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correspondent is caught up in tear gas during may day riots in paris police also fired water cannons after masked protesters torched cars. to tell you one thing. israel's prime minister tries to convince the world that iran cannot be trusted just days before donald trump intends to scrap of the historic nuclear deal. and says negotiations with north korea will be nuclear. and will go ahead while his national security adviser believes what happened in libya should serve as a model. of
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broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our thomas certainly glad to have you with us now a massive rally in to mark may day in the french capital has turned violent as to demonstrators burned cars and hurled smoke our correspondent charles was caught up in the crossfire between protesters and police who were deploying tear gas and water too. we. will all call him for the moment however those clashes we saw between the police and the protests is have been some of the most remote function of intense clashes i've seen in the last fifteen months or so in france i just want to give you a sense of what sort of damage has been created from those are clashes and not just
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clashes but the damage that was caused by the protest is the police had warned early on tuesday morning ahead of these may day protests that they thought they were going to be hijacked by anti capitalists by anti fascists and they were indeed that they came out in their hundreds ready with a gear they safety gear to be able to protect themselves from the tear gas the masks just have a look at this is one of the vehicles that they burned still smoking there and just behind it the plumes of smoke that came up from this vehicle huge proclamations of smoke that went up and just completely mosques this block of apartments where people were living protesters would damaging and smashing items up across this part of paris and the police had to let them be however when they came when they started the fires here when these apartment blocks were put in danger then the police intervened and we were cool in that crossfire here is what happened in the middle
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of cashews now starting the police already today we look around very you'll see the tear gas is coming up to us the police move again and that's because just behind us there is a fire going on the demonstrators have put forward to a very cool and emerged bike and as you can see smoke. well as you might have gathered we've just been in the middle of what was quite a large clash between the police and the protests just look behind me this is one of the trucks with the water cannons and you can see the gendarme now coming down and you can see some of the water in the foam that's been on the ground to try and push these protesters back take a look behind me and are actually trying to barricade themselves up that's off to they set fire to what looked like a juicy piece of fact it's still own fire over there in the distance the process is
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it is if you just turn around a little bit more what kills me to have a look at this you may see this. over smoke coming up here on the protesters what they did is they let fly it see what seemed to be some sort of motorbike and a car and this protest is due to continue these guys say they want an antique up to the society they want an end to fascism they aren't saying that but the reality is what they doing today is not just smashing up the big businesses in the big enterprises they're actually now searching up small enterprises and putting people's lives in real danger shola the pinsky altie paris. more than two hundred people have been arrested over the clashes according to police but france was not the only country to witness on rest between the police and protesters both turkey and greece also saw their labor day rallies turn violent in
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germany may day rallies also resulted in clashes between demonstrators and the authorities. couples broke out between the police and the anti-fascist activists in berlin up to ten thousand people attended the march although it lacked. authorization than five thousand officers were deployed to control the martyrs. israel's prime minister as gone all out to prove once and for all that iran lied about its nuclear ambitions he wheeled out thousands of documents and c.d.'s as evidence along with a powerpoint presentation and it comes just twelve days before donald trump is expected to scrap the iran nuclear deal tonight i'm here to tell you one thing iran lart the evidence well that lies in this filing cabinet allegedly thousands of
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documents and c.d.'s half a ton to be precise proven conclusively tehran misled the world about its nuclear plans both before and after the twenty fifteen agreement we've known for years that iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called project them out hailing this as a significant development and a great intelligence achievement that we all who was sure iran has one reason and one reason only to hide this information why would a terrorist regime. hide and meticulously catalogued in secret nuclear files is not to use them a literary estate hiding its nuclear weapons program what other country would do such a thing some will remember netanyahu twenty twelve un speech and the cartoon bomb iran's foreign ministry has already called his presentation a propaganda show but the issue here is also a serious one since the onset netanyahu has been an ardent critic of the iran agreement so this is a terrible deal. i think this deal is
