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read the documents you go back and read the declassified m i six dispatches from syria they've been trying to do that is since the nineteen fifties syria hasn't been controlled in the same way that iran has indeed controlled this is i hope this is not the last stage i don't think it is because in syria it appears there's a major defeat and what was seeing is a reaction to that but of course you mention some world renowned journalists has he been surprised about how they have been taken as apologists for putin and fascinated by presenting the opposite directive no of course not. a big cold everything throughout my career that's a badge of honor. you're a good reporter only if at some point. authority established forces about
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who about whose nefarious activities and invasions you're writing label you a dupe but used to be a favor or an apologist robert fisk knows this very well that's happened with every great story he's reported i say great story because he's reporting is pain of the highest order since i've known him as would seem all have as with with people like gareth porter a great investigative reporter who you'll never see he's an american you'll never see it is so cold maiden's for you newspaper writes all of it. but read his material about iran it's based on fact you mentioned iran how serious is this narrative not going to twist away but maybe while still remaining on syria but going to focus on some kind of imminent war on iran especially as we know john
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bolton is no national security advisor go cello thing on the whole and this this and mike pompei of who's the secretary of state. it's hard to know who amongst them is the most extreme. but iran has been a major target much more so than syria much more so than iraq because iran was one of the pillows of western power american power in the middle east and when most of deck the democratically elected leader of iran was overthrown in in the nineteen fifties by britain and the united states and the shah was in store that was when the pillar was reinforced but the pillar collapsed in one nine hundred seventy nine with the revolution in iran and that has never been forgiven
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getting over on the major ambition of the above and that's why we're coming into a very dangerous period when trump mosse ratify the agreement the a bomb outside and. with iran along with. the e.u. under which. ron committed to self as it frankly always had committed itself to a peaceful nuclear program in return sanctions were dropped and so on we have dangers you know the dangers that a presented to us that is so unnecessary why why are we why we threatening countries like iran which hasn't invaded anyone for about four hundred years the don't threaten us why is
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anachronism like israel allowed to have it seem punitive. why do we why do we believe these why do as you describe why do we journalists write down what governments tell us why don't they question them don't they it's just a few years ago that that exactly that or was as terrible mistakes happened in two thousand and two two thousand and three that led to the disaster of the invasion of iraq of iraq what why is this being repeated these are questions the demand to be answered not just by journalists but by the public in democrats particularly in countries that rig still regard themselves as democratic. the stop you that build up to the great.
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the global economy is so tightly wound that these sanctions don't work but the history because the supply chains are completely overlapping and what is sanction in one country drives economic problems in another country that you're not promising suffer get sanctions to spell longer workable than the global economy has to come to integrate it too fragile it's too. interdependent. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. somehow want to listen. to going to be pros that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm
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interested always in the water. question. welcome back i'm still here with legendary journalist and filmmaker. joel and did you ever expect to see what looked like in korea you know what to expect. well the word should have expected that the croons them so. if we've been following and we don't follow but we follow the big power is that. impose that than so particularly that odd space on that country it's a very popular moods by the president of south korea it's i would i would have thought as clearly a popular move in north korea the koreans korea is one of the most homogeneous
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societies in the world i mean you can you can find very few countries so it's almost like france related it's one big family the idea of them divided. is absurd they recognise that but what this demonstrates is that a regional solution is is possible not only possible it's probably the only way to all these to all the world's so-called flashpoints and problems there credit is being given to donald trump's administration but he's a bit more given the nobel peace prize why not give in to a few of those coming war in germany details that massive military expansion in that area yet it's always you know everyone is celebrating because the share prices of old boeing raytheon locating others have gone down how can these regional peace
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deals be done in the face of all of that military industrial complex pile if this deal is being done and i think both koreas have to be very careful of not walking into a trap as well the trap could be that north korea is to psalm to completely and north korea knows that by having. you clear weapons that's prevented it from being another iraq canal the libya from big attacked i don't think there's any question about it so while it's desirable look north korea is dissolved of nuclear weapons and and all of korea is denuclearized it also has to be the america is the two in fact the the forma
