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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  May 3, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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nobody owns him there's no political organization that he's loyal to there's no lobbying firm that he has to answer to he came to washington as an outsider as a businessman to upset the apple cart and he does it on a daily basis the man wants to do business and he wants to do it in a way that washington is not used to see being done and i think that his pace of trying to get things done totally works against the culture of washington you know the rules of the senate the senate is about all cogitate take your time trump is not at that pace at all and so the republican establishment has had to figure him out and move at his pace if they want to get anything done and i think that it's just been two cultures clashing in washington tof of that collision of the adjusted to the. instantaneous son volatile president i don't think you're ever
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going to be able to adjust to donald trump because he's so unpredictable and that in itself is the attraction is that the people in middle america feel like there is somebody that will go to washington and is in washington now with power that will go after anybody to get things done and he has lived up to his campaign promises in generic sense most of them ok he can't live up to all of them but he did get the tax cuts he did get a conservative on the supreme court he has deregulated a lot of businesses he has taken a different approach to the environment which business likes it so first year and now we're into his second year he's got a little bit more headwind but the fact is he has accomplished what he said he wanted to do on the campaign trail and the republican establishment. wants to do
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one thing and that stay in power and if they can use donald trump to stay in power then they'll jump on the bandwagon as quickly as they can if they can't then they'll pull up the machete so was tom to the the other side of the facts last time to the democrats they still harboring notions that they might nail donald trump through impeachment of the basically saying we better get down to selecting an alternative for to us well alex i just don't think it's the democrats i think it's the mainstream media in general the majority and now they don't like george bush but they hate this guy and they'll do anything to see him fail i honestly believe that their anchors wake up every morning thinking how they can get this president to use to work for somebody you've got to work for him well i can tell you stories about how they muzzled me quite a bit and the fact is that their whole mission is to defeat trump they don't want to see him successful they don't they don't like him on a number of different issues and he's corporate america that they don't like he's
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wall street that they don't like and he's also a nationalist that they're not willing to accept and so he's taken all of these people on on a daily basis he uses twitter to go directly to his followers and that's what they are they're believers and as much flak as he's taken in the mainstream media i think his ratings are relatively strong based on what he's had to put up with the democrats and to answer about the democrats they will do anything to defeat trump they they will obstruct they will connive they and all of this is a residual of the election that they're still terribly furious that hillary clinton lost they're looking for somebody to blame it on and putin is standing right there and he's a good target no by the way trump said some nice things about putin so that just throws fuel on the fire and so i think that trump is going to weather this storm as much as i. shoes with some of his policies i think that he's going to weather the
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storm i really do think he's a tough new york fighter and what's the possibility and substance in the the democrat side. type thing just as we had in the subject so it was even a public a nomination of the democrats have an identity crisis right now in the identity crisis was created by donald trump because donald trump went out and told the working people of america i'm going to do something for you i'm going to take on china i'm going to do trade deals that have been get really your jobs and outsourcing them overseas the democrats have been telling you they were going to protect you for years but they've never delivered for you so he saw an opening how the donald trump win pennsylvania ohio michigan and wisconsin he did it because he went in there and he told these american workers that he was going to be true to his word and fight like hell to keep their jobs and the democrats were outflanked and hillary hillary clinton never even went to wisconsin. she never went there she
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was only in michigan late in the campaign and by that time it was over so one states you know. you would know him as the the liberal commentator who can speak to the masses is that a politician going to match who can pull off that trick well i think the best chance right now is bernie sanders and i think that he may run again now we're light years from twenty twenty and who's going to run but he's proven he has shown the democrats in the progressive movement in america what's the model twenty seven dollars a month means something your voice can count he made people believe that their voice could count now there's an identity crisis for the democrats are you a bernie crack the a fall of bernie sanders and be a real progressive and go hard on universal health care go hard on medicare for all go hard on education and go hard on these minimum wage issues and fairness and equality do you go down that road or you to be the clinton democrat be the to.
