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liam self did not shy away from appearing at that rally which did raise some questions as to why he chose to i know which groups to denounce that location south of avenue for his rally and saw no problem appearing there at the do at the rally was by different people also this has been this the protests have not been contained to just more school it has been a russian white thing some two thousand people we know have been protesting in st petersburg and in other russian cities as well we have. reports of arrests in some of those cities to mostly the cities where locations like here in moscow. approved by the authorities as well and most of all we saw some people being detained by the police to mostly those who are trying to block the streets. begin to push through this weekend saturday marks the two hundred birthday of pioneering german philosopher call marks people across the world have been celebrating and
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debating the legacy of his works which portrayed capitalism as an exploitive of the sustainable system the bureau europe correspondent peter all of explores why it is still to this day that the comic think it still captures the imagination of so many though. germany is commemorating one of its most famous sound controversial think is such a date as the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of the author of the communist manifesto karl marx to say that his ideas of class struggle and the overthrow of the ruling classes by the workers were under a main divisive here well that is beyond understatement marx's ideas were truly at the root of the ideological division between east and west germany post world war two but that's not stopping his place of birth tree in the south west from hosting a series of events to mark his big birthday bash.
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it surprised many when it was announced that the guest of honor at the big party in trio would be sean claude younker the e.u. commission president hardly house proletariats credentials in fact the former prime minister of luxembourg has been accused in the past of exuding the worst excesses of the bush was he so perhaps mr younger has been a closeted common rate of marx all these years marxist nish con marx is not responsible for all the atrocities carried out by his followers and his writings does capital and the communist manifesto change the world as we know it so marx's
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name and image has appeared all over the place from a major street here in the german capital to these t. shirts you can even save your capitalist pennies inside the head of one of communisms founding think is marx is also appeared in more than east. share of t.v. shows on the advertisements as well. oh come the bad sweetie at dad. mars scientists are calling the list.
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the ideas put forward by moxie alongside frederick angles haven't been consigned to the nineteenth hole for that matter the twentieth centuries a recent poll of people from twenty eight different nations showed that hall for them said to get a better society we should follow socialist ideals however it is worth noting that in the same poll around the same number said that political system is based on the writings of these two were far more likely to be oppressive the people of what they thought those mosques have a place in today society and politics so when it comes to politics like maybe you use it to get votes but it's now very early like that ideology and it has never been practiced so it doesn't exist and not only like about. economic
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inequalities but also other types of inequalities that could be used like they could use marxist theory to to be examined in today's culture capitalism. seal's labor from people or from the workers. from from our point of view. it's still important to you that my dear is not good important. that you take in reality things in the differently at marx's funeral in london in one thousand eight hundred three angles said his friend the greatest living thinker has ceased to think well that may well have been but two hundred years after his birth the ideas put forward by marx continue to inspire others to think peter all of our people in. the hood for the philosopher and cultural critics but how call moxon's works understood in the modern day world these days. is that we are all heroes but heroes this fame is very ambiguous you become a cult figure
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a week means people don't really starve you don't really review and so on and so on marx to prevent him as an ideal not only doesn't take marx seriously but also avoid confronting bookish problematic in marx his description of the movement of global coffee over the growing between the poor and buried and so on and so on need to very act but the context is totally different he was. right in the wrong way marx obviously didn't have well elaborate date field of state power he thought state is such a sect just a second diety superstructure thinks really happened in economy already in the soviet union it was proven that things don't work like this state place a much stronger so different stuff today. to be
