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they were conspiring together they were trying trying to undermine hillary clinton so it's up to them to do that but on the face of it was just no ordinary beauty. would have to prove that it had other. rather objectives in the meeting and if either very very difficult to prove well the new allegations come as the u.s. house intelligence committee reveals it's found no evidence trumps presidential campaign had been working with russia however the democrats still refuse to endorse the findings and have to continue the probe r.t. jacqueline fogle has more. if you've heard it once you've heard it a thousand times but here it is once more for those of you in the cheap seats the russian active measures campaign against the united states was multi-faceted they leverage cyber attacks covert platforms social media third party intermediaries in state run media the house intelligence report begins with a novel idea the american people rightly want to know what the russians did and how
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and what each section starts off with accusations of what the kremlin did where the evidence is meant to be there's just a bunch of blacked out text nevertheless the committee concludes that russia's goal was to sow discord in america and cast doubt on the democratic process that's apparently with point zero zero zero two percent of u.s. election related advertising on google and with an equally huge amount of ads on facebook twenty five percent of which were never seen by anyone that's in the report still the aim was apparently achieved and is the sole reason for the expanse of divide that has grown in america since the election approaches active measures campaign achieved its primary goal of inciting division and discord among americans for more than a year us politics have been consumed by busy recriminations charges and countercharges about the attacks it's wholly unclear how russia's alleged actions are responsible for the political chaos that has ensued since trump took the white house it wasn't russia reporting that term's former campaign manager has
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connections to ukraine spelled out collusion one of the many theories that the report shoots down the charges against the four president tom's former company and manager perceived more than seventeen million dollars in secret payments from a kremlin linked to political party in ukraine but it was the american media that hypothesize that trump jr is meeting with a russian lawyer proved moscow was supporting trump donald trump son think he was about to get help from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin this is looking more and more like treason all these strange behavior from the president it's all explains now a stream of league. by the intelligence community condemned by the report as damaging national security wasn't orchestrated by the kremlin who are also learning from your sources that intelligence officials they denied n.b.c. news is learning from intelligence sources u.s. intelligence sources tell c.b.s. news or even take him back half of team trump was accused of meeting with him and that's threaten their jobs but the report says there was nothing sinister there also there the controversial russian ambassador sergei look of course of the
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pictures of course is shameful picture where the united states press corps was kept out by the russians were allowed in and it is an open question whether there was collusion cooperation between trump associates during the campaign and russian officials all of that discord was home grown so after a year of searching that included seventy three interviews nine hearings and briefings and the review of countless documents were left with the conclusion of no collusion and as much proof as we had before the report was released meaning little to none will talk of russian meddling often involves a mention of this channel as a so-called tool of kremlin influence this time the apparent reason is a crisis in artie's popularity well according to the committee's reports from moscow uses google and its services to spread propaganda via r.t. accounts it also notes r.t. has reached two million subscribers on you tube u.s. lawmakers are also disturbed by the fact r.t. is regarded the same as legitimate news sources media analyst lionel thinks
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congress is making is mistaking an alternative point of view for interference. the only thing that we can maybe point to is that these people called the russians russian government russian actors people with russian names i don't know but these people that we will collectively call the russians put out a tweet and facebook story that did not encourage armed revolt by the american citizens that i want to use of the it merely presented allegedly the point zero zero to whatever percent of this but presented stories that other american actors and politicians and folkson and activists were alleging as well so it just so happened that this horrible russian examiner's of dissent or whatever was or sowing discord happen to me are exactly the same
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thoughts and sentiments of actual americans who may have had a different opinion from hillary clinton it's the only story in town and the american public has been so habituated to this mean that they want to hear more of it they believe there is evidence when there is no evidence no no i'm sorry to say this isn't stopping i hope it does but i'm afraid it will. it's been fifteen years since one of the darkest chapters of the iraq war the falutin massacre in two thousand and three american soldiers opened fire on civilian protesters killing seventeen and injuring more than seventy at the time the u.s. military claimed protesters had first opened fire at the soldiers however human rights watch failed to find any trace of bullet strikes in the building where u.s. troops had been within a year the u.s. had launched an all out military assault on the city known as the first battle for fallujah which resulted in around six hundred deaths many civilians including women and children were among the casualties washington used white phosphorus and
