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thank. you. party's correspondent is hit by to gas at paris may day riots with police using water cannon response to mass protests is torture you can. tell you want. the wrong war. israel's prime minister tries to convince the world that iran is not to be trusted just days before donald trump intends to scrap the historic nuclear deal and also from negotiations with north korea on the nuclear isolation will go ahead while his security advisor police what happened in libya should serve as a model. but
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i welcome you watching r.t. international vish tuesday evening it's just gone six o'clock here in the russian capital now rallies and demonstrations are being held to mark may day around the world in the french capital protests that have turned violent after the march was interrupted by ending fascists and capitalists. was well caught up in the violence was our correspondent shouted she's in paris force at the moment things have calmed down i think slightly now tell us how events unfolded what the situation is like at the
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moment. hi guys there's no connection on the phone. ok clearly we've got a problem there with charlotte she can hear us ok she's safe for the moment and we'll get back to and get that connection up and running as soon as we can. now while france did greet may day with fierce clashes many other countries enjoyed a more peaceful demonstrations including in russia and the u.k. and while some countries celebrated may day that was peaceful those protesters did use more aggressive means to get their feelings hurt. and we go back to those made a processing. connection there with our correspondent in paris now in the meantime israel's prime minister has gone all out to prove once and for all that iran lied about its nuclear ambitions thousands of documents and c.d.'s of evidence as part
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of a powerpoint presentation and it does come just twelve days before donald trump intends to scrap the iran nuclear deal tonight a move to tell you one thing iran laurie the evidence that lies in this filing cabinet allegedly thousands of documents and see these half a ton to be precise proven conclusively to iran misled the world about its nuclear plans spoke before and after the twenty fifteen agreement we've known for years that iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called project mark hailing this as a significant development the great intelligence achievement then your who was sure one reason and one reason only to hide this information why would a terrorist regime. hide and meticulously catalogued in secret nuclear files if not to use them at a later date a state hiding its nuclear weapons program what other country would do such
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a thing some will remember netanyahu has twenty twelve un speech and the cartoon bomb iran's foreign ministry has already called his presentation a propaganda show but are you sure here is also a serious one since the onset netanyahu has been an ardent critic of the iran agreement so this is a terrible deal. i think this deal is a bad bad. deal it should never have been concluded. and in a few days gone president trump. will decide will make as the solution on what to do with the nuclear deal. i'm sure he'll do the right thing the right thing for the united states. the right thing for israel and the right thing. for the produce of the world this development comes at a crucial time for this international framework in less than two weeks president trump will decide the future course of u.s.
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action is likely to differ strongly from the other members of the five plus one group despite last week's cities during president micron's visit to the states so far trump has kept his cards close to his chests we'll see what happens his favorite phrase whatever does come about on may the twelfth there's a new york who will do all he can to convince the world that scrapping the deal is the right way forward even at the cost of years of negotiations and the delicate regional power balance. dan hawkins there will hold is a huge diplomatic success the iran nuclear deal was hammered out back in two thousand and fifteen between the u.s. china the u.k. russia france germany and also iran in the goshi asians took nine years ending a long standoff taran agreed to strict limits on its nuclear program and to open facilities to international experts and in return some sanctions against the country were actually lifted well after netanyahu promised to share his data with the world germany and france both said that it does need to be studied in more
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detail however the white house did back netanyahu presentations saying that iran tried to fire and failed to hide its activities from the world that statement though does contradict data from the nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency he used foreign policy chief in the meantime said that netanyahu has claimed don't put into question iran's current compliance with the deal we got reaction from people in the iranian capital. now that trump is in the white house and your clients are. having its first article it seems to be. what is after again to break the deal and make america pull out of the i certainly if the israelis had precise information and it could be investigated in a serious manner they would take action fast because they know they have to do something to get results in a much shorter time. than has been committed to all its promises
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no these release are just playing games but i don't think vera three was accepted and i think the european union supports we have to remember that this is not the first time that israel has accused iran of trying to build a bomb and the the prior evidence that they have actually provided has not held up we have to take this with a very large grain of salt and we also have to remember the timing i mean this is comey less than two weeks before trying to make a decision right regarding if if the united states wants to stay in visual so absolutely no evidence so far. from percent that getting rid of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula will make the world a safer place he also expressed confidence to his meeting with kim jong un would actually happen soon becomes in the wake of friday's historic summit between the leaders of north and south korea during which the two sides committed to denuclearization and vowed to sign