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a critical marxist to focus on problems which are to neglect that by marx like their own state power economy itself. seventy minutes past nine mosco time fags be with us more still to come with me but i would tonight a well connected afghan drug lords recently walked free from a us prison but no one knows why we got some clues feel though when after this break. seems wrong. to stamp out. and engagement equals betrayal. when some find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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the global economy is so tightly wound that these sanctions don't work but that is because the supply chains are completely overlapping the what is sanctioned one country drives economic problems in another country that you're not trying to suffer get sanctions to spell longer workable than the global economy has to integrate. it's too. interdependent. you get a real mystery that's next with the arrest of a tourist drug lord a decade ago was heralded at the time as
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a devastating blow to the taliban and narcotics trafficking in afghanistan but now the very same man is quietly walked free from an american prison caleb maupin has been looking into the possible reasons behind his release. here at this correctional facility in manhattan you've got some very dangerous criminals you've got the mexican drug kingpin knocking el chapo guzman furthermore you've got the terrorist suspected of driving his truck into pedestrians here in manhattan back in two thousand and seventeen but one rather famous inmate the afghan drug lord haji juma khan recently checked out and no one knows why khan was first arrested back in two thousand and one as the usa began its operations in afghanistan however he was almost immediately released and from there he went on to set up a criminal empire known as the khan organization he was watched very closely by the u.s. drug enforcement agency the cond organization arrange to sell more than base nuke them durable to that can be processed into heroin in quantities as launches for two
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tons enough to supply the entire united states heroin market for more than to use now it's also important to note that in afghanistan he became friends with the d.e.a.'s top man in kabul he described their friendship as crucial and getting information he was a major player in the global herin trade and the ring was to console the supply of money from open kingpins like him to the taliban and terrorists such as oh kind he was an unofficial spiny and he gave us useful information that we passed on to the military at one point in two thousand and six the da chief in kabul got so close to his drug lord buddy that he was worried he may have cancer he arranged a trip for him to the united states in order to get treatment one day i notice is that he had a growth on his chest i thought it might be cancerous as i previously had a melanoma consonants and showed in my scones i offered him treatments in d.c. and we went a little was a full i was hoping friend bruce who is way of building trust the friendship soured
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in two thousand and eight when he was learned to indonesia arrested by interpol and then extradited to new york city once he was locked up and. trial of the d.a. then publicly linked him to terrorists proceeds from hundreds of mcconnell global drug trafficking organization funded the terrorist activities of the taliban he's arrest significant line of credit to the taliban that will shake the foundations of his drug network that has moved message quantities of harim to worldwide drug markets ever since that time everything related to khan's case has been completely sealed in two thousand and ten the new york times wrote about his longstanding friendship with both the da and the cia prior to capture at the time neither agency would confirm or deny it unlike his lawyer several law enforcement agencies from the united states approaching people in afghanistan including mr khan and requested assistance and assigned to stand it payments made services requests from my client
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and others but now com is free no criminal charges no trial and no explanation why now at this point perhaps we can assume that the law enforcement agencies know what's best for the public and just don't feel a need to share their secret collaboration with the worst of the underworld kept secret so you can sleep better at night. r.t. new york well i can tell you we have of course it coming from the us federal bureau of prisons concerning comes released if we get it we'll let you know next but. the story is next when schools in the u.s. state of illinois might soon have to change their curriculum is to teach more about the contributions made by the l.g.b. to communities in american history work the figures will be given more focus in the plan in subjects ranging from science to sport if i coliform is already done just that the bill still has to be given the go ahead by the state house of representatives but it's got lots of people talking it will promote acceptance and
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a more accurate portrayal of history. it is in direct contradiction to the clear judeo christian beliefs of many in illinois got a good chat going here to discuss the issue further we invited media commentator gina lowden and human rights activist peter tatchell to offer their views. it's very important people understand the contribution that gay people have made i think is about informing straight kids so they understand bt issues. their prejudices broken down if a history book or any book whatever write about me personally i wouldn't want them to leave with my religious background my ethnicity and certainly not my sexual orientation fantastic extraordinary people from tchaikovsky to richard the lionhearted their gayness or their bisexuality is not the major factor but it's just about acknowledging that people have existed throughout history and have made
