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is currently in big jeopardy though because the u.s. president trump has been a vocal critic of that for a long time is now deciding imminently whether to walk away or not and many analysts say that benjamin netanyahu is presentation there was an attempt to convince donald trump it should be abandoned and the war activist chris mullin told us he also thinks it's paving the way for america to pull out the only conclusion you draw from is that this was likely part of an operation to try and bounce us to try and give credibility to stonewall from its efforts is his is apparent plan to walk out walk away from the from the treaty with iran so it seems it seems a reasonable assumption to make that that is actually what was behind this effort by benjamin netanyahu the stakes really are very very high here and you know it is one of the few whose the deal with iran was one of the few successes of. foreign policy in the region it was one of the things that is actually kind of create at
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least the hope that some of the problems in the region could be resolved if that's broken we're in very very dangerous territory. a groom whose wedding in yemen last month was hit by what thoughts have been a saudi led air strikes me describing the horror of what occurred when that missile struck killing at least twenty family members and friends he's among the survivors has been telling his story exclusively towards. the moments of the bombardment the rocket landed and the whole world turned red and i thought i was turning in the many with hugo struck know again and in. other words some victims who were tomb in home others were injured in the stomach hid nick hands were licks my cousin and other relatives were injured.
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one hour then an hour i came to see the wedding i was looking at people dancing and then. i was he's a mile out the shrapnel from the rocket. we went to the wedding and suddenly during the celebration the strike came we didn't have anything then no weapons no nothing i lost a foot the same happened to my brother my other brother died because of the bombing we tried to flee but could not walk we had to wait until ambulances came in garces a dozen of the wounded are in a critical condition the saudi led military operation here was launched against who threw rebels originally they control vast territories of the north the cities of repeatedly insisted that they do not target civilians the coalition's carried out a number of its own investigations into airstrikes that have led to mass casualties as rights groups continue to call on. that conflict. but the top story in the news the czech president said in the past is country produced the type of nerve
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agent in small quantities that was used to poison that former spy mr script and his daughter in britain bill small amounts of money truck were produced interested in the czech republic we know well and we know where it will be hypocritical to pretend that such a thing never happened. skidmore less a situation is a london hey there this news has come in the last couple of hours bring us up to speed on all of us is joining us now. well a kevin the czech president saying that had previously been produced and stored in the country could certainly be seen as quite a significant development in the sergei script pollin his daughter's poisoning saga which of course was unraveling for over a month starting march fourth when the two had been allegedly poisoned insults vary in the u.k. and the reason this is a big development is because this is something that russia has been retreating repeatedly as the huge scandal unraveled saying that the novacek nerve agent which
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is understood to have been what was used to poison sergei script all in his daughter yulia could have been produced in a number of places including the czech czech republic and the u.s. among others and of course now with this admittance from the president of the czech republic it is a big development to this is especially given that previously we have heard czech ministers deny this possibility russian claims that the czech republic is one of the four countries most likely to have manufactured the nerve agent used to poison her problem his daughter wholly unsubstantiated and highly speculative the russians crossed all boundaries when this novacek agent could have come from the czech republic that is a lie. well to be clear the president of the czech republic did say that it was a small amount of nava chalk and that it had since been destroyed however it's going to be interesting to see how the international community reacts to those
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statements if they react at all because of course if you remember just the fact that the russian name nava chalk was being thrown around along with allegations being made here in the u.k. saying that it could only have been russia behind the poisoning given what they described as a history of similar incidents carried out by russia given saying that russia could have been the only possible villain seeing that not only do they have a history but they also had a motive claiming that no the child came from russia so certainly this is curious especially given the massive diplomatic route that unraveled following the incidents when we saw in russia accused of this very early on when we saw expulsions of diplomats being made by a handful of countries supporting the position of the united kingdom when the world cup about to start in russia was announced to be boycotted by certain officials including other measures of course not to see bringing ties between russia and the
