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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 30, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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he is the founder of the center for political strategic analysis and we have dimitri he is a political analyst with the international right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate exhibit let me go to you first we're going to devote a good part of this program to what's going on in the korean peninsula however the president of the country that you come from france was visiting the united states how would you sum up my crohn's visit because if you want my two cents it was quite humiliating for the french president quite it's exactly the word to use and in my opinion again sure that. is a meeting with a different chief of state and in my opinion you had some remorse because it was in some mill yes that. six zero intention and saw you played with him and he looked like he was being played with. i mean i think you know even if you're not really interested in politics the visuals of their
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encounter i mean it's gone viral and everyone's laughing i'm not going to put it exactly mark exactly. what do you think you're going to be if you're. not trying to protect american but in my opinion where did amount of time. trump is an acceptable and in my opinion it's a mistake because it came really other. then you just given the evidence that. i can tell you because i mean we've been together this syria i guess the top line was the try to dissuade him from going leaving the iran deal but he didn't get anything ok i mean he's getting you had to admit to media that well i mean i didn't change his mind but apparently he didn't make the claim i'm not going to be he made commit to staying in syria to remind me because when he was chosen by french people worth a read. he made is first speech just after being elected a boat the u.s.
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. the problem is obama came a president and obama i don't know why i hated sarkozy because a good i didn't like him very much they're not trying to god we don't bother. going to the cases when we're going to get. into is because it was i was supporting the republicans but the result is after one year a. understand that there we are friends of. course not because it was a recession because when he came in russia and i hope it would be the same for him and we've seen weeks when he came in russia you would. have to admit you know going back through history here his one of his foreign policy successes was to be involved in the mediation of ending this the conflict in south of. the image of and you are going to file i don't know about body language but let's look at the facts
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that was the first to be believed all the major european countries seems to poll when trump came to power. and the leaders of the european union said that trump and putin where i'm quoting a threat to european democracy. that they were dangerous so when did drop stop to be dangerous not when he was in fact not being dangerous when he started bombing syria when you started going syria he's got he's going to leave and it's going to go this is i don't really want to dig into korea let's get past the optics of the programs from trump leading to log like like a newlywed or a little french poodle so the album cover the alternative rock album cover of them all planting trees in the yard together in very awkward very strange poses but you know the reality is right after that micron went and spoke to congress. and spoke
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quite the heavenly against every one of trumps policies and beliefs so you know i don't think trump was for all those didn't get anything that he came out of there this was all about optics and these were bad and all of these all of these western media journalists commenting on body language and bringing in body language experts and everything it's all ridiculous it's all ridiculous like you know but you know more because i agree with it was ridiculous but that's kind of the default position when there is no substance and there was no you really must cross is now being hailed after merkel has failed as the leader of the free world right the new leader of the free world just syria saying it was for the honor of the international community or at least fifteen of the three of the trump and his two client states that attack syria they're on our side says and. also say part of his reason for doing it was to prove that he is the equal of. crime.