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is rather more important than the latter. how that happens is going to be a very tricky part of the negotiations coming up because korea as far as the united states can is concerned is is really a front line on a number of countries but especially if front line on china it would is russia and china borders russia and china are of course but it has its sad so called anti missile system if you just said to be pointing at the north no one believes that it's pointing at china so these are very precarious days ahead but i think they quite hopeful days and i'm sure if you still have friends in the national security apparatus of the united states but do you think there are people in there taking a rather dim view very day and i will oppose this as you point out all the arms companies will oppose this although the the japanese have said publicly they
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support it but and no doubt the chep these people support it no question about it but whether the united states stays in korea. literally leaves. it's a crucial fact to hear that surely there really is a end of the korean war surely there are interests and we should remind people who don't because it's seldom mentioned here that was britain was involved in killing of twenty percent of the population of korea how far would the united states go in trying to remain there if peace breaks i don't know but the it for them it may well get out of control this will become so popular if it isn't already in korea that. they my eye might find great difficulty with the local population
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and even the local political of late south korea you know those sort of hybrid it's a it's a vassal state of the united states but it's also bred people like. the the present president and people like kim jong and all those who. who saw i did tone with the north as their prime political purpose not as a servant of the united states perhaps that's a clash that we've yet to see. happen and perhaps it's coming but the process has started that's that's the important thing and regional processes like this have a high success rate. they have a high success rate in in. i remember in uganda when the african states following the the the whole devastation of
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video maine and you guys and that was a regional solution they were left they were left alone. in latin america when countries very rarely have been left alone by the united states. they've had regional groups that have banded together in economic formations and if you like protected each other maybe that's why they hated to go chavez so much because he promoted that he promoted that regional solution to two to a region so perhaps we're seeing the beginning of something like that of course if you go to the middle east they would be a regional solution. if they wasn't the united states supporting one state in its impunity and its priority in
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its occupation of politics but if there was goodwill in the united states to make that a regional solution then to be very difficult there there are a many different competing tribal forces but those tribal forces of mostly been. reignited. by the the the imperial powers as we saw were in libya into in two thousand and eleven so again i suppose i'm saying that although it's probably it's a remote at the moment in the middle east but to see glimmers of it in korea is hopeful well if trump has enemies of
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a career because he may what the big grand gesture he now has the curious enemy of the d.n.c. that is suing him russia is the us democratic party i think this is serious because i had to recheck it again is is suing donald trump russia and julian assange and mickey mouse it's it's it's just of so good. i'm as the ruler inquiry progresses you know as if the goal is a road in that within the road to stop this was save the house intelligence committee have ruled out have found off the months of you looking into a conspiracy between trump and the russians it was the probably the clinton cables the hillary clinton cables particularly the protests the ones the protests the ones that showed that hillary clinton the absolute embodiment of the
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democratic of stab a shipment. that her foundation that she knew rather she knew that the the the force of the saudi arabia qatar were backing isis they were backing these extreme to harvest movements and he had she she and her foundation benefit from huge donations. into into the clinton foundation and she did and went on the secretary of state to so-called negotiate the biggest alms deal that america's of unknown with those states so that to them that's important information that tells us how power works that's upset them and russia of course fighting isis and al-qaeda in syria but does that mean then that basically julian is in his weekly leaks organization can never be
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forgiven by that is bush will never be forgiven people are talking go only about good journalists and the forgiven that's why the good journalists that's part of being a good journalist but such a sound has suffered so much for being for wiki leaks big so good. so he being in touch with it yes into you directly at the boat but i haven't i've been in touch because he's denied visitors. he can't make phone calls he's got no into that it's the pressure pressure is on him and every bit of his extraordinary of resilience is now being called upon its it's one of those miscarriages of justice to malda to.
