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controlled this is i hope this is not the last stage i don't think it is because in syria it appears there's a major defeat and what we're seeing is a reaction to that but of course you mentioned some world renowned journalists have you been surprised about how they have been taken as apologists for putin and by presenting the opposite oh of course naughty. a big cool everything throughout my career that's a badge of honor. you're a good reporter only if at some point. authority established forces about who about whose nefarious activities and invasions you're writing label you a dupe but used to be a favor or an apologist robert fisk knows this very well that's happened with every
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great story he's reported and they i say great story because he's reporting this pain of the highest order since i've known him as we'd see more. as with with people like gareth porter a great investigative reporter who you'll never see he's an american you'll never see it is so cold maidens for you use paper he writes all of it but read his material appeal to iran it's based on fact he mentioned iran how serious is this narrative not going to twist away but maybe while still remaining on syria but going to focus on some kind of imminent war on iran especially as we know john bolton is no national security adviser go chill go it on the whole ball and this this and mike pompei of who's the secretary of state. it's hard to know who amongst them is the most extreme. but iran
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has been a major target much more so than syria much more so than iraq because iran was one of the pillows of western power american power in the middle east and when most a deck the democratically elected leader of iran was overthrown in in the one nine hundred fifty s. by britain and the united states and the shah was in a store that was when the pillar was reinforced but the pillar collapsed in one nine hundred seventy nine with the revolution in iran and that has never been forgiven getting or wrong the major ambition of the above and that's why we're coming into a very dangerous period when trump mosse ratify the
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agreement the a bomb outside and. with iran along with. the e.u. under which iran committed to its self as it frankly always had committed itself to a peaceful nuclear program in return sanctions were dropped and so on we have dangers you know the danger is that the presented to us that is so one necessary why why are we why we threatening countries like iran which hasn't invaded anyone for about four hundred years the don't threaten us why is not criticism like israel allowed to have it seem punitive. why do we why do we believe these why do as you describe why do we
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journalists write down what governments tell us why don't they question them don't they it's just a few years ago that exactly that old was as terrible mistakes happened in two thousand and two two thousand and three that led to the disaster of the invasion of iraq over iraq what why is this being repeated these are questions the demand to be on so that not just by journalists but by the public in democrats particularly in countries that rick still regard themselves as democratic challenger this stuff be that well from john bill joffe to the break. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want to be rich. that's why the press is like that before three of them or people that i'm interested always in the waters about how. things should. puttin lives by two things by his emotion and he is so. in the long term he places a very long game he says this is a. long distance runner in politics and that's the way they underestimate him.
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welcome back i'm still here with legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger john did you ever expect to see what looked like did told in korea you know i didn't expect it. although i should have expected that the koreans them so. if we've been following and we don't follow but we follow the big power. that. impose that themselves particularly in spades on that country it's a very popular move by the president of south korea it's i would i would have thought as clearly a popular move in north korea the koreans career was one of the most homogeneous societies in the world i mean you can you can find very few countries so it's almost like france relate to one big family the idea of them divided.
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is absurd they recognize that but what this demonstrates is that a regional solution. is is possible not only possible it's probably the only way to all these to all the world's so-called flashpoints and problems their credit is being given to the trumps administration but he's a bit more to give him the nobel peace prize why not given too few of those coming war in germany details that massive military expansion in that area yet it's always you know everyone is celebrating because the share prices of all boeing raytheon locate and others have gone down how can these regional peace deals be done in the face of all of that military industrial complex pile if this deal is being taught on the night i think both koreas have to be very careful of not walking into
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a trap as well the trap could be that north korea is to solve to completely and north korea knows that by having you clear weapons that's prevented it from being another iraq cannot libya from big attacked i don't think there's any question about. so while it's desirable look north korea is dissolved of nuclear weapons and and all of korea is denuclearized it also has to be the america is the two in fact the the former is rather more important than the latter. how that happens is going to be a very tricky part of the negotiations coming up because korea as far as the united
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states can is consulted is is really a front line on a number of countries but especially if front line on china. does russia and china borders rush already tried or of course but it has its sad. so cold anti missile system if you just said to be pointing at the north no one believes that it's pointing at china so these are very precarious days ahead but i think they quite hopeful days and want sure if you still have friends in the national security apparatus of the united states but do you think there are people in there taking a rather dim view very didn't i will oppose this as you point out all the arms companies will oppose this although the japanese have said publicly they supported but and no doubt the chaps these people supported no question about that but
