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well so you know money you finish well i did better than my idols which is impossible normally so it took me like i would say three four years maybe at the end of the mike area that i realized i became a work of player you know what i mean friends every day every day there was somebody say oh thank you very much for the world cup for the last twenty years so it takes a time when the whistle goes you know when the refs ace at the end of the game you just lose the pressure. telescope after experience is the part of the relay for the enjoyment of a world going to show insolence i want of the world's great. for a million people around you when you line into the competition when you're in the series and between the series in the end and the finals we saw the people down the streets but we didn't realize you know it was on t.v. and everything and when we won we won and we went back to confront it and where we
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have the castle and we feel that you were sheltered from the public yeah yeah of course and you have to it's not a good thing yeah it was a good thing because you had to protect yourself and make sure that you you are into the competition it doesn't see what's going on you know outside the tent so when we day the day after when we win two. and when down to. close to plus called and we saw that amount of people. would say oh my god we did something big we did something big and it was crazy for two hours it was crazy and it never stopped for like the fifteen days early days that i had never stopped and when corsica. i didn't realise they had they had to evacuate and meet from the beach it was getting crazy as i don't really want to deploy you know. where yeah yeah. for me but imagine for he didn't see that he had to hide.
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and because he's the icon of the team and and the crazy is fantastic i play i work now for a minute and crystal do gary we see each other every day for television and we know if we feel that something special is under brothers that's where you have a wife or you never. would call you a proper method of. learning your lawyer. twenty kilo for. a role i know i'm not sure i'm not sure of. why acting why acting because i thought about being an actor before thinking of being a football player when i was four five years alone was watching on t.v. plays my mother and she recalled to me that i said i want to do that did you find
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that difficult after playing for it is it is difficult because you have to go back to your emotions when you want true to show something to say to the audience but i'm going to plays on in two movies so movies you have many changes to a to find the right the right a motion that you want to show in a play you in front of people and you have to be there for like an hour and a half frank or at least to say spank you very much if you're trying to sing this iconic it's great to see i don't want to come watch us anytime but you want to think of stuff next you play you know and it's very well against what you want to support i mean when the day when there maybe we come in london and play maybe a french play but i would play in. frank you say frank thank you thank you try to feel the sun call it will show it was a big honor. most
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people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand out on the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer. questions. political end used to be the end and it didn't last august when the fee for full force i found that i didn't see
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just that my wife. when i left that i sat next to the markets are thinking a lot and i love. the world but i believe we've got a book in his life. to. take . the. country of the illegal up game until he becomes second to none of them and didn't have a difficult moment. and the years on live apart from that i don't. know how shame will. kill a gun it will be a admission from. the
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new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education loans higher education is becoming just another product that can be bullish and sold just not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could know most of the regime could this also come in the final they couldn't. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was more now i'm running stream or higher education for the new global economic war.
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that the left here at the mall thought that if they fell and that thief is the last pick up a prestigious award for legends is thought. to normalcy for a long time. played against him on the field cajuns as well and that he is such a nice fella you know what a legend years and you wouldn't know it because you sold down to earth when you look at his achievements and what he's done in the medals that is when everything else. is just an aura of you know someone to be so grounded diseases and to have done so much in this kind of. what we call people back home with every away we see at some perfect time to the some times from what we think we have lost
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a few games that were important to us he deserves everything it's the news we're in terms of honest well that's the word from what he is a young man and he was the best striker of his time and he played full well some thoughts many wells haven't made the wild card but looking forward to the world cup coverage you think could be a surprise package i throw it out for the ones i think will do in the world i mean nothing of any belgium could do really well not could be assured that the players have got on their bus and side whiskers. to that group so far as underachieved and i think. your last term the always turn up for the big competition this might not go into. reform but the longer they're in the competition seem to grow and strengthen another of course the roots of them so the know they will follow you there and forget the results. of the build up to these world cups and be ghosts on the lawn and it's. well first of all the secrets all it's the source of all the world and the medical devices and so
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that somebody puts a i mean it's just sort of just very very lucky that's so the play football league jordison which i looked at everything i could to get to play for liverpool football club this was very very special you might be retired now but now you're giving a lot back especially to cross street to new project tell us about that i think of football she deals with it would be there right at the grassroots level and if we get a better facilities better equipped to swallow i think billy joe you bet me as i like to say but it's not a joy to produce your best ability whatever you do so what we have to do there was give something back to these people and these people that were totally there worth of listening to everything to know that the bolts of this is that everything. was normal to be here and all that to you to want to see the. holiday season to close because many begin to develop oh he's only every four years so as a player to their bonds you're lucky plain and play for your country rather than
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play for your folks. so i always have the memories because obviously these are guys who played all over the germany all over the world to come together for six weeks and this present difficulties orders especially. puts things into take medicine people might need to look out for and which play as well as yesterday you say you look at everything from the forty seven five rolls you know brazil g.b. the favorites to do that you know with the i think part of that is just a little bit older when they said well we have this going to be you know self a better because the older european clubs the jersey of a blizzard i mean you look up a zilzal i go there to support such a place i don't wish to see the odors of the field all i've got some amazing plays and i actually jamie go and you know you're going to empty the place you really built them to do those dirty space.
