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moralising in the news you know second degree cultural product in terms of skin to the production of the writer's. room of a more moderate a little bit from born. on twitter or if you need. to the duel. with the honey do you have you back on the town on a mission you need. to divide to avoid out knowing what to do or somebody to out. it's a lot when i hate a fun can we get up from where i live moment out down to the dock on the hog and not welcome or not the south will have the down day if i don't find the time that i'm taking it out in the deal. i mean we. we might be down hearted. and just democratically don't i wish was not in the law or you might have
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a daughter who might be down on the back of. a dietary will to do all. are you able to do afterward i ask you not about the horse. i also met with the homecoming and the army people call it a little corny about. what they're doing for you and if you had to go you. found out my ass and there were no matter how you need have time to see it on money coming down to a minimum among. the wounded and dying on the sidewalk on whom are. people when you're pretty sure want them to now they cannot i mean you need to go in and out on line. and went out and got into a new article indiana or not. i died you got to that's what i'm going to need that even money down i don't regret it donny genitive when the money is on it.
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i'm not twenty two i'm coming down. seamlessly to the fundamentalists how about a little humor in the who is going to run for a couple can you look i. know you know i believe. it's. your. political lens used to be a victim outside the system if you feel personally found instead i consider that my life. when i live so that i sound like some. americans are. alarmed when i let me.
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listen to the words leave leave a book slow. and. be. a. country of the elite mum and the kids are going to pick up the shit out of them and just have a difficult moment. and these years i'm able to automate it i don't. know how shame will. kill a gun it will be of admission from the. it's
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seemed wrong. to me to. get to shape out just to come out to it and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. putin lives by two things but his emotion that he is. in the long term he plays a very long game so to speak in the long distance rather in politics and that's the way they underestimate. him.
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he said yes i don't mind being around to i'd say i do from one day to my own but i say to gary god entirely and it's about gania. our. democrat into going to move i know i wouldn't i thought i read it only when he thought that the model of a. very. nice and winning it was i'm not. in the room and he said. i don't think i missed out on. a wind up i read that you know. that you got into that you know he doesn't want to move. in.
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so they go but i'm not ali i'll be doing more. than the who wouldn't normally have a month a month on the. one thing and the wind up on them but they don't know you well given. that he's i'd like them but they. don't need by living alone. but in mind you go out there with area. that i don't. sometimes i don't see how me thinking i said. yes i knew the. heidi heidi got a big you got this idea about me god and i got. a
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low income gold a little mediation with i'm going to mind you given that as i do it all and i see those who have been. led by them by just little things no i'm gazza going to get me without a gun so that angle i'm not allowed to leave but i can smile out of the way when i'm in love and i hear god bless me as i'm not going to. give me again the money i'm going away and when someone you know i mean by high can but there's going to be as i do a little bit with who. i have to get too. caught up i'm going to have a knee bonding and if you need to know that i mean. i'm not saying i want to be.
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put on that i did i don't like. the i didn't bottle this and i had to leave because i would. be i'm going to be hard to put up on the telly not trying to blow. up someone to condemn. not so i'm allowed to come on a milk into. time for us to go but i do yeah. bongos
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. i'm not going to. put on the world on monday and i'm what i need. to do i'm going to get them into this one by the. number of really the. time when you do think i'm alone in the day and i'm going to do it in connecticut i even throughout the. book come early to the moto. going to bug us and the. water we. go
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under. and you get to the. number of. the. young. little mini guy who got. to go. get the. unparallel one cannot get scared of anything that we set it in that's like. going into and i mean ian young so i don't get up like daddy and then i'm going to get us caught i'm going to get lucky lucky once the market got it's pretty through so said i but it's almost.
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but i said. i'm going to do. about that if i had the hourly had been that it was going to see lee and i said i need to move a man on the moon what i thought about it until later with egypt i just thought up and you are very nice that i've got some winning as a birthday party babu done. by their monitor yeah of course you're someone. and can be there i'm telling you i need to. indonesia's forum for the environment. and the indigenous peoples alliance of young people to go. provide own living training for young people involving the struggle against unlawful deforestation which has become a serious problem with more than fifty million cubic metres of rain forest destroyed each year.
