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for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of alternative but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go meet eighty percent of the beach but how would you and will show the great game the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. a low as there's a war in europe and i'm really happy to join that to for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one i was also appreciated me to just say the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition make up a bigger than a better jersey book. ministries police
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forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that's why mike was hoping the board doesn't come from on the rights of god to just dumb it down the guns. with their death on into the sea it's a must to live in the proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that it's such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that i think. will. close off the sense of selling the songs the only one who will follow. these. things this is. the host i'm done with the old vision starting there was a sting of who's a friend is up and describes in the fine.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just billionaire owners and spending surgeon twenty million a one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. and thinks it's going to take. some to some promise that i'm valid still acting on angles custard on hang on and most of it on the new year to some pinned on at the beginning and i don't think all this is fun. if i didn't ask mr don't submit all adult ensued obvious to me that
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sounds like i was at the fair asked miss out to down to spit. or leak it on to for new found skill angles can appeal to gays is going to get is my boy so be taller to hammer in your studio if you so the majority belive hmong are suited up a.o.l. to scold me for okaying is miles from. last on here not beating but when sky. going to from an e.q. appears not so most of the bit on the studio. sweden just like denmark and finland not only offers free education to european students but also allocates a universal ground to each through dish student three hundred euros a month for six years. this way the student sees his or her time at university as an experience of freedom and learning a way to shape a critical mind and apprehend the world here it's important it's called the student experience. they are in love with the us the us to them no matter internet from.
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their. access on manic or. don't hold their friends photo and don't buy her fur at twelve can ask op us in from paid. tank a feat oke tank. made and yelped i'm a forty four and i said here that the lesson from to talk down my docs is stuff. that. you know. that made me have a heart that i want to believe that we ought to drum up with all the money go up and head to the doomed to have a start us off good maps of the ground up on the path this because you know you might use to come and go and visit. a little child if you. it was something to behold your earliest thing. alone to the point the samples the
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movements. or suit almost all still there was something more going on all this i mean there were huge amounts of. this you know fun here would be over so. then the moment you know you look funny with being buried in. the big city and montreal nothing but me and me and this and this is the what's the difference in fantasy of the men in the yemens i'm going to give me evidence i can get this if. you say on the surface the you don't get some at the moment. if you know the stuff how did. the hormones you can move how you want to hold about another cool. or bring you live pictures here on r.t. international as in just a few moments the presidential inauguration will get underway inside the holes of
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the kremlin flight i made putin will be sworn in as the russian leader after winning the election in much. of. the world but we. welcome to the program here on r.t. international we do come to you live from moscow on this very important day as we bring you a live pictures here on the program now we're getting ready as vladimir putin is will very soon be sworn in as the russians president of course he won the election back in march this will now show that he has actually been in power for eighteen years including his time as prime minister will be a lot of international analysts today discussing the past number of years of a lot of may putin that the. helm of the russian federation also want expectations
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for the next few years as to where the future of russia and of course importantly that of foreign policy as well number of western countries in recent weeks and months expelled russian diplomats over the so-called script poisoning case that will probably be up for discussion among analysts today as we continue to show you live pictures now from the whole of georgia inside of the kremlin in downtown moscow we do have two of our correspondents down there right now as there . is there as well and in the near future we will be crossing live to them it looks like this ceremony is actually going to be cut a bit shorter than usual in the past the president can be seen riding across moscow but this time when he does make his appearance he's just going to be walking directly from his office into the hall though some saying that might set a tone for the presidential term perhaps some sort of notion of simplifying some
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sort of. or should we say or deal let's listen in just for a moment here on international. news your tune and the. president of the russian federation. so again it's georgia school. because it was a problem that got the order to it was that of. course all of that you have is the view of this particular you say this is like let's see your interior of the. scene along with the soon georges where we are more after the constitutional or. the emblem of the president. or includes the stampa. and so that's the. slogan of the order of benefits foreigner
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chlorine is that you look at your spirit and still it would say first because it was talked about a constitution that sequence or station the emblem of caesar was stored in the senate the building of the kremlin has now is being brought into the grand palace so first you have sent georges hall then sent and xander and ask and then send andrew school. just to excel is easy i'll see sanitizer nasties all right now and then we have san
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andreas school buddies and let's talk about the people who are operating more sense andrus will we have the presidential history how they can point to acquire these solutions it would be even i say these are the people who seem to be on some of russia. as you suggest that it's in the constitution and the emblem of the presidency will be placed on the stand so that's where russian prisons will take us oh yeah my voice.
