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he declined to use to sign it but he did leave germany has responded immediately they had a press release saying that it's going to examine those documents sure that iran is. the only one is who is not convinced or wants to put out and. provoked a need for a well known reason. u.s. president donald trump said getting rid of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula will make the world a safer place you also expressed confidence that his meeting with the north's kim jong un would happen so his remarks come in the wake of friday's historic summit between the leaders of north and south korea during which the two sides committed to denuclearize ation. to sign a proper peace treaty meanwhile donald trump's national security adviser says the
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korean denuclearization process should be modeled on what happened in libya told president trump in the sest that can't give up ship out all of those nuclear weapons all of those nuclear fuel all of those ballistic missiles before the u.s. makes any concessions yeah i think that's what denuclearization means and we have very much in mind the libyan model from two thousand and three two thousand and four back in two thousand and three libya agreed to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction. takes a look at how that all worked out. remember the colonel colonel gadhafi he once had the nuclear program scary stuff and desperate with nuclear weapons so the world sanctioned him pressured him punished him eventually colonel gadhafi offered to scrap his nuclear program the u.s.
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and britain made the deal all hush hush they lifted sanctions resurrected relations made friends seven years later they came back and helped to kill him. he died painfully tortured alone in the desert his army having been obliterated by the u.s. britain and allies his murderers freedom fighters they called them then would go on to plunge libya into anarchy killing thousands many and the place on terror lists later pundits in america in europe in korea would write that perhaps gadhafi giving up the only weapon that could have protected him was a bad idea in pyongyang's view the libyans took the economic bait foolishly disarmed themselves and once they were defenseless were mercilessly punished by the
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west the president a firm really been leaders gadhafi is brutal death does not offer much confidence can join in about a safe exit the libyan crisis is teaching the international community a great lesson iran when giving up its nuclear program thought it could get a better deal the united states has never been closer to potentially having something happen with respect to the korean peninsula that can get rid of the nuclear weapons can create so many good things so many positive things and peace and safety for the. world so we'll see what happens you can't help but wonder at the logic if there is any it's hard to tell sometimes with trump how is ripping up a nuclear disarmament deal a good thing or a good precedent maybe north korea will get it it is now floated the idea that it's
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too could give up its nuclear program it is important to be positive optimistic look forward don't think about what happened to the last few guys that gave up the nukes maybe mr bolton didn't think about what he was saying he does one north korea to decide right not grow its nuclear arsenal and paranoia or perhaps mr bolton one of the most hawkish and militant officials in the us brought up libya on purpose a statement of might why negotiate disarmament when you can enforce it it seems like they're telling the north koreans don't disarm when they do that because of course north korea like iraq for that matter disarm and then the u.s. invaded them and destroyed them and killed the leaders and killed all the people in the in the ruling circles so you can really tell mr crump when you i mean you know one moment endorsing peace at another moment is telling. mr kim that he's
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going to be. sodomized with a band that like the. old market off or hang that as they did to saddam hussein if the north koreans feel the u.s. is going to destroy their country i would have starved all the countries in that area meantime the leader of south korea in says donald trump deserves to win a nobel peace prize for his efforts so we gauge public opinion on that matter first in the united states. which world leader has done the most for world peace three. that's a tough one but i guess i'd point to him as a moon of south korea and can you point to which world leader has done the most for world peace out of these three. there you tell us why. they try the only one that's been able to get these people to talk to each other.
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the leader of south korea has suggested that donald trump be given the nobel prize oh my god oh my god. yeah that's not going to have. is the worst thing i ever hook no he doesn't deserve and you know what. i find it difficult to give donald trump credit for anything. it is about international possible and defend gerard piqué and that's his side celebrated winning their seventh spanish league title in ten years the cattle and stock took the camera from marty's video agency ruptly to film buses bus stop parade. i i. p k took the camera off to the video journalist tried to get a close up of lionel messi and luis suarez were also among the players who were caught on film by p.k.
