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tv   News  RT  May 2, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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so they're trying to bamboozle the entire bird like the president trying to say well you know enough of that israel urges donald trump to abandon the around the nuclear deal with prime minister binyamin netanyahu claiming. it's weapons program violated the agreement also ahead. may day riots recount in part this with black block on our kids' smushing windows torching cars with police over the french president's labor reform. a new poll in the u.s. suggests the democrats are losing support among young people and that the country
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could be said to experience a tectonic shift in footing patterns we had to new york to see if the values of the old do appear to be changed. everyone welcome from moscow this is our team international my names you know me and we will get to those headlines stories in just a moment but first america officially has a new top diplomat former cia director mike pump aoe has just been sworn in a secretary of state and a certain money after the state department attended by president donald trump. i must say that's more spirit than i've heard from the state department a long time many years we can say many years maybe many decades it's going to be a fantasy. had
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a fantastic day and that spirit will only be magnified only with this man right here i know that for a fact. let's cross live nor to a washington correspondent for they details high their summer talk us through the day's events we just saw a very excited donald trump there what was different about this ceremony. oh well trump's new secretary of state is replacing rex tillerson and he vowed to help the united states quote get back its wagger now the ceremony took place with trump the president and he called him a patriot with quote immense talent energy and intellect and this was trump's first visit to the state department since tillerson was sworn in now pompei all spoke on tuesday and his speech was received well by everyone even though he did stress the concept of american exceptionalism which is considered a controversial in some circles let's take
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a look at what else you have to say. i talked in my my hearing about the fact that this nation is so exceptional and so incredibly blessed this is a unique exceptional country russia is unique but not exceptional and the fact that derive from that or that it also creates a responsibility a duty for america all across the world. i talked about getting back our swagger and i'll fill in what i mean by that but it's important for the united states diplomatic cordons to be in every corner every stretch of the world. but it wasn't all smooth sailing for pompei all his nomination initially was met with a fierce backlash from both ends of the spectrum a mostly democrats but a few republicans now democrats who opposed pompei is nomination took issue with his regime change policy but republicans allege that the democratic party's opposition to pompei was not actually rooted in policy but anti trump sentiment now
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senator rand paul was expected to oppose nomination but after some persuasion from trump he did indeed vote to confirm his nomination now pompei or has already done some work he met with d p r k's leader marshall came over easter weekend but now that things are getting pretty tense with iran it'll be interesting to see how pompei a will handle that one given that he's openly pro israeli and pro saudi all right so in the news that my compare was just being sworn in as america's new secretary of state samir account thank you. piers really prime minister appears to be intensifying efforts to convince donald trump to drop the year run nuclear deal binyamin netanyahu claimed any controversial presentation this week to rum lloyd about its weapons program and has broken the agreement the allegations come just ten days before the us president will decide whether or not
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to walk away. they're trying to bamboozle the entire world in and i'm very glad that president trump has well enough of that we're not going to be hoodwinked we're not going to be taken for a ride we're going to have to do a serious serious change or to make sure that iran does not have nuclear weapons that means this deal was a terrible deal why give this speech in english and do it in such a big way well because i wanted the world to hear all of it while bibi may claim he's trying to convince the world that really isn't true the only person he needs to convince ease trump and given trump spots rhetoric that may not be so difficult to do donald trump made it clear he didn't like the deal back in the days of his campaign and netanyahu is presentation more showmanship than facts seemed to really mess with trump tonight i'm here to tell you one thing. i
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think of anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we've learned. has really shown that i've been one hundred percent right his presentation was largely in english and he went all out to prove that iran is developing nuclear weapons he presented thousands of documents c.d.'s as part of his powerpoint presentation except almost all of it was old some of the stuff be presented as an indisputable evidence dated to nine hundred ninety three almost nothing beyond two thousand and three experts said john brennan former cia director said netanyahu showed nothing that indicated that iran had violated the nuclear deal and the international atomic agency agrees the agency had no credible indications of activities in iran relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device of the two thousand and nine the us off the b.b.c.