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u.k. to indeed a very new low and throughout this whole time of course if you remember russia denied being involved in the incident and said that there had no there had been no evidence that it had been behind what happened calling over and over again for joint investigation as well as other arguments and this is the latest that we have heard from the russian foreign minister on this. the u.k. governments accused russia and launched a massive and see russia political and information complain without showing any evidence it's even didn't wait for the conclusion of the british investigation they ignored all the proposals for joint prove our legal demands to produce evidence including samples of the substance which was used well another thing that's curious to point out is of course this script policy scandal was the biggest headline all over the world for over a month and yet in recent days or in over a week or more now since we have seen sergei script pollen his daughter's condition improved somehow this story is not really huge anymore as much as it was and of
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course it's going to be interesting to see with these latest statements from the czech president whether or not there is going to be some movement in within the countries that have been accusing russia or possibly not all right now as thanks for the view there from london that's going to throw the pond in new york charles or sells a private investor and write your view on this it was such a kneejerk reaction obviously it was very emotive thing whatever happened over there insulting people wanted answers but the government the british government jumped so quickly to make decisions without all the information coming through still a lot of information hasn't been shared loudly anything's been shared with russia apparently now we're hearing almost more than a month after the czech republic made this at some point in the past we don't know when they're not being specific about it it just again brings into question why did britain react so furiously and so quickly and make such judgments so quickly.
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i think this is a common thread in not just the scandal but also dare i say in the steel darcey i think there are problems in then around the russian i'm sorry the english spy agencies who seem to be quite ready to manufacture evidence in the case of the steel the us cia maybe manufacture evidence of the case of the script poisoning and they're damaging their credibility it takes a long time to regain credibility damage of the severely as they seem to have done both and screw up or and in the still the us iraqis are you surprised even heartened by the turn around here the czech republic all the president asked his authorities apparently the intelligence people around about the end of march towards the end of march the twenty sixth if they'd ever made this stuff they've come back with a report to say well yes they did in small amounts make something similar that's now been destroyed yes it was denied initially but now he's come out tonight and said no we did make this you surprised at the frankness here.
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well i'm pleased by it i mean i think it is very did i'm just a private citizen but i believe it's very dangerous business to start making accusations as serious as have been made in the case of scrip of the case of steel to big husky governments including russia now the united states and elsewhere that are not actually backed up by hard facts and i think it's irresponsible the way suppose that mainstream journalists leap on these stories without really vetting though and then get us into a place where tensions are escalating around the world including between two nuclear armed powers russia the united states and the third of the u.k. i mean this is dangerous business we should be in the peace business daryn the scaring people in the war business. world that we determine at this stage we absolutely is anyone going to listen to this news tonight and there's no there's no suggestion that the czech republic carried this out but it's a it just opens up another realm of questions about why the need reaction so quickly is britain going to listen is the o.p.c.
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doubly going to listen well i think britain is in a very dangerous place and they're kind of they have to stick to their story and it's possible that by sticking to the story them a government health of only be sacked so they're in a place where i'll be very difficult for them to admit a mistake after all these weeks and after their strong positions and after the actions that so many governments took our own included the us in reliance mostly on the u.k. and elsa so. strong it better people would stand up admit their mistakes and learn from them and i hope they're well charles alltel proud of first a writer thanks for your thoughts on it from over there in new york city thanks to . talk of america the iconic boy scouts of america are about to undergo a rebranding of sorts after a hundred years though it seems the decision to drop the word boy from its name which will happen early next year is the organization welcomes girls into its ranks is now wholly popular one.