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you dear little globalist banks that are you know. you are no he's a lot of. obama barack obama during the last year of his. mandate as a president always expend no i win against putting to never talk about it but he was always going no it's me. that's how i when i would call the pigeon chess crowd it's a grandmaster pigeon show i mean if you're going to say this just be more you know it's going to in my opinion of my core really want to be the white obama you know and if you if you listen to what to say when he was in the united states for instance it's the point it takes you to save the planet once there is no plan it be some communications. he should have met with trudeau i think you've got to find that out if you can i think he wants to be the it's and i think. the first going on
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before before the first bromance is is between now and then not quite there are going to hold my nose on that when they're trying to let's talk about some real substance here. things are moving quite quickly on the korean peninsula. i've been following very closely like everyone else but. i think there's a fundamental misunderstanding in western media about what's really going on because this is what's really going on is the koreans deciding their fate irrespective of who wants to take credit for it i like the kind of line that the moon of a bomber gave to its article describing this meeting. and most hopeful and most hopeful korean side met with lead to a child so final success oh what is building it in their senior year is ok i mean is the only obviously had been just between koreans the problem would have been solved long ago we see that there is no real perineal anymore city there is
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no real deal between koreans the problem is not about north korea not been able to reform itself it is reforming itself the problem is with the west on the war which in the last twenty years changed completely changed beyond recognition and which could not agree to any kind of compromise even if that allows you to lessen that nuclear danger the underlining thing that no one talks about mark in western media because most western media don't they don't know what they're talking about about anything most of the time is that the koreans made this determine their own destiny with outside power this is something that is hard to make in the swamp i've got three examples that bring that home for you the new york times the new york times has a twitter account the new york times at war which focuses on their war do they had an article. the with cameras rolling careers leaders
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put a peaceful spin on propaganda the new york times that warhead there was the moments in which kim mr moon stepped on the border was one of several images that displayed both. entries understanding of the propaganda value of political theater well this is a cautionary warning about piece from the new york times at war and number two the fortune magazine fortune magazine south korea and north korea handshakes peace talks her u.s. defense stocks who's here isn't winning from the god forbid the five largest u.s. military industrial complex contractors lost ten point two billion dollars in one day who will cry when when peace occurs to lockheed martin northrop grumman general dynamics raytheon and boeing and last but not least i give you a reporter from the u.s. military stars and stripes newspaper bob reid he commented north and south korea
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agree on denuclearization of the peninsula but fall short of specifics which is true yet is president moon seeking a separate peace with the north side stepping the all important u.s. security interests he's this isn't this is what this is what western media and the think tanks they can't comprehend that it's not about them this is their real big problem you know it's very interesting is that the north korean regime if we can use that word this is a very calculated plan on their part and they understood what happened in libya they understood what happened in iraq ok so they come to the peace table strong and it's important and with nuclear weapons and with the goal of maintaining their sovereignty i don't understand what's going on in the think tanks in washington d.c. this is patently obvious as it gets ok there is
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a contrary we have talked to talk to us and so some korea is russia. china and china is a special. interests but if there was a reconciliation between north and south korea those. the u.s. . troops and. u.s. troops still stay you have any idea how much a year. it's generally not only and not only in south korea in japanese japan but the japanese don't want to see this kind of in oh they don't because they are historical at the moment he's due to the korea is in japan and if they do all. that would be the major bills and not just the united states because i don't think it's in the united states' national interest to have three areas permanent this station right next to north korea years and there's been. a recent example you gave the
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guns interest. unfortunately gentlemen let me jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news today with our team. as one of the most controversial products of our time it's a subject vegetable fat that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million times that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion plantations which is the destruction of the rain forest. into these you know a lot more than ten million as of unique rain forest has been destroyed it's
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a process that just keeps going. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to be i mean eighty percent of the beach but how would you and you'll see the great game the great you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one come on. needs to just say the reno p.r.t. teams latest edition make up a bigger need to just look at. the
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new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education as being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold so there's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you good. luck with these songs. they couldn't be. more is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely more higher education the new global economic war. welcome back to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news.