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depleted uranium which according to doctors led to a shop rising infant deaths miscarriages and birth defects there was also a twelve fold increase in child cancer cases which is higher than among hiroshima survivors today locals in fallujah us still dealing with the consequences. but that took us on the story begins with that second followed when the americans attacked at first i had a few miscarriages and then i had tried to most of. the doctors discovered that it was a result of the phosphorus which was used by the americans. and the us and i have conducted a study based on samples analyzed in certified german maps which have nothing to do
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with any political party they found here a new career and other pollutants. in this minister she's a very good student despite her disability when she writes on the board or in her notebook and it is very neatly she's one of our best students. this is. how. it was it. has been little really for the battered cities inhabitants later in twenty fourteen islamic state forces occupied
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fallujah bringing with them the turmoil of civil war and even after i saw was driven out of the country locals say life in the city is still fall from normal. and although we came back from the camp to fallujah they told us that the city and its suburbs clear up on these so we came back as we were cleaning. in the house an i.e.d. went off and killed my sister and sister will they remember are not this neighborhood went through a lot this house lost two women i lost a son and the other was crippled having seen any official pass by here ask about us offer condolences. but the work over the area is destroyed is not a place anyone would want to come to we stay in our houses go to the house in front of us use this road to come in and out of it that's it we don't go anywhere else the area is full of bombs or additional fire look at these flags all over the place which we can't work here the area is dangerous that soldiers have come here set off
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two or three bombs and left this area behind me is closed off from the flanks trying to come home but they can't. america's secretary of state might pump aoe has accused germany of failing to meet its nato military spending telling us yet perlin is digging deeper into his pockets to purchase aircraft and military drones to order went to the berlin air show to see the new hardware. this is an exploit is underway in the german capital polled thousand square meters of all things aviation from the commercial private and military sectors. that just next to me are some of the joints currently operated by the german
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military this is the current and if we come over this way this is the current t p that's the one that could be equipped with weapons now then made by an israeli company and a joint partnership with the aerospace giant airbus and over the next nine years germany is set to spend a billion a year zero increasing the current fleet of these many isn't just looking to buy drones from abroad behind me is apparently the future it's called the european mail now it's a joint collaboration between silly france spain and germany and the developers all of this particular unmanned aircraft told me why those type of drones are the weapon of choice for modern european armies this is now the next step towards the kind of independence in europe and that of course comes them along with a clear push into several. meaning. but also to well when it comes to the real ability and so on also on display is. thirty
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five now this is lockheed martin stealth jet that's being touted as a replacement for the tornado fighter bomber that's currently operated by the german military and it's not just the professionals that get to sort through the air using this tactical simulator of a helicopter i can even fly a mission small children in town. drop a bumpy ride. with me in charge companies from all over the world to showcasing their wares in germany is in the market to buy the country's army chief is already call to defense spending by fifteen billion euro by twenty twenty one but opposition politicians to happy with that direction all the pressure being put on germany by its nato allies to spend more on the military this is the wrong direction in the mall and various legs in the consideration of education and the
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climate solutions of the health system in germany for example and. military stances and if you look at the german population german population wants peace if i walk around in her room everyone say i want peace so i think the government have to listen to the population and we as a let me bring forward the position and other actors. humanistic just before with that position as well despite those dissenting voices it does seem that the german military set for a funding boost and without a load of new hardware peter all of a r.t. berlin. the u.s. is calling for a new sanctions against iran over its ballistic missile program after the break. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers
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of all but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the pole with you and do all the great. good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to. go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the world cup in russia. the special one. meets just like the radio theology team's latest edition as we go. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only
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mostly i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. a little walk value on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't. produce offspring to tell you that will be gossiping probably by itself of the most important news. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along the border will watch. i. welcome back the u.s. is calling on europe and other allies to impose new sanctions on iran in an effort
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to halt its development ballistic missiles meanwhile terrans foreign minister has spoken out against calls for a new deal on iran's nuclear program and to curb the nation's influence in the middle east she got in the situation in syria and the other middle eastern countries has nothing to do with the iran nuclear deal the u.s. is making to moms that are on acceptable not only for the people of iran but also for the other countries who signed the nuclear deal and for the world community as well. all the potential new deal being discussed by global powers as thought to be aimed at containing iran in the middle east it may also address iran's ballistic missile tests which have been conducted in violation of a u.n. resolution and as a man your macro proposes any agreement should also regulate iran's nuclear program after the current one expires both the french president and angola merkel appear to have changed their stance on the iran deal after meeting the us president. the