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i'd say. no you're right we wanted to land on something that evokes the bass but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward we're trying to find the right way to say we're here for both the young men and young women. girl scouts is the premiere leadership development organisation for girls we are and will remain the first choice for girls and parents. let's be honest the boy scouts as we knew it is now effectively dead goes on all supposed to be a part of boy scouts they have their own organization to go scout as
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a form of boy scouts i say this is a terrible idea boys need to be with other boys at times without girls being present to be boys the boy scouts raping the doors to girls she's losing membership and money feminists and loving the boy scouts moves not realizing it may destroy the winning run discounts. so right thing or wrong thing to do what do you think about it one side is being heralded is long overdue inclusive it see on the other is being branded a move to demonize anything this gender specific this is scouts name change sent you so far a discussion in this studio earlier. there isn't a great deal of evidence to suggest that only boys want to do traditionally male activities and only girls want to do traditionally female activities there is very very obviously there are a lot of the old dr like climbing trees and there are lots of knowing there is like baking cakes and to try to say to young people you have to only do this what we should of course do is give them a range of activities that he led and actually encourage them to try new stuff
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because that's what our it is our what is right our founder that's not what this is about and you know if there was an absolute determined effort to destroy whatever was left of this thing called the jones or it's now considered almost like races or inappropriate to do anything to distinguish boys from girls we're playing it so safe we've got a helmet there was a time when if you were a red blooded american male that's not how they're always learned to have kids you know his writing large and cried i read here and there i mean fine and there was nothing wrong with it i'm kind of concerned with the idea that it's somehow great to encourage boys to to fight and be super of tip super rough and super violent with each other i think that this is two thousand and eighteen and the idea that it's somehow good for young men to be thrown into some sort of boxing ring i think that we should offer young people boys and girls a whole range of activities and there are definitely arguments in favor of allowing
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them to do some of those activities and violent marriage definitely arguments in favor of allowing them to do at least some of those activities environment what you're seeing is the would sophistication of just boys and girls and how we are just turning their men to just these these i don't know these hominids or these kids who don't play who don't enjoy doing things like i did like we did being a boy and roughhousing those people think that this is absurd kids are not allowed to be kids. the more if you look at the kind of science of it where do young people do best it turns out perhaps surprisingly perhaps unsurprisingly that goals seem to thrive better in single sex environments for things like that but boys actually seem to thrive better in mixed environments it seems like having some goals join in maybe takes away some of the sort of culture if you like people are afraid that
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there are genders and that boys like to do boys stuff and the girls like to do girl stuff it's not accurate mistake it's true. facebook is looking to regain its users trust in the wake of a huge data harvesting scandal involving cambridge on the ticket social media but he was is not introducing a number of changes to its platform including a personalized news filter more on the jacqueline. facebook is working hard to revamp its public profile in the wake of the privacy scandal and the platforms moved to eliminate fake news from your feed is one such example i have your responsibility news is two things make sure people get trustworthy news and platform and we're doing our job to help build a sense of common ground in society now who's to decide what news organizations are worthy the company's two billion users the social network has already started using the results of the user surveys to determine what news publications will be popping up in your feed and which will be suppressed and the range of an outlet is based on
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two simple questions have you heard of them and how much do you trust them and that means what's to be believed is based on the opinions of the internet not necessarily facts even flat earth errors and bertha's may have cast their votes. we put that data into the system and is acting as a booster of suppression and we're going to dial up the intensity of that over time we feel that we have a responsibility to further break down polarization and find common ground some other wafted goals given that the internet isn't exactly known for bringing out the best in people there's also surely a risk that such a system will only cause people to further dig in their heels not break down polarization as a brick hopes a result that was seen with one of facebook's previous attempts at tackling fake news last year the company pulled the plug on its initiative which had third party fact checkers red flagging disputed articles as it didn't have the desired effect academic research and correcting misinformation has shown that putting a strong image like a red flag next to an article may actually entrenched deeply held beliefs the
