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tv   News  RT  May 2, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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they were trying to bamboozle the car a word like the president trying to say. enough of that. mayday riots wreak havoc in paris as police use force and water cannon to restore order our correspondent was caught up in one of the demonstrations as takeouts was deployed. and a poll shows democrats are struggling to appeal to young people in the u.s.
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we go to new york to find out if millennial the values are changing in america. a very warm welcome you're watching artsy international with mina karen great to have you with us this hour now our top story israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu appears to be on an offensive to convince don't trump to scrap the current nuclear deal with iran that's off the he claims that tauron lied over its program with a power point presentation and it's not his bid to persuade the world comes just days before donald trump looks set to walk away from the deal have joined me earlier to discuss this and the possible implications. well he's been on what appears to be a child offensive he has appeared in the hours when almost every major u.s.
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network saying and repeating the same thing and surprisingly that iran has lied about its nuclear program they're trying to bamboozle the entire world and i am very glad that president compass. and enough of that we're not going to be hoodwinked we're not going to be taken for a ride we're going to have to do a serious serious changer to make sure that iran does not have nuclear weapons that means this deal was a terrible deal why give this speech in english and do it in such a big way well because i wanted the world to hear all of it well bibi may claim he's trying to convince the world that really isn't working the any person he really needs to convince is donald trump he made this presentation which was largely in english during a u.s. television primetime and he offered as part of his argument he put thousands of
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different documents c.d.'s to prove that iran wasn't being honest about its nuclear ambitions tonight i'm here to tell you one thing iran lart big time after signing the nuclear deal in two thousand and fifteen iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear files why would a terrorist regime. hide. and meticulously cut along secret nuclear files if not to use them at a later date excepts almost all of the stuff he presented was old very old some of that was dated nineteen ninety three almost nothing he showed was dated after two thousand and three and really experts unconvinced john brennan the former director of the cia came out and said with all the stuff that benjamin netanyahu presented
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nothing indicated that iran had violated the rules of this nuclear deal the international atomic energy agency came out and said that we have no credible information that iran has violated its you know its responsibilities that it has tried to carry out a clandestine nuclear weapons program and i.e. inspectors have unprecedented access to reigning nuclear facilities and as you know he really seems to be pulling out all the stops with this then presentation doesn't he with this giant screen with iran lined on all these this paper when it convinced donald trump that that's the question well donald trump in the early days of from the early days of his campaign has criticized this deal he said that was the worst deal barack obama ever made and judging by what donald trump has said after the presentation what the white house has said. chip is working i think of anything
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what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right the biggest mistake that was made was under the obama administration by ever increasing the deal in the first place and a lot on the front end they were dishonest actors and so the deal that was made was made on things that weren't accurate and here the us to be done issued a statement that said. israel's information proves that iran quote has a rube last cloud style nuclear weapons program a few hours after they published this statement the statement change they published another statement with just one word change the route that iran quote had a robust plan to style nuclear weapons program yet european allies trying to convince trump that you know to come to his senses u.s.
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politicians asking questions pundits and convinced experts aren't buying it but we must remember here that benjamin netanyahu when it matters he can be very convincing. there is no question whatsoever. and is working and is advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons question what's we're. confident he was of course after an invasion of iraq and thousands of deaths later we learned that b.b. had lied. his charms never worked on a bomber they had the famously bad relationship the relationship of bush was excellent in. both trump and benjamin netanyahu have boasted that they were great friends. had is a huge diplomatic success the iran nuclear deal with hamas down back in twenty
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fifteen between the u.s. china the u.k. russia france and germany because he ations took nine years and twelve years of standoff over iran's nuclear activities to run agreed to strict limits on its nuclear program and to the opening up of its facilities to international experts in return some sanctions against the country were lifted. daniel mcadams executive director at the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity says netanyahu wants to maneuver the u.s. into a confrontation with iran. netanyahu knows very well that he cannot take on iran on its own bibi is playing trump like a fiddle but look around trump he's got all the same losers that were in power in two thousand and two who lied us into going into iraq or we're supposed to believe that somehow just a week or so before trump has to make his decision on iran that all of a sudden it come into this amazing information here let us rush to share with you
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this information telling you how you really are it's all purity you just like is ridiculous bomb thing at the u.n. it's just a desperate ploy to lie us into another war. may day rallies in the french capital turned violent with a masked demonstrators burning cars and hurling smoke grenades our correspondent it was caught in the crossfire as police moved in to control the trouble. because. all calm for the moment however those clashes we saw between the police and the