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a bad bad to do. it should never have been concluded and if you do. president trump. will design will make as the solution on what to do with the nuclear deal. i'm sure you'll do the right thing. the right thing for the united states. the right thing for israel and the right thing for the produce of the world this development comes at a crucial time for this international framework in less than two weeks president trump will decide the future course of u.s. action is likely to differ strongly from the other members of the five plus one group despite last week's niceties during president micron's visit to the states so far trump has kept his cards close to his chests we'll see what happens his favorite phrase whatever does come about on may the twelfth there's a new york who will do all he can to convince the world that scrapping the deal is
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the right way forward even at the cost of years of negotiations and the delicate regional power balance hailed as a huge diplomatic success in the iran nuclear deal was hammered out back in two thousand and fifteen between the u.s. china the u.k. russia france germany and iran the negotiations took nine years ending a long standoff tehran agreed to strict limits on its nuclear program and to open facilities to international experts in return some sanctions against the country were lifted after netanyahu promised to share his data with the world germany and france both said it needs to be studied in detail however the white house backed netanyahu as presentations saying iran tried and failed to hide its activities from the world that statement contradicts the data from the nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency the e.u. foreign policy chief in turn said netanyahu claims don't put into question iran's compliance with the deal we heard reaction from people in the iranian capital. now
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that trump is in the white house and your cons are. having infamous outing it seems to be. what is after again to break that deal and make it make up put out of the. certainly if the israelis had precise information and it could be investigated in a serious manner they would take action fast because they know they have to do something to get exults in a much shorter time. than a diet she ran has been committed to all its promises no these release are just playing games but i don't think there are three was accepted and i think the european union supports iran's daniel mcadams executive director at the ron paul institute said he believes netanyahu wants to maneuver the u.s. into a confrontation with iran netanyahu knows very well that he cannot take on iran on his own bibi is playing trump like a fiddle but look around truck has got all the same losers that were in power in
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two thousand and two who lied us into going into iraq or we're supposed to believe that somehow just a week or so before trump has to make a decision on iran that all of a sudden it come into this amazing information here let us rush to share with you this information telling you how evil they are it's all pure just like it's ridiculous vom thing at the u.n. it's just a desperate ploy to lie us into another war. that yahoo is an unusual way of presenting his proof on iran's nuclear program stimulated quite a response online and twitter users didn't hesitate to chime in.
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donald trump has said that getting rid of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula will make the world a safer place he also expressed confidence his meeting with kim jong un would happen soon comes in the wake of friday's historic summit between the leaders of north and south korea at that meeting the two sides committed to denuclearization and vowed to sign a permanent peace treaty however donald trump's national security adviser says denuclearization should be based on what happened in libya will president trump in assist that can give op ship out all of the nuclear weapons all of his nuclear fuel all of those ballistic missiles before the u.s.
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makes any concessions yeah i think that's what denuclearization means and we have very much in mind the libya model from two thousand and three two thousand and four back in two thousand and three libya agreed to to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction but as artie's but i've got to have comments the country did not exactly benefit. remember the colonel colonel gadhafi he once had the nuclear program scary stuff a despot with nuclear weapons so the world sanctioned him pressured him punished him then chile colonel gadhafi offered to scrap his nuclear program the u.s. and britain made the deal all hush hush they lifted sanctions resurrected relations made friends seven years later they came back and helped to kill him. he died painfully tortured alone in the desert his army having been obliterated by
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the u.s. britain and allies his murderous freedom fighters they called them then would go on to plunge libya into our naki killing thousands many and the place on terror lists later pundits in america in europe in korea would write that perhaps gadhafi giving up the only weapon that could have protected him was a bad idea in pyongyang's view the libyans took the economic bait foolishly disarmed themselves and once they were defenseless were mercilessly punished by the west the president for really been leaders gadhafi is brutal death does not offer much confidence can join in about a safe exit the libyan crisis is teaching the international community a great lesson iran when giving up its nuclear program thought it could get a better deal i want to ask if you're have made up your mind to pull out of that
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deal and if you do pull out of the deal do you think you worry that sends the wrong message to north korea as you see to enter legally or talks with kim jong un no i think it sends the right message you know in seven years that deal will have expired and iran is free to go. go ahead and create nuclear weapons that's not acceptable seventy years is tomorrow that's not acceptable you can't help but wonder at the logic if there is any it's hard to tell sometimes with trump how is ripping up a nuclear disarmament deal a good thing or a good precedent maybe north korea will get it it has now floated the idea that it's too could give up its nuclear program it is important to be positive optimistic look forward don't think about what happened to the last few guys that gave up the nukes maybe mr bolton didn't think about what he was saying he does one
