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the man i mean we're in deep trouble exactly i couldn't agree with you more that in fact we do expect if there is a civilization just a tiny bit more advanced than we are that they can already pick up jerry springer or any other sit coms interview shows the nightly news they see what we're doing to our planet you know it isn't really a very pretty picture and so in addition to sending in this chaotic messages that we use to communicate with one another we want to send a clear signal to the extraterrestrial that there's also some rationality on our world so flaky have sat. this speech with which to signal us are sent out is very slow i say the closest was sun to about eight layer light years away so there's a reply it will come in what sixteen years so we're looking at decades if any aliens are out there so. is your whole word just sending messages in
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a bottle i mean hoping that future generations will get any answer because our civilization will be completely different by that time will they even remember your role. excellent point and that i think has been the greatest obstacle within the seti community to send him in tensional signals because some of said we're not ready for something that requires that long term perspective our position it may be is that we need to get ready for a long term perspective as a species in fact a lot of the problems that we encounter in our world today is because we're always looking for immediate gratification we want results by the end of the week or if we're really thinking long term the end of the next quarter but some good things take time so you're absolutely right that when we're sending our messages in a bottle we're sending many of them to many stars and it's critical that we keep track of where we've sent those and what the messages were so that if we do get a reply back we will know what the reply was in response to how do you figure out
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what the aliens will understand what they won't i mean do you think human culture has something that transcends this boundary mathematical equations i don't know maybe music. you know i wish that when we're communicating with the aliens they would know english or russian or spanish or arabic but there's no reason to think they would have that in common so we have to say what do we and the aliens have in common simply by virtue of being able to make contact well if they receive our radio signals we know that they can build radio antennas that requires a technical sophistication and you've got to be a good engineer you're not going to be a good engineer on any planet if you don't know something as fundamental as two plus two equals four so that's what we begin with in our message simply explaining to the extraterrestrials here's how we count here's how we do arithmetic the interesting thing is by taking very gradual steps upward soon we can talk about the
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nature of the radio signal itself and that's what the aliens have in their hands or that they pick up on their machines and so we focus on communicating some very basic concepts very clearly because that's the essential starting point once we have something that they understand that could open the floodgates to tremendous understanding where we can go beyond just math and science to talk about something as you suggest like music the beauty of music is that at its core it can be described in terms of mathematical ratios between no it's it can be described by the same terms physicists use an amplitude frequency duration and so by starting with basic scientific and mathematical principles we can begin to give extraterrestrial a peek into what it means to be human all right we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to dr douglas in
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fact cotch president of messy organization discussing what is going to be like to hear back from l.a. and civilization state. it seems wrong. well we just don't. get to shape our. culture. and in. the trail.
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find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and we're back with dr douglas president of messy organization discussing their prospect of finding intelligent lies our other planets so. much when you sing about extraterrestrial what do you personally imagine they're like. well the ones that we
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can contact are going to be scientists because that's the only way we can exchange a radio signal or a laser pulses if they also have an ability to create the instruments that allow us to exchange information but beyond that i don't expect that they're going to look like us you know they're not necessarily even going to have the same way of encountering the world that we do we rely very heavily on our vision vision has evolved forty times independently on earth so it's been very effective here but what happens if you're a civilization on a planet where there is a murky cover over the atmosphere and you need to get around through a sense of hearing or a sense of touch or a sense of smell you could still be a scientist still discovering your universe but your way of encountering the day to day could be very different and so that's why we always need to be open to new possibilities for creating messages so that if they are detected they'll be
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understood jill tarter from sets he told me once that we tend to think about aliens ass earthlings on steroids is it likely that we will be similar in appearance and how do you how do we wait thinking about it this way. you know there are some aspects of our bodies that we might find in other species for example we're bilaterally symmetrical the left in the right hand side of us looks pretty much the same but why would we expect the extraterrestrial to have say only two hands you know we see very intelligent creatures on our own planet with very different body types the octopus has more of a radial symmetry there's more of a circular symmetry to it and there is also the possibility of having multiple appendages so i don't think we can count on the extra terrestrials looking like us i think jill is right that we we tend to think of aliens as humans on steroids
