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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 5, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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marshawn mr khan loosed. the ideas put forward by moxy here alongside frederick angles haven't been consigned to the nineteenth hole for that matter the twentieth centuries a recent poll of people from twenty eight different nations showed that hall for them said to get a better society we should follow socialist ideals however it is worth noting that in the same poll around the same number said that political systems based on the writings of these two were far more likely to be oppressive i asked the people of what they thought those mosques have a place in today society and politics so when it comes to politics like maybe you
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use it to get votes but it's now very early like that ideology and it has never been practiced so it doesn't exist and not only like about. economic inequalities but also other types of inequalities that could be used like they could use marxist theory to be examined more in today's culture capitalism. seals labor from people since labor from the workers and. from from our point of view. it's still important. is a good and important but it's not a utopia in reality things in that differently at marx's funeral in london in one thousand eight hundred three angles said his friend the greatest living thinker has ceased to think well that may well have been but two hundred years after his birth the ideas put forward by marx continue to inspire others to think.
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and one of those people is philosopher and cultural critics love voyages schick he told us about how karl marx on his works are understood in the modern world. all heroes here almost this fame is very ambiguous you become a cult figure week means people don't really starve you don't really review and so on and so on marx to prevent him is an ideal not only doesn't take marx seriously but also avoid confronting problematic in mosques his description of the movement of global copied over the growing between the poor and buried and so on and so only do very act but the context is totally different he was. right in the wrong way mark's obviously big. well elaborate date field of state power what he thought state is such as take just
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a second diety superstructure thinks really happened in economy already in the soviet union it was true and if things don't work like peace states place a much stronger so different stuff today. to be a critical marxist to focus on problems which are going to get that by marx like their own state power economy itself. rallies supporting russia's leading opposition figure elex enough on the are under way in cities across russian they're taking place ahead of london where putin's presidential inauguration on monday with protesters gathering under the slogan he is not sorry to us no money himself has been arrested at the moscow demo along with dozens of others down of is in the city center right now forests let's try and cross live to . we've actually just lost igor right in the midst of the crowds will try
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and come back a little bit later that get a sense of the scenes and done time in moscow at those protests a little bit later now a drug lords arrest a decade ago was the scribed of the time as a devastating blow to the taliban trafficking in afghanistan but now this same man has quietly walked free from the u.s. prison caleb maupin has been looking into the possible reasons why. here at this correctional facility in manhattan you've got some very dangerous criminals you've got the mexican drug kingpin knocking el chapo guzman furthermore you've got the terrorist suspected of driving his truck into pedestrians here in manhattan back in two thousand and seventeen but one rather famous inmate the afghan drug lord haji juma khan recently checked out and no one knows why khan was first arrested back in two thousand and one as the usa began its operations in afghanistan however he was
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almost immediately released and from there he went on to set up a criminal empire known as the khan organization he was watched very closely by the u.s. drug enforcement agency the khan organization arranged to sell more than bass nuke them durable to the processed into heroin in quantities is launches for two tons enough to supply the entire united states heroin market for more than to use now it's also important to note that in afghanistan he became friends with the d.e.a.'s top man in kabul he described their friendship is crucial in getting information he was a major player in the global herin trade and our aim was to console the supply of money from open kingpins like him to the taliban and terrorists such as oh kind he was an unofficial spiny and he gave us useful information that we passed on to the military at one point in two thousand and six the da chief in kabul got so close to
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his drug lord buddy that he was worried he may have cancer he arranged a trip for him to the united states in order to get treatment one day i know it says that it grew from his chest i thought it might be cancerous as i previously had a melanoma concent and showed in my scones i offered him treatments in d.c. and we went well that was a false alarm i was hoping friend bruce who is way of building trust the friendship soured in two thousand and eight when he was learned to indonesia arrested by interpol and then extradited to new york city once he was locked up ten. trial of the d.a. then publicly linked him to terrorists proceeds from hundreds of mcconnell global drug trafficking organization funded the terrorist activities of the taliban he's arrested significant line of credit to the taliban that will shake the foundations of his drug network that has moved message quantities of herring into world by drug markets ever since that time everything related to khan's case has been completely sealed in two thousand and ten the new york times wrote about his long standing
