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finally. people are actually crossing the street this really territory excuse. us there has been. crossing the border without authorization using live ammunition. is. sponsored by and that's not what's happening israel's responded to the cry from the un human rights groups government lawyers say the gaza protests fall into the state of war cow the grain that human rights laws therefore don't apply to the i.d.f. rules of engagement and the reserve colonel with the defense force has told the same thing to them in his view the israeli military's actions are justified the. any nation or america friends of course israel has
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a full right to defend themselves we are not facing just a simple pacific march of nice people who are facing people who want to invade our country and when someone wants to invade your country you have two possibilities once you let him go in and you just leave. him or you have to perceive reality or you win or you lose you cannot let people kill you you know they are to react you have to ask first because the rule of the game in this terrorist military rule is to be the only city not to be and they reacted. against major developments this week in the ongoing investigation into the script powell poisoning case a nato country admitted that it had in fact produced a novacek like substance as recently as last year and on top of that other news concerning it the un's chemical weapons watchdog backtracked in the week on
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previous claims about the nerve agent wrap it all up jacqueline buka now. criminal investigations usually work towards conclusions as new information and facts come to light but with this great ball case it all seems a bit backwards and feels like those pesky details are being ignored take for example the embarrassing but significant slip up we heard this week from the chief of the international chemical weapons watchdog the research activities or protection you would need for instance five to ten grams of but even in seoul is free it looks like they may have used more than that without knowing the exact quantity i'm told it may be fifty one hundred grams or so which goes beyond research activities for protection and the idea that such a large amount having been found suggests that it had been created as a weapon and not for research purposes is important from the get go the u.k. claim that no one choke soviet origins were clear evidence that russia was the guilty party at the same time moscow argued that other states have the ability to create another truck and have experimented with doing just that so the suggestion
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that such a large amount wouldn't be found in research situations just adds to that idea that there is no other plausible alternative but that russia is behind the attack there is just one tiny problem with all of that. the o.p.c. w. would not be able to estimate or determine the amount of the nerve agent that was used in salzburg on the fourth of march twenty eighth the quantity should probably be characterized in milligrams but that whiplash inducing you turn has no one's convictions that russia did it even when combined with an announcement coming from the czech president who was produced and tested in the czech republic it was a small quantity though we know when and we know where it was done it would be hypocritical to pretend that such a thing never happened so there you have it and then mission from at least one country saying that yeah they have produced and experimented with no each of class agents delivering a blow to a key element of the u.k.'s case no more can it be claimed that the substance kind of only come from russia right wrong that two didn't dent the narrative the media
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gave almost no attention to the announcement and those who did cover it pointed out what they called siemens pro russia stance because let's face it in today's climate being pro russia means you are liable something else we saw this week was the u.k. national security advisor disclosing the fact that no suspects have been identified in the poisoning but given the fact that the case seems to be based on the assumption of guilty until proven innocent many outlets ran that statement alongside the line that police were urgently reviewing the security of other defective russian spies in the country once again implying moscow's guilt despite a lack of even one suspect after two months and while clearly none of these details are enough to prove russia's innocence at the same time nothing we've seen or heard up till now is enough to prove its guilt either furthermore russia says the revelation by the czech president undermines london's case but in a statement to r.t. in the week the british foreign office repeated its claims that only moscow has the technical means the operational experience and the motive moreover to target the
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script polls former u.k. intelligence officer chilled to bridge told us he thinks the mistake plays conveniently into the narrative that russia is guilty short on many of the or stylish when we first saw this. interview appeared with the chief of the big one can look at that and say well ok it's very easy probably to make a mistake in the middle of an interview and say when in fact you meant milligrams but that is actually contradicted by what the i.p.c.c. selves have said make sure into what was the reasoning behind the chief actually saying something that appears to be not just a mistake but at least officially untrue so it was grasped upon by headlines in the west that said that this was further proof that such a huge substance or see huge amount could only come from a state of course to bolster their case that this might be russia. this weekend russia coming up putin's presidential inauguration happens tomorrow monday it'll officially start his fourth term as russia's leader. takes
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a look at what we can expect from the ceremony. this is glad i'm a buddhist stairway to presidency so to speak he will climb these fifty eight steps before he gets to the halls of the palace for the site of the inauguration ceremony . this is the rule of military glory it's named after a single george and it is first called lattimer putin is said to cross on his part no curation it is also the biggest hole in the palace with its length more than sixty metres. the next hall the whole hall of the order of single xander being in it right now it is difficult to imagine that for the larger part of the twentieth century none of
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this even existed after it had been demolished by soviet leaders only twenty years ago this was brought back to its former glory. it's not all of the glitters is gold they say couldn't be more wrong for this place i mean look at this gilded villas chandelier even this this is the hole where the inauguration ceremony will be taking place. will be standing in the far end of the hole once again in his life the same old thirty three words that will officially start his next tenure as the president so russia remembers done up from the from the sea. fancy in there isn't it us to come this weekend so is the big
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victory day parade huge here in russia we'll take you behind the scenes of the rehearsals here in moscow for that and after the break ninety seconds away. the the but
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. by two things by his emotion and he is. in that long he places a very long lead he says so to speak a. long distance runner in politics and that's the way they underestimate him. again thanks cheating talks international this weekend so the final dress rehearsal for wednesday's victory day parade of moscow finished on red square earlier featuring some russia's new us military hardware if you're into that kind of thing but for all the service personnel taking part it's something really special to be involved in trying to join one of the calm voice on its way into the capital. during the parade itself right square access rules behavioral rules are super strict but this is just a rehearsal so we're going to hang out here
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a little bit and have a bit of fun. one of the brand new things about this year's parade is that it's going to feature drones and i think you can see one right there. oh i think i can see someone from last year's parade a little to the. bottom of it and. actually i have some time driving skills myself here we go. let's see if i can do something with that here this is about all of these and. most of your statistics. your wife said you can't step mean. everyone's way too serious but perhaps that's what you should expect really with this kind of event.