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grotesque injustices but that it should manifest right in the heart of london is that the scrapes saw isn't even allowed to go to a hospital and come back because they won't let him back. he has the right to safe passage out of that embassy he has a justified fear. of the united states extraditing him and putting him in the kind of hellhole that chelsea manning into a day they'll probably throw away the key with julian assad and he's done that too well and so over these leaks the only leak actually i mean we can leaks doesn't know where the leak came from but the leak almost certainly came from within the democratic national committee the same body that is now conducting this ridiculous
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action against against we can leagues and the rest you might as well the same thing would be directed against the new york times or the washington post were to publish the pentagon papers back in those howls in days when they did real journalism if anyone needs the support of democrats of journalists of those who believe in basic freedoms freedom of speech freedom of knowledge freedom to no freedom of real journalism it's him. john pilger thank you. and that's it for the show will be back on monday with renowned anti-racism campaign a mock ones with on his expulsion from jeremy goldman's labor party for bringing the party as a disrepute still then you can give a touch via social media a c. on monday nineteen years to the day nato bombed the chinese embassy in yugoslavia
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killing or injuring twenty three beijing withdrawal it's a barbaric act. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world
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of politics sport doesn't this i'm show business i'll see you then. tonight here are backtracking and contradictions the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog now says it's unable to determine the amount of the nerve agent used in the script poisoning you turning then on earlier claims that nearly half a cup of a talks in the. tens of thousands turned out in paris this weekend to protest president macross economic policies with tight security following this week's labor day we're. coming to anti-government protests take place across russia days before the theme of putin's presidential inauguration the man behind the marches opposition leader alexina valmy is arrested at an unauthorized rally in moscow. marked turns two hundred r.t. this hour explores how the iconic pioneer german philosopher his beliefs about the
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credit tree nature of capitalism continue to resonate with many of the modern day world. just after ten pm saturday evening here in moscow hope the weekend's going good review too did around the world my name is kevin and it's a this is r t international first then the international chemical weapons watchdog which is currently investigating the poisoning of surrogate script of his daughter in england is backing away now from claims made by its own boss the o.p.c. w. director general had suggested that up to half a cups worth of a nerve agent was used in the attack on the former spy that saddam was large enough to kill tens of thousands of people more ghastly of takes of the story usually what happens with ministries is the answers get revealed crimes are solved
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perpetrators are identified in the script case what's interesting is we seem to be going in reverse. for research activities or protection you would need for instance five to ten grams or so but even in souls three it looks like they may have used more than that without knowing the exact quantity i'm told it may be fifty one hundred grams or so which goes beyond research activities for protection it also stretches the realms of reality here's some perspective one drop of a new fridge chock nerve agent is enough to kill roughly ten people one hundred grams the equivalent of a small glass would be enough to wipe out at least a neighborhood kill thousands and thousands any serious chemist familiar with nerve agents will tell you as much know each other is supposed to be very toxic highly toxic five to eight times more toxic than the x.