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done said that this proves that iran quote has a robust plan this time nuclear weapons program a few hours later they changed it quietly to iran quote had a robust clandestine nuclear weapons program they blamed clerical error for that one nonetheless they say iran is still dishonest iran lied on the front end they were dishonest actors so far it's been entirely unconvincing experts buying it u.s. officials skeptical pundits and convinced european allies trump to come to his senses and reconsider almost everyone else is too but benjamin netanyahu has his charms and he's done it before there is a question what's to it that's. and is working and is advancing
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towards the development of nuclear weapons question whatsoever to see how confident he was only an invasion and thousands of deaths later the did we find out that b.b. had lied his charms never worked with the bomb and they didn't get along all that well but they got along great with bush and it looks like it's working with trump great friends those two they've both claimed. to guess the of all the iran nuclear deal was struck in twenty fifteen it was brokered by the us china britain russia france and germany and hailed as a huge diplomatic success the negotiations took nine years in exchange for some sanctions being lifted tehran agreed to strict limits on its nuclear program and to open up its facilities to international experts danielle mccallum's of the ron paul peace institute told us he believes the israeli leader is trying to manipulate
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washington looking for a confrontation with iran netanyahu knows very well that he cannot take on iran on its own bibi is playing trump like a fiddle but look around trump is good all the same losers that were in power in two thousand and two who lied us into going into iraq or we're supposed to believe that somehow just a week or so before trump has to make his decision on iran that all of a sudden it come into this amazing information here let us rush to share with you this information telling you how you really are it's all pure theatrical just like is ridiculous bomb thing at the u.n. it's just a desperate ploy to lie us into another war. to more global news this hour france is dealing with the fallout of what's been described as the worst may day violence in paris since nineteen sixty eight on tuesday over one thousand block block on a kiss turned up to a peaceful union organized protest against president micron's labor reforms they
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began clashing with police hurling smoke grenades and destroying cars and property officers arrested more than two hundred of them must left wing activists half of them are still reportedly in custody with more on the young arrest that gripped the french capital here charlotte. just come over here and you'll be able to see the bullets here of a fast food restaurant that have been put up that was completely and utterly destroyed yesterday restaurants further behind on the street will also destroyed and basically the police did very little in fact nothing for a long time when this destruction was happening it was only further on into the demonstration the violence took place of little bit further on that they actually did something now they've said the reason that they didn't react as quickly as some people say they should have is because they were trying to avoid collateral damage there's also been criticism criticism of president he's currently only official
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tool of a stray or some people saying the president shouldn't have left france when there was so much social and ease here he has hit back saying what did you expect me to do sit at home and watch it on t.v. but the violence by the black books as a say some of the worst that i've seen in paris take a look at what unfolded on may day in the middle of cashews now starting with the police i want to maybe look over you'll see the tear gas is coming up to us the police move again i'm not because just behind us there is a fire going on the demonstrators have put fire to a very cool and alerted bike and as you can see smoke. well as you might have gathered we've just been in the middle of what was quite a large clash between the police and the protesters just look behind me this is one of the trucks with the water cannons and you can see the gendarme now coming down
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and you can see some of the water in the form that's been on the ground to try and push these protesters back take a look behind me and they're actually trying to barricade themselves up now that's off to they set fire to what looked like a juicy piece of fact it's still on fire over that. in the distance the prices this date is if you just turn around a little bit will count me have a look at this you may see this big over don't smoke coming up here on the protest is what they did is they let fire it see what seem to be some sort of motorbike and the cars shoulder. paris. america is democrats could be in for a rough period if recent polls are anything to go by the reuters news agency has revealed support for the party has slumped by iran ninety percent among young people while the remains more popular than the republican party the g.o.p.