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i want to know. when to get in there e m i said i've got to come out and i come got up. through the idea. and very much. they are embodied to. the idea. for him over something that i will hold. you to allow things for others to sort out on and on a lot of very thought on a sagan very good idea to near a family to really continue to go. about. that are absolutely got up by for a year but i was going to come. for what. they are doing in glasgow but then going out thousand id for that it will probably get
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to. the economy of us are we. road to somalia to join has yet to be finished even though the construction of the new route began thirteen years ago. if. you. remember. that i did i couldn't get out i mean like i. can get. back out on base and dance about getting out on bail and out of change i would do. a lot a lot with the back of my chemical but i'm going to get a check up on a. d.v.d.
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. they munadi down again not knowing. the. person in the school but they do look at dominick dunne. simple unit. and then beyond that though my number like the gym showing at milan i'm glad i got. to be there and good and that he put you on that and then. some paid what he would do best up and lessening the fun is i really have has either matty fully grown and they're going to get the. axle set on my stock that some money going to be
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sad. or battling to believe it and it might be like me to. get that those. who support the are going on t.v. . and i mean most if you tell a local gun to see down the road i mean my. mom how go. you do the top of the log on the. very go and. that people might argue that's what i did make an amalgam of them. i mean.
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everybody gotta. get a light of. the destruction of rain forests in the cultivation of palm oil plantations in their place fail to bring the prosperity that the local people expected in fact the reverse is true not as have been made much worse the people have been deprived of a variety of forest products upon which they had been so dependent when the residents of some of you enjoy decided to take the matter to court to claim back at least part of the land that had been taken from them to study to count off payment of any subsidies the locals have been receiving this goes to people's lives into absolute misery.
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we're. three.
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weeks. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox swiss customs are here permanently and all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. it is from his office the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe masterpieces by artists like
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pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and sold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet step but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport social position that you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. thank you. thank. you. thank you.
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thank you thank you. thank you. for. the stories the shapes the week the suppose of the evidence pointing towards russia and that's where power poisoning case is seriously weakened also several major claims are refuted. a bit over the summer because it was. a six week a bounty israeli protests along the gaza border brings the palestinian death toll to nearly fifty thousand small remain wounded. the israeli prime minister and here's a run of secretly trying to expand its nuclear program we take a look at whether donald trump is buying into the p.m.'s dramatic speech ahead of
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deadline day to drop the twenty fifth day nuclear deal. and what's being called the worst may day riot in half a century takes place in paris more than two hundred people are arrested following clashes with police. the middle class is now starting to be the police or the lookout for you'll see the chief guests coming up to us the police leave again and that's because just behind us there is a lot of going on. a very good morning to two you. from all of our team here in moscow you're watching the weekly around before the latest news on the big stories that have shaped the past week. this week seen some major developments in the ongoing investigation into the script poisoning case a nato ally admitted it produced
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a lot of rich talk like substance as recently as last year and then the un's chemical watchdog backtracked on previous claims about the nerve agent jacqueline picks up the story criminal investigations usually work towards conclusions as new information and facts come to light but with this group all case it all seems a bit backwards it feels like those pesky details are being ignored take for example the embarrassing but significant slip up we heard this week from the chief of the international chemical weapons watchdog the research activities or protection you would need for instance five to ten grams of bits even in seoul is free it looks like they may have used more than that without knowing the exact quantity i'm told it may be fifty one hundred grams of which goes beyond research activities for protection and the idea that such a large amount having been found suggests that it had been created as a weapon and not for research purposes is important from the get go the u.k. claim that no one talks soviet origins were clear evidence that russia was the guilty party at the same time moscow argued that other states have the ability to