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a proper peace treaty however donald trump's national security adviser says that the nuclear eyes ation should be based on what happened in libya. old president trump in the sickest that can give up ship out all of those nuclear weapons all of those nuclear fuel all of those ballistic missiles before the us makes any concessions yeah i think that's what denuclearization means and we have very much in mind the libyan model from two thousand and three two thousand and four well back in two thousand and three libya did agree to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction but his motor gas they have now explains the country didn't exactly benefit. remember the colonel colonel gadhafi he once had the nuclear program scary stuff a despot with nuclear weapons so the world sanctioned him pressured him punished him eventually colonel gadhafi offered to scrap his nuclear program the
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u.s. and britain made the deal all hush hush they lifted sanctions resurrected relations made friends seven years later they came back and helped to kill him. he died painfully tortured alone in the desert his army having been obliterated by the u.s. britain and allies his murderous freedom fighters they called them then would go on to plunge libya into anarky killing thousands many and the place on terror lists later pundits in america in europe in korea would write that perhaps gadhafi giving up the only weapon that could have protected him was a bad idea in pyongyang's view the libyans took the economic bait foolishly
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disarmed themselves and once they were defenseless were mercilessly punished by the west the president a firm really been leaders gadhafi his brutal death does not offer much confidence can join in about a safe exit the libyan crisis is teaching the international community a great lesson iran when giving up its nuclear program thought it could get a better deal i want to ask if you're have made up your mind to pull out of that deal and if you do pull out of that deal do you think you worry that sends the wrong message to north korea as you seek to enter leclaire talks with kim jong un no i think it sends the right message you know in seven years that deal will have expired and iran is free to go. ahead and create nuclear weapons that's not acceptable seventy years is tomorrow that's not acceptable you can't help but wonder at the logic if there is any it's hard to tell sometimes with trump how is ripping up a nuclear disarmament deal a good thing or
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a good precedent maybe north korea will get it it has now floated the idea that it's too could give up its nuclear program it is important to be positive optimistic look forward don't think about what happened to the last few guys that gave up their nukes maybe mr bolton didn't think about what he was saying he does want north korea to disarm right not grow its nuclear arsenal and paranoia or perhaps mr bolton one of the most hawkish and militant officials in the u.s. brought up libya on purpose it seems like they're telling the north koreans don't disarm when they do that because of course north korea like iraq for that matter disarm and then the u.s. invaded them and destroyed them and killed the leaders and killed all the people in the in the ruling circles so you can really tell mr crump and you i mean you at one
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moment endorsing peace at another moment is telling. mr kim that he's going to be. sodomized with the baronet like the. old mark. or hang them as they did to saddam hussein if the north koreans feel the u.s. is going to destroy their country it would affect all the countries in that area well meanwhile south korea has started to remove the loudspeakers from its border with the north in light of the deescalation on the peninsula here's a reminder of some of the messages they used to broadcast. i want to. know. and the broadcast could be heard not only by north korean soldiers on the border but also by the locals living close to it propaganda loudspeakers on both sides
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have regularly been removed and then been stalled following times of both tensions and the escalations between the two koreas meanwhile the leader of south korea has reportedly even suggested trump deserves the nobel peace prize for his efforts we got public reaction to this firstly in the united states. which world leader has done the most for a week piece of history. that's a tough one but i guess i'd point to him as a moon of south korea and can you point to which world leader has done the most for world peace out of these three. the world is there to tell us why. on all three try the only one that's been able to get these people to talk to each other. the leader of south korea has suggested that donald trump be given the nobel prize oh my god no he doesn't deserve anything but. i find it
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difficult to give donald trump credit for anything is the worst thing i ever heard oh my god. yeah that's not going to have. your c.r.t. international going to take a quick break morning sentiments. a thing that interrupts free trade interrupt freedom and i think interim freedom is a reversion back to the a feudal ism and we see that happening right now by states and presumably here in canada as well as concentrated in the cure for your hands bradley a river of the risk of neo feudalism on the horizon crypto is is the answer in my view and it is an asset class and it is gobbling up market share and the us dollar is still all free up money is still. with us manufactured and sentenced to public wealth. when the
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ruling closest to protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and be the one. who ignore middle routes to. the real news. welcome back now a leading cancer surgeon in russia is raising awareness of the die inches of light diagnosis he launched his campaign after he himself found out too late that he has the disease and has little chance of survival.
