second but the weird leg tannehill get this summer is just a small price to pay for freedom this isn't freedom. rechristen eliza's lives ravaged by the war on drugs if the goal is to end mass incarceration which it should be then we should celebrate technology that imprisons people in a new way by isolating them from everything that helps them thrive plus we haven't even gotten started on. racism in the herons in the system i know me i know i get followed in stores without a monitor so everywhere is an open air jail or even
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a t.j. maxx to see if the max is for maximum security prison thank you knew i would be out and i'm. there makes me an alternative to the sharing economy that doesn't suck so much to break this down we sent redacted correspondent john up adonal you filed this report. all right so call it what you will the sharing economy or the gig a con a me or the peer to peer economy or the exploitation of hyper capitalistic suck fest camera scene three thousand come on to me whatever you want to call it it's still life and it's here to stay now enjoy it is recklessly optimistic animation. people are more likely to change show for seven days right now money every week working there is a really. i don't care how cool of
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a surfboard you put into that animated millennial spanned for no reason one in three americans having to freelance just to make ends meet is not a good thing they generally don't get fair wages benefits retirement plans or worker protections in fact mit recently did a study entitled how driving for hoover and lift sucks worse than a surly razor to hiring ok so that wasn't like the actual title of the study but it was pretty much the take away the mit researcher said the pretax median profit for a ride share driver is only eight dollars and fifty five cents per hour and a full eighty percent of drivers actually lose money on the job they lose money driving strangers. around their car that sounds like a z. any punishment an eccentric judge on a core i'm sick on would give out and the name of that sitcom would definitely be
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gabble oh so deep i.p.o.'s and the judge would have to be joaquin x. . i'm not sure exactly why it has to be working in phoenix but it is anyway how can we make the sharing economy work for the people platform co-ops are the leading edge of the cooperative ownership they extend the cooperative model into the fast growing sharing economy where they can help increase income equity in the technology sector it's all about platform cooperative as you all it means the cooperative ownership and operating of a digital platform by those who depend on it most namely the workers and the users and i'm sorry that i use both the words platform and cooperative in my definition of platform cooperative i know that's a lame but we competed there first when i looked it up what do you want for me as the technology sector sends us hurdling toward
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a world of robots and artificial intelligence technological unemployment becomes the threat as automation replaces jobs strategies for radically broadening ownership will play an extremely important role in mitigating the threat of wide scale declines in income platform co-ops can play a vital role and please don't try and tell me some version of this robot isn't going to make you obsolete one day. that spinning hunk of terror is definitely going to take your accounting job right after it murders you. look right now business models like a lift air b.m.v. and. task rabbit create their fortunes and near monopolies off of our proverbial infrastructure if you work for them they run off your car your apartment your time
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your energy your emotions your life blood and they sell you this exploitation of scam with buzzwords like entrepreneurship flexibility. the reality is we have to continue to cultivate platform co-op alternatives like green taxi local nomic and stock c. or else. i don't know why i have put what phoenix has had on their obama but i did get to learn more go to platform doco on reporting from silicon valley john a photo. there are your headlines from the future tomorrow you'll read and s.m.b. says joy reid says she has nothing against the gay and. also
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tomorrow an embarrassing moment scott broods e.p.a. discovers water pollution accidentally regulated. and finally two weeks from now. man exhausted after entire evening trying to give him status electronic monitoring bracelet is a fit bit. that's our show but i have a brand new weekly podcast called common sense or you can get a preferred on i tunes spotify and stitcher also we have tons of web exclusive videos every week just go to youtube dot com sites attack you tonight. start. buying gold. mine gold this like us we don't think he's right to tell you number one listen a few times now stackhouse is blown away by the huffing and puffing of the big bad
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wolf taking a number two you got countries like india that are like one step in one step back a second household sector has all the gold their government does exactly and then the big bad wolf off the bottom the deeper the problem such a struggle the government has blown away and you've got the countries like china and russia that have said wow. twenty four karat gold bullion and the big bad wolf and it didn't blow their house away. just getting the international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos in the middle east to kiss it like you know. this is my complicity is going to sunday all maybe. john. the only palestinians who gets the most hopeful is jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who endure the vision to look at this.