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north korea to disarm right not grow its nuclear arsenal in paranoia or perhaps mr bolton one of the most hawkish and militant officials in the u.s. brought up libya on purpose it seems like they're telling the north koreans don't disarm when they do that because of course north korea like iraq for that matter disarm and then the u.s. invaded them and destroyed them and killed the leaders and killed all the people in the in the ruling circles so you can really tell mr crump when you i mean you've got one moment endorsing peace at another moment is telling to. mr kim that he's going to be. sodomized with a band that like the old market off or hang as they did to to saddam hussein if the north koreans feel the u.s. is going to destroy their country it would affect all the countries in that area meanwhile south korea has started removing the loudspeakers from its border with of
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the north in light of the deescalation they used to send out point to messages like these. broadcast could be heard not only by north korean soldiers on the border but also by locals living close to it propaganda loudspeakers on both sides have regularly been removed and reinstalled following times of both tensions and the escalations between the two koreas meanwhile the leader of south korea j.n.r. has even reportedly suggested trump deserves the nobel peace prize for his efforts we got public reaction to this first in the united states. which world leader has done the most for world peace three. that's
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a tough one but i guess i'd point to him as a moon of south korea and can you point to which world leader has done the most for world peace out of these three. and we will. there you tell us why. from the only one that's been able to get these people to talk to each other. the leader of south korea has suggested that donald trump be given the nobel prize oh my god no he doesn't do that and you know what. i find it difficult to give donald trump credit for anything is the worst thing i ever heard oh my god. yeah that's not going to have. well just hours before the u.s. was about to slap the e.u. with huge import tariffs on steel and aluminum a special exemption has been extended for another month it had been feared that if the terrorists had come into force they could have triggered a full scale trade war or to use american reports now from washington. one would
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think that europe would be happy with trump's decision to extend the exemption for another month but europe wasn't too pleased saying that the tariffs should be done away with completely now in addition to that the e.u. warned that it would not negotiate under threat these uncertainties however have negatively affected european businesses as the state exemption has only been granted for one extra month there's a sense of the can having been kicked down the road firms cannot continue making investment decisions based on short term uncertain deadlines washington has been trying to force countries to accept quotas on steel an element of imports and they have until june first to accept washington's ultimatum things are so tense that chancellor merkel and president across even across the atlantic to talk to trump about this but it doesn't seem like it matters how touchy feely you get with trump his mind appears to be set going to sound so nice. you know why i mean they literally did i care so they formed to take advantage of the united
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states and i don't blame them if tariffs are imposed the e.u. which happens to be washington strongest trading partner says it will retaliate by placing tariffs on lucrative american imports including harley davidson motorcycles levi jeans orange juice and kentucky bourbon to name a few. so now we will also impose import tariffs this is basically a stupid process the fact that we have to do this but we have to do it we were not impose tariffs on motorcycles harley davidson on blue jeans levis but we can also do stupid we also have to be this stupid so the good news is the trade war has been postponed for now but the question is will europe back pedal. editorial director at the american institute for economic research jeffrey tucker told us trump has been thinking about waging a trade war from the very start trade war is what he intended from the moment he
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put his hand on the bible and took the oath of office i don't think he wants to come to a good resolution to this conflict he wants to create the conflicts and then keep creating and keep creating the conflicts is a convinced economic nationalist he really believes in this in this part that it's he can create an american national machine or production that's not depend upon europe canada and the rest of the world that this will somehow be good for america don't trump believes in a zero sum kind of world it's like either america wins or america loses but it's very difficult to say who's got the most to lose everyone has something to lose american producers and consumers and all of european producers and consumers i must say is an american i'm very embarrassed and this is what we've come to. it leading cancer specialist in russia is raising awareness of the dangers of late diagnosis he launched his campaign after he found himself well too late when he had
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the disease and he now has little chance of survival. well the sickness will channel when there was an oldish discomfort or sound of that i was ill by chills so i had stomach ache took some pills so still decided to check the book the symptoms meant the scan clearly showed it wasn't schumacher so a day later i already had the bug narcissistic. with a judge and yeah but a girl in the day i found out i told my wife the news for some presents for our kids she panicked started crying how heins was shaking and i tried to comfort her
