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tv   Documentary  RT  May 1, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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that's what i'm about about cars they're just. not the bikes and some of my son the one i just put all the time on i are out of pocket my thoughts on. my fiance just. yet i decided not searching. in the sun for the new eleven i have as you can be able to say where the commercial looked really. good initially how the west how that's going to need a wiki if you have a selfish desire. except for santa most of the. stuff you want the star she.
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likes yeah look i'm for that and it's fun for the end of my wish for things. kind of summer find somebody. else get able to i'm just out of a sort of in those don't be. the most lethal has the most remote i'll smoke my. hands in about a half of them and then the condition of the fine i walk off to a bit magical just about straight out of shot in a small sort of way if i must say that she. i must raise the fact i'll you mean fine look at that it had been the. normal out of them that she's a. is there some sort of in a lot of them. was a little boy. again he said that he but when john mcafee done was that the man had said that just the news that a woman with dogs might see. one o'clock and it must seem to me that i'm not going
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to want to. make my fish a bad day to day again it can also be. thought of in the saddest but they'll be at the issue will be their shift to a motel in the deep south when i'm mystified as a little much for the knock on the ice is lower so it's only the shadow what would you say you get one pick up and one just looked at it. and the thing was that my thumb was a hand. when i looked to the south texas. to call me and when i. come from one time to cut. back that's not the problem around those may.
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not like to play such a thing. and they will sign anything at all if you didn't ask them to stop with you for the final head are they teaching their mind. to do that i must just sit up and sit with the us we should have so we would have if i was so we must shift more just might call for months that you're starving blacks who are something i like not kind of pseudonym about i was an absolutely fair with us. all the family. nothing. except my boss are most of the time to. allow us of the solvent if you. wake of the song that would be any.
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on the state of the muslim public. health stuff looks nice about. that that went down about a. double . check near. the. start of summer because of. it they've been locked down in my fees this time having to look for some down
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business aspects of them to israel to me i should in my machine when don't have the heart that may have been if i should have them all those must solution. i mean i leave it at that seattle i'm probably not jealous are. somebody called give call it logical. i am a myth. it's to please that man because she's dead but that will be sad never should've been let out the bits of egypt. that you. know somebody's. gonna. get him on the floor in the home to mom mom this is not the
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time ha. ha ha ha ha ha i don't put it all with jamal here. i am. busy out a smile on. the. lips of the for the all southern all. for me none of us the. vilest thus the lives of so. little. and we'll deal. with the one who climbed up and saw what i've just been in a call to the head down on the ice sheet and so things are going to the future of them and their doctor that will. cause i don't know who said you'll be enough for them to suddenly listen to what i'm sure that when a vision i'm sure they're going to think that that's one of the line of some of the
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finest plays on something something that has a good home opens them up close and by the limousine with a good. look at them and they're just over and they're the. you know hereford no way in all the game assembling a pulse when they said i mean ok though and pulling the. new look closely one of the goal posts when it was it wasn't because you messed with more butter or something but if it mumbled the mafia letter juggler should be home sonic on a cd and i'm going to hospital ship. him home b. i had more than one machine home visit i. think since kind of knock on the stairs a lot i want to put my mother above that. someone about i didn't like races in
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prison but in the bible which i know so have made me feel an aside or was awful oh if i want to like nick with mark williams solve it with john mark and him to heck much of it live here with. god of all the visit he got the. phone ahead. does count on was that i thought the dumbest saw you had just walked into town last fall see a. problem months old in the path of the old but i hearkened have been careless the past behind in my mind even policies that will fuck. you no luck but us me on one of the. only about my sure that in my one hundred got it but i mean ok that. is good that income according. to you not to. get out of his family and
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then work that on the hour for three months all that and also have to make to yourself and the dishes a couple more not stating any of this in a moment of that was that her son. should have the federal you have you thought that he was god who was on the floor for a muckle it will be that girl might. be missing under the rock they had a problem a set of. well wisher of the bahamas but a hug then they got hot for growth he is not i want a hug this made. one of the sick. when the so. i somehow don't have a how. ashen i'm sure is that ending this as a bit i thought to have a duty. to say well. look.
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let's cut. the shit. you. think. take. the. government still. in that seat and that. most who are in the field. because of the whole of them going to move. in their lives are that somebody let it
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. none. can fix the problems. in the us and cynical pump blood of the living or the you must. yet and you know one learn of all that in one of the all kind of person chosen to listen to the book and i wish you. would the will and the book has known the slogan for the sleep is
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there at least no good clothes and send off blow in that no sweet will you rather be the beginning hold on a much higher you got a look if that's the most ethical suit. when the whole make just manufacture consensus instance of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round the sun be the one percent told. it's time to make an old middle of the room signal. to the moon in the real news room.
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and board. and order and order. and. stuff.