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a very important contribution to the sciences the arts sport and culture well i think in an effort perhaps to be inclusive we've made a mistake and this estimation if you will and what's happened is that a lot of groups have been taken advantage of by politicians who are willing to prey on people based on those identities i think that you know identity politics has been a response to exclusion because of decades of exclusion and marginalization some communities of how to organize it hasn't worked and what it's done instead is it's divided us up into little groups that then can be taken advantage of by politicians gene is right we don't want to be typecast about the fact that we're jewish or gay or black those are just one aspects of who we are but in some cases those are the aspects of who we are which other people target for hatred and discrimination my concern begins and ends where government gets involved in deciding who is relevant
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who is not relevant who is more relevant and then dividing us into little groups because when government has enough power to do that they also have enough power to take that away. you have one son of the thomas to another now wearing the clothes are adopting the traditions of another culture is not often seen as more offensive than flattering especially for reactions to social media of late have been anything to go by you may recall that story about a recent cultural appropriation backlash that targeted a teenager who posted simply a photo of herself in a chinese dress artie's online series in case you missed it got to grips with what's go in there. young boys. are. just a young girl just enjoying high school prom no i guess you missed this picture is the moment that civilization went just too far. cultural
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appropriation or appreciating stuff from other cultures may seem like a completely made up problem the kind of thing it's not worth. but are we really going to believe that innocent young the traditional chinese dress just so she could look nice when i'm grey guy on twitter who had never met the teenager and probably shouldn't be looking at strangers social media feeds her for us when he said my culture is no no god damn dress mr angry is a chinese american named jeremy lam who one would expect would know a thing or two about mixing culture is if we don't all pretend to be outraged right now where we're like as he is of this world stop we will start to eat chinese food as if it a new thing when they start using goods made in china in everyday life china's culture is not your god damn i thought what about indian children or aptitude from
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the simpsons he's going under the radar for thirty years but is now finally being criticised by one guy who can't just take someone from another culture and affectionately turn them into a much loved bunch of the most successful show of all time groundskeeper willie scotland how are they getting away with that so how do we stop this before we end up in the nightmare scenario where different cultures learn about appreciate and accept one another start with your half say no to inappropriate appropriated styles cut it all off show all boldness risk ernest's but what are they going to do street lights. your grandma speaks snoop dogg's grandma front you just party it's just not worth the risk yo girl stop it if you're no indian you stole it i'm gonna have democracy and elections and stuff like that tough the greeks want it back in your computer that's russia's. really there's only one option that will make us
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happy segregate cultures and build walls and stop sharing ideas or just drink a cappuccino in a camaro and see if that can take it. once great area close to paris is now in terms of the legal problems proving difficult for the authorities the more frustrating it seems for the locals is the story.
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how concrete blocks wouldn't place you had to drag the little east check ups because i would remind you all of that land these private property public authorities cannot interfere with private property. for disease we vote for politicians to do the job so they protect the land today though we can say that the state.
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what a mess that have you all so no loss stories online l.t. they'll come so much more that two they don't have time to show you here is kevin owen in moscow saying but with more. just but often i was talking with a nice live update thanks for watching international this weekend.
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ok she didn't know it is a may day today. protests in france have turned violent forcing from east to use tear gas and water cannons and arrested more than two hundred times this. corruption this seemingly they see. across the board made a protest in support of workers' rights turned violent in cities around the world.
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as the tear gas settles and rain washes blood from the streets of europe after this week's global mayday uprising i'm afshin rattansi and this is going underground special with me for the whole program is that journalist and filmmaker john pilger let's start and go straight to austerity before we go to foreign policy you've been in australia i know another first world country the levels all staring . into the twenty eight crash a stir to supply globally so the same policy of extreme tax cuts the trump was posing on the a lot of spades that we've that we've had in this country for for very long time it's called neo liberalism they applaud so you have for this called an underclass people working for.
