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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 4, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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quick problem it's a european problem and greece and italy have handled all the burden of this whole situation i think the criticism is a bit unfair greece any to be are dealing with the refugee in my ground crisis with dignity while there are european member states that have resisted there a location that have resisted to abide by their. turkey agreement that have it is sisted to take on the refugees and migrants or to ask the european commission for their response to the allegations from the dutch migration minister and we are waiting for them to get back to us. a man whose wedding in yemen was hit by a saudi airstrike last month has described the horror of what happened here last at least twenty family members and friends and is among the survivors who have been telling their stories to r.t.
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. the moments of the the rocket landed and the whole world turned red and i felt that i was turning in the many were killed was from you know. there was some victims who were in homes others were injured in the stomach. hands or links my cousin and other relatives were injured when. i came to see the wedding i was looking at people dancing and then. i was he's my like the shrapnel from the rocket. we went to the wedding and suddenly during the celebration the strike came we didn't have anything there are no weapons no nothing i lost a foot the same happened to my brother my other brother died because of the bombing
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we tried to flee but could not walk we had to wait until ambulances came and got us a dozen of the wounded are in a critical condition. saudi arabia and its allies have been bombing yemen since march two thousand and fifteen supposedly to support the government against rebels now the saudis have repeatedly insisted that they do not target civilians and the coalition has carried out a number of its own investigations into the air strikes that have led to mass casualties as rights groups continue to call on saudi arabia to end the conflict. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has told israel that if it has evidence that iran violated the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal it should hand it over to the international atomic energy agency such documents should be immediately passed on to the international atomic energy agency but according to the comments from experts taking part in the negotiations it's very likely that such documents refer to previous activity which has already been taken into account by the
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international agencies inspections. if the us who announces exit from the iran the you know the international community will of course lose one of the most important instruments promoting the nonproliferation regime the source the project on monday israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu gave a dramatic presentation he accused iran of lying about a secret nuclear weapons program they claim to tehran continued its weapons research after the two thousand and fifteen deal was struck who revealed fifty five thousand pages of documents apparently seized from iran and a heist by israeli intelligence we cannot prove. the project. was a comprehensive program designed to look at what. we're also. there you see it would be sure. to use the title who struggles
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to devote to what. we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous places the rest is rule of the region iran's a vision to down the middle east. you know this is with israel in this fight we strongly support israel sovereign right to defend itself european leaders urged israel to submit all of the data to the un's nuclear watchdog but along with the i.a.e.a. itself they suggested there was nothing new in the presentation and that there is no credible evidence that iran broke the agreement and the pact was struck in two thousand and fifteen it was brokered by the u.s. china britain russia france and germany after nine years of talks and hailed as a huge diplomatic success in exchange for some sanctions being lifted iran agreed to strict limits on its nuclear program and to open up its a facilities to international experts the deal is currently in jeopardy though as
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the u.s. president who has been a vocal critic is deciding whether to walk away many analysts benyamin netanyahu is presentation as an attempt to convince donald trump that it should be abandoned anti-war activist chris nineham told us that he also thinks it paves the way for america to pull out the only conclusion you can draw from that is that this was likely part of an operation to try and balance the u.s. to try and give credibility to donald trump's efforts this is apparent plan to. walk away from the from the treaty with iran so it seems it seems a reasonable assumption to make that that is actually what was behind this effort by benjamin netanyahu the stakes really are very very high here and you know it is one of the few. to deal with iran was one of the few see. excesses of. foreign policy in the region it was one of the things that was actually said to kind of
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create at least the hope that some of the problems in the region could be resolved if that's broken we're in very very dangerous territory. boy scouts of america are about to undergo a rebranding after one hundred eight years of the organization is dropping the word boy from its name and encouraging girls to join but not everyone supports the move . i say. oh you're right we wanted to land on something that evokes the bast but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward we're trying to find the right way to say we're here for both the young men and young women. girl scouts is a premier leadership development organisation for girls we are and will remain the
