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gary ault. was in the news could have been if you don't have a bank account he's also to honest it's a device he's got his powerball fineness. we meet up again with even with all of his indictments he's earned a shady reputation but after thirty years in the business he's as tough as nails every year in me he heads to basel in switzerland for the biggest art fair in the world art basel. he flies in a private jet for which he pays fifty thousand dollars a year. despite his tangles with the law he wants to be in the right places how does the boss of the alamo want to call out a bunch of sick little. say that many just as strong and red people see it up we call them to mean something else that will. look at your place and to
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be sensitive to lesser known for making the show. as you go but second off a hotel before to such a city that they can get. decent food at the moment you need. i said. but this added benefit of a must because you got some metal. plate it took about. something . help us to step up somebody from a calculus but you know what's that been on that board to see again. but he did it up and he's. burning off his private jet we soon see that his controversial reputation causes fewer problems than predicted. if. this. call thats it. good to.
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see his first appointment is with one of the art fairs founders a rudolf. both men have businesses in singapore and are good friends mr to feel make what you do more to. make it to the altar pete if you want to falsify it is this you could be of new meaning i just. want to modify my idea. to put the dummy. doesn't. the point is that you beat this to me by mentioning yet but so just possibility. that it. will set up a so they can see you still love him. four thousand artists exhibit their works at art basel it attracts the general public but more importantly the biggest players on the international art market. thank you
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gallery owners collectors and curators of the world's museums. accompanied by his art consultant sixteen yves bouvier is here to check out the new trends. most of the works on show come from the store rooms of the geneva freeport some two hundred fifty kilometers away. is here to show his fellow professionals that he's still in the game and is still to be taken seriously. to build up all the automation on a say probably factors that will last weekend most of. us oh ya feel me oh yes how are you going to. raise your.
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and of course. the man on his cell phone is david no mudd. clearly troubled by our camera he bouvier quickly calls his assistant to go reassure him. use it for you that you. need. to treat just like get lost in. the buses. but he has no rights regarding our footage to. cite the likes of. david no mudd isn't just anyone he's the man with three hundred picasso's the head of one of the most powerful
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families in the art world the numb odds renown dealers. here's their stand at art basel by calder mirror who's fun tanos because those. and also a roy lichtenstein and his own two feet all of them stars of modern art. in the mud collection is valued at almost three billion dollars thousands of works most of which are stored at the geneva freeport. maybe the reason david no mud prefers to be discreet is because one of the paintings he owns is causing him problems with the law. the story started here in the paris archives in two thousand and eleven with this man james palmer. is a canadian private detective who specializes in fine. art looted from jews by the
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nazis. one day while rummaging in the paris archives he came across a file on a certain stetson or a jewish antiques dealer the man was dispossessed of all his assets during world war two. after the liberation of paris he found a plane to recuperate his patrimony. the documentation is contained in this box it was here in the paris archives that we found a document that referred to the quest of mr oscar stettner for his stolen pate. the information that we found was that oscar stettner had been despoiled of a number of personal items carpet for example of portrait of him as a young man and also a painting by mostly any. and important painting and that was looted from
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mr stener during the war. the canadian detective began his investigation he discovered that the antiques dealer staton or had made his claim for restitution in one thousand nine hundred six but well before the liberation the painting had already been sold by they've authorities. for the sum of sixteen thousand francs since then it disappeared. particularly because its description is so vague. the document only indicated that it was a painting signed by do jani portrait of a man. the detective had no idea what the painting looked like. he had to find a photo of it at all costs. by consulting peepers kept in the paris archives james palmer came across a clue this telegram. it states that staten or had sent the
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model jani to the venice biennale of one nine hundred thirty. i travelled to venice personally and went into the archives there and to the venice be an alley archives i saw mr stettner spray painting. in a photograph. james palmer was delighted he'd found it. this photo taken at the one nine hundred thirty venice biennale shows twelve paintings on the wall of the room dedicated to. ten portraits of women and two of men. the one on the right was already identified and well known. the painting in the middle however the one of a seated man is more mysterious. so now you've got reference to mr stener owning the painting you've got reference to portrait of a man. and you have a photograph that's the exact same painting that is now illustrated or described
