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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  May 6, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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people are actually crossing this really territory thanks to use non-thinking. words to carry our past. you know. i'm crossing the border that authorization using live ammunition right now using intentional force is. minor sponsored try to buy from them and that's not what's happening it has responded to the cry from the un on human rights groups government lawyers say the gaza protests fall into the state of war cuts agree and therefore human rights laws don't apply to the i.d.f. rules of engagement or reserve colonel with the defense forces told is pretty much the same too that in his view the israeli military's actions are justified any serving nation america friends of course israel has
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a full right to defend themselves we are not facing just a simple pacific knowledge of nice people who are facing people who want to invade our country and when someone wants to invade your country you have two possibilities once you let him go in and you just leave. in war you have to proceed beauty's or you win or you lose you cannot let people kill you you know they are to react you have to act first because the rule of the game in this terrorist military rule is to be the only thing not to be in the reactivity. this major developments this last week of the ongoing investigation into the script help poisoning case one nato country admitted it had produced a novacek like substance as recently as last year then something else to the un's chemical watchdog backtracked on previous claims about the nerve agent wrap it up jacqueline vogue has got more of this. tory criminal investigations usually work
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towards conclusions as new information and facts come to light but with this group all case it all seems a bit backwards and feels like those pesky details are being ignored take for example the embarrassing but significant slip up we heard this week from the chief of the international chemical weapons watchdog for research activities or protection you would need for instance five to ten grams of bits even in seoul is free it looks like they may have used more than that without knowing the exact quantity i'm told it may be fifty one hundred grams of which goes beyond research activities for protection and the idea that such a large amount having been found suggests that it had been created as a weapon and not for research purposes is important from the get go the u.k. claim that no one talks soviet origins were clear evidence that russia was the guilty party at the same time moscow argued that other states have the ability to create another truck and have experimented with doing just that so the suggestion that such a large amount wouldn't be found in research situations just adds to that idea that
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there's no other plausible alternative but that russia is behind the attack there just one tiny problem with all of that. the o.p.c. w. would not be able to estimate or determine the amount of the nerve agent that was used in salzburg on the fourth of march twenty eighth the quantity should probably be characterized in milligrams but that whiplash inducing you turn has no one's convictions that russia did it even when combined with an announcement coming from the czech president who was produced and tested in the czech republic it was a small quantity though we know when and we know where it was done it would be hypocritical to pretend that such a thing never happened so there you have it and then mission from at least one country saying that yeah they have produced and experimented with no each of class agents delivering a blow to a key element of the u.k.'s case no more can it be claimed that the substance could've only come from russia right wrong that two didn't dent the narrative the media gave almost no attention to the announcement and those who did cover it pointed out what they call demons pro russia stance because let's face it in
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today's climate being pro russia means you are liable something else we saw this week was the u.k. national security advisor disclosing the fact that no suspects have been identified and the poisoning but given the fact that the case seems to be based on the assumption of guilty until proven innocent many outlets ran that statement alongside the line that police were urgently reviewing the security of other detected russian spies in the country once again implying moscow's guilt despite a lack of even one suspect after two months and while clearly none of these details are enough to prove russia's innocence at the same time nothing we've seen or heard up till now is enough to prove its guilt either russia says the revelation by the czech president undermines london's case but in a statement to r.t. in the week the british foreign office repeated its claims that only moscow as the technical means the operational experience and indeed the motive to target the script polls for teligent officer chills shoot bridge told us he thinks the mistake plays conveniently into the narrative that russia is guilty short on many of the or
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stylish when we first saw this interview a period. with the chief of the. one can look at that and say well ok it's very easy probably to make a mistake an image of an interview and say grams when in fact you meant milligrams but that is actually contradicted by what the i.p.c.c. selves have said makes you wonder what was the reasoning behind the chief actually saying something that appears to be not just a mistake but at least officially untrue certainly it was grassed upon by headlines in the west that said that this was further proof that such a huge substance a see huge amount could only come from a state of course to bolster their case that this might be russia. the team of putin's presidential inauguration later today will officially start his fourth term as russia's leader he goes down of takes a look at what we can expect from the ceremony. this is a stairway to presidency so to speak he will climb these fifty eight steps before
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he gets to the halls of the palace also the site of the inauguration ceremony. this is the hall of military glory to sing george and it is first hold lattimer putin is said to cost on his spot you know curation it is also the biggest hole in the palace with its length be more than sixty meters. the next whole the whole whole of the order of sing from xander being in it right now it is difficult to imagine that for the larger part of the twentieth century none of this even existed after it had been demolished by soviet leaders only twenty years ago this was brought back to its former glory.