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well the sickness what channel when there was no oldish discomfort but found out that i was ill by chills so i had stomach ache took some pills to still decided to check the book the symptoms meant the scan clearly showed it wasn't schumacher so a day later i already had to close it. with a judge and yeah but to go in the day i found out i told my wife to use false imprisonment for our kids she panicked started crying the times was shaking i tried to comfort her as i could told me more treatment plans the hardest thing just to help my kids calm. down there's a lesson in there but at the end of. the main aim of the project is to give cancer
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patients as much information about the disease possible currently the situations that we have a small so between the patient and don'ts of the patients must know everything about the disease the prognosis for possible complications and all the options. we have here from what i'm doing because your friend of ours just like. it's been revealed more than half of my grandson role would in integration courses in germany if i were to pass basic language test that is the country is a back to you to open its doors to even more solemn seekers. as more. for germany welcoming well over one million refugees and asylum applicants over the last three years was just the beginning the tough job comes in well integrating those people into german society that seems to be pretty much something everybody agrees on just
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ask the chancellor integrated story for you to get the integration of deterring urging migrants has a very special meaning for us to meet the focus here is to learn german language those who speak german get better involved in our society. under false flag and the is of course the other challenges the big number of refugees in germany not to only register the to achieve the task of integration a long term residency will only be granted for refugees fulfill the task of integration and that things have not been going to plan the federal office for migration and refugees have just released their latest figures in relation to refugees and asylum applicants taking language courses the numbers make for pretty viewing less than half of those on the course the chief did basic level of language proficiency things like being able to go to the hospital go to the shops or apply
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for a job while just over forty percent achieved a lower level than that where they say you can understand but not speak the rest well they either failed the course or didn't complete it in its entirety and well that lets them bode well for people looking to get jobs that require qualifications the most of the german courses in germany. have rested g.'s. needs another course they need advice from friends and other people to improve their germs girls you know for me it was a good day i had a lot of german friends so i was willing to integrate and too was a german courses and to to go. school the integration program doesn't come cheap last year six hundred ten million euro of taxpayer money was funneled into it and they haven't seen a good return on their investment. it can be assumed that
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a large part of the funds spent were lost because the courses were characterized by dwindling numbers of participants at the top of the program say they need more time but acknowledge that one of the main reasons people don't pass is that they don't show up but classes but others acknowledge that some refugees traumatized by the experiences that they've heard while others don't come from a so-called learning culture having never attended school in their native country many off their. basic learning skills because many. didn't attend school at all it dropped all to be early early and so it might be too difficult for them to. a foreign language which. refugees entitled to stay on leave temporarily abroad which they fled from over there to return to their countries of origin and we should focus on. teaching
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them to scoot switch to need to reboot their country of origin and start off teaching them some very basic german mentioned along a cell phone or you will swear them it is a big paradox or because. on the one side white populists want that migrants integrate themselves on the other side they say migrants are criminals they generalize they are there better they bring a bad culture a primitive culture so this is a real damage because yes migrant i'm not mock debates myself when a guy has a lot of prejudices against me and says i'm a criminal and he does along me i'm going to merkel announced just recently the germany will accept another ten thousand refugees in the very near future critics of that move for asking whether it's wise to take more people when germany's already struggling to integrate those who live here already. ok let's go
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back to our top story this evening because rallies and demonstrations are being held to mark may day around the world and in the french capital protests have actually turned violent from paris show devinsky sent this report. in the middle of cashews now starting with the police i want to have a look over you'll see the tear gas is coming up to us the police move again and that's because just behind us there is a fire going on the demonstrators have put fire to a very cool and emergency bike and as you can see i don't smoke. well as you might have gathered we've just been in the middle of what was quite
