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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 5, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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one of the questions that we get constantly but unfortunately when i'm asked how much money do you have my rebuttal is what does the money actually buy you you know if you look at any of the f.e.c. by any of these huge establishment candidates that are running you'll see that they have a lot of consultants a lot of independent expenditures and a lot of that money we have zero idea what it actually produce for them and so what we have focused on is making sure that we are knocking on doors that we're making phone calls and luckily you know we started doing this back in september of last year we are still leading with name recognition and having one tenth of what the leading candidate with in terms of money has in this district so i think that the foot work excess quite a bit and how we're going to overcome money and politics and it's actually went to things that has helped me bridge relationships with people from other parties if it's one thing that we can all get behind is getting money out of politics my stance on this is i'm going in to congress on a clean slate not knowing
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a law being firm or a corporation one single favor my entire debt is to the people who put me in office well that message sure worked for a president trump last time sarah shoeleather in social media right. yeah. so i mean i think rose is exactly spot on the wave of the future is swearing off corporate money impact many people are tired of making jokes about how congressman should wear a nascar badge or nascar style jackets where they have to have their donors on the sleeves people are tired of bought and paid for seats and bought and paid for politicians and at the end of the day it doesn't matter if you have a million dollars or twenty dollars it matters how many votes you get and those dollars can't vote what's important is that we're out in the streets we volunteer teams we're on track to knock about twenty thousand doors before the primary season appear we're touching voters we're talking to people because when everything said and done corporate money how big your war chest is none of that matters what matters is that you talk to people and convince people you're the right person to
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represent them and that's far more important to me than than funds what sitting in my bank recently recent elections we've witnessed the failure of the thirty second t.v. spot and the value of eye contact pressing the flesh hey i got a just about a minute and change both of your states have legalized recreational marijuana yet we need remains a schedule one drug something former house speaker john boehner now working in the industry says should change rosa and sarah in that order if elected would just support that i would support for it to be removed off schedule one it's not as dangerous as heroin and in fact most states except for four have passed legislation for medicinal marijuana and cannabis so that's something that needs to be at the forefront for business businesses to actually be able to function the federal reserve seems to be able to accept the money from the kind of us industry how about it sarah washington was one of the first states. yes absolutely i am
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a thousand percent on board with legalizing marijuana removing it from the schedule treat it like alcohol there's the tree tax marijuana like alcohol act that's sitting in the house right now that's an act i want to get behind because our state's been on the forefront of marijuana legislation and leading in cannabis in the cannabis industry for years and it's time that we've representatives in office that that continue bringing that mantle to washington d.c. on the other side of the country well this is an historic moment for the usa and we are all watching really appreciate your time tonight because i know how busy it is waging this scrappy campaign and you are best of luck sarah smith and rosa called arone and when you get elected come visit us here in washington won't you absolute i don't know what you will walk there. all day and like other good luck yes thank you you thank. coming up the debate on immigration it's a polarizing issue but there's one aspect both sides agree on the system is broken
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you're watching the big picture on our team.
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the global economy is so tightly wound that these sanctions don't work like they used to because the supply chains are completely overlapping the what is sanction in one country drives economic problems that another country that you're not trying to sanction suffer get sanctions to spell longer workable than the global economy has to come to integrate at fragile it's too. interdependent.
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when he was candidate donald trump he vowed to build a wall in that mexico will pay for it although few issues are more divisive than immigration one thing both sides in this often loud conversation agree on the system is broken how to fix it let's ask chris sell seato texas radio talk show host author and political analyst chris thanks for joining us. mr cooke pleasure is all mine thank you sir you are a conservative let me know which seems like an oxymoron according to conventional wisdom historically the hispanic vote has leaned democratic is that vote now in play and what would republican candidates have to say and do to win those votes.
