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tv   News  RT  April 30, 2018 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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we were scared they started to pour water on me i don't know why they did this but on the phone with them as professionals we saw that there were no symptoms suggesting chemical weapons had been used. in the stories that shaped the week witnesses gave testimony on the alleged chemical attack in duma but some refused to listen. for the first time in sixty five years the leaders of north and south korea meet on the southern side of the border to open a new chapter in the fan interest of history. and the key witness in the russian doping scandal fails to confirm some of his allegations even though the careers of many russian athletes may completely ruined by his claims.
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thank you for watching the weekly headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate partridge. doctors and local people from the syrian town of doom are testified this week at the un backed chemical watchdog headquarters in the netherlands they claim they witnessed no signs of the alleged chemical attack on april seventh a sister channel r.t. arabic located a boy seen in the unverified white helmets video claiming to show the aftermath of the toxic strike he also gave evidence to the o.p.c. w. but not everyone welcomed what he had to say as r.t.s. what i guess the of explains. when these videos emerged pundits and politicians took them as gospel the truth conclusive indisputable and irrefutable proof of assad's chemical since the chemical weapon that killed dozens of civilians and
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astaire's that the us had regime has previously used chemical attacks the assad regime has used the same yellow gas canisters the n.s.c. telling fox news they have a high degree of confidence that it was used they must have had solid evidence you don't just launch a hundred cruise missiles in an act of war without convincing proof beyond any doubt right right. wrong. we were in the basement and then heard someone outside scream go to hospital we were scared they started to pour water on me i don't know why they did this. pundits and politicians who've never been to syria where it happened witnesses the locals who were there in the hospital in question say they didn't see a thing all the exhaust was white helmets dousing confused of aliens with water
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neither did the doctors see anything. on the seventh of april i was in the emergency room treating patients injured during the fighting the same day around seven pm we started receiving patients with breathing problems and about fifteen cases this happened because people were inhaling smoke and the only shows symptoms of choking and nothing more. happened because one missile hit a building nearby and a lot of dust got into the hospital rooms. your side of the screams chemical weapons chemical weapons were used to create panic this lasted for about an hour we were treating the patients and sending them home we had no fatalities or instances of people suffering from a poisonous substance is this isn't helping western journalists the leaders insist it happened syria russia and locals insist it didn't dead end usually when
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you when you might you know tomorrow if you don't understand normal language let's try a different way if you're impervious to arguments let us bring you the witnesses so russia aboard more than a dozen witnesses to the west to the u.p.c. w. and invited western press perfect opportunity for journalists to get to the bottom of this right. right how low do you have to go to bring a little child all the way and threaten them right off the bat the nile but here's the what if we came here willingly we demanded the red cross allow us to come here . wrong in truth there isn't a right answer no matter what you say to some people no matter what you show them they'll never ever come around or change their views how threatened do you have to feel to change your story into the noise
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a chemical weapons attack stubborn doesn't do this fellow justice he's really the reason that the boy had to fly over. yes my son is young and it's been difficult for him to make it here a flight here is no easy thing so little has scientists told you the truth something you do not want to hear it was a necessary measure we needed to show that there was a line in a very dangerous one. anyone who hoped there would be a breakthrough was in for a disappointment hours of testimony and the evidence all for naught that you mentioned in a russian press release that somebody here was going to be present to was a witness of producing the video of the white helmets and i was wondering where this witness is and if he can tell his testimony. more and more it's my view all these witnesses we heard from today on the evidence
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the white helmets feel is fake i don't know maybe i missed something but. in one ear out the other with no pause in between. independent research of n s a b. lee has recently returned from duma condemned the western media reports when i spoke to people in duma dr as medical star in the same hospital in the medical point that received victims on that night they all also told me exactly the same thing as people are now hearing in the hague and also when i went outside and spoke to civilians only seven hundred meters away from the alleged attack they were also all saying the same thing to me that there was no chemical weapon attack i am surprised and i was shocked the levels to which west of me. has stooped over this alleged event and the moral bankruptcy and degeneracy that was
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saying from western media i mean to accuse russia. basically exploiting a child in years. of eleven year old has and after western media has cynically exploited children throughout the history of this conflict and if we don't have to go back to far to remember. in east aleppo it is almost whatever evidence is produced now it will be perceived as being influenced by russia or by syria i mean we've already seen the british government and western media if you like laying the ground for saying that russia had already pretty tampered with the site before the opes w come in so we can almost predict that if obesity w find no evidence of chemical weapon use in that area the next line will be russia tampered with and sanitized and sprayed our fresh air around the site before a.b.c.