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terry mcauliffe next clinton democrat is that we're going to go and i think the democrats have got some serious questions to answer about who they're going to follow and what they really stand for in november twenty twenty will donald trump be still up pennsylvania avenue or will be back to his golf course i'm not going to . trump. is a winner he think years out a way to win in he will leave no stone unturned this will not be an easy presidential election for the democrats if trump runs and i think that's the question i think he does want to run i think he i don't believe that the midterms are going to have a big. weigh heavy on his decision about whether he's going to run he wants to accomplish things and if he thinks he's on the right track to do what i think he's going to run again i really do they don't something has been famous for has impatience of some of his employed to devices and he's got rid of a whole crew of people and brought ten new team to thinking about that new team
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that's been brought to him is not going to affect his attitude to the foreign policy. to live there we're going to last a year as well and he'll bring in another fresh squad well it's pretty obvious donald trump falls in and out of love about four or five times a day he's a hard guy to work for apparently there's been a high number of turnover with quality people i don't think there's anybody better than rex tillerson he came highly recommended from the republican establishment were former executives in the government said this is the guy you gotta get and i thought that he was undercut quite a bit and i think it was very hard on rex tillerson when he left because he does not come from a culture of failure he's one of the most successful businessmen on the globe and i think he was terribly frustrated at the manner in the way he was handled and the way he was managed pump aoe is a hawk that sends a real message to north korea now north korea knows that there is somebody in the ear of the president. that wants to take military action and i think that that
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plays into the hands of china and russia coming together and making a military alliance in a new founding between the two superpowers that was never there before i think they're i think trump scott the globe nervous not only with the way he talks but the people that he surrounded him with who that's just to make him the nice guy in kampala some of the people he's appointed he has a way of wiggling out of just about everything there's no question about that but he clearly has a hawkish fraternity around him right now and whether that is going to be good for the globe i'm not sure he thinking about individual foreign relations. the potential trade war with china just positioning the rapprochement with putin which clearly doesn't go down well with many many forces in the thank you states and in particular donald trump going against iran well first of all there's this big wall it's called ego he didn't do this deal somebody else did and he wants to go in do
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a deal and put his signature on it not as fundamental that is simplistic is that he has i believe that's really at the heart of it all he loves to go up in berate obama and berate bush and any other president who made a deal because he's the deal maker and he's the guy that's going to go in a negotiate something better i think it's as much ego as it is anything else. i don't think he understands the complexities of the middle east i don't think he understands. the culture and history of the middle east and i think his attention span is dangerous when it comes to international relations and he doesn't have the media helping him out at all so. his is new people around him are going to have i think a tremendous amount of influence when it comes to foreign policy and when he gets rid of the new team if chills gets a call and says i do love to have you on board bad or good i'm simply no i'm very happy and are to. america this is the most freedom of ever had with
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a microphone in front of me and i'm well suited where i am and chills thank you so alex my pleasure thank you so much. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education. higher education is becoming just another product that can be cool. but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and when you. look at these songs.
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what is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now i'm running stream or higher education the new global economic war. price perceives news and fake prices you end up with fake mis selling here when you have manipulation of markets and there if you have interest rates at zero and you can borrow money and zero percent and have an unlimited credit line and you can muscle prices around it well that creates fake prices and then if you have robots report against a crisis on the financial media for. the robots are going to report on the fake crisis driven by the fake news created by robots and you have a virtual or a not so virtual cycle of fake news and fake prizes and then that people interpret that as reality. welcome back. unique combination of being both pulitzer prize winning journalist
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and of presbyterian minister he's also someone who believes that the democratic future of this republic. may times ahead. well chris hedges welcome to balance i'm unsure thank you. but but you know the pulitzer prize winning war correspondent and placed with the administer is a relatively unusual combination how come. i had a friend of mine. stephen kinzer who also wrote for the new york times who once said to me you're not really a journalist you're just a preacher pretending to be a journalist and i think that's true i think good journalists like good preachers care about the truth. and that's not necessarily when in the world of journalism what your primary goal is especially if you're a career asst i mean we manipulate as journalists facts and i can take the same set of facts. and spin them any way you want but you original intention was to be
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a bit of the middest well yes i when i when i went to harvard divinity school i lived in a housing project in roxbury i was going to be an inner city minister i soured on the liberal church liberal institutions including harvard where people sat around talking about empowering people they never met i was going home every night to the projects. i took time off i went to latin america i studied spanish with the catholic missionary society i'd always written and although i came back and finished my degree turned around and went to cover the war in el salvador one thousand nine hundred three as a freelance journalist. journalist but then we could be alright well i was i went you go you are proof ordination before you go to divinity school and then when i met with my committee they asked what my call was and i should have said i'm going to be an assistant pastor somewhere and i said i was going to go to a salvadoran cover the war and there was