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whether the united states stays in korea. literally leaves. is the crucial factor here that surely there really is the end of the korean war surely there are interests and we should remind people who don't because it's seldom mentioned here that was britain was involved in the killing of twenty percent of the population of korea. how far would the united states go in trying to remain there if peace breaks i don't know but the it for them it may well get out of control this will become so popular if it isn't already in korea that. they my eye might find great difficulty with the local population and even the local political elite south korea you know does this sort of hybrid it's a it's a vassal state of the united states but it's also bred people like. the
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the present president and people like kim dodge wrong and all those who who saw. i did tone with the north as their prime political purpose not as a servant of the united states perhaps that's a clash that we've yet to see. happen and perhaps it's coming but the process has started that's that's the important thing and regional processes like this have a high success rate though they have a high success rate in in. i remember in uganda when the african states following the the whole devastation of video mean and you guys and that was a regional solution they were left they were left alone. in latin america
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when countries very rarely have been left alone by the united states. they've had regional groups that have banded together in economic formations and if you like protected each other i mean that's why they hated to go chavez so much because he promoted that he promoted that regional solution to two to a region so perhaps we're seeing the beginning of something like that of course if you go to the middle east they would be a regional solution. if they wasn't the united states supporting one state in its impunity and its priority in its occupation of part of it if there was goodwill in the united
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states to make that a regional solution then to be very difficult there are there are a many different competing tribal forces. but those tribal forces of mostly been. reignited by the the the imperial powers as resource in libya and in two thousand and eleven so again i suppose i'm saying that although it's probably wrong it's so remote at the moment in the middle east but to see glimmers of it in korea is hopeful well if trump has enemies of a career because he may what the big grand gesture he now has the curious enemy of the d.n.c. that is suing him russia is the us democratic party i think this is serious because
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i had to recheck it again yes is suing donald trump russia and julian assange and mickey mouse it's it's it's just absorb stood. a me as the ruler inquiry progresses you know as if the goal is a road in that within the road to stop this was say the house intelligence committee ruled out i have found off the month of you looking into a conspiracy between trump and the russians it was the probably the clinton cables the hillary clinton cables particularly the protests the ones the protests the ones that showed that hillary clinton the absolute embodiment of the democratic of. that her foundation. that she knew rather she knew that the the the force of the saudi
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arabia qatar were backing isis they were backing these extreme to harvest movements and he had she she and her foundation benefit from huge donations into into the clinton foundation and she did and went on the secretary of state to so-called negotiate the biggest alms deal that america's of unknown with those states so that's the that's important information that tells us how power works that's upset them and russia of course fighting isis and al-qaeda in syria but does that mean then that basically julian is in his weekly leaks organization can never be forgiven by that is bush will never be forgiven people who talk you go only about good journalists and of a forgiven that's why they're good journalists that's part of being
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a good journalist but such a sound has suffered so much for being for wiki leaks big so good. if you being in touch with it yes into you directly at the moment i haven't i've been in touch because he's denied visitors. he can't make phone calls he's got no internet it's the pressure pressure is on him and every bit of his extraordinary of resilience is now being called upon it's it's one of those miscarriages of justice that's to malda to. grotesque injustices that that it should. it's manifest right in the hot of london is that the scrapes
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songe isn't even allowed to go to a hospital and come back because they won't let him back. he has the right to safe passage out of that embassy he has a justified fear. of the united states extraditing him and putting him in the kind of hellhole that chelsea manning into a day they'll probably throw away the key with julian a solid and he's done that too well and so over these leaks the only leak actually i mean. we could leaks doesn't know where the leak came from but the leak almost certainly came from within the democratic national committee the same body that is now conducting this ridiculous action against against wiki leaks and the rest. you might as well the same thing would be directed against the new
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york times or the washington post were to publish the pentagon papers back in those howls in days when they did real journalism if anyone needs the support of democrats of journalists of those who believe in basic freedoms freedom of speech freedom of knowledge freedom to know freedom of real journalism. it's him john pilger thank you. and that's it for the show will be back on monday with renowned on the racism campaign to mark woods with on his expulsion from jeremy goldman's labor party for bringing the party as a disrepute still then you can get touched by social media a c. on monday nineteen years to the day nato bombed the chinese embassy in yugoslavia killing or injuring twenty three beijing with bullets a bomb back at. target