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first choice for girls and parents. let's be honest the boy scouts as we knew it is now effectively dead goals are not supposed to be a part of the boy scouts they have their own organization called go scout as a form of boy scouts i say this is a terrible idea boys need to be with other boys at times without girls being present to be boys the boy scouts are open the doors to girls losing membership and money feminists and nothing the boy scouts moves not realizing it may destroy the women run kind of scouts. we asked our guests for their views on the boy scouts name change. there isn't a great deal of evidence to suggest that only boys want to do traditionally male activities and only girls want to do traditionally female activities there is very very obvious there are a lot of dr like climbing trees and there are lots of there is like baking cakes
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and to try to say to young people you have to only do this what we should of course to do is give them a range of activities on sunday letting them actually encourage them to try new stuff because that's what. it is now what it is or i'll find out that's not what this is about and you know it there was an absolute determined effort to destroy whatever was left of this thing called the jones or it's now considered almost like racist or inappropriate to do anything to distinguish boys from girls who are playing it so safe we've got the helmets there was a time when if you were a red blooded american male that's not how they're always learned to have kids you know who's writing round and cried i read here and there i mean it's fine and there was nothing wrong with it i'm kind of concerned with the idea that it's somehow great to encourage boys to to fight and be super of tip super rough and super violent with each other i think that this is two thousand and eighteen and the idea
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that it's somehow good for young men to be thrown into some sort of boxing ring i think that we should offer young people boys and girls a whole range of activities and there are definitely arguments in favor of allowing them to do some of those activities in an environment where definitely arguments in favor of allowing them to do at least some of those activities environment what you're seeing is the worst sophistication of just boys and girls and how we are just turning their men to just these these i don't know these hominids or these kids who don't play who don't enjoy doing things like i did like we did being a boy and roughhousing those people think that this is absurd kids are not allowed to be kids. the more if you look at the kind of science of it where do young people do best it turns out perhaps surprisingly perhaps unsurprisingly that goals seem to thrive better in single sex environments for things like that but boys actually
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seem to thrive better in mixed environments it seems like having some goals join in maybe takes away some of the sort of culture if you like people are afraid that there are genders and that boys like to do boys stuff and the girls like to do girl stuff it's not accurate to stick it's true. facebook is looking to regain its users trust in the wake of the data harvesting scandal involving cambridge analytical or his juggling vogue takes a closer look facebook is working hard to revamp its public profile in the wake of the privacy scandal and the platforms move to eliminate fake news from your feed is one such example i have your responsibility news is two things make sure people get trustworthy news and platform and the we're doing our job to help build the sense of common ground in society now who's to decide what news organizations are worthy the companies two billion users the social network has already started using the results of the user surveys to determine what news publications will be popping up
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in your feed and which will be suppressed and the range of an outlet is based on two simple questions have you heard of them and how much do you trust them and that means what's to be believed is based on the opinions of the internet not necessarily facts even flat earth errors and bertha's may have cast their votes. we put that data into the system and insights and is a booster of suppression and we're going to dial up the intense to that over time we feel that we have a responsibility to further break down polarization and find common ground some other wafted goals given that the internet isn't exactly known for bringing out the best in people there's also surely a risk that such a system will only cause people to further dig in their heels and not break down polarization hopes a result that was seen with one of facebook's previous attempts at tackling fake news last year the company pulled the plug on its initiative which had third party fact checkers red flagging disputed articles as it didn't have the desired effect academic research and correcting misinformation has shown that putting
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a strong image like a red flag next to an article may actually entrenched deeply held beliefs the opposite of fact to what we intended the big issue here is what. they mean is this credible or informative new source is it what fits mark zuckerberg political view is it what it's facebook's political view. in the terms of unbiased independent journalism i don't see a big success at all i don't see anything which puts a private corporation like facebook who has shown to be not the most trusting of sources of light i don't see anything that putting them in charge of this kind of responsibility could turn out to be successful in a way shape or form for independent journalism so here we are again watching and waiting to see how facebook's latest attempt at social responsibility pans out. staying with facebook now is facing criticism over its filtering of news sources which some activists are calling a form of censorship an organization called u.s.