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opposite of fact to what we intended the big issue here is what. they mean is this credible or informative new source is it what fits mark zuckerberg political view is it what it's facebook's political view. in the terms of unbiased independent journalism i don't see a big success at all i don't see anything which puts a private corporation like facebook who has shown to be not the most trusting of sources of late i don't see anything that putting them in charge of this kind of responsibility could turn out to be successful in a way shape or form for independent journalism so here we are again watching and waiting to see how facebook's latest attempt at social responsibility pans out for facebook is also facing criticism over its filtering of news sources too that some activists are calling a form of censorship one organization that's called us conservative leaders claims the suppression of right wing news on social media has reached crisis point they say outlets from both sides of the political spectrum should be respected and given
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equal weight in online but with recent gains in major elections across the globe we asked new yorkers what exactly they know about the term right wing. sunday's elections in austria where the latest example of a shift to the right in europe's politics this this shows that the far right wing has won its prevailed polls in germany predict that a far right party will interpret lament the term right wing is being used pretty liberally these days we decided to ask americans what does far right or right wing actually mean let's see what kind of answers we get what is far right mean here but wait but that be like a nazi and your extreme we capitalist is probably a more militant version of right wing. maybe a little more inner. anarchistic view on the world. but just as probably a more extreme viewpoint a far it far right means very far right. what does that mean
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on the right side very far ok donald trump is far right i think he's trying to come to the center because he has to administer a right he was more far right before he became the president i think he's all over the place to tell you the truth i don't know that he has an ideology other than donald trump no not necessarily in the keys right of center definitely yes but i mean the fact is he's a former democrat he's not that far right any world leaders that you would consider to be far right. fundamentalist leaders are far right. and. i think he's right yeah maybe but like i don't know you in one i'm not sure. he's considered far right dick durban may be. prime minister of austria perhaps.
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i don't know there might be a few others it seems that in politics words can be rather hard to define caleb mop and art see in new york for us to play much of gentry's plays there's a multi-faceted effort these days by social media platforms to sideline views that don't fit with the company's political agenda i think there's a real concern is that the conservative voices are being discriminated against in social media not only facebook but twitter which i use quite a bit and google and the the idea would be to marginalize or stigmatize conservative voices as somehow being beyond the limits of legitimate discussion and we also have practices what they call shadow banding where there are there are ways to downgrade content if it's politically not correct so that it has fewer viewers that they try to deem monetize conservative voices so that they can't actually support their platforms in the way that voices on the left are able to do it which
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evidently is more acceptable in the circles that in which the managers of these platforms operate well that's where they need to shaping up this early friday morning in moscow stay close to latest twenty four seventh's site i want to check out our up for all the news straight to mobile device one to download it if you fancy for me kevin owen from now good morning. well it was a report on mars kaiser there was well wrapping it up parents what an extravaganza stacy turn to our state show max. so to talk about bitcoin in
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relation to as you were talking about individual sovereignty and the new enlightenment and also about the censorship resistance because you mention jesse powell and where's the headline about him max took my classes because he had lost his glasses and so we only have one pair of glasses and underwear. crack and says it will not cooperate with new york attorney general request for information so we have jesse powell telling the new york attended attorney general you know go away we left new york and this was a good this actually proved to be a good idea because now all these other companies that. allow customers from new york are subject to the bit license. we have another headline here max regarding censorship resistance of bitcoin and that is the chinese entrepreneurs have some creative responses to the government's crackdown on crypto so every time the government's crackdown on crypto the headlines read and of course no pointers will
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say ha ha dead you guys are going to die because the government's going to get you i told you jim rickards says it's all the time it's like the governments after you and they're going to shut you down well you know there's no bigger government no bigger surveillance state than the chinese government and what they show and this article is that all these decentralized exchanges are popping up all sorts of ways to get around government censorship of the block chain it doesn't we're going to work around it's order and that's what the blodgett technology is a fantastic way we're. around the nation state so. nation states are coming under attack and central banks are coming under attack the banking system is under attack and i don't think there's going to be any real compromise with regulators or states and you know i mean i'm saying this for a number of years you know but a lot of big companies are trying to work with the banking system and trying to work with regulators and when they're there are entrenched