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does seem to be gaining ground killam up and is in new york for us gauging the extent to which the younger generations values are really shifting. our young americans just less rebellious and more friendly to tradition and authority or is there a problem on the left side of the spectrum we decided to talk with some younger americans and find out shutting down conservative or right wing speakers on college campuses to identify with that shutting them down no i don't think you should completely shut them down and why agassi think everyone should have a voice and be able to speak on campuses you shouldn't close it seems to be to want to be open to anything i mean especially the president college setting that's a good as the last place we should be saying no to open ideas and discussion i don't think that's fair because everybody is entitled to their opinion we don't have to agree with each other that doesn't necessarily mean we can't have a civilized conversation facebook different social media outlets saying
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a certain racial words are offensive and else they'll strike them down to take speech do you agree with that. no i don't. want again everybody has. their right to. talk on they want to talks because they want to speak it's a free country. so why not share yeah they shouldn't censor things that i think that a lot worse things are happening in the world what about like getting rid of certain sports practices they say are offensive to women like ring girls and boxing cheerleading. i would say leave the option forward to something that exists and don't necessarily want to promote its as a thing we don't necessarily have to get rid of it i think we should just to just put more males into it there's somebody always willing to take the jobs years ago it was liberals that were calling for freedom of speech and challenging social norms but these days we're increasingly seeing calls for censorship coming from the
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left so is it possible that younger americans simply don't want to comply with the rules being imposed by the liberal order are conservatives now the rebels hale bopp and r.t. new york picking up on some of the points kalib was talking about there some commentators suggest that the democrats preoccupation with political correctness could be one of the reasons for their waning support in one recent incident a schoolgirl fund that even choice of dress has become an extremely sensitive issue for some people that was off to she posted the picture of her traditional chinese pro might fit on social media.
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matter and causing so much negativity. i mean don't disrespect to chinese culture i'm simply showing my appreciation to their culture i'm not deleting my posts because i've done nothing but show my tough for the culture. the way people dress the way they. speak about. him over the last decade in america has been anything but the american will. party is that they focus on issues to create. that's that's the ruling dynamic of the democrat party they are and people feel what they kind of fanned the flames of the album convincing them that they have an oppressor and then they say we are here
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to rescue. tens of thousands of government protesters in the former soviet republic. have brought the capital to a grinding halt in your of activists are blocking roads after the parliament refused to accept the leader of the opposition as interim prime minister following weeks of protests the day of action in support of protest leader nicole. house remained peaceful reportedly the popular uprising initially began after servicer gaussian who'd served two terms as president ran on the police for prime minister he was accused of attempting to cling to power and forced to resign there will be another attempt to elect a new prime minister next week but if no candidate is successful there will be fresh elections. the u.k.
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is looking to bolster its cyber defenses and step up the fight against the spread of this information we've got more on the iran ninety seconds time. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else going to be true so i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so one more chance with. the thinks it's going to.
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show the same wrong but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to stamp out this thing becomes active. engagement because the trail. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. hello again let's start back in the u.k. where the defense secretary is calling on journalists and i t specialist to enlist in the armed forces in an attempt to tackle this information on online propaganda he made the comments in the unpublished interview with the hot spot takes magazine to care closer like this our ecosystem of. he is
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a rising star a fireplace salesman turned defense secretary he is gavin williamson and he summons you my fellow british geek it's battlefield world wide web and the u.k. army is ready to charge at the enemy in this age where there's so much this information we're britain's enemies will use every angle they can do to change the narrative people who have traditionally thought about joining reserve forces we want them to come in but actually it's looking to different people whether it be journalists those people with amazing cyber nighty skills those people with the ability to really understand about getting messages across their worst nightmare is coming true with the enemy has infiltrated but your id skills are a game changer. we are living in the era of fake news and competing narratives the government will respond with more and better use of national security communications to tackle these interconnected complex challenges fake new moves and