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conservative leaders and claims that the suppression of right wing news on social media has reached crisis point they say outlets from all sides of the political spectrum should be requested and given equal weight online but with recent gains in major elections across the globe we asked new yorkers with exactly they know about the term right wing sunday's elections in austria where the latest example of a shift to the right in europe's politics this this shows that the far right wing has won it's prevailed polls in germany predict that a far right party will interpret limit the term right wing is being used pretty liberally these days we decided to ask americans what does far right or right wing actually mean let's see what kind of answers we get what is far right mean here but we let that be like a nazi stream we capitalists he's probably a more militant version of right wing. maybe
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a little more inner. an artistic view on the world's. largest is probably a more extreme viewpoint a far right far right means very far right. what does that mean. on the right side very far ok donald trump is far right. i think he's trying to come to the state to because he has to administer it right and he was more far right before he became the president i think he's all over the place to tell you the truth i don't know that he has an ideology other than donald trump no not necessarily and he's right of center definitely yes but i mean the fact is he's a former democrat he's not that far right any world leaders that you would consider to be far right. right fundamentalist leaders are far right. and. i think he's right yeah maybe putin but like i don't know you you want i'm not sure. he's considered far right
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dick durbin made me. prime minister of austria perhaps. i don't know there might be a few others it seems that in politics words can be rather hard to define caleb mop and art see new york former u.s. diplomat jim johnson as believe social media giants are trying to sideline certain political views i think there's a real concerns that the conservative voices are being discriminated against in social media not only facebook but twitter which i use quite a bit and google and the the idea would be to marginalize or stigmatize conservative voices as somehow being beyond the limits of legitimate discussion and we also have practices what they call shadow banding where there are there are ways to downgrade content if it's politically not correct so that it has fewer viewers that they try to deem monetize conservative voices so that they can't actually
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support their platforms in the way that voices on the left are able to do it which evidently is more acceptable in the circles and that in which the managers of these platforms operate. less than six weeks to go before the football world cup the russian president has paid a visit to one of the host cities by the mere putin was joined by the head of the phone johnny infantino. there will be preparations for the football world cup which your country is hosting this year almost complete like russia is ready for the tone and. professionalism that i have seen in the organization of this world cup is unique i say because i seen it because i've witnessed it because i've heard it and so actually is one of eleven cities that will be hosting the world cup matches will be held at the fisht stadium built for the winter olympics four years ago r.t. daniel hawkins went to the venue for us the sun the sea on this beautiful mountain
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view is likely to make sochi one of the most beautiful host cities for this summer's world cup here in russia president putin arrived today to make checks on the final preparations he was met by people president john infantile though both of them got their hands on their fan i.d.'s something every visitor will need to see the games. that. will.
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and all the action will be taking place just behind me at the fish stadium very close to the shoreline in fact. the messages. the preparation the feedback from all i want to experts that are extremely positive what is done. for the security and for the fans is absolutely unique and this shows that russia is absolutely ready to host the world to celebrate a summer of festivities here in this beautiful country safety concerns were a big issue for many before coming to russia that's why security has been my top
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priority more than two thousand cameras you put on things plus a thousand volunteers and extra security to make much they safe and enjoyable for all but in this heat in this weather it seems the most fun stuff to worry about is remembering the sun cream. and that there's a female be back in thirty one minutes with a look at your headlines. palm oil is one of the most controversial products of our time it's a solvent vegetable fat that's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million times that rapid growth an international demand for cheap oil
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has led to the massive expansion of palm oil plantations which is the destruction of the rain forest. given to these you alone more than ten million as of unique rain forest has been destroyed and it's a process that just keeps going. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education as being supplanted by the right to access education loans higher education is becoming just another product that can be born and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could. look good it's also the kind of fellow we could name you. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was more now i'm running stream or higher education the new global economic
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war. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each dish. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom box. locked away secrets and shady financial set ups are nightmares for french tax