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isn't we believe it's better to have this agreement even if it's not perfect and have no agreement. thank you. the iran deal is not sufficient to see that iran's ambitions are curbed and contained it is most important to recognize that iran through its ballistic missile program is trying to exert your political influence in syria and lebanon. the solid old robust verifiable agreement that guarantees that iran will not acquire nuclear weapons to denounce it without proposing anything else would be a serious mistake not respected it would be irresponsible longleat france thank you . and we should have knowledge of the current agreement doesn't allow us to address all of the issues among the things not covered by the iran nuclear deal is iran's activity in regional. politics professor saeed mohammad marandi thinks any backtracking on the iran deal will diminish
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merkel and mccall's credibility in the eyes of tara. did more damage to themselves anyone else because iranians are looking at the actions and the statements of these european leaders and when they see that they flip flop so easily and they try to piece the us president. so readily then in future i don't think that the iranians will ever take the germans or the french seriously again they'll know that in future. are useless to negotiate with because they have no influence they are willing to bow down to the us president if he demands them to do so so more than anything else they damage themselves because iran is not going to allow any changes to take place in the nuclear agreement when when the nuclear agreement was was being discussed many in iran were critical of it they were saying that iran has given too many concessions but ultimately. when the iranians decided
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to sign those critics and those who supported the they all agreed that you run must abide by its commitments over the last couple of years more than two years the iranians have been abiding by their side of the bar bargain and the americans haven't. leaked conversation has revealed the u.s. democratic party's leadership has pressured a candidate to drop out of the race for a congressional seat in colorado. he would like to get out of the race. i know you're one reason. you guys are showing money.
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i mean it's a. smaller. sum with someone and then try to read. that you were part of that process. levi telamon had been focusing his campaign on clean elections combat in climate change and improving the health care system in the us the state in colorado six congressional districts has currently held by republican house minority leader nancy pelosi has defended her party's move don't say anything inappropriate and let. mr hoyer was engaged in a conversation about the realities of life in a race as to who can win in the general election. well this isn't the first time the leaks have pointed to attempts by the us democratic party to influence elections e-mails revealed by wiki leaks show party officials trying to use bernie sanders religion against him in favor of hillary clinton both were competing to be
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the democratic candidate in the twenty sixteen race for the white house when leaks also showed the then vice chair of the democratic national committee secretly gave clinton debate questions in advance during the democratic primary however the current d.n.c. chair says incidents like this are think of the past but we're moving forward we have to make sure that everything is fair and open and everybody has a fair shake and that's what we're going to do journalist daniel is that believes the democrats are becoming less democratic there's a split in the party between the base and the and the higher echelons the elected officials it's totally undemocratic. it's smoke and mirrors the base thinks they're getting a choice but they really aren't because the the real time later decide are chosen behind closed doors but the democratic party is in the danger of self destructive it's it's trying to think that will win in two thousand and eighteen if it passes
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itself off as the republican lite party. but that's a very risky tactic because the rest of the danger is low you wind up needing its base of support which will either stay at home or vote for green candidates or others who are challenging the democrats from the left so they're trying to try to walk a very thin line and i don't think they'll be they'll be able to do it. i'll be back with the latest headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile for more on more of our stories. palm oil is one of the most controversial products of our time it's
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a solid vegetable firth's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million times that rapid growth an international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of palm oil plantations which in turn means the destruction of rain forest. get into the zero a lot more than ten million hectares of unique rain forest has been destroyed but it's a process that just keeps going. the special position of western countries makes it possible for all opposition groups to use the chemical weapon to pretend that this is the fault of human governments because in this situation like to the. western countries
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the do not sweep for any investigation. aside the for the responsibility. the body should. how do you there are this is a cause report now or in canada. hockey. you know it's all friendly here we love it. max we were last time we were here and we were courted here we made a big show about the fact that we had stayed at the trump protel well some things
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have changed quite rapidly since we were here last and that is toronto hotel dumps trumps name so that hotel is no longer called the trump protel it's called something else. hotel the rocket rashard hotel. and it i reaking up those we really are famous hockey players from any of the ken dryden otoh he deserves all its own merits rons i mean fully there are good too but that's our or how about the dawn cherry hotel don cherry guy so i reckon we can and i want to get him on our show mr saturday night hockey the best broadcaster in the history of hockey the guy who i go to for inspiration when it comes to picking out my suits and my ties don cherry is really the fashion plate under-rated on the global fashion scene well we were also talking about the fact that the toronto house prices kept rising they were rising kind of faster than the parabolic