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ok you really have to go now. i was going yes i knew that i did. well no one allowed to drive today but the bad charge just told me that i used to have to stand up. no roof. now that we parked just outside red square which will be removed and it's time for the guys to do some military grade washing up.
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our feet. because some of the big international news stories to come the of radio and presidents issued a warning to the u.s. now over its threats to abandon the twenty fifty nuclear agreement i got a bit o. if the u.s. pulls out of the nuclear deal it will soon realize that this decision will become a historic regret for them oh it comes after the israeli prime minister in the week intensified efforts to convince donald trump to drop that historic pact and a dramatic powerpoint presentation benjamin netanyahu claimed that iran lied about its nuclear ambitions president trump says he'll decide next saturday whether or not to drop the agreement daniel hawkins looks forward to now and i'm here to tell you one thing. iran lart the evidence well that lies in this filing cabinet
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allegedly thousands of documents and c.d.'s half a ton to be precise proven conclusively tehran misled the world about its nuclear plans both before and after the twenty fifteen agreement we've known for years that iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called project them out hailing this as a significant development and a great intelligence achievement that the all who was sure iran has one reason and one reason only to hide this information why would a terrorist regime. hide and meticulously catalog good secret nuclear files if not to use them and of later do what other country would do such a thing some will remember netanyahu twenty twelve un speech and the cartoon bomb iran's foreign ministry has already called his presentation a propaganda show but the issue here is also a serious one since the onset netanyahu has been an ardent critic of the iran agreement so this is a terrible deal i think this deal is
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a bad thing to do or it should never have been concluded. and if you do storm president trump. will design will make as the solution on what to do with the nuclear deal. i'm sure you'll do the right thing whatever does come about on may the twelfth there's a new york who will do all he can to convince the world that scrapping the deal is the right way forward even at the cost of years of negotiations and a delicate regional power balance. yeah well no just about a week's time no parallel to this european leaders urged israel to submit all of the data it says it's got to the un's nuclear watchdog but along with the itself a number of observers suggest it didn't seem to be anything new in the presentation and that there's no credible evidence that iran has broken the agreement as i say we'll keep you posted on that. as finish this bullet in the lights a note someone with a bit of talent for art coming up in
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a sky high imaginations paid off one young russian boy it went far beyond seeing outer space is simply black and white his world is very colorful. it's the same the stars like that don't exist in space i need to read on i'm. worthless all of us in the slightest we wanted to cheer him up and then we decided to refer this question to the most competent space authorities ross cost. us a dozen all-star last possible sad that i painted everything the right one it stars do exist in different colors it can be read green orange and many other colors.
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and that's what did you know that this was real or does it come from your imagination that's how i imagine the stars to be i like your pain team if i was your teacher i would kill you and make us even pop correctly engineering wise in the space ship and your instrument nickleby should is hugely image you need to you can express the mood and the state of the stars. one little boy's day made there that little bit closer the whole next person up above versa cause we're not on the international space station captured a lunar optical illusion not much of this but without showing any way you feel the moment seemingly disappearing as it moves beyond the earth and in effect call refraction here it is.
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and. don't worry it'll show show up again tomorrow i'm sure but on earth you know was far more critical features like to be told komo side near moscow is kevin owen saying thanks for watching this week and morphemic news from a few of them we can all stories and. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there.