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i did see that i did save your defeated him in that idea and the speaker of the year when federal bureau of the federation council of the russian federation of valentino monte enco. speaker of your state duma the russian federation which is. a veteran of the large in. its you that you can stick with the us so that we can show you live pictures right now here on r.t. international the presidential inauguration of vladimir putin. and when he does when he isn't all great it's a day that shows he will have been in power now for eight years of course that includes his time when he was the prime minister as well now this whole ceremony itself is set to be a bit more low key than mr putin's last in
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a twenty twelve for example but there were certainly some demonstrations outside the kremlin ensuring that. as we continue to watch you these live pictures here we are certainly waiting for that important to come in take the podium the ceremony where he will come in and places hand on the book where he will say thirty three words we then expect him to make a small speech to those in attendance of course our correspondents are also in attendance that this inauguration of the russian president vladimir putin as he kicks off a new term at the helm for the russian federation. i
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need to show you live pictures here on r.t. international there is the russian president vladimir putin he's making his way to the official hole here for his inauguration ceremony it's a different scene from what we've seen in recent years though typically it's a motorcade that's transporting him through the central part of moscow this time it's all been cut down and perhaps simplified we're watching live pictures here as we continue to show you where he's been moving from his presidential office now through through parts of the kremlin now as he makes his way to his official inauguration ceremony twenty four years if essentially in power that will be by the end of his fourth term of course. he won his reelection overwhelmingly in march of course he spent some time as the prime minister as well so approximately by the end of the term it will be twenty four years at the helm of the russian federation by we we're joined now in the studio by peter co-author of the untold history of the
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united states decided to come in and join us and give us some analysis as we continue to show you live pictures here is a will make his way to his official inauguration ceremony peter thanks for joining us for this is it only. seems a little bit shorter this time usually it's a bit more of a grandiose ceremony being transported all through the little alleyways and the beautiful streets of old moscow into the kremlin here but it's been cut down in size and length is there any type of significance to be read into that do you think people have ever been to russia during inauguration so it's hard for me to have the kind of perspective that i would have in an american inauguration but it's the fourth term so. there are always times of starting over of unlimited possibilities and so there's a lot of excitement about inauguration but given the fact that it's the fourth term we don't need all the pomp and ceremony that we have had in the earlier ones so
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maybe putin is trying to go away from that kind of excitement and. kind of celebration to saying we're down that we have to get down to business we've got to achieve things let's get started and we continue to show live pictures now from a central moscow was i mean putin is making your way to the central part of the kremlin with the may ninth celebrations marking it marking now seventy three years since the soviet victory over nazi germany since the great patriotic war nine hundred forty one to nine hundred forty five. suddenly around moscow these days you've been seeing a lot of the parade paraphernalia of the streets are all set up there adorned with so and so bits of beauty and security is high as well but what we've noticed certainly living in moscow is i've noticed an awful lot of people coming from the regions outside moscow and even far far away from the russian capital all coming into town here to enjoy the festivities to watch some of a parade here and also to enjoy the inauguration of the russian president here as
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we continue to show these live pictures here it's the first time your first time here to witness this event and what a beautiful day it is peter yeah i brought students here last year for a victory day commemorations and it was snowing so they kind. of start you know the weather has certainly been a bit strange that i mean last summer we didn't really have a summer this year it seems like we have a very early start to it and here comes the russian president vladimir putin officially getting on to that red carpet to work his way through tuesday. as well is quite an iconic view here let's listen in just for a mum. say
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service this years here is that you're quoting two section one hundred forty needed to of the constitution of the russian federation. the president of the russian
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federation takes the oath of office and assuming powers of the president. huge national interest mr putin please take a deal with of office. in ahead securing the office of president of the russian federation i solemnly swear to respect and protect their rights and liberties of men and of the citizen to observe and protect the constitution of the russian federation. to defend the sovereignty and independence security and integrity of the state. and to faithfully serve the people. it's still feel those ludmer tests taken in the office of president of russia for how.