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move that big did in november and december and they continued to rise since we were here two years ago and when we were driving in from the airport you could see just like the explosion of new buildings everywhere in moore huge high towers and the crazy thing about the house prices here compared to say driving into san francisco or new york city is or more importantly flying in is like there's hundreds if that. thousands of square miles empty around it like there's plenty of room for it to grow so why it's like there's no constraint on how big you can get like there is and there's plenty of space to build plenty more buildings so the fact that prices were rising unlike say hong kong or manhattan which are jam packed onto a little island and that's all you get in that island those countries completely empty it was just a bunch of trees frozen so moiety there's nobody loser and maybe how many people
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live encountered a limit of sixty million total i don't know. there are thirty five million people that's half the population of the united kingdom live in this vast wilderness up in the next to alaska there's nothing to do except snog and play hockey well here's a headline canada home prices fall six percent and first quarter from year ago first declined since two thousand and nine new regulations also known as b. twenty require all borrowers to pass a stress test at an interest rate two percent higher than the qualifying rate early symptoms appear rather obvious national home sales slid for the month of march following twenty three percent year over year and pushing the average sales price down ten percent overall it is a bearish quarter for canadian housing first quarter sales fell sixteen percent year over year so there are new regulations brought in that basically you have to earn say in vancouver they give an example of it to buy the median price there you
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would need to earn one hundred seventy five thousand canadian dollars per year to meet the new standards that they canadian regulators have imposed on the mortgage market where the average income there is sixty five thousand perhaps point us in a way that the average canadian could understand ok let's say wayne gretzky was determined to be making too many goals in the n.h.l. so they decided to make his hockey stick heavier than anyone else's hockey stick to try to stop him from scoring so many goals but of course wayne gretzky. being the talented guy that is only use it to his advantage of them scoring more goals and ever. do understand that canadian person there are saying that the market forces cannot be reined in by the simple machinations of corrupt bankers and central bankers and politicians who don't know jack. about the economy they only know about how to give themselves pay raises to create bureaucracy and create more government markets rule markets are saying oh and their own new flexion point now it's your
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doom three to two this is sort of game of the stanley cup and in walks derek center says. i know the hockey fans out there will know what you're talking about there i know you gretzky name of course he was the greatest player of all in the turk as he was the boston bruins play during their stanley cup reign of championship along with the greatest hockey player ever to live greater than wayne gretzky i'm talking course number for bobby or the great don't you back me up on this ok well so you know mortgage debts piles of mortgages on households government debt corporate debt continues to rise we talked about christine lagarde and the previous episode well the i.m.f. you know they came out with their world economic outlook we did refer to that recently but here's some of the data about how much debt there is now in the world since we were last here i am a sounds the alarm on global debt warns the united states stands out when looking at the big picture needless to say it's all about the u.s.
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china and japan these three countries alone accounted for half of the one hundred sixty four trillion dollars in global debt and private sector debt and speaking again to china its debt surge from one point seven trillion dollars in two thousand and one to twenty five point five trillion and twenty sixteen and was described by the i.m.f. as the driving force behind the increase in global debts accounting for three quarters of the rise and private sector debt in the past decade think of those numbers and remember that we're just talking about the housing bubble in toronto vancouver. los angeles new york a lot of it was driven by chinese money but you're going into this against some mad debt accumulators one point seven trillion in two thousand and one to fifteen years later twenty five point five trillion so you're competing against that debt pile and this is what's causing all these housing bubbles as well so the way that these countries are fighting global inequalities is to give themselves financial you bola
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and al our debt to consume them. their bodies are eaten away by the disease that is over indebtedness and then when they are completely gone and they have dead themselves out of existence the remaining countries will be like we bought gold china and russia are buying gold as i find gold remind all this like a three little piggies to tell you number one lives in a few currency elster houses blown away by the huffing and puffing of the big bad wolf and then picking a number two you got countries like india that are like one step in one step sector household sector has all the gold there the government doesn't exactly and then the big bad fear will puffed and puffed in the people the private sector survived but the government was blown away then you've got the countries like china and russia that have said were houses made twenty four karat gold bullion on the big wolf often puffed and it didn't blow their house away they also include a chart in this.


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