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w could get there. the western air strikes that came in response to the alleged chemical attack appears to have strong. the bonds between donald trump and emanuel are cruel and judging by the body language during the french president's visit to washington this week it seems a bromance is brewing. messy looking. thank you. i like him a lot it's a great honor they don't have it here but we do have a very special relationship very good. looking we have to make room for years for. mccraw also highlighted the blossoming friendship by giving trump assume balik sapling it was taken from a world war one site in france where u.s. marines helped propel the german offensive in one thousand nine hundred eighteen.
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however a few days later the tree has apparently been removed to a t. uses dug deeper joking that the tree must have been an unfair trade deal for trump or even blaming russia for the disappearance whether the tree was removed or not the gift was certainly a new take on the bond between the french and us presidents. in case you missed it donald trump and emanuel macro on how to be hanging out the economy mojo and as a global politics and sharing that country the moment together let alone together. the french and american presidents all sort of sweet is holding hands and this being that second date even one of the french style kiss monochrome is the last foreign leader to be treated to a full state visit to the u.s. funded from not even special relationship willing to resume a gold the full state visit and she is the one that started all this hand-holding
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business for these grave presidents and forge their relationship. next the chair enjoyed a military parade for best deal day in paris last july so much that they held a joint in the syrian airspace a couple of weeks ago using the assad regime for target practice but also in the western alliance. these the cheese eating surrender monkeys of the iran all along from both my former pushed hard to claim credit for sending one hundred million dollars worth of missiles to destroy one hundred thousand dollars worth of syrian houses was inside this relationship looks pretty tedious trains from the outside in the night of the barrio in philadelphia. you won't be surprised by the length with the degree to which does not call the two nations told the global
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security and here that they are burying gold walks in the garden apparently other european leaders will not cross the trunk. because of the influence over the already one pretty sunny day based adoptive french accent when he takes us seven to ten stem cells called his position on the over the middle. a lot of our money your issues are very run down and in many of them claiming that the child was poor and. the kids are on. the low the list. their ways have. apart from my cruel i'm going to medical also i paid a visit to washington though the interactions between the german chancellor and trunk were significantly more formal they are on nuclear deal was one of the main issues discussed with the us threatening to scrap the agreement there's
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a guy alice saeed moustapha hoss chesham saying though fronts might be coming round to america's thinking europe isn't the trio nations in your office specially friends even more than germany and britain is trying to get closer to donald trump's aspirations and demands especially with regard to iran is not the only issue but there were rest of europe is a standing against any intensification of problems and tensions with iran they just reject the demand by trio european nations with regard to imposing further sanctions on iran for its missile and regional activities so this shows that europe is not much willing to you know work with donald trump. on friday for the first time in sixty five years the leaders of north and south korea met on the southern side of the border in
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a turning point for the pen interests history. i.