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as the seated man. finally james palmer knew what the painting looked like. but where had it gone he searched everywhere activated his contacts toured the auction rooms archives and museums. and after a few weeks ago. he found a trace of the painting here in london in the catalogue when auction held at christie's in one thousand nine hundred six. the painting was entitled seated man with a cane. but who owned it. it was acquired by a shell company based in panama international arts center whose registration document is seen here. its rightful owner is unnamed. and yet palmer refused to give up and finally discovered another lead to finding the true
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owners. over the years the work appeared in a number of catalogs. and every time alongside the name of one of the most prestigious galleries in the world the helena maud gallery in new york run by the daughter of the family patriarch we ran into at art basel. james palmer decided to write to our. price perceives news and so we have fake crisis you end up with a fake news sell here when you have manipulation of markets and there if you have if you have interest rates at zero and you can borrow money and zero percent you have an unlimited credit line and you can muscle prices around it well that creates fake prices and then if you have robots reporting on fake prices on the financial media as foreign stuff then the robots are going to report on the fake prices
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driven by the fake news created by robots and you have a virtual or a not so virtual cycle of fake news and fake prizes and then that people interpret that as reality. a play for many flips over the years so i know the gaming so i dived. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money to kill the narrowness and spending to do the twenty million one player. book it's an experience like nothing else on to me because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so what more chance with. the piece is going to you today. there's. a little less used to be in the end it didn't last i'm just i'm
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a few fulfill some fundamental changes that might try. when i left that i suspect some. americans and i'm having a lot of those make. sure the world. lives because the book is slow. and. the. country of the in the muck and he's going to make them listen to the moment they're going to have a difficult moment. and these years are made up often they don't know. how shameful. to look at the gun of obvious admission from the.
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one else chose seemed wrong but all roles just don't call. me old yet to shape our disdain comes out to. engage me equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. well the lawyers for our client contacted. the hell. out of new york. and they were ignored. which is not right
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it's not proper so i think after about a month or so they wrote him again and again they were ignored and eventually there was a response and the response was essentially you are suing the wrong people you should be suing the international art center and we have nothing to do with that. james palmer was not taken in by her response. he found a lawsuit against the health gallery in new york. but once again the lawyers denied the family were the owners of the painting. here is their statement to the court in new york. international arts center and nobody else not the head gallery nor david that bought the painting at an auction held at christie's. things stopped dead there until two thousand and fifteen and
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the leaking of the panama papers extraordinary. a document published by the journalists revealed that behind the panamanian company international art center was the renowned art dealer david. so he was a shareholder of the company that owns the painting despite his constant denials. the detective had scored a point. and now he just had to find out where he's seated man was in storage he had a bright idea maybe it was in the geneva freeport where the number of family kept the major part of its collection. the swiss judiciary issued a search warrant for the mob storerooms in april two thousand and sixteen and discovered the holy grail the much sought after painting. it's hard to say if it was hidden or not but it was kept very discreetly in the freeport where there are
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the nomad family are estimated to have a vote three to four billion dollars worth of art or about four and a half thousand works of art in their little room in a freeport. painting claimed to have been looted was well and truly in the storeroom in the freeport a revelation that caused an uproar. the heirs of the antique dealer stettner have now filed a claim for the restitution of the painting we contacted the no months after several attempts they finally agreed to open up their store room at the geneva freeport and to show us the painting in an exhibition room. we would never meet the art dealers themselves but they did accord us an exclusive uing of the painting a very solemn moment. the work was handled with great precaution it is estimated at about twenty million
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dollars today. the families with smaller would tell us their version of the story. is about their money. make a set that blew up a laugh i mean i'm at peace and on a. fact. international and tony is a on the economy going to action there i mean a mad. game. to clear his clients even further lawyer or even raise. has doubts that the painting ever belonged to the jewish antiques dealer staton or. it don't seem to be. any perceived. given
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these. forty is extinct. what. the. sea let us down and said. yes. we had only a few minutes to film the painting. but as the handlers turned the work around we happened to film something on the back that we only noticed later this label from the one nine hundred thirty venice biennale. the owner's name had been crudely erased. and it looks like that of stanton or. a clue to which the detective never had access and which could be crucial for the next stage of his investigation.