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compromise conflicted corrupt. full stop so there's not going to be any working with them they want to dominate and get rid of the any competition and in the case of these countries that are going up in flames whether it's venezuela or what have you they're just going to work it out work around it this is a great story the p.d.p. exchanges which are the next evolution in exchanges will take away that single point of failure the exchanges i've always been a point to point of own ability you know having you designed virtual exchanges myself probably the only patented technology in the world for a virtual exchanges my patent cantor fitzgerald uses of the trade billions of dollars worth of securities every single day i can tell you that one always has been the point of failure now this is going to work around that point of failure the other censorship resistant story in in terms of this chinese article there is that i suppose are banned in china and. whether or not anybody wants to
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invest in them i.c.a.o. is another thing but they got around that by now that everybody's doing air drops air tokens as they're called in china and so there's always a new innovation popping up assume is the old system in line meant so the big point is basically monetary and light meant in in the first in light mint of the middle ages after the middle ages is that you know. now. it was no longer controlled by the priests and the class everybody could have access to knowledge and now everybody could av access to individual sovereignty in terms of the monetary round yes i concur with that that's a topless is of course a. luminary in the space in making the point that you can't have it if you have
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fake prices you'll have fake news i mean there's an old saying on wall street the price perceived is because markets are very sensitive they tend to react very quick before the news gets out you'll see price movements on nine eleven for example i remember we were buying puts on more call the top contractor for the booster rockets now that was a nine eleven that was a shuttle disaster in the eighty's under reagan and so the you know the put set already troubled before the news of the tape. in one nine eleven of course the options on the airline stocks were hugely active before the news that the tape about nine eleven as a matter of fact they were active a week before which is another story but so the price perceives news and so if you have fake prices you end up with fake niggas so here when you have manipulation of markets and there if you have if you have interest rates are zero and you can borrow money at zero percent you have an unlimited credit line and you can muscle prices around it well that creates fake prices and then if you have
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robots reporting on fake prices on the financial media as forbes does then the robots are going to report on the fake crisis driven by the fake news created by robots and you have a virtual or not so virtual cycle of fake news and fake prices and then that people interpret that as reality and meanwhile the underlying reality is completely different you need accurate prices before you have accurate is. don't trust verify your space in the prices especially given that verification of reality and this led us to be queen because we're going to go and. go back to when we were you know report was covering financial the financial crisis and we were covering gold and silver and precious metals and monetary issues and central banks and in the lead up to the birth of big queen the genesis locke and why he mentioned the chance on verge of a second bailout of banks is that all the price is remember in order to maintain
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the pyramid system of where we we didn't rely on individual sovereignty we relied on trusted bankers we relied on central bankers who relied on the treasury to take care of us to take care of the financial system and they sent out fake prices of libel rates that were rigged on behalf of the central bank the british central bank . ordered these bankers to raid now they're all going to prison because the central bank has to send somebody to prison or a. price of gold and silver all these prices where they were trying hard to manipulate in order to. make sure the population who were the chumps and this their ponzi scheme continue to have faith they were basically operating the big connect of you know that last century what you also saw. right that's it was clear he was more george osborne born in brown than
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a kid. that's right they had a manipulate by on the order of the bank of england to create the fake price so the b.b.c. would pre-board and then bail out a bunch of charlatan and say everything's ok don't worry trust your bank and your supposed that the prices were supposed to be your verification don't trust the bank just use these rates use these sort of numbers use the price of gold to determine whether or not it's true what we're saying and of course they had to rig those in order to like it basically they were the big cash as well of the time they had the like if you know the speaker before us had a chart which suggests that they're one of the options of why there's a premium on it could be manipulation a big. big catch oh yeah because it's so story stock trading robots reacting to stories i just made reference to this so. basically financial news is
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being written by robots and then they create the news and then other robots read that news and then they do algorithmic trading on wall street based on the news written by a robot that a robot uses to trade stocks and create prices that are then reported by another robot. so that's another ask ery thing to think about is that it is a she not comodo a robot that created some currency for itself. basically well you know my theory is that such oh she's coming from the future and he arrived and he's heading back to the beginning to me. basically. most fargo just nickel and dime and people to death militias dogger them they just go in there and steal money again there's no penalty there's no there's no criminal charges for this type of fraud and the just the scourge like the plague that needs to be eradicated or you know gonorrhea are socialists i mean wells fargo is the syphilis of wall street.


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