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branch i have a son called what shall i put the fabric of focal event here in manchester football museum but we did see all of its kits for my body is the spice that i playing on here at the museum. which is your favorite of all the shots that we have this isn't a big one but i have to say obviously the spanish eight from for example from the ninety four united states one god is the first one. i didn't know when i was a kid soledad's as a memory from read if you could have one players just see who would you want. to
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see in the model go to oh yeah yeah i think he was quite special he was quite unique. just because not only me time when he was first at me like i love the size of those big rivals but he had something different he was a very nice guy by the way very nice passions and i think that he should yeah i would i would take if. i think that this is the most beautiful should ever. i think it is a danish team also awesome gloria stick it where it is this english team that asks was it. a god. and that's why shorts and white socks as well they came specially to the some toys r us i think that this is
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a fantastic should it's still the same no feeling limited though nothing on it and i you know i don't really think it's one of the most beautiful should i completely agree with you. and i tell you. i don't think you can we need great great make all. i see made i did through the nose i don't know what a player i think also a little lost is the judas hopefully right so great not to call it the play.
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here at the stan collymore show we continue our look at the group stage of the world cup in russia as the focus shifts to group c. starring france. joined by fellow europeans denmark with a stranger in peru making up the numbers as the team's battle to qualify for the next phase the french are overwhelming favorites to win the group without plenty calmly drink staunch lung griezmann spearheading the attack but the danish will offer a credible threat as christian eriksen continues to rise france with convincing a new wife of qualification school in eighteen goals is not collecting twenty three points in ten games but they have been known to disappoint at finals when you. much much more was expected from them however i did the idea show men only find shite friends as one of the eight nations to climb
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a wall called the french know what it takes to win the competition. done mall could strike you from its nipple and eriksson might emerge as one of the supply stalls of the tournament if the danes progress into the knockouts the twenty six year old has continued to grow at tottenham hotspur and he's telling beef it's a global stage as he tries for success with a country that has a population of just five point seven million. reside eleven place in the free for world rankings and was strong in south american qualification is they stopped alexis some she is in chile from grabbing a playoff berth to reach the final. one song to beat new zealand out at sea legs to advance to push a two thousand and eighteen current coach recover don't got knows how to handle pressure having featured for all its incentives superclubs bucket journey is under the plates of the sixty year old also having knowledge brazilian giants palmero us australia all the wrong kind of saw is in the group for the socceroos of one many
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phones without halts and endeavor at the cost three world cup finals tim cahill continues to be the inspiration for the aussies as the country's record going school but the boys from down under will have to be at their very best to survive a stern test against straight dangerous opponents next week we'll take a look at group day as leno may see you know. huge impacts when they land at the two thousand and eighteen world cup finals. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going
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to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. model is one of the most controversial products of odds on it's a solid vegetable found the it's very cheap. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty three million items that rapid growth in international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of plantations which is the destruction of rain forest. get into the zero a lot more than ten million hiked as of unique rain forest has been destroyed but it's a process that just keeps going. there's
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. a little leg to the end to get a masochist when a few fulfill some fun instead i think it's just that my wife. when i left that i sat next to the markets and i'm making a lot of those me. a little showing the world the leaves leaf out of the book he's slow. to. take. the. country of the illegal up and he's going. to sit on the family have a difficult moment. and these years on leave all thought and did i don't.