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and know it is a long path that it's got to this lady of the muscle that you have i know you compete in the doesn't she look the more in the middle so lost some presumed. you. know. it's.
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another interview with a russian lawyer who met donald trump's campaign officials in twenty sixteen reignites talk of collusion between trump and russia r.t. looks to see if there's anything new. this comes as the u.s. house intelligence committee clears trump of allegations his presidential campaign was working with russia. the iraqi city of fallujah struggles with the consequences of chemicals and radioactive materials used by the u.s. and its allies fifteen years after the war started. and as the new u.s. secretary of state claims germany is not paying its way in nato defense on t.v. goes to the berlin a show where the country is showcasing its latest military hardware it's not just the professionals that get to sort through the air using this toxic old simulator
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of a helicopter i can even fly your mission over this small children town albeit drop a bumpy ride with me in church. this is r.t. international coming to you live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. the russian lawyer who caused a stir over her meeting with donald trump's campaign officials in twenty sixteen is again making headlines the mainstream media now claims she's confessed to having connections with the kremlin artie's daniel hawkins explains. it started by the media as a smoking gun that would breathe new life into the search of ties between trump and the kremlin a crucial piece of the puzzle the russian lawyer who promised dirt on clinton to the trunk campaign worked with latimer putin's kremlin this is natalia vessel that
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sky as she was twenty sixteen meeting at trump tower acknowledging that she's a lawyer but that she's also an informant listen to what she's telling us now about her ties to the chief prosecutor of russia in freedom are better at this you. don't . even know him from what seemingly this now adds to the collusion case but what more does this new quote from an interview and what is said to be her email correspondence actually add to the overall picture. well we know. the lawyer who worked for the moscow region prosecutor's office before going private she says she's worked on high profile cases in russia and abroad representing both foreign and russian citizens and when she hit the headlines last year the media was quick to point out her alleged links to the russian government from the coverage one could easily think she was on a special mission on the kremlin's direct orders back in twenty sixteen when she
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met the trump campaign representatives a year on she's in the media spotlight again except for salutes go herself has been open about these allegations in the past i now the general prosecutor personally in the course of my investigation i shared information with him is a lawyer liaising with the prosecutor's office evidence of collusion according to her any ties with government bodies revolve around her legal work in a professional capacity twenty sixteen trip was not sanctioned by moscow then i had to have that meeting as part of my job as a lawyer for a russian citizen in the us it had nothing to do with politics it didn't have anything to do with russia the latest chapter in the story comes on the. heels of the congress intelligence committee's final report albeit controversial into allegations of trumped russia collusion in which most such evidence was produced we don't yet know the full context of recently scores latest comments it would seem odd at least to reveal oneself as
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a kremlin agent having been transparent in the past about our role and correspondents what we do know is that eighteen months on from inclusion even if it's not the latest news can still make a good headline russia analyst martin mccauley thinks there's nothing special in a lawyer sometimes working with a prosecutor's office this relation that the television. is a criminal agent doesn't stand up because as a lawyer she can give advice to the prosecutor general's office meet members of the prosecutor general's office as a lawyer that's quite legal there's nothing there's nothing illegal about it and you can go to the united states and represent a client it's just another meeting and tribune you met her. and he said it only lasted twenty minutes they didn't speak about very much if the opposition of robert miller then can find evidence that they were conspiring together they were trying
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trying to undermine hillary clinton so it's up to them to do that but on the face of it just no ordinary beauty. will have to prove that it had other. rover objectives in the meeting and you find that very very difficult. to prove well the new allegations come as the u.s. house intelligence committee reveals it's found no evidence trumps presidential campaign had been working with russia however the democrats still refuse to endorse the findings and have to continue the probe artie's jaclyn further as more. if you've heard it once you've heard it a thousand times but here it is once more for those of you in the cheap seats the russian active measures campaign against the united states was multifaceted here leverage cyber attacks covert platforms social media third party intermediaries in state run media the house intelligence report begins with a novel idea the.


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