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friendship with both the da and the cia prior to capture at the time neither agency would confirm or deny it unlike his lawyer several law enforcement agencies from the united states approaching people in afghanistan including mr khan and requesting assistance and assigned to stand it payments made services requests from my client and others but now com is free no criminal charges no trial and no explanation why now at this point perhaps we can assume that the law enforcement agencies know what's best for the public and just don't feel a need to share their secret collaboration with the worst of the underworld kept secret so you can sleep better at night. r.t. new york. well we have been in touch with the us federal bureau of prisons concerning comes release we will update you if any response comes in to us. ok let's return to one of our top stories then rallies supporting russia's leading
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opposition figure alexina volley are underway in cities across russia they are taking place ahead of a lot of putin's presidential inauguration on monday with protesters gathering under the slogan he's not sorry to us and only in self has been arrested at the moscow dam along with dozens of volunteers our correspondent down off is in the city center and we shall try and connect to him igor this is unit here moscow i hope you can hear us this time i know there's a lot of people around you a lot of movement etc it's a couple of hours in give us a sense of how things are looking where you are. well you know and it's roughly around fifteen hundred people who have gathered here in central moscow most of them are supporters of extent of the prominent russian opposition figure what is happening here right now is the police are trying to clear out the streets mostly they're focusing on the driveway so basically to clear out the people from driveways so that the traffic so that the traffic could move through this is the
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latest we've seen a few people being detained apparently for blocking the cars for basically for trying to block off the road so this is what's going on here right now and the police are constantly moving it's a bit hectic that kind of trying to break up the crowd into smaller pieces into smaller chunks of groups of people and then they're kind of dispersing them from the main venue where alexina volley was trying to gather his supporters out but what's the reason behind that it wasn't because the rally location had not been agreed previously with city officials or what. or well indeed. that the that the rally was supposed to take place here where it is right now the authorities of more school offered him a different location literally a few hundred meters away from here also central moscow. really really close in central moscow in
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a historic and really iconic district of the russian capital but at that time when that decision was made by the moscow with already the extent of ali said that no he won't take any other location but this one now if some questions would are raised about that decision because a as i mentioned it is also central moscow so it's not clear and it is also a sort of a regular place a regular venue for opposition protests in russia and also a few days ago in fact there was another rally organized by different people that took place at that very street on soccer of a soccer of an avenue which was offered by moscow through an eastern a valley and a valley had no problem joining that rally and if in fact appearing that as one of the speakers it was a rally in support of engine of freedom in russia and against and against the ban of a very popular messenger here telegram so that's why the questions were raised why
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that venue seemed fine for the valley to show up to show up when he was one when he was joining sort of a rally we're going to by different people and why he refused to gather people why he refused to get to his own supporters there as well yes the situation in moscow but in the mali call for nationwide rallies than what's been the response in other cities. well we do know that rallies indeed have been organized to pull across to russia some of them were like this one and they weren't. the locations for them for him to prove by didn't already know this were given a green light and abdullah just by the sound is that i think i think it's a. very right about us i. don't think you know the several people being arrested. in the cities as well but. as far as we know my own state. in those cities where the venue is the route isn't approved like here and mostly
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because you know that some two thousand people are taken pods in a similar rally you see people in the open city of russia so this is what we know so far all right from a noisy done telling moscow eager don often i thank you very much. more news right after this stay with us. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. the global economy is so tightly wound that these sanctions don't work but that is because the supply chains are completely overlapping the what is sanctioned in one country drives economic problems of another country that you're not promising suffer get sanctions to spell longer workable that the global economy has to come
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to integrate it too fragile it's too. interdependent. put in lives by two things by his emotion and he is. in the long term he places a very long heat he says so to speak of long distance rather than politics and that's the way the underestimates. there is tight security in part it's right now as government protests get on their way nearly a year after president micron's election they have a policing is a result of may day rallies turning violent earlier this week when our t.