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a large clash between the police and the protesters just look behind me this is one of the trucks with the water cannons and you can see the gendarme now coming down and you can see some of the water in the firm that's been on the ground to try and push these protesters back take a look behind me and they're actually trying to barricade themselves up now that's off to they set fire to what looked like a g. c.p.b. fact it's still our own foyer over there in the distance and then the police were brought in because what the process is did is if you just turn around a little bit more will cause me to have a look this you may see this big polluters over dog smoke coming up here on the protesters what they did is they lit for it she would seem to be some sort of motorbike and the car and then after that fire with the smoke pushing up into apartments where people live the police decided to enough was enough they had held back they've been on standby old day expecting this protest to chile nasty but
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while the processes were smashing up first food restaurants like mcdonald's while they were letting a fire with throwing a fireworks into the crowds themselves letting off sounds good. raids and smashing up other businesses the police try to stay away as much as possible but that that was the last straw that danger to human life the people living in those apartments who could be completely taken over by the films of smoke that was it for the police and at that point they so i did to come in for the moment it seems like there's a standoff i saw the protesters throwing tear gas canisters back towards the police and we were actually cool in the florey of tear gas canisters coming in. at that point i mean you might be able to see my eyes are burning it was impossible to talk because it was just like breathing purefoy it was horrible this
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protest is due to continue these guys say they want an antique up to the society they want an end to the fascism of the anti that but the reality is what are they doing today is not just smashing up the big businesses in the big enterprises they're actually now sucking up small enterprises and putting people's lives in real danger shorty pinsky r.t. paris. and that brings you up to date so far with the news today we're going to be back with more for you in about half an hour's time time to get updated on our social media pages and you tube channel to. play the victim as our mr. cooper said that i did just that my. life that i sat next.
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to. the lobby. take a. look at any of those. and keep them honest and out of them. have a good health coverage. and this year's are made up automated i don't. know how stable. is going to get done it will be a lot of admission. in
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july twenty seventh team hunted up a freelance journalist working with on to militant shelling in syria. to own it his sacrifice quality has established a holiday memorial service they will recognize war reporters who often risk then off for the sake of the truth and through that peace you can submit to your published works in a video or written form to go to a war and do it on t.v. don't come into now. palm oil is one of the most controversial products of odds on it's a solid vegetable fat that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million tons that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of palm oil plantations which means the destruction of
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rain forests. given duties you know a lot more than ten million hiked as of unique rain forest has been destroyed and it's a process that just keeps going. hi this is max kaiser stacy everett of the kaiser report yeah our into ronson check out what we did on our live stage act you know the story begins in one nine hundred seventy one actually you know president richard nixon entered a new era and global finance he had been in the bretton woods agreement and gold
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was no longer anchoring the global economy we entered a period of very interesting experiment of free i currencies anchoring free our currencies anchoring free of currencies anchoring. it's turtles all the way down we entered into the modern financial era reference value at all no gold nothing just a country's flailing about entering into spurious wars. economic theoretical policies based on nothing and a lot of money printing the rise of the central bank the whole the central bank the ben bernanke is the janet yellen of the world and we worship priests in front of the disease will of money printing now that era is coming to a close the era of the u.s. dollar as the reserve currency is coming to a close with the rise. in crypto currencies is it an asset class or darn right it's an ass i class how do we know that because as people abandon the fee out
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currency nightmare that was given us and nothing but misery for fifty years their plowing into currencies is a go at one hundred thousand you're darn right it's going to hundred thousand because there is trillions of dollars sloshing around in a cesspool called the global financial markets there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to valuation on any of these assets whatsoever. and i saw a headline coming up here today which immediately got my attention so the exchange crack and right crack crack and jesse power jesse powell at the crack and exchange they have told schneiderman in new york to pound sand a basically. they're trying to dig into all the market making that goes on in these exchanges and they wonder how price discovery works on these very sick strangers and so all these exchanges are saying look we're opposed regulatory framework we're kospi our currency framework we're entering a new year and we don't mean the ses.


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