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ok gentlemen stay with us on the korean peninsula one of the things i think is interesting again looking at how. washington reads this in the think tanks is it the there's the possibility tantalizing possibility that they can flip north korea to be the end to join the western camp which i think is really interesting is that first of all that is not going to happen and it's probably going to be the other way around south korea and we have this new government very popular seventy five percent approval rating last year we had massive protests against the former government against their policies these are the north korea and the moon and he's got all of his ducks lined up and so does kim and i think we should focus more on this internal yes affair among the korea i mean i looked at some of the pictures here i was quite moved to be honest with you having watched this for so many decades but the cultural thing which really you know really brought them they are
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the same they really are they come from the same origins of the other there was a very nice touch here i think it's we could see them. becoming the finland ization of. time in two thousand president of south korea again. yes well in fact we should not forget who started the whole thing there were meetings between the north korean and south korean presidents in the year two thousand in the year two thousand and seven the group that scrapped the whole peace process was the new conservative government of south korea recently. you know the former president who is now basically was sentenced to a few years for corruption so people in korea why is there such an approval rating for monday and people want peace you know. south korean government conservative
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government that scrap the peace process is no longer popular i don't think it was popular when they did these things and now there is hope. again who is destroying that hope the global west you know it's a collective all of you know how everything this flipping over liberals used to be for praise you know you know vito what's the true. the west. syria two weeks ago and the never bone loss in korea because of nuclear weapons you want to import a federation of. weapons and tanks the west here could offer you and saddam hussein can concur on that one and now should be. no prejudice against sarkozy on the way and look what happened there when he apparently took his money to do it and we have seen this before there have been substantial photo ops between north and south korean leaders so we're going to hopes the one who markets right let's be skeptical that we have to be skeptical but there are there are three things that i think make
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this situation different than the others and they do give me real signs of hope one and the first and most important is that north korea obtained a credible strategic deterrent they successfully developed a nuclear program nuclear weapons in a linear missiles right that could deliver of them they got everything they wanted they had the strategic target they could now stand back cancel tests and that's why they came to the peace table with leverage from a position of strength secondly we have a south korean leader who god bless them is willing to see this and still come to the table with a reasonable rational way of dealing with it because he genuinely wants peace and he is hated. moon is hated in the d.c. blob and military establishment he's despised there and third i'm sorry we have
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a u.s. president who is incompetent right we could wear whatever much may be said you could not credit trump promising fire and i elation on north korea as having achieved this now i know that both the south korean the north korean leaders have credited him there's a reason for that it's because they don't want him to ruin it and they're hoping that by buying him into the process as part of the one who brought it about then it will be harder for the u.s. to sabotage it and the u.s. has long been the biggest single obstacle to and this is one of the reasons why i think this is why the north koreans also said much the surprise of many people that they don't demand an immediate evacuation withdrawal of all american forces because if we faced right phase three nuclear initially do know that you can't make that demand be gone by the weekend that's going to be. they are not going to give up any substantial part of their nuclear program until they start to see elements of
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actual demilitarization on the south korean in america as it is going to be. it's going to be a long competence building process i mean to undo sixty eight years of conflict and strife here but you know it's containing from you did the same in the syria twenty two times the first shutting three thing and finally you send some bones. more or less where they are going to fall and that is exactly the same way. in korea three thousand. you know i would argue i would argue that trump walked right into kim's gambit this is has been in the works mark's absolutely. secure you you know how to turn secure your sovereignty i have options have a backer the chinese are to some extent russia i mean if we look at what's being
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proposed right now were people getting all up and allowed to go to the united nations security council at the end of last year when they had a round of sanctions against north korea and the the ambassador from russia the ambassador from china read these very long statements no one in the west listened to them they listened to the garbage and the history is to run its western and bouncers there but this plan it was announced at the end of last year is being put into place right now if we see some genuine pro progress on this definitely both leaders of north and south korea for the nobel peace prize but they'll have to trumpet to let you know no let's also say we're at a day going to have obama for no reason ok people two other people who did help bring it about deserve credit are putin and you. well you know i don't expect i don't expect that's going to happen you know if you get some with the u.s. media suggested then i would say this is in the same chain with gorbachev and