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i. live. i i. i. have. a hey. i. i i i. i i i. i he hit list.
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i. hit him on the russian national anthem bad mocking the official swearing in of lot of my persian for his fun at the helm of the russian federation what a beautiful day and amazing camera angles coming in here showing the six thousand in attendance in the hollow holes of the russian kremlin and right there in the heart of moscow as the russian federation flag is raised up over the capital city. russian president i he swore on the oath he's three of those was the sacred oath i position himself now for a full. as the president of the russian. that aeration you and your life pictures here on r.t. international right there from the heart of the kremlin. we are joined here in the studio by peter close. international analyst and certainly in an impressive and
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impressive scene we're watching here as we show this at live inauguration for the fourth of the russian president the some might say it's a bit too beautiful inside the kremlin with what looks like gold adorned all over the place but certainly impressive pitches yeah very very impressive. and putin is in many ways a very impressive man and the fact that this is his fourth term shows what the russian people think of him i think back to when he took office back in one thousand nine hundred ninety thousand and what kind of shape russia was in then compared to what kind of shape russia is in now and i can understand why putin is in for a fourth term the united states we've only had one president who served four terms and that was franklin delano roosevelt who might be the greatest american president certainly grace american president of the twentieth century and there was some
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controversy about that it was after his fourth term that they put in the constitutional amendment to limit presidents to two terms but we were people were very happy to have franklin roosevelt served four terms specially during that time of crisis let's just listen in just for a moment to peter. ladies and gentleman that i did with you dear friends but if you . would you know welcome only a citizen so great country in our compatriots living abroad. watching or listening to this broadcast. who are present here in the halls of this and cathedral square. taking the office of president of russia i realized the tremendous responsibility. it lives on my shoulders and i responsibility to all of you who are multiethnic people couldn't
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you was in the way you did my responsibility to russia really great country and. you know thousands of years of history with to our ancestors their labor their sharing. your way their love your country that set an example for all of us how solutions the law using our clear work how you should love russia i believe it is my duty to do my best for russia for its president as for its future for what it was in the first year it was not all there really got our nation to connect senior living and developing xavier whatever you russians yaml i assure you that a big goal of my life of my work as always will be to serve our people just save our motherland this is. above like everything else to mere mortals like you and from the bottom of my heart i thank you for our unity we can order change
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a lot of things for the better as he was not together i mean once again i would like to thank all of you for your sincere support and i will but it is in the presidential election and if you tell him i think this is a good rate political capital and that you're on your foundation you're going to support us when you feel as many would hope that russia will continue growing and developing and people by. russia whaley and i live in you and me that are this is also important for us to. secure our position in the international arena. russia doesn't actually more than nail down a maker that russia should be a really to rise up to the challenges of its time. and respond to them and each article he gives we should develop our literacy be any areas where we have always
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been strong and one of will look it up with it we should. work hard you know areas where we are yet to achieve the desired results the areas where we have not yet done enough us it is to get our path forward is always difficult question. is that there is only one mistake that history will never forgive us if someone we are so full of and if you would if we are relaxed and look at is cool especially today at this turning point when the whole world is going through. a lot of changes and we have many decisions that we need to take these are historical just says us which will determine the future of our country for decades to. see what i see what we have a lot of hard to let go and our entire society each one of us will have to pull this weight together you know he's getting is that all that he.


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