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as i could told her what treatment plans the hardest thing is to help my kids cope . and as election in their back they can ask. her the main aim of the project is to give cancer patients as much information about the disease as possible currently the situation is that we have a small so between the patient and doctor the patients must know everything about the disease the prognosis all possible complications and all the options. we have to get them under encouraged us from an early college just like. it has turned out more than half of migrants who are taking integration courses in germany have failed to pass basic language tests and of that comes as the country prepares to open its doors even more asylum seekers are to appear all over picks up a story force. for germany welcoming well over one million refugees and asylum
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applicants over the last three years was just the beginning the tough job comes in well integrating those people into german society that seems to be pretty much something everybody agrees on just ask the chancellor into god story forty two because the integration of to turkish origin migrants has very special meaning for us to meet the focus here is to learn german language those who speak german get better involved in our society. the under hall's model is of course the added challenge is the big number of refugees in germany not to only register the to achieve the task of integration a long term residency will only be granted for refugees for the task of integration and that things have not been going to plan the federal office for migration and refugees have just released their latest figures in relation to refugees and asylum
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applicants taking language courses the numbers make for pretty viewing less than half of those on the course the chief did basic level of language proficiency things like being able to go to the hospital go to the shops or apply for a job while just over forty percent achieved a lower level than that where they say you can understand but not speak the rest well they either failed the course or didn't complete it in its entirety and well that lets them bode well for people looking to get jobs that require qualifications to most of the german courses in germany. so ressa g.'s. needs another course they need advice from friends and other people to improve their germs girls you know read to us good day i had a lot of german friends so i was i willing to integrate and too was a german courses and to go to school the integration program doesn't come cheap
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last year six hundred ten million euro of taxpayer money was funneled into it and they haven't seen a good return on their investment. it can be assumed that a large part of the funds spent were lost because the courses were characterized by dwindling numbers of participants both at the top of the program say they need more time but acknowledge that one of the main reasons people don't pass is that they don't show up for classes but others acknowledge that. some refugees traumatized by the experiences that they've had while others don't come from a so-called learning culture having never attended school in their native country many off. base seek learning skills because many of. didn't attend school at all it dropped all too early. so it might be too difficult for them to. a foreign language rich. refugees
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to stay only temporarily brought this over to return to their countries self journey and we should focus on. teaching them to scoot switch to need to reboot their country of origin instead of teaching them some very basic mitch and a long wrongness of nor us what. it is the big paradox because. on the one side whites and populists want that migrants integrate themselves on the other site they say migrants are criminals they generalize they are their bets they bring about a culture of primitive culture so this is a real damage because yes migrants i'm not mock debates myself when a guy has a lot of prejudice against me and says i'm a criminal and he doesn't know me i'm going to merkel announced just recently that germany will accept another ten thousand refugees in the very near future critics
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of that move for asking whether it's weiss to take more people when germany's already struggling to integrate the youth who live here are already. coming for college exams can be overwhelming and even reduce you to tears and sometimes a hug or even a box of tissues is simply not enough but no need to despair one university in utah thinks it's found the solution. chief. thank. you and. thank.
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you and. thank. you and. to a. right watch march international i'll be back in about thirty one minutes with a full look at your news stay with us.
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you know there is nothing better than good bowl of cereal the oats though the honey the the glad to say what i mean c'mon nothing nothing
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start your day off better than a little orange juice and weed killer in the morning and tragically hawk watchers it's not just your breakfast foods that contain mums tonto's little helper yes according to the internal e-mails obtained by the guardian and the food and drug administration has actually had trouble finding grocery store foods that do not carry trace amounts of the pesticide in an e-mail to his colleagues there back in january of two thousand and seventeen f.d.a. chemist richard thompson exclaims i have brought wheat crackers granola cereal and corn meal from home and there is a fair amount in all of them thompson who works at a regional laboratory in arkansas one hundred point out that the only food he had on hand the didn't have any glad to say was his broccoli broccoli the up.


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