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well first off it's a common misconception that hispanics have not been in play let me give you a statistic you probably have not heard from the national press that in the last gubernatorial election the conservative governor greg abbott the conservative the ten to governor dan patrick they receive fifty four percent of the latino male vote the majority here in the state of texas so i think of all the so-called minority groups the latinos are are more persuadable because of their their experiences and where they have been to typically coming from oppressed nations left wing nations that have ground their economies into the dirt. then question you just asked i get asked a lot by republicans and and it usually goes something like this how do we reach latinos how do we reach latinos i said look this is going to be very complicated so i want you to break got your notepad and listen to everything i have to say. talk
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to them right and that's basically what i say just talk to them you have a superior message if you are if the message is conservative and truly conservative and it wins no matter where it's try to conservatism win so if you just talk with them and talk about the merits of that over the over my opposition you can start to persuade folks will these voters show up for the midterm election or are they more animated by the presidential years. well i think the latino population is is more effective of the american population writ large you've got to be honest the republicans in the congress haven't given much people to get excited about i mean this last omnibus spending bill authored by mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and and worked out behind closed doors in a smoky room with with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi it was a massively irresponsible spending bill that's tattooed squarely on the republican
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controlled congress and that was incredibly dispiriting to those who are republican voters conservative conservative or otherwise so the republicans have not helped very much the only prayer i believe that republicans have of keeping the house of representatives is donald trump. back to immigration now this week there's lots of news video of those refugees camped out into you wanna of those who made it to the end of the caravan what are we going to do to sort this out. that's a that's a fabulous question there are there are two problems we have here in america we have a legal immigration problem because our our legal immigration system is old it's antiquated it's it is not up to date to meet our economic needs in the united states and we have an illegal immigration problem two different problems two different solutions you've got a caravan full of people who have been told by a group of organized folks among the left hey just get on up there are going to be
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able to go in and everything will be hunky dory just say the magic a word asylum and you're going to be fine. in the past barack obama what he did in the last eight years is basically say you know come on in just disappear into america and promise give me a pinky swear promise you're going to appear in court well you can imagine how often that happened donald trump is taking a different approach no more catch and release they're going to be what once they are allowed to come in and they're going to get up they're going to at a court proceeding that says ok are you truly deserving of of asylum rights of course is going to take a while and what the administration is hoping it will provide disincentive for those who want to skip ahead our income into the country illegally based on our own poll sam's own involvement in various regime change mitch said ventures do we not oh some consideration to folks who are fleeing places we may have helped to stabilize. i don't know that we
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necessarily all of them that but i i think that if we get a process of legal immigration that makes sense we will allow these individuals and again i want to be very clear the legal immigration reform is desperately needed especially as we have a pro-business president in the in the oval office now and all of a sudden there's going to be a demand for that kind of labor as far as the destabilizing efforts. of americans across the globe i mean i guess you have to be specific i think it would be incident specific as to to our obligation to take in individuals because to be quite frank a lot of these areas were already destabilized long before america got there well iran contra salvador panama you know we've been around. there fleeing things we may have been involved with chris our seato w.b. a.p. dallas fort worth k.s. even houston come again william joining us now from california is fernando chavez
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founder of the chavez law group fernando welcome to the big picture thank you very much your dad was the legendary civil rights activist cesar chavez what do you think your father would make of president donald trump. well that's a hard place to start. well let's start with first the fact that he denigrates immigrants i think that would be very disheartening and disappointing to my dad. the whole issue of the sexism i think that be another issue that would. not sit well and one of the issues he was very passionate about was the whole idea of the environment. and now that trump is pretty much sought. to really minimize and shrink the environmental protection agency i think would cause great. consternation to him he was
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a big advocate of protecting the environment protecting workers from exposure to pesticides and consumers as well so those three things. i think would be very alarming to him as well as the whole idea of human rights and things of that nature right remember how i have workers issues improved since your dad's time and what lingering problems are his unfinished business and what new labor issues have emerged. well we know that. depending on what area of the country live in california for example workers are very lucky they have protection stay white protection. and just last year if you can believe it or not it's i think it's the first state that allows workers to. legally obtain. overtime for times worked over i think it's eight hours a day twelve hours a day which is hard to imagine because i think every single american worker has
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been entitled to overtime at least the last thirty or forty years who are and there's other states where. they're not even entitled to unemployment insurance during times of. winter and things that nature so there's a lot to be done one of the issues of course is the whole issue of immigration how that impacts workers particularly in the area of culture but also in the area of manufacturing it and some of those states that are not close to the border like alabama mississippi arkansas. north dakota and states like that swiftly after the u.s. census bureau recently announced that the two thousand and twenty survey will include a question about citizenship california's attorney general filed suit a dozen other states are now following the threat to the surveys statistical integrity is obvious but put that aside california's a.g. says this question is illegal counselor give us the layman's language version of
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why. well in two thousand and sixteen the u.s. supreme court ruled unanimously i might add. that all residents needed to be counted not just those that were eligible to vote or registered to vote and that was for the basis of reapportionment because the representative from that congressional district represents all residents so from a legal perspective i think that that is a very strong challenge to the proposed citizenship citizenship question as i asked our previous guest this week there's a lot of news video of refugees camped out do you want to just a fraction of the caravan that made it all the way to the u.s.a. border are you satisfied with how these folks are being processed. well you know i not an immigration lawyer so i don't i don't know the result
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of impact that those people who are applying for asylum but many people came not only i think many people came with the sole purpose of showing united force and coming to the border to show. their concern and their support for immigrants in this country and i don't think many people lot of people came with the intent they were going to come into the country and receive be received with open arms i don't think that that was a reasonable expectation nor do i think that was an expectation on their part it's a very a polarizing issue in broad strokes how do we fix immigration. that's a tough one. to begin with you need bipartisan support. you need to be able to bring both democrats and republicans together. not this issue there was some broad support when the gang of eight came up with it with their proposal which i think it was a very good starting base the problem is that you have
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a handful of republican senators from very conservative districts and you've got the very conservative. republicans on the right who have the power to hold up any legislation that might be sellable. and even vote a bill in congress and i think that's the big problem there and another question i asked or a previous guest is about supply and demand and it's not just about picking the lettuce i live in a seasonal resort area that gets busy in the summer time and a lot of the seasonal help are foreign students apparently the american kids just don't want to work shouldn't some accommodation be made about supply and demand let the folks who are willing to work come in and work well yes as long as that there are you know guidelines to protect protect them both legally in terms of.