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my. son are going through some allow the fear. to keep going to the lunatic and i know you're going to deal with this leg with their two kids have little to no duffy look a little. sigh that will. tell me something all that much. because i let it. go i was wonderful i just.
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i love you know them. but such i don't see him. yet but that is sad story i don't think it will cut it but i shall be out of it. if. he does look. to remove the litigious you have those. you look at that would tell.
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the jury when it comes it comes in going to be good just the cutest emotion to be done cause i'm not much above the guy that does this i mean obviously get out and be done it would have to be months of assault but i think on that beat a lot of. punches thrown he said looking at me i'm carving but i'm just a month stuffed full caught enough to get the feeling of the month looking fuck off from the musharraf phenomenon the people so look out on monday so the sea come i believe even i thought nothing of philip not about that did the same about them are obviously. little different date. and if i was to go solving the stuff yeah the most up. for class challenge your ammo. being on your bottom we know many of you. would listen
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a lot. more not to such. foolishness because you have the most something out there not believe it to be mean but even if it is true. there is still there is. no truth to the truth. to. get out of there you believe the most in the leave the. house of god and the good of the people of the city and do. stuff to downshift yesterday and you for sure enough to come up to the. council with. their. you know. you know that.
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was enough of a job to happen if i would have a little similar to such. lists . to. use up on the i mean if i'm going to leave and i'm not up a few i love my phone number this you both will show you what the new york post you know opened the massive over the phone i was told to use it are the best of the ability because the. most you know for the most you're going to doesn't hold on most of the. games all will. be the shuttle.
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if you go to those who. serve the country ahead of the world. at the bottom if you know if you can look up some of them give them a little scoop is one of them look. good.
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the shuttle of the blood will go. just on the one on the i'm a kid on the morning of book the song to me you must have loved them the lot of the four hundred people to look up to and one of. the saudi will come up. come come. look odd but how somebody and it was so bad i left them at that block but found the house more than i ever struck. down by making thomas in a swell. exam i had started out most of. the time mail the five from home from san angelo first climbed this it's a bad and if old one is it on my shelf at the end. if it's not sebastian in the
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summer looks like it. was from some back about how to muster and what is your. fault gang. coming up. if you. feel. just.
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a little you still. not going off the ledge. they. violate your life. and there are no problems. in the public and well you know that you're actually going to opt out i've never heard of a conscious effort to. take . a look at the data from.
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just that it was somebody in the family that is the. sort my little. daughter and i saw two hundred in the no ten days and more like suddenly. i was going to be delivered today that it's not. just about our grandson looking. at. safford that's not. something. the total. that i am tempted.
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to do. on that level but i know that you are wildly out of shape and be that into. you know. the sorts of fun these new. shape the boys to you will have moved surely. you are going to the mom my stagnation and my job new software so i saw films of my minutes of the women down. below well that might be a. good school o'connor and that she would be a lot on she would be a strict limits. because she might be out of shape
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but those are the. statements to hear a little of me. in the. world of behind beauty of us little female but they still a lot of. study. helen wish to learn of. the heart of. limitless. if you look at the field that. actually. told. you to. keep. other arabs have been. up to date but they didn't.
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jump on them it's a. good building for and that was good enough for the first year but a little bit of that i don't know but they're. sort of let's. keep it against the law and i tell that to my mind open to any we'll. i think that's you know there's a bit of a you know anything michel not one hundred one. mistake that would be a vision of the good article that there or anybody was so far as it is i mean if our government. should be dishonest as you know the sort of. talent of the i'm sure i don't know. really anderson he did. one of my own for the times you're here to. dispute them but i have to look at it now but maybe it. was time. to learn the dark.
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shade of money and then change it i meant i don't follow those he'll be i can love the. most awful i think the better i do because the limit the. fact that i'm learning to be dead so i hear my thoughts to is that i've gotten older i am making the right you. know current going to have to be out there with and we'll divide it up you are you know back to helping me just adds. go hug.
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a thing editor of free trade interrupts freedom and i think interim freedom is a reversion back to me a little of that we see that happening right now the united states and presumably here in canada as well as concentrated in a few or fewer hands grabbing a river of the risk of neil feudalism on the horizon crypto is is the answer in my view and it is an asset class and it is gobbling up market share and the us dollar is all free up money is still.
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in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better god than for us customs are here permanently all the science is controlled by as a monday impose the opening time so if. it is from is all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like picasso and modigliani i can't boards and soon the scientists warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discrete commercially discrete steps but also discrete because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to. dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport position you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it
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a matter of confidentiality only is it the world like the our business. correspondent is hit by tear gas during may day riots in paris police also fired water cannon after mass protests this torched cars. to not to tell you one thing. the ron clark. israel's prime minister tries to convince the world that the run cannot be trusted just days before donald trump intends to scrap the historic nuclear deal. and from says negotiations with north korea on denuclearization will.


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