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after hours of talks they reached a number of key agreements that could significantly warmer lay sions between the two countries the leaders announced they'd seeks a full denuclearize ation of the potential or they also vowed to stop all hostile actions against each other and to gradually reduce their weapons and they agreed to hold talks with the u.s. and china to arrive at a proper peace treaty well donald trump praised the progress made between the two sides following more than six decades of tension a lasting peace could finally be on the horizon human rights lawyer eric surat can believe the two koreas and i already. i think what we can expect is a exciting moment in time in which. as they said is south
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africa history and hope good why do you have it in a certain time in a certain slates and i really am hopeful that from these talks we can see the framework for a full peace treaty to finally end this conflict it seems both sides are ready and willing to do that if the salvadoran create the frame to give their own steps in self-determination then the us as was much smaller brought to life if we can agree that and hold them to the notion that ending the hostage policy creating the peace treaty with the u.s. and south korea will lead to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. humanitarian organizations are demanding answers after an alleged saudi led air
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strike on a wedding party in yemen the bombing killed at least twenty people and injured dozens more some reports suggest as many as fifty people were killed a warning you may find the following video distressing. a seven year old boy can be seen clinging to his father's body said to have traveled from another part of the country to attend the celebrations the man's body was reportedly the last to be taken away following the airstrike as the boy wouldn't let him go many of the victims were women and children. i was the bridegroom and those are friends gathered in our place and were hit by an airstrike many innocent people were killed and injured. all of this is my nephew who was injured last night by the air strike he's two
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brothers who were killed. party contacted a number of humanitarian organizations for their response human rights watch said saudi arabia continues to target civilians and refuses to adequately investigate or compensate victims oxfam condemned the attack and called for an investigation and response riyadh said it's taking the report very seriously and will fully investigate as it came to have done in the past with similar incidents the satellite in intervention in yemen began almost three years ago to counter hits the opposition fighters riyadh considers them terrorists seeking to overthrow the yemeni government the u.n. has described the conflict as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis in modern history he spoke with the former head as
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a red cross in yemen who explained just how much needs to be done to help the country. there is a problem with a structural collapse of the system in yemen you have problems of water you have problems of sanitation we in the international red cross we try to fix those problems otherwise there would maybe not be any running water and so on anymore so there is no doubt that what is coming into the country at the moment is not enough and more should be done you money to and aid is to some to a large extent allowed in but the problem is that more is needed to ensure a decent level of life for the population i am afraid that this is becoming a feature of some of the conflicts you know some of the conflict where i work at the begin of my career were very poor country there were poor before the war poor during the one unfortunately poor after the war very little infrastructure so in a way very little too to reconstruct and the problem was reluctantly should i say
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simple to deal with here you have something which is extremely complex you have infrastructures which are falling to pieces up to the point of the whole system we have commissioned a study from well known british school that is going to carry out a full study of the health system in yemen to know where we are today in yemen you are very serious crisis there is a food crisis there is also a crisis that has led to one million suspected community cases of cholera last year and that in a matter of six months it was like the fire in twenty two years of the i.c.r.c. had never seen something like that bringing back the country on the on back on its feet will be a long long lasting tosser. it's been revealed the former head of moscow's anti doping lab. has failed to confirm a number of allegations made against russian athletes the key witness in the
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alleged state sponsored doping scandal gave testimony via voice link in january to the court of arbitration for sport in february the court upheld the appeals of twenty eight russian athletes banned for doping but is only now given some of its reasons than of joy my colleague andrew farmer in the studio to discuss the developments. first and foremost in the past few years that we've seen the scandal and revelation say it has been established that pretty much every single athlete in russia dog so it seems it was common knowledge at least that they had a special drug cocktail brewed performance that the swapped the dirty urine samples for clean ones through some hole in the lab walls so a lot of was it was said by a man named grigori roche and of so he was the key witness he put forward the allegations but in the in the case basically during that hearing the court of arbitration for sports he revealed many of the stuff that he said was best
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circumstantial first and foremost he said that he never actually administered the cocktail which he claims he concocted himself he says that he never saw anyone administering these said steroid cocktail he didn't know how the cocktail was smuggled from russia abroad because well you know to be used in an international championship it would have to cross the border and also he's never been a witness to the mysterious you know you're in the swamp dirty to clean one he did say that his allegations came from basically talking to his colleagues but that was it when it comes to these allegations and in the past two years his words were taken at face value. should say no one questioned them and brought you got himself was propelled to fame even starring in oscar winning documentary about the doping problem and russia i was hoping to facilitate what was the last deliberate
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employees in the sport's history was aware of the existence of a russian doping system. up little chicks. a chunk of claims were the foundation of richard mclaren report which was then used for a blanket ban on russian athletes and he was speaking to worsening in this court case what did he say well indeed sir richard mclaren a canadian law who basically pulled put the burden on his shoulders to compile a massive report on the scale of the doping problem in russia testifying in front of the same judge being cross-examined as well he said that basically while he did not shy away from mentioning athletes by name in the report in no way he said he meant to you know assume that they were guilty of something so basically being mentioned in his doping report did not mean he says that those athletes were
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complicit he also revealed he couldn't basically you couldn't explain justify to the court of arbitration for sport why he trusted roger and why he never questioned his allegations also he refused to provide the names of other witnesses of you know of turn it of sources so to speak he used to put together the report so the good news for those thirty say athletes that had their appeals held but they would say well ok ok that is good news but the damage as far as we're concerned is already been done to our names well indeed because what happened back in february twenty eighth russian athletes they used to be banned for life they had been banned for life from participating in the olympics which means they were stripped of their medal as the future held nothing for them from that point no more achievement see have those bans revoked and it happened literally a few days before the kickoff of the olympic games in south korea and none of them
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were invited to participate so there you have it you know mud sticks. four people have been killed in the latest palestinian occupation rallies in gaza palestinian health officials say almost nine hundred were also injured during friday's protests these are the latest in a series of planned mass demonstrations called the great march of return. but i. didn't know who know. her. well you know.