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what they're going to do but you know there's many people in this country who could fill those jobs. who are undocumented. if we had a change in immigration law a change a bipartisan support change i think that that would help solve that that employment issue and you know it's going to even get worse in the in the rule cultural areas in terms of. picking these crops. if things don't come to a head soon and there isn't a change we're going to be paying you and i and the rest american consumers are going to be paying. exorbitant amounts a price for the cost of you know producing picking and delivering lettuce grapes and other produce to the american market well there's a supply and demand issue that may be what it takes to we're animate this conversation thank you for nando chavez chavez law group. and now let's hear
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from you about this week's topics will you vote in november or do you want me vote in presidential election years and what would a congressional candidate need to do to earn your vote and about immigration what's the fix tweet me your thoughts at holland cook and we may just feature you on our weekly webcast the big picture etc you will find it where you find all our shows at youtube dot com slash the big picture our t. watch any time anywhere on any device and remember our deal if you follow me i'll follow you i'm holland cook in washington until next week question more.
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for twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all such about the. was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous is a huge tournaments and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the pole with you and the great british you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to get down there we left go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come on top of. me to just read the review team's latest edition make it up as we go. putting lives by two things by his emotion and he. in the long piece and he places
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a very long he says so to speak. long distance rather than politics and that's the way the underestimates. guys are this is the kaiser report the robots taken over yet there's still room to appreciate nature in all of its glory and in all its wonder just rub the bark against my skin and. she'll nature i think to become one with. with. the heavens and earth the sea.
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max. i think you're scaring everybody that they've tuned into some business journal fashion listen to full. anyway you know actually bring up nature and i saw the adam schiff this past week is that democrat who's big on russia gate but he came out and said that because of donald trump's irrational and basically unpredictable nature kim jong un has come to the negotiating table and there could be peace in the korean peninsula but you know i also want to look at another story relating to donald trump and his arrest is unpredictable nature and that is in terms of the sanctions that were placed on. in the aluminum producer if you're in the u.k. the l a mini i'm producer that that the unpredictable nature of setting up barriers or a downs in the flow of commodities and free trade is often unpredictable as he found out in you hit by a massive aluminum shortage chunked considers easing sanctions this is from year
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zero intelligence and michel block is talking about it and they point out that the big story over the weekend is the clear and present danger that u.s. sanctions against russia pose for europe's manufacturing industry the f.t. has the story that the e.u. faces imminent supply sorted dj's of raw aluminum an aluminum oxide one of the companies targeted by the sanctions is the russian aluminum supplier roussel which the e.u. depends for its aluminum supplies the price for aluminum have skyrocketed in the last few days as shortages are becoming acute sounds like the illuminati. get that well you know the global economy is so tightly wound that these sanctions don't work but they used to because the supply chains are completely overlapping and what is the sanction of the one country drives economic problems in another country that you're not trying to sanction so forget sanctions as the longer workable the the global economy has become too integrated and too fragile it's too
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. interdependent on each other big just like the forest just like the ocean just like every other way i think yeah i mean that's the point is that since the one nine hundred ninety s. early one nine hundred ninety s. america has led this empire basically of global trade and it's appended on globalization and dissipated on you know we're also entering a trade war with china for example in the fact is that a lot of goods around you huge percentage of consumer goods in america come from china so part of our power as a nation king from opening up markets around the world but then we also see the fragility of having nationalistic policies it's not really possible to have nationalistic policies in a day and age of hyper globalization where you know supply chains are so wound together and so last minute mode so much unpredictability that is an asset because it forces everyone to adapt in real time into think and be present in the