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shirt as you can see is in the french capital for us charlotte tither we do know that the french interior minister said that this was going to happen more policing but what are the people protesting about. well thousands of people have come onto the streets of paris today to protest against several of the policies of the my own government that have been instigated over the last year we have people from the public service you are here because you are unhappy with the fact that the said one hundred twenty thousand jobs in the public service be cut in his find him in office we've got the way where we can see you out here because they're unhappy with the reorganization that's been announced over the s.n.c.f. that so. a ways here in france they say it's the first step towards privatization and that they can to lose many of the benefits from my job so they've had they're also students who are out here because they're on happy again with changes that are being made to the way that students will be selected for universities no longer
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will they just be able to apply and go to the universities they won't they will be selection under the advice of the new government and people say that that will leave people from lower social incomes more disadvantage and they won't be able to get into university courses that they won't. as you mentioned there is a massive police presence out in carson day around two thousand and the police now that's because of the violence we saw just a few days ago on the may day rights when they were around fifteen hundred police and there were criticisms of the police back then in regards to how they dealt with some one thousand two hundred testers who were said to be an ultra militant left so i thought because of that they want to take no chances today i just take a look behind me you might get a sense of how the streets of paris of filling up with different people all unhappy with mcewan and his government we've had people chanting anti fascists other people
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showing them mr contentment their unhappiness with with puppets of him because he has been described by some people in political society as being a puppet master some people describing as awful tarion not democratic in the way that he takes decisions but as we come up to one year since michael was elected as france's president many people want to show for that first year they're not happy about it and one this is meant to be a party not to wish him well for that first year but a party to show him what the forces of opposition across this country to many of his policies charlie dubin ski on a sunny dawn tarn crazy and straight for lots of people around you thank you very much for an hour. programs right ahead stay with art international.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for him to let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. shows seem wrong when old rules just don't hold. any. get to shape out these days comes to the ticket and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. put in lives by two things by his emotion and he. in the long term he places
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a very long game he says so to speak a. long distance runner in politics and that's the way they underestimate him. ok she didn't know it is a may day today's. protests in france have turned finance forcing from used to use tear gas and water cannons and arrested more than two hundred times to. corruption this seemingly they see this in across the board made a protest in support of the workers' rights turned violent in cities around the
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world. as the tear gas settles and rain washes blood from the streets of europe after this week's global mayday uprising i'm afshin rattansi and this is going underground special with me for the whole program is that journalist and filmmaker john pilger let's start and straight to austerity before we go to foreign policy you've been in australia i know another first world country the levels will stare at. the twenty eight crash a stir to supply globally so the same policy of extreme tax cuts the trump as opposed to go on the a lot of suspects that we've that we've had in this country for perverted long. it's called neo liberalism they apply
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so you have what is called an underclass people working for. temporary visas for low wages this is become the pattern in all rich countries it's the kind of. darwinian economics that those who two thirds society those who've who've got it through really will those in the middle who aspire to do well are usually in debt and those in the bottom are discarded and yet of course while as you say these two thirds have been suffering since twenty eight or even with for then there is money for wars what was your reaction when you first heard of the anglo american french missile attacks on syria it's built on a series of i would call them lies fabrications. the calculus attack on duma tourism
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a clearly said this is why britain has to go in and fight and think that it makes the regime they says is to be believed frankly and she's yet to convince us that she has a right to be believed because. almost everything to do with foreign policy has shown to in the end if you take the the the souls pre attack that is on rattling so far east for example the o.p.c. w. report on this which was not reported include in the bar a tree report from its major of a power tree in switzerland which said. this this wasn't on the of agent this wasn't know for sure it was something entirely different julian about the wiltshire attack i told her you were sure side of it this old grey attack but they are connected because it leads then we leads then to the attack on syria. the there is overall a campaign against russia this is