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a long silence and the head of the committee said we don't ordain journalists i was subsequently ordained when i came back because i teach in a prison i was teaching the semester les miserables. and but that was years later thirty years later so was this a good thing because the of the. old events of the the most dreadful trouble spots and conflicts of the world. you colinas as a middle. particularly this emphasis of an effect with a person i mean i make my living as a writer. and a lot of the prison teaching i do i'm buying the books for them. so it's an important part of. what i do but it's not a very public part of what i do. i've spent most of my time fighting against the corporate that's taken place in the united states including suing
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barack obama in federal court actually winning and then we lost on appeal over. the overturn the eight hundred seventy eight posse comitatus act which prohibited the military from acting as a domestic police force in section ten twenty one of the national defense authorization act we sued him we won most people would rate. a pretty decent individual human being most people would be the general view particularly people who. would be the general view of the mostly i do think but as the regardless of good intentions become of imprisoned in the office i don't i mean first of all a lot of people are terrorized by militarized drones don't have a very and he expanded the militarized drone warfare extensively understand very well who barack obama is my students in prison know very well who barack obama is and i would argue the two thousand and two authorization to use military force act is giving the executive branch the right to assassinate american citizens and i'm speaking about on in yemen and
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a sixteen year old son the use of the espionage act to shut down whistleblowers the after the snowden revelations failing to curb wholesale surveillance of every u.s. citizen and all of our personal information everything is stored in perpetuity in huge government computers so his public image of course which is highly cultivated . was affective the actual facts of his presidency. i think illustrate that there are powerful corporate forces. into the so-called deep state which no president including donald trump can challenge i mean produce them for university professor so this of a course a. evolutionally university falsely as a college for the trade a presbyterian minister. who. joined with us became a effectively you've invested to train revolution so he would say it was the
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religion and the politics into match to you from his religion caveat that you'd to challenge the and the united kingdom to be a public of a. society and to embrace the american revolution you have something of that view in terms of you doubt that you took this job yes completely there is a complete intertwining of the moral of the ethical life in the public life that one challenges systems of power on behalf of those who are oppressed those who don't have a voice those who are forgotten those who were demonized the way we demonize muslims in this country. and that those stances. are often very unpopular and see pushed to the margins certainly everything that i have fought for starting with my coverage of the war in el salvador in the atrocities that were supported back covered up and in some case orchestrated by my own
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government not only in el salvador but in guatemala and nicaragua everything that we've seen since i began has deteriorated certainly the political climate of my own country is. in deep decay but. pretty depressing the state of the nation and. the state of financially but as the middle of the view the social media come democratize the means of communication populism doesn't have to be. broadened the the critics of imperialism and capitalism corporate capitalism in the united states have been pushed on the internet to the margins we have seen google facebook twitter impose al gore. to fight quote unquote fake news and the traffic and all of the site has plummeted in used to be that if you type in the word imperialism you might get directed to an article on one of these sites now because of these algorithms you're directed to
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a mainstream publication like the washington post or something i think the reason for that is that the cause of important quote free market globalization has been found out across the political spectrum it fuel the insurgency in the democratic party under bernie sanders that fuel the insurgency for trump and the elites don't have a counter argument and so what they're doing is taking voices like mine that are already pushed to the fringes and imposing mechanisms to. if not silence them certainly mute them even further so lastly looking at well looking at the. insolvency as you describe would not follow if success against the law assured for the democratic nomination holding every level of power that hillary clinton did within the democratic structure of the party structure so if of can get so close to them. isn't it possible that somebody with some would if you could to
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seize that moment again no because the democratic party is not the labor party the base has absolutely no say come point it was a surprise to many people in the labor party including those who study and gently corbin's nomination papers that he actually hears the because we have the way that there was a miracle of a moment it was but it was also a product of a movement within the party. and the mobilization of a base that was able to affect the top of the democratic national committee we know now not surprisingly had the fix in for senator clinton had of course i think by the time she finished she spent over a billion dollars in a campaign she had all the superdelegates there was no way i mean i actually spoke with bernie about this i mean there were. no as before he announced there was no way the democratic party was ever going to give the nomination to sanders if we are to wrest back control of our democracy it's going to mean that we're we it's going
