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resist this ranking race the narcissistic offer is tempting be seen and be identified as the best and so countries increase university merges with an explicit objective build up the number of research labs multiply publications and accumulate awards they go climb the rankings in france the most representative project settled in the south of paris eighteen of the country's top leading higher education and research institutions grouped under a unique bana here lies the future pinnacle of french education and research the next french of it stanford or mit a poll of sheer excellence amidst fields of beetroot. the new table that you're on that you're a dog. on it's your i don't. for the. i'm with you gonna do challenge. to q.
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and a challenge. the. it was or for more. on this surely those despondent he's called all. on me when he. we're surprised. when it's dark seal not by the good form then you'd like when it's also. going to meet the force of it all. and all the bottles. i was all stopped it and. i sold all the because i have on the just the money early just before steve russell. differentia the other preoccupations besides rankings they need money more money
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fronts cover clee envies england but the successive governments have found it unthinkable to shop the increased tuition fees it would be political suicide so hypocrisy rules paying programs are gradually and in conspicuously being introduced in certain french university departments. at the forefront of the forthcoming marketisation christie just institutions such as paris or. have been authorized to introduce tuition fees these experiments are inconsequential for now but they are doubtingly aim to prepare for a change in the system one day or another. long . life because of fog. in the if we're going. from says president i'm glad and of own image wish to use a foreigner to come forward and this person does this because i'm to horseshoe
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alicia bills bisan so i'm going to shift to i'm big business in the don't survive of it or out of the shaft. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does my might also be on the board doesn't run for president god i'm stumped mr dalmas got a gun to the. woods as the three that he got on into the sea at the last also bribed them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have
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a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that some seem to think off message and put us in more than that that's what we call soft miscellaneous this is an easy sell in response to the late one bloke on the move. into almost like the old mr the borden's. with the instrument this is the icicles that. don't miss the old vision stopping the more sustainable pulls in front of the up and describe some of. the one else seemed wrong wrong all just all. get to shape out just to. add to it and in detroit because betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. over the past decade a great many european asian and african countries have introduced during crease tuition fees in their universities. in the name of excellence prices go up a little every way nothing seems to stop the process and yet among the four honest some questions arise and for good reason. partly as should students learn repayment that stands at around forty billion pounds a minute. that's going to rise around two hundred billion pounds by the middle of this century. at the end of two thousand and thirteen one year into the one thousand pounds really jewish and fee
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a parliamentary mission is called regarding the rising student debt. after several months of investigation in room fifteen of parliament the public accounts commission questions the public body in charge of student loan repayment. giving us realistic forty percent of the current money that goes up to students will never be collected at the moment that is at the top end of our estimates but it is not unrealistic ok so you don't quite know how you're going to fund it. well the longer term issue of lifting the cap the treasury announcement related in the first instance to potential sales from the future loan book the plan would be to sell transfers of the loads of amount you sell a particular trunk ship that the terms of capone and the terms and conditions upon which it is sold are as it were
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a session stand crystalized and the buyer of that debt buys them on those terms and that's it they don't change can we just be clear can we just be clear that the person buying the debt buys it on set terms and conditions that then cannot subsequently be changed by the new owner of the debt is that correct yes ok thank you. here in the u.k. the prospect of cutting the debt tranches and selling it to private investors instantly brings to mind the disastrous mechanism of subprime loans that are shattered so many lives so many families two years ago thirty to forty percent of student loans remained on paper today it's reached forty five percent we're close to the tipping point at forty seven percent of non collected debt the university system and its nine thousand pounds yearly tuition fee will cost more to the english state than it did at the time of the three thousand jelly tuition. england seems to be engaged in
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a dangerous game. in the u.s. the paying university system became widespread nearly forty years ago. today the student debt has reached a catastrophic point. during the occupy wall street movement and one of the american citizens and research
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professors met with andrew ross professor at new york university the world's most expensive university. these activists goal was to fight the un bearable debt to weigh in on american citizens including the housing debt health debt and most importantly the student debt. the student debt problem and i have stated about one point three trillion in total and there are about forty million student debtors about eight million of those students are already in default meaning they're not paying out loans people can't imagine social goods or public goods in the united states it's unimaginable that you could have free education so there is a kind of normalizing of a of a i like to say kind of economic violence that people are used to and they just. expect that that's the way that is that's the way it always will be the right to education has been supplanted by the right to access education loans.
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they emphasis that has had the overall impact of stifling optional political imagination of students because they are so highly and and they have to think about their future in very particular ways that are tied to their financial position and their financial survival in the future. and then movement tackles a huge market a for profit schools that have developed throughout the country in recent decades these schools do not target the elite of american students or the working classes poor families like you to believe in pipe dreams.
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this is. what the end of capitalism kind of looks like or at least you know a different kind of. stayed in the capitalistic sort of. was when everything we've been on all the jobs really you know people are going to force to work together again. amy and christina are two young women from the detroit area who grew up in working families and who can do. rode in the country's high profile universities they still believed in the prospect of a better life like hundreds of other young americans they put their fate in the
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hands of private for profit educational institutions the sector has grown by two hundred twenty five percent over the past ten years. americans should be ashamed to even say that their education system is this way when we're supposed to be the best country in the world is going to be the richest country in the world but you know we are the richest country in the world for the rich but we're also the poorest country in the world for the poor in a way. before god knows. i'm extremely bored there's a whole new category of people out there now. extremely more rewarded. or is almost the new rich. and sad.