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it's not all of the glitters is gold lace a couldn't be more wrong for this place i mean look at this kill the bill as chandelier as even this this is the hole where the inauguration ceremony will be taking place latimer will be standing in the far right end of the hole once again in his life the same old thirty three words that will officially start his next tenure as the presidents of russia remember it's gone up from the from them. wants to come a bit later today and later this week is the big victory day parade to huge here in russia of course has a huge thing on t.v. as well we'll take you behind the scenes there her sole syria moscow but after this
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quick break.
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wednesday's victory day parade in moscow finished on red square featuring some of russia's newest military hardware to thank for all the service personnel take a hugely special thing to be involved in trying to join one of the convoys on its way into the capital for the practice. during the parade itself right square. behavior rolls. but this is just a rehearsal so we can hang out here a little bit and a bit of. one
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of the brave new things about this year's. great is that it's going to feature drones and i think you can see one right there. oh i think i can see someone from last year's parade a little to. this. when i go to the to. actually have some tank driving skills myself here we go. let's see if i can do something with that here because he's got all of these and. most of your skills to get. your last state in you can't step with me. everyone's way too serious but perhaps that's what you should expect really with this kind of event. ok we really have to go now.
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i was going to say i knew that i did it. well no one allowed to drive today but the bad charge just told me that i used to have to and stand up. no roof. now that we parked just outside red square quarter of the fleet and it's time for the guys to do some military grade washing up. our feet.
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get ready a presence issued a warning to the u.s. overt threats to abandon the twenty fifty nuclear agreement. i gather because if the u.s. pulls out of the nuclear deal it will soon realize that this decision will become a historic regret for them. it comes after the israeli prime minister intensified efforts to try to convince donald trump to drop the historic pact in a dramatic power point presentation benyamin netanyahu claimed that surround lied about its nuclear ambitions president says he said to decide next saturday now whether or not to drop the agreement daniel hawkins reports tonight i'm here to tell you one thing iran lart the evidence well that lies in this filing cabinet allegedly thousands of documents and c.d.'s half a ton to be precise proven conclusively to iran misled the world about its nuclear plans both before and after the twenty fifteen agreement we've known for years that
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iran had a secret nuclear weapons program called project them out hailing this as a significant development and a great intelligence achievement that the all who was sure iran has one reason and one reason only to hide this information why would a terrorist regime hide. and meticulously catalog secret nuclear files is not to use them a good leader do what other country would do such a thing some will remember netanyahu has twenty twelve un speech and the cartoon bomb iran's foreign ministry has already called his presentation a propaganda show but the issue here is also a serious one since the onset netanyahu has been an ardent critic of the iran agreement so this is a terrible deal. i think this deal is a bad bad. richard never have been concluded.
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and if you do. president trump. will decide will make as the solution on what to do with the nuclear deal. i'm sure he'll do the right thing whatever does come about on may the twelfth and yahoo will do all he can to convince the world that scrapping the deal is the right way forward even at the cost of years of negotiations and a delicate regional power balance. yeah but less than a week to go to we find out that all of us meantime european leaders urged israel to submit all of the data it says it has to the un's nuclear watchdog but along with the i.a.e.a. itself a number of observers suggested in fact was nothing new in that presentation israel gave in that there was no credible evidence around has broken the agreement that will keep you posted. that's the way that some of the world around us panned out this last seven days right now here at moscow it's kevin zero in the r t newsroom this weekend thanking you for watching this update but with more of our big news review with the we can just about thirty six minutes on.
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a patch or sudden passing have only just learnt. south and taken your last bang turn. back to us we all knew it but i tell you i'm sorry.
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so i write these last words and helps to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each bank. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a kid still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never like. it's one does not need a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to us and we know entertain. claims that mainstream media has met its make. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's
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a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go meet the center of the problem here with you and we will show you all the great british good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. to a low and just a warning and i'm really happy to join the for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come on top of the share needs to just take the radio p.r.g. team's latest edition may go up as we go so i need to just say look. there's financial survival guide i don't find any i prize on a teacher's. face it's not some of the final say as of last summer my ex from the future trucker watched kaiser.
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put in lives by two things by his emotion and he's. in the long term he plays a very long game he says so to speak of the. long distance runner in politics and that's the way they underestimate. locked away secrets and shady financial set ups are nightmares for french tax inspectors and customs officers. we question the customs investigator a specialist in fraud and the trafficking of cultural assets. faced with such scams he recognizes his powerlessness. on credits for city coffers skeleton office and more only a civil war your god that means hostile forces. on the export. well
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fed up on the show. all said that's it on e s it's a shit to each image think of it on the contrary i don't. despise so it's. going to be if you don't have a blanket god is also to honest it's a device he's got his powerball fineness. we meet up again with even with all of his indictments he's earned a shady reputation but after thirty years in the business he's as tough as nails every year in may he heads to basel in switzerland for the biggest art fair in the world art basel. he flies in a private jet for which he pays fifty thousand dollars a year. despite his tangles with the law he wants to be in the right places. the ball something that will want to go out a bunch of sick people. say that money is the strike and you had people go
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see it up because all the doing nothing else it would. make sense to be sensitive to it unless you don't make enough money i'll let you go let's take a look at the books which was it but they couldn't get me. he said it's at the moment he did. i said. but they said it went up about obama's because it's a metal. plate at that. something. help us to step up somebody from a calculus but you know what's that been on the board it can be done but he did it up and he's. barely off his private jet we soon see that his controversial reputation causes fewer problems than predicted.