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know how shame will. kill a gun it will be a admission from the. critics . i'm. not i don't. know that
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you would you are going to run for the office that's a lot of the no no. it's. the czech republic admits it produced a poison like the one used in this old brit town on a former russian spy and his daughter now despite earlier refuting russian claims that prague could have made similar poison. the pentagon say the american military forces stationed in the horn of africa are coming under attack from chinese laser weapons as the u.s. issues a warning of extreme caution to its soldiers. also this now we hear from protesters who claim british police routinely brutalize them as it's officially revealed u.k. authorities view anti fracking activists as dangerous as extremists alongside
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radical islamists and smelling obviously the police have been involved to drag people out of the public point of assaulting people trying to suppress any form of dissent. a very good morning to you from all of us here in moscow you're watching r t international with mina karyn a great to have you with a. is this our top story the czech republic has revealed it made a similar no the agents to the one used to attack former russian spies like a script pal and his daughter the country's president to me last a month cited an intelligence report confirming that the poison have been made last year due novacek was produced and tested in the czech republic it was
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a small quantity though we know when and we know where it was done it would be hypocritical to pretend that such a thing never happened the president of the czech republic saying that nava child had been produced and stored in the country could of course be seen as quite a considerable development since it reiterates the point that russia has been making throughout the script saga for all of this time saying that it could have been produced in a number of countries including the czech republic and the us now the president of the czech republic did say that this was a small amount and that it had been destroyed however still this is important given that previously we have seen ministers of the country deny this possibility russian claims that the czech republic is one of the four countries most likely to manufacture the nerve agent used to poison surrogates kripalani his daughter a holy unsubstantiated and highly speculative. the russians crossed all boundaries when the. agent could have come from the czech republic that is
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a lie now of course when accusations against russia started if you recall the united kingdom was saying that it could only have been russia to produce the novacek nerve agent that was said to have been used to poison sergei scruple and his daughter insults vary on march fourth however this came with a combination of arguments made by the west saying that it could only have been russia that russia was the only country they thought would have a motive in a situation like this as well as had a history as they described it of carrying out similar attacks and this is of course that russia had denied throughout the whole scandal however it did unravel and snowball into a major diplomatic route bringing ties between russia and the u.k. to a new low leading to a handful of expulsion of russian diplomats from a number of countries as well as the boycotting of the world cup about to take place in russia this summer and again despite the fact that russia over and over
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again said it had nothing to do with the incident had cold for joint investigations to be carried out including with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and recently again we heard from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov talk about this case let's take a listen. the governments accused russia and launched a massive and see russia political and information complain without showing any evidence it's even didn't wait for the conclusion of the british investigation they ignored all the proposals for joint proved our legal demands to produce evidence including samples of the substance which was used and of course taking all of this into consideration it's curious to point out that following sergei script polland his daughter yulia regaining consciousness in the hospital here in the u.k. the story and the whole scandal has pretty much disappeared from the political and media limelight so it's going to be interesting to see whether or not it could in fact return following these latest statements made by the czech president the czech
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presidents that counter intelligence reports identified the agent made in his country as a substance called a two thirty knots and all of a chocolate from the same family we've heard from chemical weapons experts james told. there's probably at least a dozen countries that have the capability to make these persistent nerve agents and it doesn't surprise me that the czech republic in many other countries could could do this the czech republic is very advanced in their chemical and synthetic chemistry ability if you want to study what a persistent nerve agent can be like something that that is harder to detect then you'd want to be making these in understanding how they work and these persistent nerve agents these class of nerve agents are made to be more stable than the then the formerly used or more abundant. standard nerve agent so these are going to last even longer so yes this could have been made years ago and kept around for many
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years. kanye west support of president trump past been explained by one south proclaimed strategic intelligence analyst the popular rapper he believes he is knowingly doing the bidding of most nightgown c.f. now looks at an ever growing army of russian agents remember when being portrayed as a russian spy was funny a bit of a joke. over. what he'd done in the dark when nothing just the late night filings russian spy assaulted yeah. yeah. who isn't funny now could be anyone in the oval office in the pentagon madison square garden can be as recent coordinations with trump along with his use of infamous sort of rhetoric and symbols confederate
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flag reek of a cat's here just join up the dogs kanya indorse trump publicly friends bingo. i'm not saying can you were still involved in that from prussia scandal but i am saying he has russian toys and was there right after the to seven sixteen election scott walk in or perhaps work in a contributor for the us news channel m.s.n. b c and also founder of russia gate agrees there are just too many dogs not to connect them kanya west went to russia he went to russia he literally flew to moscow and walked around the jew see what he got up to i sure didn't get to be doing anything it's now so or vs why didn't we see it before we see it now and there are more of them clint eastwood openly backed
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trump and the russian connection is blatant clint eastwood speaks russian pretends to. oh and robert de niro he hates trump or so he says but look at the facts he owns a chain of all true a luxurious restaurants in moscow and he's opening a new one soon you know who goes to his restaurants oligarchs we're not blind anymore and there could be russian spies in my audience and i wouldn't know everyone is a suspect. are you a russian spy now. russian spies ellen de generous knows what's up we need lists so i've put together a quick one to start things off this is
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a list of american stars who've recently been to russia they held cons and did business it's time to wake up russian agents everywhere. the president republicans hollywood your neighbor your friends maybe probably even you. a u.k. police monitoring group past forced the british authorities to release its counterterrorism training materials after years of court battles the document reveals that anti fracking activists are considered extremists much like radical islamists or neo nazis fracking is a method of gas extraction considered by many environmental groups to be dangerous in the framework of the british counterterrorism program known as prevent anti fracking movements fall under the category of domestic extremists and protesters
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are being monitored by anti terror agencies and the fracking activist joseph core believes only the police result in violence at their environmental demonstrations puts a lot of question mark. the integrity of the police and the. investigations into terrorism as a whole i mean are they supposed to be fighting terrorists or are they spying on every grandmother up and down the country who doesn't want fracking on her doorstep i mean the. definition of this domestic it streaming east is defined by the idea that they are not just prepared to you to demonstrate their human rights by protesting it's about crossing that line from prostate sting into violence.


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