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adverse are you worthy of a call to arms from the military chief himself by his standards that's a pretty big deal to realize that it's enough to look at his voting record from the time when he was a conservative m.p. the investigation into the iraq war for instance was below the worthy attention bar for williamson in twenty sixteen he voted against an inquiry into the contrast between the public statements and private actions in the run up to the war human rights and equality i'm also not something worth fighting for according to williamson like when he voted against outlawing discrimination on the basis of cost you know the situation when you can be written off as scum for your whole life simply because you were born into the wrong family but what williamson voted consistently for though it was foreign bombings from our surveillance and bulk data
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collection we've come a long way from churchill's we shall fight them on the basis of the way to the point where we're going to fight them on twitter and we're going to fight them in facebook and the rest of social media so i think the very suggestion that this is a priority for our armed forces is is very disturbing if you're looking at journalists. join up with the armed forces i find really peculiar and strange as you say a journalist can do a perfectly good job discovering truth and exposing things that need to be exposed through the normal channels so why would they suddenly become puppets of if you like a particular aspect of government but of course with fake news being such a hot topic now at least we can be sure. sure the british army will stay trendy at least while williamson is in charge. switching gears now the
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world cup trophy here has arrived in russian ahead of football's biggest event which kicks off right here in moscow in just over six weeks and counting the most iconic prize in sport has been to more than fifty countries before arriving in russia's bloody. the trophy will now i visit eight other cities and finish its trip and. also on tour across russia as artie's own legend of the game former monk chest united goalkeeper peter smikle is in tsotsi for his latest report on the host cities it's available online at r.t. dot com but for now here is a quick preview. welcome to first and welcome to such a. really
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really cool things if you can literally be on the beach working on your sunset forty minutes later if you feel you're still floating skeet whatever you fancy going to do and there's no. so much more fun than skiing. one of the big attractions in star truth is of course the all to draw.
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that was that was also a. really good get used to that. it's ok some news just coming into us here in the program a military transport plane has crashed in the u.s. state of georgia the u.s. federal aviation administration said the plane was blown for on earth for space on the other side of the country in our a zone and it is not clear at this stage how many people were on the plane or indeed their fates at the cause of the crash is also at this stage on the clear this is very much the vela ping story we will keep you updated as we hear more on it. yeah that's one of the stories that kevin no one
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will be keeping across in the next half hour or so right throughout the evening here with r.t. international stay with us. for . a little late to be the end to get a mass i've just started with a few for food for some fun instead i think you just don't mind. one i loved that i sat next to the markets and i'm thinking along those me. the world's leave leave leave the world be it slow. and. take. the.
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country of the illegal up a little bit he's going. to go to the moment they're going to have a difficult moment. and these years on leave all thought until i don't. know how shame will. kill a gun it will be the first admission from the. with lawmakers manufactured consensus instinct of the public will. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the famous merry go round listen to the one percent.
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the room sick. with greetings and salutations. you know there is nothing better than go bowl of cereal the oats the honey the the glad to say what i mean c'mon nothing nothing start your day off better than a little orange juice and weed killer in the morning and tragically hard watchers it's not just your breakfast foods that contain months those little helper yes according to the internal e-mails obtained by the guardian and the food and drug administration has actually had trouble finding grocery store foods that do not carry trace amounts of the pesticide in an e-mail to his colleagues due back in
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january of two thousand and seventeen f.d.a. chemist richard thompson exclaims. i have brought wheat crackers granola cereal and corn meal from home and there's a fair amount in all of them thompson who works at a regional laboratory in arkansas one hundred point out that the only food he had on hand on the didn't have any glad to say was his broccoli broccoli the f.d.a. has been testing us food samples for the last two years trying to determine how much state is actually being consumed by americans and don't forget the agency is ultimately responsible for overseeing how much pesticide is being used on foods to make sure that levels stay within the legal range but according to the forty obtained e-mails another f.d.a. chemist doing similar testing found grain corn to contain traces of glass at six point five parts per million the legal limit is five parts per million five
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so with our daily diet infected with weed killer you know i think it's time to add another big spoonful of watching the hawks. with. the buttocks if you. like you know that i got. this. week so. well that we're going to watch the harks am i rolled with her and i'm having a huge if they leave keller i know that so have you about this last week of your butt at the grocery store to never going to. them says.


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