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if. this. is all that you would. see his first appointment is with one of the art fairs founders a rudolph. if both men have businesses in singapore and are good friends mischief if they'll make what you do more to. make you should take the older predicting one off also it is the ship could be of new may i just. want to modify my idea. to put the filmy. doesn't. know if the apartment is the be disputed by many yet but some possibility. that it. will set up a so they can see the love that. four
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thousand artists exhibit their works at art basel it attracts the general public but more importantly the biggest players on the international art market. thank you gallery owners collectors and curators of the world's museums. accompanied by his art consultant sixteen yves bouvier is here to check out the new trends. most of the works on show come from the store rooms of the geneva freeport some two hundred fifty kilometers away. v.a. is here to show his fellow professionals that he's still in the game and is still to be taken seriously. to build up all the automation on a say i'm probably factors of that but last week most of. us oh ya feel me oh yes how are you. very good.
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cost for us. to. set up most of the men on his cell phone is david no mud. clearly troubled by our camera he bouvier quickly calls his assistant to go reassure him. use it the way you did you'd. need. to be just like it must've been joseph was walking his emotion at the buses. but he has no rights regarding our footage to. cite the likes of. david no mud isn't just anyone
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he's the man with three hundred picasso's the head of one of the most powerful families in the art world the numb odds renown dealers. here's their stand at art basel mobiles by calder mirror who's fun tanos and because. and also a roy lichtenstein and his own two feet all of them stars of modern art. in the mud collection is valued at almost three billion dollars thousands of works most of which are stored at the geneva freeport. maybe the reason david no mudd prefers to be discreet is because one of the paintings he owns is causing him problems with the law. the story started here in the paris archives in two thousand and eleven with this
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man james palmer. even as a canadian private detective who specializes in finding art looted from jews by the nazis. one day while rummaging in the paris archives he came across a file on a certain stetson or a jewish antiques dealer the man was dispossessed of all his assets during world war two. after the liberation of paris he found a plane to recuperate his patrimony. the documentation is contained in this box it was here in the paris archives that we found a document that referred to the quest of mr oscar stettner for his stolen pate. the information that we found was that oscar stettner had been despoiled of a number of personal items carpet for example of portrait of him as
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a young man and also a painting by mostly any. and an important painting and that was looted from mr stener during the war. the canadian detective began his investigation he discovered that the antiques dealer staton or had made his claim for restitution in one thousand nine hundred six but well before the liberation the painting had already been sold by the authorities. for the sum of sixteen thousand francs since then it disappeared. particularly because its description is so vague. the document only indicated that it was a painting signed by jani portrait of a man. the detective had no idea what the painting looked like. he had to find a photo of it at all costs. by consulting papers kept in the paris archives james
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palmer came across a clue this telegram. it states that staten or and sent them oh did jani to the venice biennale of one nine hundred thirty. i travelled to venice personally and went into the archives there and to the venice be an alley archives i saw mr stettner spray painting. in a photograph. james palmer was delighted he'd found it. this photo taken at the one nine hundred thirty venice biennale shows twelve paintings on the wall of the room dedicated to. ten portraits of women and two of men. the one on the right was already identified and well known. the painting in the middle however the one of a seated man is more mysterious. so now you've got reference to mr stener owning the painting you've got reference to portrait of
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a man. and you have a photograph that's the exact same painting that is now illustrated or described as the seated man. finally james palmer knew what the painting looked like. but where had it gone he searched everywhere activated his contacts toured the auction rooms archives and museums. and after a few weeks ago. he found a trace of the painting here in london in the catalogue when auction held at christie's in one thousand nine hundred six. the painting was entitled seated man with a cane. but who owned it. it was acquired by a shell company based in panama our international art center whose registration document is seen here. its rightful owner is unnamed. and yet
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palmer refused to give up and finally discovered another lead to finding the true owners. over the years the work appeared in a number of catalogs. and every time alongside the name of one of the most prestigious galleries in the world the helena maud gallery in new york run by the daughter of the family patriarch we ran into at art basel. james palmer decided to write to her.
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