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to go beyond a particular election cycle so he raised a lot of money he talked about a political revolution and he ends it by running around the country telling people to vote for hillary clinton. which for me was. you know it ended up being futile port hope you have a head of the most revenue. one thing to provoke dramatic radical change in the. united states none in the united states many just finished a book called america farewell tour. you know we are an empire that's contracting i mean you see it when you drive across this country the infrastructure is in shambles poverty i mean it's appalling the level of poverty in this country the ingredients for radical they're also the ingredients for fascism you see it quite effectively with the d.p. in the left in this country has been destroyed in the name of the fight against communism radical movements have been dismantled labor unions mean less than six
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percent of the american workforce nine percent total if you include public sectors but that most of them can't strike we've been utterly disempowered the press has been concentrated in the hands of a half dozen corporations but most importantly like empires. we've expanded beyond our ability to sustain ourselves and the moment the dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency which happened to the pound sterling in the fifty's you will see a huge economic contraction and the all of the ingredients are there and we can't we must also acknowledge this is a deeply violent society you see it every other day in this country we have school shootings i mean this is just the insanity of it i'm very bleak and very pessimistic i. no i certainly have been arrested blocking the doors of goldman sachs during the occupy movement and in washington and i take part in all of this stuff you can use the word hope unless you resist on the other hand i think we have
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to make a very sober assessment of what we're facing i was at standing rock with the water protectors and they were you know firing rubber bullets into nonviolent demonstrators hundreds of arrests firing water cannons laced with pepper spray unleashing attack dogs and if you don't trust heads is this stuff people come by because of original calling him to the minister because he wanted to push through a clue into a list and would you be looking for you too surprised to talk about what's happening here in the united states as opposed to the toasters which were happening infamously which you so brilliantly report well if i started as a journalist to never get the mechanisms that were there when i began the diffuse of forms within the media the acceptance of critiques i mean if you go back to the one nine hundred sixty is in this country on public television you could you could see malcolm x. you could see james baldwin you could see noam chomsky that's all disappeared and
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so the ability on the part of critics to reach a wider audience has been so heavily curtailed that i don't think i could replicate my career i don't i don't think i could you know at this point walk into the new york times as i didn't spend fifteen years and actually do well i don't think that's possible anymore i think you know our only hope is kind of what the south africans did that's non-cooperation and that's why was it standing rock i think that we're watching it with teachers rising who are defying their own unions . that's where the hope is but it really is about at this point obstructing. these corporate centers of power and the politicians in our system of legalized bribery who work for them. i don't think the system itself is reformable because your voice have to be. just one thing more than the show for a guess as to present the queen as. a loving cup you know
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a little whiskey in the clear. your close friends thank you so much thank you very much alice thanks. abraham lincoln and union square my. hardly be more different people more different presidents abraham lincoln and donald trump but they have much in common. to this challenge just for the political establishment on a minority of the popular vote but a majority and the electoral college. alexion provoked the civil war and out of that became the saving of the union the three hundred million slaves. that these amends values would have came to a bargain when every five three one rare one civilian died. from. enormous values are being good but certainly the disruption to the political system threatens trade war real wars social division
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within these united states but certainly from not change in america there will be a different political amount jews from the present. better perhaps worse. from thais on myself. good bye for now. coming up on next week's show politics in this capital and to the surreal the minute that donald trump entered the white house but just as donald trump landed in substance the capture of the grand old party from the right so forces. the radical side of american politics are plotting a come to revolution i speak to one of the united states the node human rights activist group of young people looking forward to changing the world.
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palm oil is one of the most controversial products of our time it's a solid vegetable fats that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million tons that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of kamel plantations which means the destruction of the rainforest. given duties you know a lot more than ten million hectares of unique rain forest has been destroyed and
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it's a process that just keeps going. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what more chance for. the bigs. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and
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better god than for knox customs place. is controlled by them and they impose the opening times so it was it it was it is from is all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like picasso and modigliani can't boards unsold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in that it covers up deals which are naturally discrete commercially discrete step but also discrete because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dog secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport says for pleasure you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black books of the art business
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. america's new top diplomat promises to bring swango to the u.s. state department as mike pompei was officially sworn into office with the full backing of president trump. but i don't know what if you don't know what it's like aim to reduce gun crime to paint ball wars movement in the u.s. leads to a spate of violent incidents and is believed to be responsible for a number of deaths. and we speak exclusively to the survivors of a saudi led coalition strike which hit a wedding party in yemen at least twenty people were killed in the attack. and in the title of the moments of the bomb the rocket landed i'm not.


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