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protesters have been some of the most remote function as intense clashes i've seen in the last fifteen months or so in france i just want to give you a sense of what sort of damage has been created from those clashes and not just clashes but the damage that was coolest by the protest is the police had warned early on tuesday morning ahead of these may day protests that they thought they were going to be hijacked by anti capitalists by anti fascists and they were indeed they came out in their hundreds ready with a gear they safety gear to be able to protect themselves from the two. the masks just have a look at this is one of the vehicles that they burned still smoking there and just behind it the plumes of smoke that came up from this vehicle huge promptly mz of smoke that went up and just completely mosques this block of apartments where people were living protesters were damaging and smashing items up across this part
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of paris and the police had to let them be however when they came in when they started the fires here when these apartment blocks were put in danger then the police intervened and we were cool in the crossfire here is what happened in the middle of cashews now starting with the police i want to say we're looking for you'll see the tear gas is coming up to us the police move again i'm not because just behind us there is a fire going on the demonstrators have put fire to a vehicle and the motor bike and as you can see i don't smoke because it. well as you might have gathered we've just been in the middle of what was quite a large clash between the police and the protesters just look behind me this is one of the trucks with the water cannons and you can see the gendarme now coming down and you can see some of the water in the firm that's been on the ground to try and push these protesters back take
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a look behind me and they're actually trying to barricade themselves up now that's off to they set fire to what looked like a g c b the fact it's still on fire over there in the distance the process is it is if you just turn around a little bit more will have a look this you may see this big old dog smoke coming up here on the protesters what they did is they lit fires she what seemed to be some sort of motorbike and the car show ski. paris. well france wasn't the only country to witness the unrest between police and protesters both turkey and greece also saw a better labor day rallies turn violent in germany may day rallies also resulted in clashes between demonstrators and the author. yes. the south's. scuffles broke out
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between the police and anti fascist activists in berlin at the ten thousand people attended the march despite it not being authorized than five thousand officers were deployed to control the march the site. for next generation politics could spell trouble for the democrats in the u.s. according to recent polls it's revealed americans born after nine hundred ninety five all generations ears they've been called have more conservative leanings than older voters had at the same age a survey of over fifty thousand people under the age of twenty three shows increasing support for the republican party while a large number of them would also back donald trump's reelection in twenty twenty unlike the so-called millennial generation younger voters are more sensitive to conservative policies with the economy education and gun rights taking priority over other policies kaleb lorcan has been finding out whether young americans
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values are changing. are young americans just less rebellious and more friendly to tradition and authority or is there a problem on the left side of the spectrum we decided to talk with some younger americans and find out shutting down conservative or right wing speakers on college campuses to identify with that shutting them down now i don't think we should completely shut them down and why agassi i think everyone should have a voice and be able to speak on campuses you shouldn't close it seems to be to want to be open to anything i mean especially if there's a college setting that's a good as the last place we should be saying no to open ideas and discussion i don't think that's fair because everybody is entitled to their opinion we don't have to agree with each other that doesn't necessarily mean we can have a civilized conversation facebook a different social media outlets saying a certain racial words are offensive in those they'll strike them down take speech do you agree with that. no i don't. and once again everybody
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has. their right to. talk on they want to talks because they want to speak it's a free country so why not share yeah they shouldn't censor things they have i think that a lot worse things are happening in the world what about like getting rid of certain sports practices they say are offensive to women like ring girls and in boxing work cheerleading. i would say leave the option for to something that exists and don't necessarily like promote it's as a thing we don't necessarily have to get rid of it i think we should just to just put more males into it there's somebody always willing to take the jobs years ago it was liberals that were calling for freedom of speech and challenging social norms but these days we're increasingly seeing calls for censorship coming from the left so is it possible that younger americans simply don't want to comply with the rules being imposed by the liberal order are conservatives now the rebels. are to
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see new york and it seems that even your prom night stress can become an issue of sensitivity and tradition for some online one girl found out the hard way off that she posted at pictures of a traditional chinese outfit on social media. chadron causing so much negativity i mean no disrespect to chinese culture i'm simply
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showing my appreciation for their culture i'm not deleting my posts because i've done nothing but show my clout for the culture or the way people dress to the way they talk to the values they speak about the democrat party over the last decade america has been anything but the american people will have of the democratic party is that they thought it was on issues to create a mentality that's that's the ruling dynamic of the democratic party they go out and seek people who feel what they kind of fanned the flames of the mentality convincing them that they have an oppressor and then they say we're here to rescue you. so to come this hour generalists the bank hold on to join the ranks of the british army he can find out why after the shop bike stay with us.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i dived. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the slams it's the age of the super money just billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else on earth because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy was great so what will chance for. at least this morning. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last bang turn. to caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got
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off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a game still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind gets consumed with the death of this one quite different person i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. which.