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create another truck and have experimented with doing just that so the suggestion that such a large amount wouldn't be found in research situations just adds to that idea that there is no other plausible alternative but that russia is behind the attack there is just one tiny problem with all of that. the o.p.c. w. would not be able to estimate or determine the amount of the nerve agent that was used in souls bre on the fourth of march twenty eighth the quantity should probably be characterized in milligrams but that whiplash inducing you turn has no one's convictions that russia did it even when combined with an announcement coming from the czech president who was produced and tested in the czech republic it was a small quantity that we know when and we know where it was done it would be hypocritical to pretend that such a thing never happened so there you have it and then mission from at least one country saying that yeah they have produced and experimented with know which a class agents delivering a blow to a key element of the u.k.'s case no more can it be claimed that the substance
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could've only come from russia right wrong that two didn't dent the narrative the media gave almost no attention to the announcement and those who did cover it pointed out what they called siemens pro russia stance because let's face it in today's climate being pro russia means you're on reliable something else we saw this week was the u.k. national security advisor disclosing the fact that no suspects have been identified in the poisoning but given the fact that the case seems to be based on the assumption of guilty until proven innocent many outlets ran that statement alongside the line that police were urgently reviewing the security of other defective russian spies in the country once again implying moscow's guilt despite a lack of even one suspect after two months and well clearly none of these details are enough to prove russia's innocence at the same time nothing we've seen or heard up till now is enough to prove its guilt either russia's as the revelation by the czech president undermines london's case but in a statement to say the british foreign office repeated its claims that only russia
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has the technical means operational experience and motive to target the school we have from a former u.k. intelligence officer and a global affairs expert. it really does blow the whole british american thesis out of the water the british american thesis was that nobody bar of the russians could have produced i mean the formula had been probably in the united states already some years ago and now if. what the czechs are saying today proves to be correct then it really has exploded the entire british american thesis i'm sure there are many there or stylist when we first saw this interview appeared with the chief of the a.p.c. one can look at that and say well ok it's very easy probably to make a mistake in a bit of an interview and say grams when in fact you meant milligrams but it's actually contradicted by what their p.c. to be adam's salves have said make sure what was the reasoning behind the chief
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actually saying something that appears to be not just a mistake but at least officially untrue so it was crossed upon by headlines in the west that said that this was further proof that such a huge substance i see huge amount could only come from the states of course to boasted a case that this might be russia. palestinians have been continuing that anti occupation rallies along the gaza border over the course of the past week the area has been indulged in black smoke from burning tires they protest the great to march of return last spill weeks and the number of fatal as he said been mounting.
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that do you think if that was that you can think that it's a fight by the israelis like my gosh. ok i did it because i shot it but. it's a sniper is to get it up let me take a look at the tape of a headset mic with live ammunition that the family thinks is going to the target to the medical field like i did you see they took the snipers i took you think about it in drug test series. that made sense you're going to miss. cut.
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to could always during my football career i hope to be one of the best players in gaza after this injury my football career is over these really response with life far snipers shot me in the nude and it was dislocated. and people are actually crossing a fence and turning israeli territory at the right to use non-lethal little idea of swords to carry out her arrest if there has been you know from the high concluding of crossing you know of a border without authorization but using live ammunition right i'm using intentional lethal force is only come in under iraqi minor sponsor an imminent threat to my front and that's not enough what's happening.
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it's difficult to see how time burning a stone throwing. or even more for cocktails thrown from a significant distance of heavily protected security forces in defensive positions . can be seen to constitute. i. iran has warned the us that it will severely regret scrapping the twenty fifty nuclear deal this sunday to run also said trust will be lost if washington banks down on the deals made on the donald trump predecessors this comes after the israeli prime minister intensified efforts to convince donald trump to drop the wrong nuclear deal and a dramatic powerpoint presentation benjamin netanyahu claimed to wrong lied about
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it nuclear ambitions and his revelations came just days before the us president will decide whether to drop the agreement daniel hawkins has the details tonight i'm here to tell you one thing iran lart the evidence well that lies in this filing cabinet allegedly thousands of documents and c.d.'s half a ton to be precise proven conclusively to iran misled the world about its nuclear plans both before and after the twenty fifteen agreement we've known for years that iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called project of mark hailing this as a significant development in the great intelligence achievement that in your who was sure iran has one reason and one reason only to hide this information why would a terrorist regime hard. and meticulously catalogue its secret nuclear files if not to use the military what other country would do such a thing.


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