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because that's frankly what it's cheapest for hollywood to make but instead we may even encounter intelligence that is not biological at all but created by the biological intelligence on another world you know our first contact may not be with carbon based life but silicon based life computers artificial intelligence is we project our own development of artificial intelligence on this world some are saying within the next century will have very intelligent computers so those may be the nature of the extra terrestrials we make first contact with here is a point earlier can we study what other species might be like based basal where they might leave for instance what would allianz for a mean it's look like if life was possible there longer and i was a huge chads or no no it is seen as is
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a plant they would need anyone living on venus would need to almost have an especial is covering this incredibly hot on venus but one of the basic things that we can think about is how big is the planet the bigger the planet the greater the gravitational force and so that's going to favor as. species that's really going to be sturdy maybe shorter squader very solid in stocky on a planet that is much smaller than our earth it's similar to being on the moon which is much smaller it's a much smaller gravity and so there would be a selection through evolution for creatures that are maybe taller and thinner so that's one of the fundamentals that you can consider but then as you point out maybe it's the different environment so maybe there is aquatic life that's intelligent we know that whales and dolphins are highly intelligent on our world but there's one problem i mean there may be extraterrestrial whales creating
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wonderful symphonies that they send to one another but if they never build a renia detector if they never send us radio signals we simply won't know about them so in some sense that narrows the kind of intelligence that we will make contact with in intelligence that can create a technology similar to ours so is there a planet that you are specifically concentrating on right now when looking for alan life a planet that you have the most hopes for. yes in october two thousand and seventeen mattie sent its first messages to a nearby star called lojban star this was in cooperation with the sonar music festival a project called sonar calling g.j. two seventy three b. and this is the closest star that has a known exoplanet within the habitable zone so it's at just the right distance from its star that it could support liquid water now the fact that it is twelve point four light years from earth means that
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a round trip exchange would take just under twenty five years so those are some of the best timescales that we can hope for so that's why we focus on stars that are in our own galactic backyard rather than much further away stars how do you imagine earth will react to actually making contact will there be panic emergences security council meetings crises i mean what sort of reaction do you expect well if you believe hollywood you're going to see a tremendous upheaval but when we do surveys psychologists ask people how would you respond they say you know i think other people are going to be upset but i'll be fine but if everyone is saying that it it maybe there really won't be a big chaos i think over the last decades people have become more familiar with the idea that there may well be intelligent life out there and so actually getting confirmation i think for a lot of people would be no big deal they're going to want to know when's the next
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football game that'll be the next thing in their attention and the world's major religions stress god special concern for the earth and humans what would that mean for religion as a whole once we know we're not alone in the universe. well it could have profound religious implications and for many years people said christians or monotheistic religions would have special trouble because of the idea that there is something special about life on earth but in fact theologians from christianity other religious traditions have said there's really no in compatibility if in fact the universe was created by god then god could have populated it with as many creatures as he or she wants and so i think even those religions that people have said will have a hard time absorbing that are really pretty comfortable with that and other religious traditions like buddhism or hinduism already have
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a notion of multiple gods and incarnations throughout the universe so i think there'd be no difficulty at all there let me ask you this what do you think of people like former canadian defense minister paul hellyer he says that ellie is already contacting humans very discreetly and there are other people who think like him what do you make of it have we had contact already without knowing it. i think whenever anyone says the aliens have been very discrete and various or a petition is you've got a question that. many and seti scientists need evidence we need proof we need something that you and i can look at together and say is this really from an extraterrestrial you can have as many conspiracy theories as you want about the aliens having arrived but unless someone can give me a piece of their spacecraft i'm not going to be impressed so we need to be incredibly skeptical that's built into the way we detect signals in seti and we
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have to be just as skeptical about any claims that the aliens have come to earth so no i have never seen evidence any evidence to suggest the extra terrestrials have already arrived now there are so many who follow just out there who claim that aliens built the pyramids that alley and stole our water our oxygen i mean it seems this people are a bit wacky but only other hand they believe in las just like you believe in aliens and perhaps you guys are in that different. well i would make a distinction because you say i believe in aliens i think it's possible they're out there certainly devoted my life to trying to make contact but as a scientist i also have to be open to the possibility that humankind is the only intelligence in the universe now when people say that the aliens are going to come here to steal our oxygen or our water that just doesn't make economic sense but again the bottom line is that you can claim and believe whatever you want i mean who am i to question someone's belief but then the big question the science asks is