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welcome back they're fighting fake news and cyber propaganda is not a task for the fainthearted it seems the u.k.'s defense secretary is calling on journalists and i t specialist to join the ranks of the army to defeat the threat r.t. goshdarn of picks up the story he is a rising star a fireplace salesman turned defense secretary he is gavin williamson and he summons you my fellow british geek it's battlefield world wide web and the u.k. army is ready to charge at the enemy in this age where there's so much this information where britain's enemies will use every angle they can do to change the narrative people who have traditionally thought about joining reserve forces we want them to come in but actually it's looking to different people whether it be journalists those people with amazing cyber nighty skills those people with the ability to really understand about getting messages across their worst nightmare is
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coming true with the enemy has infiltrated but your id skills are a game changer we are living in the era of fake news and competing narratives the government will respond with more and better use of national security communications to tackle these interconnected complex challenges. fake news and adverse are you worthy of a call to arms from the military chief himself by his standards that's a pretty big deal to realize that it's enough to look at his voting record from the time when he was a conservative m.p. the investigation into the iraq war for instance was below the worthy attention bar for williamson in twenty sixteen he voted against an inquiry into the contrast between the public statements and private actions in the run up to the war human rights and equality i'm also not something worth fighting for according to williamson like when he voted against outlawing discrimination on the basis of cost
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you know the situation when you can be written off as scum for your whole life simply because you were born into the wrong family but what williamson voted consistently for though was foreign bombings from our surveillance and bulk data collection we've come a long way from churchill's we shall fight them on the beaches to the point where we're going to fight them on twitter and we're going to fight them in facebook and the rest of social media so i think the very suggestion that this is a priority for our armed forces is is very disturbing if you're looking to journalists gently join up with the armed forces i find really peculiar and very strange as you say a journalist can do a perfectly good job discovering truth and exposing things that need to be exposed through the normal channels so why would they suddenly become. all three if you
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like a particular aspect of government but of course with fake news being such a hot topic now a feast we can be sure the british army will stay trendy at least while williamson is in charge. of the world cup trophy has arrived in russia ahead of the upcoming tour in the. which kicks off right here in moscow in just over seven weeks football's most iconic prize has been to more than fifty countries before arriving in russia's vladivostok but choice he will now visit eight other cities and finish its trip in moscow. well also on top across russia is ati's own legend of the game former manchester united goalkeeper peter schmeichel he's now in sochi for his latest report on the host cities it's available in full online at auntie dot com but here's a quick preview for you. welcome
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to first a new welcome to start your. really really big story literally be on the beach working on the sunset forty minutes later you're still floating skis whatever you fancy going to do in the snow. or. so more small form and speed. one of the big attractions in star truth is of course the or to draw.
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that was that was also. a really good get used to that. and you can find pages for reports on plenty more interesting and informative stories on our website r.t. dot com i'll be back with the latest news at the top of the outthinking about.
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palm oil is one of the most controversial products of odds on it's a solid vegetable fact that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million tonnes that a rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive
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expansion of palm oil plantations which is the destruction of rain forest. get into the zero a lot more than ten million hiked as of unique rain forest has been destroyed but it's a process that just keeps going. political aims to be. did a mass audience that will keep the fool from some fantasy but i think it has been my life. when i left that i sat next. to my mates are thinking along and i likely. will show the world that i leave out the obvious lol.
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and. take. the tree of the heat mum came and told the kids to come pick up the family i have a difficult time. and these years i live apart and there i don't. know how shameful. to look like it's going to be obviously edition from the.
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i'm after a concert we're going underground amid strict broadcast restrictions ahead of u.k. local elections coming up on the show seven million dead in seven billion affected we speak to the world health organization about their report released today the details what pollution is doing to the poorest people on a and off the mark crawls performance with trump what neo liberal antics really get up to in the land down under today the horse race of. those twenty eight crash australia is under the spotlight in the new film west of sunshine and we talked to its award winning director jason rafter peoples plus the black ops exact who's gunning for qatar and the kissing koreans are giving the kiss off to the americans on straight all of them or coming up at today's going underground but first while this show is out to be made under special u.k. broadcasting restrictions ahead of tomorrow's british local elections it is not mattered much which party is in power when it comes to u.k. backing for israel this week's iran nuclear speech from prime minister binyamin
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netanyahu is reported as fact but the fact that israel is in violation of un resolutions or israel's reported sunday bombing of syria is not even expected to be an issue in london today for the visit of u.n. secretary general and tony a good terra's here is an israeli embassy official recorded talking about jeremy corbyn sparty. and if you don't do what a foreign power wants them to this representative of israel since reassigned makes what hasn't been taken for a joke national champion. for israel has since apologized the supporters of israel in the u.k. labor party such as root smee that have allegedly been revealed by wiki leaks to be informants for israel's biggest backer the us state department here is a confidential cable the us secretary of state hillary clinton from agents in
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london it suggests to me the who gave the u.s. government that backs israel information about former labor prime minister gordon brown's election plans labor the prospect of parliamentary candidate for burton roots me the strictly protect told us april twentieth that brown had intended to announce the elections on may the twelfth strictly protect presumably means that agents here in london don't want anyone to know they have met with the labor m.p. the m. he that has lately been attacking her leader we contacted routes needs office but they told us no comment and meanwhile just to be impartial here is a tory literally at home with israel iran sixty one earlier it was. through congress the move threatens the work. netanyahu currently the subject of corruption investigations in which he protested innocence meanwhile is suspected of ordering air strikes on syria in the past seventy two hours causing.


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