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inspectors and customs officers. we question the customs investigator a specialist in fraud and the trafficking of cultural assets. faced with such scams he recognizes his powerlessness. on clay this was said to call the team office and more only to me see a sinner why the news says. on the. whole. well fed up on the show. it's only a guess it's a shit to each cementing created on the contrary i don't. despise. the news could have been if you don't have a blanket god is also to honest it's a device he's got his powerful fineness. we meet up again with even with all of his indictments he's earned a shady reputation but after thirty years in the business he's as tough as nails
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every year in may he heads to basel in switzerland for the biggest art fair in the world art basel. he flies in a private jet for which he pays fifty thousand dollars a year. despite his tangles with the law he wants to be in the right places how does the boss of that woman want to go out a bunch of sick little. say that money just destroyed and had people see it up to gall to clean up something else or what. gets me through some city governments who don't make enough money i'll let you go but check off a lot of them before the socialistic but they could. be said it's at the bt meeting . i said. but this added benefit on top of it because you've got some metal. plate it about to. something that's. helped us to
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somebody from a chemist but you know what's that been on that board to see it can be yes i did but these. men he had barely off his private jet we soon see that his controversial reputation causes fewer problems than predicted. if. missed. call that's just a. symptom of his first appointment is with one of the art fairs founders runs a rudolf. both men have businesses in singapore and are good friends with you to fill me in what you do more to. take you to take the older predefined one off also it is the ship could be of new
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may i just. want to modify my idea. to put the filmy. doesn't. know if the point is that yes i made this commitment yet but some possibility. that it. will set up a so they can see the state of the. four thousand artists exhibit their works at art basel it attracts the general public but more importantly the biggest players on the international art market. thank you gallery owners collectors and curators of the world's museums. accompanied by his art consultant sixteen yves bouvier is here to check out the new trends. most of the works on show come from the store rooms of the geneva freeport some two hundred fifty kilometers away. v.a.
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is here to show his fellow professionals that he's still in the game and is still to be taken seriously. to build up all the automation on a say probably factors that will allow. most of. us oh ya feel me oh yes how are you doing. raise your. last question. for us. the man on his cell phone is david no mug. clearly troubled by our camera he bouvier quickly calls his assistant to go
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reassure him. use it when you. need. to be just like get busted. his emotion at the buses. but he has no rights regarding our footage to. the missouri. side to the likes of. david no mudd isn't just anyone he's the man with three hundred picasso's the head of one of the most powerful families in the art world the numb odds renown dealers. here's their stand at art basel mobiles by calder mirror who's fun tanos because. and also a roy lichtenstein and as i want to say all of them stars of modern art. in the mud collection is valued at almost three billion dollars thousands of works most of
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which are stored at the geneva freeport. maybe the reason david no mud prefers to be discreet is because one of the paintings he owns is causing him problems with the law. the story started here in the paris archives in two thousand and eleven with this man james palmer. he is a canadian private detective who specializes in finding art looted from jews by the nazis. one day while rummaging in the paris archives he came across a file on a certain stetson or a jewish antiques dealer the man was dispossessed of all his assets during world war two. after the liberation of paris he found a plane to recuperate his patrimony. the documentation is contained in this box
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it was here and they paris archives that we found a document that referred to the quest of mr oscar stoner for his stolen pate. the information that we found was that oscar stettner had been despoiled of a number of personal items carpet for example of portrait of him as a young man and also a painting by mostly any. and an important painting and that was looted from mr stener during the war. the canadian detective began his investigation he discovered that the antiques dealer staton or had made his claim for restitution in one thousand nine hundred six but well before the liberation the painting had already been sold by the vishy authorities. for the sum of sixteen thousand francs
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since then it disappeared. particularly because its description is so vague. the document only indicated that it was a painting signed by jani portrait of a man. the detective had no idea what the painting looked like. he had to find a photo of it at all costs. by consulting peepers kept in the paris archives james palmer came across a clue this telegram. it states that steps in there and sent the mode jani to the venice biennale of one nine hundred thirty. i travelled to venice personally and went into the archives there and to the venice be an alley archives i saw mr stettner spray painting. in a photograph. james palmer was delighted he'd found.


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