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temporary visas for low wages this has become the pattern and all rich countries so it's the kind of. darwinian economics that those who. two thirds societies those who've who've got it through really will those in the middle who aspire to do well are usually in debt and those in the bottom are discarded and yet of course while as you say these two thirds have been suffering since twenty eight or even bit before then there is money for wars what was your reaction when you first heard of the anglo american french missile attacks on syria it's built on a series of i would call them lies fabrications. the calculus tackling duma resume clearly said this is why britain has to go in and fight i
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think it makes the regime they says it's to people leave frankly and she's yet to convince us that she has a right to be believed because. almost everything to do with foreign policy has shown to in the end if you take the the the sols pre attack that is on rapidly so fall just for example the o.p.c. w. report on this which was not reported include in the bar a tree report from its major of a power tree in switzerland which said this this was no no of agent this wasn't no for sure it was something entirely different julian about the wheelchair attack we're told are you sure so it was sold great attack but they are connected because it leads then we leads then to the attack on syria. the there is overall a campaign against russia this is
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a very long campaign it's been going on since the russian revolution but it's intensified in terms of its propaganda in the way i'd never known i've never known journalism. to be so distorted in order to sort of this propaganda be the attack on on on dubai was based on when i quoted the law i when you look at the available evidence the real evidence the evidence that barely sees the light of day. then there's no justification for it whatsoever. there's no real evidence of a chemical attack so what we're seeing is is the most intense. campaign of propaganda at least since the iraq the buildup to the iraq war in two
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thousand and three which comes from a great tradition that comes from nineteen forty five the cover story for dropping two atomic bombs later discredited right through to the beginning of the vietnam war the gulf of tonkin so we had years of misery and devastation in vietnam built on a lie when the be going to understand this when we're going to send understand there's no sturrock zero patton and we see that played out now almost through the propaganda that's presented as news i think will get you that many mainstream media journalists have short term memories perhaps but they are handed as they have always been handed press releases from government they routinely say russia has obviously rules invaded in area of europe and now they're being told we have proof
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that they have launched a chemical attack on english soil the first time since world war two and and the journalists say all governments cannot possibly be lying about such a serious event i've been a journalist for a long time i've covered many wars i've covered the first cold war i've covered it from the soviet union i've covered it from the united states i've worked all over the world i'm a reporter. i would say there is a pseudo journalism now the kind of journalism you describe i wouldn't describe as journalism to simply write down and swallow what governments tell you is the very end to thesaurus of what real journalism is fortunately we still have it in the great on really exceptional is the mavericks like robert fisk who's single report from duma showed almost without doubt the whole hickman's so far. he
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interviewed a doctor who'd worked at this particular facility there's no evidence the doctor made a mockery of macros and maze and claimed. to have seymour hersh now who can't pump be published in his own country has to be published in germany probably the greatest investigative reporter in the world hersh last year may his own reporting his own investigation made mockery of these so-called. chemical attacks. i've never known a time when so cold as you describe it mainstream surely. a satirical to. mainstream journalism has been so integrated into a propaganda. and that that propaganda campaign
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at the moment pointed right against russia suggests to me that it's the beginning of a kind of not the macho on russia. but the surrounding of russia with bases with american bases with nato missiles the provocations day off today. suggests this in syria where basically the russians and the syria some succeeded by blocking the the the rebels. most of whom the hottest and extreme islamicist supported by the united states supported by britain are still present to as a credible opposition within syria but the whole point of this is to take syria from the russians since the nine hundred fifty s.
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if you read the documents you go back and read the declassified m i six dispatches from syria they've been trying to do those things the nineteen fifties syria hasn't been controlled in the same way that iran hasn't been controlled this is i hope this is not the last stage i don't think it is because in syria it appears there's a major defeat and what we're seeing is a reaction to that but of course you mentioned some world renowned journalists have you been surprised about how they have been taken as apologists for putin and fascinated by presenting the opposite there it is oh of course not. a big cold everything throughout my career that's a badge of honor. you're a good reporter only if at some point.


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