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on else seems wrong why don't we all just all. get to shape out. educate and in detroit because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out and. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each a billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think what
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i know about the beautiful game a great so one more chance with. the base this minute. in the heart of the swiss on the shores of lake geneva. in the land of banks and discretion you'll discover the most secretive place in switzerland. in the middle of a warehouse complex a stone's throw from the border with france the geneva freeport. watched by surveillance cameras and surrounded by barbed wire fences this complex is traditionally a custom zone where merchandise is stored before being exported abroad. but today
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it has become a permanent storage site with sixty thousand square meters of space rented by the city of geneva to transporters or to private individuals to safeguard their assets . behind these anonymous double locked doors there is gold and diamonds. it is also the largest wine cellar in the world with three million bottles laid to rest. bottles worth five hundred thousand two thousand dollars quietly maturing and gaining in value at a constant temperature and humidity. these buildings are anti earthquake and the doors resistant to explosives. and to protect these treasures from fire a special room houses hundreds of extinguishers that can be activated at any moment
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. another reason the freeport take so many precautions is because behind its gates rest priceless works of art thought to be worth tens of billions of dollars it's been. aps the world's largest museum but a museum no one can visit. the geneva freeport is one of europe's best kept secrets it stores works by picasso rembrandt leonardo da vinci and thousands of antiquities a treasure the size of which nobody knows the scale or the value. of photos i am not at best wow that is all false a sissy. i mean cost money. another secret is the name of the owners of the works. don't. i guess he said. recently
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a number of cases have tainted the institutions name the looting of jewish assets money laundering tax fraud it's hard to say if it was hidden or not but it was kept very discreetly in the freeport. the geneva freeport is an eldorado for art dealers wealthy heirs and fraudsters it's where they do their business hidden from view. one man agreed to open the doors of the freeport to us eve movie with his managing director. he runs the world's biggest company in the transport and storage of artworks he doesn't see it was sad to see a live. show on streets just fall out and all set that. they did. they all don't this is a it. it was a do it is from is all press reports read what you already perceive it will go up.
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every day dozens of priceless artworks enter or leave the store rooms managed by eve bouvier's company. there's even a special workshop to pack and prepare the word. for shipment. that lost it on the looks on both of you by a. bus from exposes to an unknown greed dozens integrate. the ticket enough for me to so miss you wonder because he said to me. why do you appear. on the. estate would you stick with. what degree and. just put it out of the. form and you can no question the company don't want to if it. does if i. look at the olympic cycle a sample data. in
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a poor public. general committee. jennifer about within the sun for the sake of you don't say it's a coffee don't see it think of it to do the nickel for don't see it. either the watchword is secrecy. eve bouvier was originally a shipper but he transformed his old shipping company not to look cute founded in one thousand fifty nine into an art market multinational. it is now present in geneva luxembourg and singapore. the man nicknamed the freeport king had a great idea to earn client loyalty his company would not only pack and ship artworks it would provide in geneva twenty thousand square metres of storage space along with framing and restoration workshops. it also offers its clients special rooms in which to admire their assets or
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negotiate sales dealers gallery owners and buyers can thus meet in total discretion . today the former shipper has become a multimillionaire. we meet him again in paris in the high class eighth district a stone's throw from the palace. eve movie the shipper of the geneva freeport welcomes us to his paris home a richly decorated and furnished apartment. so i don't. want to. know you. just because you foresee a day visit but i want to hear that moment get the boat unable to do and you will still get out bob keefe is it the keepin it is said designing is any more it gives . you billy i'm always
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a bit of us though it's one of the year of cause to keep your more. to sup is that. by storing and shipping his clients artworks each bouvier gradually learned another much more lucrative trade as an art dealer. just because you felt. on demand that album quick wit is pretty quick to leave office in the low share quick wit economy functioning as you could it is a restaurant though and it limited he's right there that it is just to get his a vehicle. get to have all through the office toss your way given the other stall who could be the deep my just be you know what to take it the guy. is just. a pawn. for thirty years eve bouvier has been in the ideal
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place to learn the secrets of the market. a little beaut the shark. the it is awful mr weaver it is awful miss you so. at the root of all it said he's an acute since you yeah so why did they do the divorce rate in the. us look at the. same. disgrace or lesser sort of all to do more good enough. thanks to the network he's built up the businessman has even opened a gallery on the cable ten the antique dealers district one of paris's most prestigious addresses he takes us there. he wants to show us how well established he is and how he buys and sells some of the most renowned names in painting and sculpture.
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and they'll sell you retire. because if i bet i'd try to do all. the gallery director greets us. the gallery house a significant and very expensive works this marble sculpture of eve is by august or done it's already been reserved by an asian client. so as you note on. the katy form you have preserving zone. it's. australia did a scapegoat or dealt with you on what is only if you just a skilled they get your seat and your diet is good your piece of prison what about a lot of shit without the question you want. how to kill all street. if you want to because then most of it is the nominal father on more famous
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signatures and in drawing by salvador dali. i should go. he didn't. just sit and listen to him he. didn't go through. the region again don't miss cases three to six inches didn't get. everything in the city's only crime and discussed forcefully and discussed shocking discussed on the scale this question oh or fit of a bubble or was it over. with us and both complete on your last ever see a feeling of prophetic. to truly peace acacias key piece of. this gets us to go see. the fish out of
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a clear is almost by the knee deep in the community specifically. according to inside information these works are worth several million dollars. an art gallery with a view of the louvre quite a showcase. at it. but yves bouvier's good fortune is today soured by a series of lawsuits. in may two thousand and fifteen an article about him appeared in loop one entitled. the billionaire and the cursed because. it was a look into some of the darker practices of the art market. the allegations made by low point were such that the magazine was found guilty of infringement of privacy. the hard hitting article tells of a violent clash between movie and one of the richest men on the planet.


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