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without barbara you know what happened to that country that they blessed with a peaceful activities so that you get to the e.u. not so long ago and. that's what it really was it just seemed like a it was a sight but to try. doing a. frightening you know when it started to do three things. you shoot. us in the united states what could be done if we continue you're right and i don't know because the that's what i said in my introduction i mean not long ago this would have been a flight into fancy because there is this inability to think in different ways we were talking about war just a few years ago now but maybe maybe because i can't accept that trump is stupid and . i would like to imagine that you know. i don't think he's stupid i mean i've always said. i'm more concerned with the company but he keeps ok i mean we have
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john bolton around that's a very dangerous character. i'm an analyst and policy maker that to my mind he's never gotten anything right ever in his entire career ok let me get my coffee. and the tourist guy that kisses up and spits down spits people they don't agree with him ok his underlings let's not forget that mike pompei oh was that was despite being a christian fundamentalist and supporting of torture got enough democratic votes to be approved as the secretary and. i guess his first official trip is huey is. to north korea and although he wasn't secretary of state he was he met with the saudi arabia saudi arabia he also has had meetings and i'm afraid that pompei o is trying to own this process and that scares me even more than trump because because he will try to sabotage it from another specialist of the united states of course
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but couldn't we imagine that donald trump has to give something to the. tune of ember this year i hope. that's what he gave them. what nothing but we have even over the missiles it works you. financially it was the most disastrous thing in the world because they spent two hundred thirteen million in order to destroy one. hundred thousand dollars water over syria and some storage of citrusy once they destroyed seventy six. plants surely you know if. we run a point that is really important it is very ineffective. shooting for instance being. bored to. maybe it's a way for trump to get sometimes before the next election i mean the thought of congress and those of representatives in november because if the pro trump
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republicans win the primaries if there is a window on those representatives so maybe we have the beginning of the trump administration is to destroy you just what you mentioned this key word win and this is what he wants a win yes this is he needs a win in this in so if this is the tension we have pompei you know bolton we have always confused nikki haley ok always confused and we hope trump wanting this is too great tension right now they don't they don't need it actually what they need is not to lose so badly that they lose control of the house and the senate and this is why the neo cons own the administration because there are enough neo cons that if trump made a serious divergence from a stablish us military policy around the world there's enough neocon votes to side
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with the democrats to impeach him now that's why all these neo cons have been appointed around trump because they own the administration by threat of blackmail impeach forty second street well i just don't know how all of that is going to pass legally because we have just heard that there was no collusion between trauma russia going and then what happens to all of these sanctions let me remind you that the first sanctions but introduced because of that russian with drums contain so if there are enough but never proven just accusation and know that sanctions are going to stay even though the reason for them has been officially declared by the house as you know wrong even remembers now the reason for the sanctions only that russia needs to be sanctioned three gentlemen that's all the time we have for this segment of the. many thanks my guest here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember trust us.
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a little late to leave the music did a masochist a movie for truth and something funny that i just did mine. when i left that i sat next to the markets and i'm having a lot but i love me. a little bit the world. of leave me got a book to his low. country of the illegal up payment and he's going to pick up
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the phone when you're going to have a difficult moment. and these years i live apart from that i don't. know how shameful i'm going to the gun of obviously the first admission from the. making editor of the free trade center up straight and i think interim freedom is a reversion back to me a little and we see that happening right now by states and presumably here in canada as well sometimes concentrator not sure if your hands bradley i work for the risk of neil seattle is on the horizon crypto. this is the else or in my view and it is an asset class and it is gobbling up market share and the us dollar is all thier money is still. in the
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heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox ellis was customs are here permanently all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening time so if you're up with it it is from is all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and soon inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discrete commercially discrete spec but also discrete because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand
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three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. palm oil is one of the most controversial products of our time it's a solid vegetable fats that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million tons that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of kamel plantations which in the destruction of the rain forest. did indeed easier alone more than ten million hiked as of unique rain forest has been destroyed and it's a process that just keeps going. to
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. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu claims iran lied about its nuclear program and has presented a large amount of supposedly secret data to prove it. why would a terrorist regime. and meticulously coddled secret nuclear falls if not to use them in the lead but. there are calls for donald trump to be awarded the nobel peace prize op but he takes credit for the progress on the korean peninsula. and human rights organization accuses the israeli army of deliberately targeting the legs of protesters in gaza. i spend six hours in surgery and then one week in the intent.


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