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the canadian detective is convinced the geneva freeport could be housing other works of dubious origin. well i think there's a high probability that many other paintings in the freeport were probably looted and probably rest there today that have not seen the light of day for many decades and i believe they're there and i think that it would be very interesting if the public were made aware or at least the art industry were made aware of what those paintings are so so that you know if the prosecutor's office was on for example were to bring. us with information on all those paintings we could pretty quickly tell them which ones restore pretty quickly. for the swiss art dealers lawyer there's no point in dreaming no one will know for years what's really stored in the freeport. best while this sort. of me says what was i am not happy with
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wow that took a while he saw before saying. how they will save us you know not what i mean cos i mean so. our french customs investigator is of the same opinion even if he is on the other side of the fence. point i'm also region if. your company know that i don't haul says we should see more in the amount to be done on a softer you the hall is so i. don't use aside the so asking more before i can get hold of some calls on the ruby do it don't. i guess. the whole supper related for the actual sat and this thread because of the discussion. in geneva
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the middle yani case hit the headlines. the freeport authorities quickly became concerned about bad publicity. so in june two thousand and sixteen they called an emergency press conference. all representatives of the main swiss media as were invited. was a moment of your. family have started. on the floor with the president of the geneva freeport and his general secretary. both men seemed self-conscious rejecting all responsibility regarding the supposed owner of the painting david no money. made she said at last you know you ignore exact. a little. more than his shows it doesn't seem to get to this little blue book that all but also told us a lot for you didn't see that the guy who doesn't even go. to the us is. also got
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all a slew of also where that was used is another tell us they were that all. of us also. read up or put it the deficit risk of. the fifty most yahoo. they all took was a also the more the this is the more as far as the g.a.o. soldiers go the distance or to the store. but what other secrets are really hidden in the freeport. in switzerland some official authorities have become extremely concerned we managed to obtain this report from the swiss federal audit office. it unequivocally denounces the opaqueness of the geneva freeport. irregularities regarding inventories and absence of traceability of merchandise.
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errors in stock accountancy and recurrent problems which occur during controls. our french customs officer includes laxity on the part of the swiss administrators that oversee business conducted in the freeport. zone point. is a nice house from purview the order to muck in all. just took is risky saw the vans are in your memoir called. lonely but you don't remember . need mom was just saucy don't see but don't let me complete politesse trees leboeuf why. they don't. make.
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in response to widespread criticism the recently appointed president of the geneva freeport a magistrate known for his integrity is supposedly fighting the good fight calling for much stricter regulations. new schemes we're. going to need. to. feel more. cautious and. this man is aware that there are still a long way to go. but having agreed to make concessions on its banking secrecy will
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switzerland also finally agree to open the doors of the world's biggest safe. we're. recruiting. to.
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recruit. palm oil is one of the most controversial products of odds on it's a solid vegetable fat that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million tons that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led
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to the massive expansion of plantations which it means the destruction of rain forest. get into these you know a lot more than ten million hiked as of unique rain forest has been destroyed and it's a process that just keeps going. price perceives news and so if you have fake prices you end up with fake nails so here when you have manipulation of markets and there if you have if you have interest rates at zero and you can borrow money at zero percent and have an all in a credit line and you're going to muscle prices around it well that creates fake prices and then if you have robots report against a crisis on the financial media as forbes does then the robots are going to report on the fake crisis driven by the fake news created by robots and you have a brutal or
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a not so virtual cycle of fake news and fake prizes and then that people interpret that as reality. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south in taken your last wrong turn. your at the top to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that
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mainstream media has met its maker. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education low high education is becoming just another product that can be pulled. unsold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you good. luck with the kind of couldn't you. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely more higher education the new global economic war.
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so they're trying to bamboozle the entire world and i am very glad that president obama i'm old enough without israel appears on the front foot to convince donald trump to scrap the iran nuclear deal after claims it was built on lies from to wrong washington has ten days left to decide on the deals fate. made a riots wreak havoc in paris as police used force and water cannon to restore order correspondent was caught up in one of the demonstrations as tica was deployed. on the poll shows democrats all struggling to appeal to young people in the u.s. we go to new york to find out if millennial.


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