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you also managed to capture the moment for thousands of fans from local people and tourists who had lined the streets of boston lono to join the victory for i. well it is a tuesday may the first here in moscow thanks for joining us so far there are growing integration problems in germany were over half of migrants tested ultimately failed to prove they have basic knowledge of the german language that's in the mix of our stories in just a. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of alternative but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach.
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you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the beach. and all the great . you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to get let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. russia meet the special one. meets just at the reno team's latest edition of make up as we go. look. in july twenty second team on an attempt to freelance journalist working with. militant shelling in syria. only his sacrifice quality has established a holiday such as memorial lives they will recognize war reporters who often risk
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their lives with the sake of the truth and through that peace you can submit to your published works in a video form britain form go to a war don't come into now. here in moscow one of russia's leading on call it just has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of late diagnosis and soft he found out too late that he has the disease himself with little chance of survival. well the listed national channel when there was no oldish the discomfort. that i was ill by chance i had stomach ache took some pills to still decided to check the
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book the symptoms meant the scans clearly showed it wasn't true so a day later i already had the prognosis. for the judge and yeah but until the day i found out i told my wife the news for some presents for our kids she panicked started crying hines was shaking i tried to comfort her as i could told her what treatment plans the hardest thing is to help my kids come. on there's a lesson in there but acting as. the main aim of the project is to give cancer patients as much information about the disease as possible currently the situations that we have a sort of between the patient and doctor the patients must know everything about the disease the prognosis all possible complications and all the options.
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they have yet to get under the current girlfriend of a college just like. it's being revealed that overhaul of migrants enrolled on integration courses in germany have failed to pass basic german language exams across the country prepares to receive even more asylum seekers peter all of our picks up the story. for germany welcoming well over one million refugees and asylum applicants over the last three years was just the beginning the tough job comes in well integrating those people into german society that seems to be pretty much something everybody agrees on just ask the chancellor in think about suing to get the integration of the turkish origin migrants has
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a very special meaning for us to meet the focus here is to learn german language those who speak german get better involved in our society. under false flag and egg is of curse the other challenges the big number of refugees in germany not to only register the to achieve the task of integration a long term residency will only be granted for the refugees for the task of integration and that is that things have not been going to plan the federal office for migration and refugees have just released their latest figures in relation to refugees and asylum applicants taking language courses the numbers make for pretty viewing less than half of those on the course the chief the basic level of language proficiency things like being able to go to the hospital go to the shops or apply for a job while just over forty percent achieved a lower level than that where they say you can understand but not speak the rest
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well they either failed the course or didn't complete it in its entirety and well that lets them bode well for people looking to get jobs that require qualifications to most of the german courses in germany. so ressa g.'s. needs another course they need advice from friends and other people to improve their germs girls you know for me it was a good day i had a lot of german friends so i was willing to integrate and to was a german courses and to to go. school the integration program doesn't come cheap last year six hundred ten million euro of taxpayer money was funneled into it and they haven't seen a good return on their investment. it can be assumed that a large part of the funds spent were lost because the courses were characterized by dwindling numbers of participants but at the top of the program say they need more
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time but acknowledge that one of the main reasons people don't pass is that they don't show up but classes but others acknowledge that some refugees traumatized by the experiences that they've had while others don't come from a so-called learning culture having never attended school and then native country many off. base seek learning skills because many of them didn't attend the school at all it dropped all too early. so it might be too difficult for them to. a foreign language which if you characterise. refugees and tried to stay only temporary in the law which they fled from us over to return to their countries of origin and we should focus on. teaching them to scared switch to need to reboot their country of origin and step off teaching them some very basic bitch and along a cell phone or you will swear them this is
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a big paradox or because. on the one side whites in populous want that migrants integrate themselves on the other sites they say migrants are criminals they generalize they are their bets they bring a bad culture a primitive culture so this is a real huge damage because yes migrants i'm not mock debates and myself when a guy has a lot of prejudices against me and says i'm a criminal and he doesn't know me i'm going to merkel announced just recently the job. he will accept another ten thousand refugees in the very near future critics of that mouf are asking whether it's wise to take more people when germany's already struggling to integrate those who live here already. crammed.


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