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what kind of evidence can you give so that someone else can share your belief that's what's lacking from the u.f.o. community you said it yourself there is no hard evidence that elin's exist it is just a possibility and sorry as we know without speculating the earth is the sole planet where laugh exists surrounded by the vast freezing black space of dust and gas so could our obsession with aliens be just a way to cope with enormous costs make loneliness. i do think some people want to reach out they want to make contact because they feel like their lives are empty on this world my advice to them would be get a friend on this planet because an alien is never going to be our friend an extraterrestrial if we ever do make contact will be so different from us that we cannot expect them to solve all of our problems we can't expect self ation from the stars i think the best that we can hope for in contacting another civilization is
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to learn how another species understand this universe in a sense it's holding a mirror up to ourselves because what we know from contacting people on other cultures on our own world gives us a new perspective on ourselves it's not that we want to give up our culture and take on theirs but we have a better appreciation for ourselves. golden words dr back get a friend from this planet don't rely on aliens thanks a lot for this interview when talking to dr douglas is back on the president of the messaging extraterrestrial intelligence organization discussing our chances of finding intelligent eliana life and whether we should be trying to in the first place this holiday season. i wish you and list love and peace let's hope that what's he made in us will always prevail over evil stay close and kind of each other a peaceful sky about our hads is worth much more than riches of the world happy
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holidays to you that's it for this edition of so i think i'll see you next. it's. her comfort. to. price perceives news and so if you have fake prices you end up with fake news so here when you manipulation of markets and there if you have the interest rate to zero and you can borrow money and zero percent on the credit line and you can
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muscle prices around it will create fake prices and then if you have robots report against a crisis on the financial media for instance then the robots are going to report on the fake crisis driven by the fake news created by robots and have a virtual or a not so virtual cycle of fake news and fake crisis and then the people interpret that as reality. and welcome to the party us president donald trump has until may twelfth decide
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whether to make good on his threat to the rand potentially a pending hears of international diplomacy and setting the ground for yet another conflict how seriously is that threat taken intact and should to meriton bulling be accommodated if peace is at stake while to discuss that i'm now joined by muhammad later jonny had of iran's high council for human rights and deputy off international affairs in the just sorry mr larijani it's a great pleasure great honor talking to you thank you very much for your time thank you but let me start with the news of the day and this is a concern in many corners of the world that the united states is going to read meat on its obligations under the iran nuclear deal the concerned group even more a key. with following the appointment of the new secretary of state in the united states does it make any difference as far as iran is concerned in who had the state department whether it is john kerry rex tillerson or mike compare for that better.
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you know you view this right there is you have you know this this in the very says it doesn't matter too much the tactics or the articulation maybe different the. impact on the nuclear deal was done and we are accepted that because we wanted to prove the american claim is false rule of not following nuclear weapons at all but we have used capability on the nuclear technology for peaceful purposes but no it is a perv and the americans want to use our capability nuclear technologies as a pretext to exert pressure most it doesn't matter that we abide by the private market i think it will definitely be not in the interest of you know either this american gets out of this pact then the fact is that because it is five plus one
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parked now the current american president expressed he's dissatisfaction of j.c.b. or a long before he took office and yet in more than a year since his inauguration there's been a lot of bellicose rhetoric but the very little in the way off action in your own calculus why do you think donald trump hasn't walked out of this deal already if he indeed intends to do that well there are two fires number one. don't know trauma's amount of bluffing not a man of realize actions so we know we are accustomed with american bluffing for over forty years and this is the next in one second lou. united reserves wants to extract more concession from me wrong on the regional issues he is absolutely wrong it doesn't help and it was successful and now the american president doesn't exhibit their very reach for
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a cabbie larry in describing this deal he simply calls a very bad i wonder what words would iran use in characterizing the two thousand and fourteen agreement you spend a lot of man hours negotiating it did it come out as good or good enough for you while definitely we do not consider this pericope. a magazine more optimal position or deal. different lives now than i did the whole logic that we accept these limitations on our own capability and development is to prove to the world the american or their rest claims an allegation against iran is wrong know that it doesn't prove that they are wrong and the atomic agency in more than ten reports endures to rein in compliance you see that what they're american are saying so this is the blasphemy this is corruption and the hypocrisy of the of the