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which is already very very toxic what's interesting is how the head of the world's chemical weapons watchdog could possibly make such a mistake perhaps it was a mistake the u.p.c. w. didn't take long to shall we say clarify the o.p.c. w. would not be able to estimate or determine the amount of the nerve agent the booze used in seoul's bree on the fourth of march twenty eight in the quantity should probably be characterized in milligrams fair enough they miscalculated a slight exaggeration of about two hundred thousand fold but ok remember when russia protested the accusation that only eat could make no rich ox no one took them seriously in fact the accusers were offended by the very idea. the russians crossed all boundaries when they said the novacek agent could have come from the czech republic that is
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a lie fake news right so imagine the czech foreign minister's face when the president then comes out and says this. novacek was produced and tested in the czech republic it was a small quantity though we know when and we know where it was done it would be hypocritical to pretend that such a thing never happened pretty remarkable just to think britain was so sure it was all so we singularly exclusively russia is highly likely that russia was responsible bt the poles russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder you argue that their source of the chalk is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly i look at the the evidence from the people from from porton down they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt only russia it could only have come from russia said
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the guy over there to bars johnson hundred percent guaranteed go ahead sanction russia you can probably guess what happened next as a pattern here of not verified the press a source to be clear you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that so much backtracking it might as well be back running yet the media hits the breaking news peddle over any scandalous statement no matter how unsubstantiated and every time those statements turn out to be untrue no one cares staying tuned only for the next sensational revelation. next party with tight security forty thousand people turned out this weekend in paris to protest the french president's economic reforms and what they're calling a party for micron heavy policing is
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a result of this week's may day rallies the did turn violent no vogue this event generally passed off without incident at least one police officer is reported to have been injured trying to do ben's case among the protesters. so the police have just moved into the basti area which is the end part of the protest that they have started making what seem to me some arrests so far that's often some of the protesters damaged of van you might be able to see in the distance smashing the screen and they also attempted to set it on fire there are around two thousand joined on the police out in clueless in paris today to try and keep the violence at this protest to a minimum after the violence that was witnessed on the may day protests on tuesday when almost she one hundred people or so who were arrested from a ground to a crowd of around one thousand two hundred ultra militant leftists as they were
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described by the police now you may be able to see behind me some of the people who cover their faces they generally people describe themselves as being anti capitalist anti fascist and they don't want to see and identified many of the people came here to protest against the policies of the math on government over the last year that's because on monday it is since he was elected for the moment it feels like it is quite a calm but tense standoff between the police and the protesters here as the police have moved in to try and protect this area where the protesters had been trying to damage some of this property but as you can probably hear they're describing the police in a chance as being racist and these are people who tend to hate the police i mean normally we hear them saying all the world. the police really get a sense of that tension all these protests is a mission he came here to protest against that year in power of mr macro but what they owe is against the system capitalism and pretty much anything that go
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against the natural form of what they want and what they want they've said in the past is to bring up power to the street. those been rallies him russia to this weekend opposition activists in protesting ahead of lima putin's presidential inauguration on monday heeding the calls of the country's leading opposition figure election a volley they were demonstrating of the slogan putin is not to us the volume self was arrested here in moscow along with nearly three hundred of those for breaking protest laws he goes done for pull. some fifteen hundred people have gathered in central most of them are supporters of alexina valley a prominent opposition figure in russia now at the beginning of the protests we do know that there have been some scuffles between the supporters and the opponents over latina volley but so far largely this event has been peaceful now right now the police are trying to clear out the city center they are kind of breaking up the
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crowd into smaller chunks of people and and trying to disperse them one of the reasons the reason as to why they're doing this is this location for the protest has not been approved by the most school authorities the. system himself that his supporters should gather here on pushkin square square while instagram suffered a different location on soccer avenue now it's just a few thousand meters a few kilometers away from here it's also set in central most boy story districts somewhat of a traditional what has become a traditional sport for opposition rallies in moscow one of those actually took place there literally a few days ago organized by different people and it was in support of the internets . freedom in russia in the wake of the russian government banning a very popular a messaging service messenger telegram it's one of only himself did not shy away from appearing at that school rally which did raise some questions as to why he
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chose time i know what rituals to denounce that location south or about avenues for his rally and so no problem appearing there at the at the rally we're going to use by different people also this has been this the protests have not been contained just more stupid has been a russia wide thing some two thousand people we know have been protesting in c. petersburg and in other russian cities as well we have. reports of arrests in some of those cities too mostly in the cities where locations like here in moscow. nor approved by the authorities as well and most all we saw some people being detained by the police to mostly those who are trying to block the streets big date on the calendar for historians this weekend saturday marks the two hundredth birthday of pioneering german philosopher.


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