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a very long campaign it's been going on since the russian revolution but it's intensified in terms of its propaganda and the way i'd never known i've never known journalism to be so distorted in order to sort of this propaganda be the attack on on on dubai was based on when i quoted the law i when you look at the available evidence the real evidence the evidence that barely sees the light of day. then there's no justification for it whatsoever. there's no real evidence of a chemical attack so what we're seeing is is the most intense. campaign of propaganda at least since the iraq the buildup to the iraq war in two
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thousand and three it's comes from a great tradition it comes from nineteen forty five the cover story for dropping two atomic bombs later discredited right through to the beginning of the war the gulf of tonkin so we had years of misery and devastation in vietnam built on a lie when the be going to understand this when we're going to send understand there's no sturrock oh patton and we see that played out now almost through the propaganda that's presented as news i think will get you that many mainstream media journalists have short term memories perhaps but they are handed as they have always been handed press releases from government they routinely say russia has obviously rules invaded in area of europe and now they are being told we have proof
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that they have launched a chemical attack on english soil the first time since world war two and and the journalists say our government cannot possibly be lying about such a serious event i've been a journalist for a long time i've covered many wars i've covered the first cold war i've covered it from the soviet union i've covered it from the united states i've worked all over the world i'm a reporter. i would say there is a pseudo journalism now the kind of journalism you describe i wouldn't describe as journalism to simply write down and swallow what governments tell you is the very end to thesaurus of what real journalism is fortunately we still have it in the grate on. the mavericks like robert fisk who's single report from duma
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showed almost without doubt the whole hickman's so far he interviewed a doctor who'd worked at this particular facility there is no evidence the doctor made a mockery of macro holmes and maison clay and. we have seymour hersh now who can't pump be published in his own country has to be published in germany probably the greatest investigative reporter in the world hersh last year may his own reporting his own investigation made mockery of these so-called. chemical attacks. i've never known a time when so cold as you describe it mainstream surely. a satirical to. mainstream journalism has been so integrated
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into a propaganda. and that that propaganda campaign at the moment pointed right against russia suggests to me that it's the beginning of a kind of not the macho on russia. but the surrounding of russia with bases with american bases with nato missiles the provocations day off today. suggests this in syria where basically the russians and the syria's some succeeded the the the rebels. most of whom the hottest and the extreme islamicist supported by the united states supported by britain are still present to as a credible opposition within syria but the whole point of all this is to take syria from the russians since the nine hundred fifty s.
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if you read the documents you go back and read the declassified m i six dispatches from syria they've been trying to do those things the nineteen fifties syria hasn't been in control in the same way that iran hasn't been controlled this is i hope this is not the last stage i don't think it is because in syria it appears there's a major defeat and what way of seeing is a reaction to that but of course you mentioned some world renowned journalists have you been surprised about how they have been taken as apologists for putin and by presenting the opposite directive no of course not. a big call everything throughout my career that's a badge of honor. you're a good reporter only if at some point. authority established forces about
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who. about whose nefarious activities and invasions you're writing label you a dupe used to be a favor or an apologist robert fisk knows this very well that's happened with every great story he's reported then they say great story because he's reporting this pain of the highest order. since i've known him as we'd see more. as with with people like gareth porter great investigative reporter who you will never see he's an american you'll never see it is so cold maiden's for you newspaper writes all of it but read his material about iran it's based on fact you mention iran how serious is this narrative not going to twist away but maybe while still remaining on syria but going to focus on some kind of imminent war on
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iran especially as we know john bolton is no national security advisor go chill go is it on the whole ball and this this and mike pompei of who's this secretary of state. it's hard to know who amongst them is the most extreme. but iran has been a major target much more so than syria much more so than iraq because iran was one of the pillows of western power american power in the middle east and when most of deck the democratically elected leader of iran was overthrown in in the nineteenth fifties by britain and the united states and the shah was in a store that was when the pillar was reinforced but the pillar collapsed in nine
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hundred seventy nine with the revolution in iran and that has never been forgiven getting over on the major ambition of the above and that's why we're coming to a very dangerous period when trump mosse rational for. the agreement that a bomb outside and. with iran along with. the e.u. under which iran committed to its self as it frankly always had committed itself to a peaceful nuclear program in return sanctions would drop small on we have dangers you know the dangers that are presented to us this is so unnecessary why why are we why we threatening countries like iran which hasn't invaded anyone.


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