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american foreign policy but i am i want to say that. you know either this theory should not enter that gamble if they enter the gamble they would be the loser they would see that very soon as well as speaking about the potential loss perhaps for all of us present trump specifically mentioned that he and his soon to be secretary of state mike compare tend to see eye to eye on many issues particularly the iranian policy and back in two thousand and fourteen mr peo advocated military action to fully destroy the iranian nuclear capacity do you see it as a credible threat well i don't think the american are in the position to another military engagement in their area already those who have a started before they are on or both to manage to get out but to start an attack on iran may not be very difficult but they won't be the one who will dictate the
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end of that they will receive a very harsh lesson which may be good for them for the historical. so indulging in a military duty against iran is not an easy thing for united states while they are facing grand failures in the region enough on the song in the persian gulf area another chance now president trump employed a similar strategy all threats of blackmail about north korea only to announce last week that he is willing to sit down a bit the north korean leader do you think the uranium letisha would be opened to a similar turn of events a personal meeting with donald trump to renegotiate oprah have simply reinterpret the terms of the standing agreement i think his standing argument should be complied fooled by you know this that you know i do this news and also some of the
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european allies like the britain government are following the hypocritical approach to this this pact. both of them are not complying with the because with their obligation under this pact the first establishes that secondly we are in no way interested to talk with a year over the government like you know the signature does not have any credibility in his promises and his signatures so. this is another third important point americans are afraid of the m florence of iran in the region. our influence is not military influence our own for this is a moral and political influence it cannot be destroyed by bombs it cannot be destroyed by a military action i think americans should redefine their interest in the region their interest in the region is defined in
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a very strong and not feasible way. mr larijani you just mentioned that you believe teheran has no interest in organizing this presidential meeting between. the leaders of the two countries but i don't know trump is a very particular character and he i think he is very easily influenced by his emotions and your neighbors for example israel is making a good the use of that i know that the reigning diplomacy has a very very good tradition of being very very skillful negotiators don't you think that a meeting between mr trump or let's say mr rouhani could be useful not a new way of renegotiating the terms but simply. trying to establish number four well first of all as you mentioned how diplomacy is basic feature is consistency you know are not absolute around different issues but time we have a vision and we can follow that vision which is corporation and peace in the vision
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consistently yes we are capable to negotiate to negotiate hard stuff on the heart monitors but the point is who is the other side the other side is a country which does not have any credibility you can not you can. put your finger in the promise of the. committee so we are think there's no need to this there's no fruit to this negotiation now it is well known that other signatories to the j.c.b. away including russia are eager to preserve these deal in the in its current form is there anything that they can do to encourage iran to respect it even if the americans under the current leadership walk away while one americans walk away this practice. but out of this you can truce with the russia and china no number of
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other countries different. your own solution for the problems that we face this corporation want to stop with or without the pack it will continue but mr larijani i think there are lots of people in moscow who would share your disdain for the way the americans conduct their foreign policy but i think that does know that solve russian or rainy and responsibility to being committed to both regional and hopefully global peace should we give it so easily to the americans to rag the result of you know several years of negotiations should be allow mr trump to kill this deal no diffidently we should prove to mr frum that he will be a loser they want to march while walking away from this pact we have we'll known as dr this you we have very much calculated the strategy we can come from the situation room. i think the russian policy both in the region and
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international community especially reserve the nuclear project is very rational we support the position we have various to close collaboration with the government of russia now speaking about the russian regional a policy there is some concern in moscow the trumpet ministration may choose to try and turn the course of the syrian war by launching yet another unilateral strike on damascus the russians have already said with me it retaliation i'm sure of that will see a unilateral strike by the united states as an act of a russian but i'm also sure that you have little interest in seeing a major clash between nuclear powers in your on your own borders what is your understanding of what a proportional reaction to american aggression in syria could be i think americans
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among european allies of you know this this. are very much watching an observing that davis that the totally failed their cynical a strategy of this integrating a sovereign country like syria has failed totally i think the year call a collaboration between iran and russia definitely proved both internationally acceptable morally supportable and a very successful one we are we won't be afraid of this type of activity definitely want to see that as much as possible the number of involvement of americans in syria should be decreased and also should be a stop american. presence in syria northern part of syria is illegal and it is against international law is quite different from the.


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