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this is another injury that came just right now there have been severe injuries in the head and in the legs and i was not about in the band in the post minutes we received at least ten people with severe injuries to the stomach neck and head the ambulances are still carrying hundreds of injured people to the hospitals there is a lack of medicine and medical equipment in the hospitals and they're crowded bob so as you see this is another ambulance just came just right now. from a look at your defense and as you see this the ambulance has at least and for palestinians that have been injured what happened right now to the fence is that of at least two thousand palestinian protesters and try to interfere and break that the fence and what happened is that israeli forces and i reacted there violently and they started to shoot on these palestinian protesters who are broke the fence that according to palestinian minister have at least ten or twenty palestinians are
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c.v.s. critical condition and they at can now declared their death and any any minute. the demonstrations are taking place near a security fence which surrounds them the palestinians claim was stolen from them the protesters have been met by heavy response from the israeli army in four weeks at least forty five palestinians have been killed and slauson is injured the united nation. jones and the e.u. have condemned israel's response to the protests. israel's failure to consistently prosecute violations committed by members of its security forces encourages them to use deadly force against fellow human beings even when they present no threat in the context of an occupation such as garza killings resulting from the angle for use of force may also constitute willful killings which are a grave breach of the fourth geneva convention. however the israeli troops insist
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they only open fire at the main instigators of trouble who throw stones or wallet of cocktails or those who attempt to breach the fence it's the norm liesl method used by the i.d.f. also pose a significant threat the latest version of sponsorship rubber bullets are said to be harder and heavier than previous ones they have been linked to deaths so their injuries while an israeli human rights group recently released a video this reportedly shows a group of soldiers in the west bank discussing the use of live ammunition. ah.
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artie asked the israeli army to comment on the video they said this behavior is not in accordance with what's expected of i.d.f. soldiers but they added the commander at the time had told his soldiers to act professionally the i.d.f. also promised to revise relevant procedures. young palestinians have been among those killed in the demonstrations one incident last week was caught on camera showing a teenager who was shot in the head by an israeli sniper the boy's father says his son posed no threat to the soldiers an israeli general believes it's the price to be paid to ensure the safety of the country. you sure you are below the lowest of mohammad was three hundred meters away from the fence and even if he was right next to it he was a peaceful demonstration he was just a child was he carrying a missile launcher was he shooting at the soldier who killed him why did they kill him i'll tell you what mohammed did wrong mohammed's fault was that he was
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demanding his rights to migrate story sometimes one shooter small body and you intend to his arm or shoulder of it goes even higher the picture is not a pretty picture of your belief that's the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the state of israel for a living that's the price. for for more on all of these stories go to r.t. dot com at the top of the hour my colleague warry sushi will be here with the latest news but for me life in. anything that interrupts free trade interrupts freedom and anything interrupts freedom is a reversion back to neo feudalism and we see that happening right now in the united
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states and presumably here in canada as well as concentrated in a few or fewer hands grabbing a river of the risk of neo feudalism on the horizon crypto is is the answer in my view and it is an asset class and it is gobbling up market share and the us dollar is still all free up money is don't. believe the.


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