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the thing. is the texts. put it. into. some kind of guns about the subjects of the tale not that much. somebody you know. the guy from the seattle shack you have gone off to hike and you got. jumped just look at how one man washing the car heck it up sometimes. coming. troy buswell them about going to them at the cost of just how bad the night the my son my son that when i just little i'm on i am now the home of the rock the muck sob
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sob. but beyond that just looking. at. it. i think that's the ticket. yet i decide i'm out searching. in the sun for the news i live and i was to come to be able to say you were the. movie initially i was telling us qaeda licky. this is a future as i feel settled santa most of this. stuff they want the starship locks down like a motherfucker and if i see the end of my wish for things. and
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. donna summer find somebody. i skate able to i'm just out of a sort of in the zone the office of the must win if one has the most remote i'll smoke my. hands and about a half of them in any condition that my final cost had been magical i just bought straight out of shot in a small sort only if i must say that she. must raise the fact i'll you mean find a good position. in or out of town that she's a you know kind is there some sort of in a lot of them oh. yeah i want to sit there says that he but john mcafee than most of them have said that just in the news that only with the law they might just need. one o'clock and it must be me that the muppets have been one of the police that made my fish a bad day today again it can also be. thought of the saddest but they'd be at the
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end as you will be there shifting them up but i'm going to keep stuff when i must try something a bit much for the knock on the ice is a lower shifts in leadership watershed with washington getting one ticket and one just looked at it. and looking as it went there was a hand. when i left that i sat next to. the to call anything and when i. got someone to. snap it's not that. doesn't make. the cut let's cut to. the
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label something you really think that an outside. being stuck with the most i found in kandahar the teacher there mind and try to tell him how much just a couple of soon you will show us that you should have so we would have if it was so we must shift more just because it's not such a starving blacks who are something like nothing else to get him about it was an absolute need for with us to get out of sight of. all the other family. nothing. was said in the last hour most of the time to. allow some of the songs bennett give. away kind of the song but that would be any. day stuff all the political stuff that i thought. i'd get one down on
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i think. that. somewhere on. the second tier. is the other stuff are going to. implement lockdown in my fees this time of having to look for some down business aspects from them to israel to me i should in my machine went on to the hype that may have been a fresh way of them old us must solution of the out years. i mean to tell
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a bit of the seattle. somebody called give call it welcome. i am a myth. if you believe that naomi because she did well that will be sad never should've been let out the bits of egypt. that you. cut. out of. the club in the home to mom the mom is on the top.
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on the five feet and put it on the jamal for him. to see out of someone. else other than the all southern. for me none of us have. to list just a list of stuff. that. will help him. deal. with the awful clog up and sort of what i just ended up called to have done on the ice sheet and so. the future of the animal get up there and that will. cause i know i'm going to throw them to suddenly be sure that when a vision i'm sure they're going to look at that point of view i decided to find. something such as a good home opens them up close on my that limb is with you. look at them
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and they're just over and they're the. you know hair of troop of know me in all the jane assembling polls when they said i mean ok though and pulling the. new look closely one of its goal posts when it was it wasn't going to mess with more butter or see. if it mumbled the mafia literature well or should a hard fought on the scene i'm going to do show. some home be no i don't want to have a machine home visit i. could see the kind of knock on the stairs off i want to put my mother above that. someone about i didn't like racism because of it in the bible which i know so have made me feel an aside was awful oh if i want to like nick with
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mark williams solve it with john mark and him to heck much of it live here with. got a lot of visitors got there. only here. on was that i thought the dumbest shit i saw you had just walked a foot down or saw some. other months old earth at the altar her going to have been careless the past behavior might not even pilots it will but. you know luck that's me on one of the. only of my few were there in march one hundred got up but i mean ok with. that and that included an order. to. get out of his family and then work that i'm here for three months all that and also have to make to you to listen the diciples the what not stating any of this moment over there was that
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her son. had to be federal able you can look that way to say that no most of the floors a muckle it will be that will. be missing under the rock or hold my side of the. well wisher of the barn was but a hug and then we got her for rope he is not a one way or heartless maybe. one of the steel in the room when the shot them of them and i somehow don't have a clue how we. had no sure no sending out unless. i thought to have a dish which. refused. to look. for. us a couple.


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