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moment remember that blind faith is predictable and it leads toward dead ends of predictability whereas having more doubt and the more science based mine results in more of a multitude of solutions that's what's kept humans spinning for millions of years that's what keeps life going in the cosmic dimensions unpredictability mutations drive evolution not the same. cycle of predictability that would create monocultures and evolutionary dead ends stay cis and death so trump is political equivalent of the duck billed platypus better arrives on the scene to baffle us all and if survives in the wild i'm going
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to say that word. and i know our british viewers and we have many of them are going crazy now at me saying aluminum aluminum aluminum over and over and they're diving on aluminum is is the word used to describe the white of an egg it doesn't refer to a base metal or a commodity brits are know nothing of the english language they're the only people that use that phrase so such bottlenecks are evidence of the acute dependence on both russia and the us even diplomats are now begging the trump and ministration to exempt aluminum from the sanctions france is leading an effort by e.u. countries to get the us to ease its sanctions against moscow and also the article goes on to say that the e.u. is also heavily reliant on china as well i saw an article by the way this past week where the china has a new. they actually loaded up a train full of cargo from china and it's now the first time going across by rail and that's going to basically cut like two weeks off or three weeks off of the
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delivery time transport time sanctions against russia were a figment m.s.n. b c's imagination and the propaganda speech by rachel maddow that's now all been discredited and the bunked in the wake of the russia gate hoax which is now widely understood to be purely a trick to confound americans and disappear and yet another one but the nature as we're talking about the nature of a free market globalized system is that you can't have barriers it can't have censorship you can't censor you can't create a swift global financial system based on your dollar and want the world to have a us dollar standard for example and then start saying no we don't want you to participate no we don't want you to purchase me and that person can't actually exclusive yes so you either want to have a global trade system with a dollar reserve currency or you don't you can have selectively pick sanctions that would create choke points in the dollar reserve global currency that's what i'm
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saying right that's true isn't. well free market system is not a financial suicide bomber like jamie dimon he's more of a global trade guy i think i've got a what he's. got a woody i mean i've got wood i mean i've got what. they call that stuff on for that if you can throw it away because i love causing you trouble remember think people are tired of that right now they want to move on and they want to live in nature no tone for mother nature. so i'm going to move on to you know we were talking at the dollar and a lot of the dollar has facilitated enormous debts you know the u.s. is going to have a trillion dollar tree deficit you know fiscal deficits for the next looking out onto the horizon is going to be a trillion two trillion soon but you know right now while the going is good then everybody is loading up on junk debt and junk that is still we still had an easy time last week a member last week what we saw was a ten year treasury yield soared to over three to three percent were for the first
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time in a few years and yet jumbo market had an easy time netflix raise billions more than they expected and that was it and they have. put it onto their pile of eight billion already in debt you know to fund all the content that we're watching while sitting at home well here's another article from wolf about the junk bond bubble peak bubble for junk bonds says we work bond sale the junk bond market is still in total bubble bloom simply ignoring the bloodletting in the treasury market that pushed the ten year yield to three percent finally for the first time in over four years but investors are last thing after higher yields and companies are taking advantage of them while they still can which makes sense particularly if it's a unicorn with long term lease obligations up out the was due whose net loss which doubled to nearly one billion is bigger than its revenues so they did a five hundred million dollar bond offering there's a lot of crazy data in here but you know in terms of this system this nature of the global financial system and trade system which we've been. talking about on two
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sides of it are the u.s. and china and those two as the i.m.f. pointed out are the biggest debt monger in the world and escalating rapidly and you have these two sides of a perhaps precarious ends but that's why you want in order for a more anti-fragile system maybe not to have so many barriers and sanctions and and restrictions and censorship in the way of that so that the global financial system all right well i mean to your point about interest rates if in fact interest rates are on the way up and the ten year treasury bond is over three percent and heading to a more normalized five or six percent then junk bond market would head to a more normalized thirteen to fourteen percent yes from the current five percent so these companies like we work on netflix are trying to lock in cheap money now before it becomes a lot more expensive but as you point out in the case of way work they have a long term lease obligations so if in fact rates spike and the economy slows they're not going to be able to fill.


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