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when i was watching the television and seen that they could make my life better if i went to their school soon as he has or the phone was hired how are you this is my name's terry winters i'm you know i'll be the one to answer any questions you have . so he basically asked me if i would be interested in coming out to the school and looking at the campus and seeing what programs i had to offer said that he was a graduate there that i should come check out the school when you walk through the school they have different things on the walls of jobs i could qualify for with the degree but they're not actually telling you the full details of everything and that they don't tell you that there's an arbitration clause that you can't sue the school whether individually or through a class action suit don't really know. that you're getting into a predatory lending type of situation because they don't educate you to that they
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gloss over the financial aid it's very quick and you just initial and then you sign at the bottom and then it was really he just asked you know i have a couple graduates that would like to come in and speak with you would you have an issue talking to some recent graduates and in my mind i'm thinking that's kind of cool and i can actually talk to some people that went to the school you know she would they say about the school so young female and young male came in and for all i know it could have been the recruiters working with this recruiter. he came in and they both came in and said that you know they found a job before they ever graduated the school placed them and that they're doing really well and they're not struggling paying their student loan debt life is just so much better now they have so many opportunities they can jump job a job they want a lot of these student advisers at these schools used to use on students to get them into an education. when this in document from a for profit college if i can find that shows all the people that were.
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going after welfare moms with kids relocation recent high school graduates career change of grades goes college freshman dropout physically mentally abused pregnant ladies recent incarceration recent the forced drug ability military active every tired dennet no future low self esteem college credits two years low income jobs vocational rehabilitation living with multitude of families experienced a recent death living with parents experience recent birth of living with significant other and d.d.'s interim. recent marriage self-employed no benefits so they specifically targeted all these people for these type of loans that were subprime and very expensive for the education they received and that's
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just the the internet is filled with all kinds of stuff like this. my mom was extremely proud she'd like to brag to all of her friends like my daughter's a college and you know i never when she's doing less great things for her life. after enrolling i called my mom and i told i want to chop out and she did not understand why and i was like mom you know understand the school is a scam and she said i don't understand how can a school be a scam. i have a hundred four thousand dollars in student loans as of september two thousand and thirteen and they're only growing by the day. how long will it take before public european universities start charging twenty
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thirty or forty thousand dollars a year how long will it take for a lucrative private educational system to skid out of control like it is today in the u.s. everywhere around the world students are mobilizing can anyone out there hear them can anyone understand them they question our society our political choices what kind of world do we want to live in a world where the economy is at the service of man. or a world in which man is at the service of the economy.
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highlands was as part of course. in disdain said standing stock poor. because of that i would like. to be on the wall street so please tell me the cause i'm told that they will start this with us out of the i'll go to sleep go get out i go but see. you do so you call me out for you up close to strike and we're so used to it all to
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go no they go for opening for our own you so. let's slow. course. it wasn't a lot darker. i didn't jesus who you could fall in the river. and you can become a scene. in time for venting. this
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hour's top headlines on our international u.s. president donald trump says he will announce his decision on the iran nuclear deal choose day and. britain's foreign secretary pays a last minute visit to washington in a bid to save human. pick for cia chief is preparing to be grilled by the senate. is implicated in the agency's notorious torture program. and its museum workers say they're being targeted by polish nationalists who demand that polls be allowed to work as official guides of.
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the eighth of may and just off the etiquette in the morning here in moscow this is international and a very warm welcome to. show that he is donald trump has left the world waiting on his word in expectation of software you fired off a tweet saying he would decide on the fate of the iran nuclear deal choose day the u.s. president's threat to scrap the deal has set alarm bells ringing in europe of british foreign secretary boris johnson paid a last minute visit to washington in a bid to sway his thinking on the matter johnson met with newly appointed secretary of state. and appeared on trump's favorite t.v. show. the president has been right to call attention to it but you couldn't do that without just throwing the baby out with the ba'ath water without scrapping the whole thing because if you do that you have to answer the question what next foreign secretaries first stop in d.c.
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was fox and friends why well johnson wasn't able to speak to the president so he decided to deliver his message via trump's favorite t.v. show he's not the first european official that's tried to warn the us against leaving the deal the german and french foreign ministers have stated that there's no justifiable reason to pull out of the deal and before that president mccrone and chancellor merkel even visited washington d.c. to discuss the matter but they were unable to convince trump otherwise we would open the pandora's box there could be war i don't think they do trump wants war well the us is divided along partisan lines and it's mostly democrats who want to uphold what's widely regarded as obama's only foreign policy achievement according to many pundits on t.v. here but believe it or not the republican chair of the house armed services committee advised against leaving the deal check out what he had to say i'm not necessarily opposed to sticking with this deal forever but you need to have a clear idea about next steps if we or going to pull out so it looks like there's
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both a domestic and international effort to convince trump against killing the deal but meanwhile. the former secretary of state john kerry for shadow diplomacy the next diplomat reportedly met iran's foreign minister at the u.n. where the two allegedly discussed ways of preserving the poc how my doubt with the obama administration iran nuclear deal was reached back in twenty fifteen between tehran and five permanent u.n. members plus germany the negotiations have taken over nine years and the signing marked the end of a standoff under the agreement iran is obliged to limit its uranium enrichment in return for the lifting of sanctions. trump's threats to scrap the deal iran's president hinted that his country may continue to comply with his terms in any case and we discuss the issue with a political analyst but has an alley and things trumps brinksmanship could end in war brown says tried germany has tried. no one seems to get through to trump except
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netanyahu the war hawks in the white house such as bolton and pompei oh and this is i think one of the biggest problems of our day now they will be pushing harder harder harder to get a war with iran with the deal dead this going to be a lot more warmongering you'll have accusations w m d's like we had in two thousand and two two thousand and three in the run up to iraq to iraq is pretty much decimated libya is being decimated yemen is being decimated. president drums pick for cia director gina hospital is gearing up for a senate grilling candace rondeaux to see is controversial she's implicated in the scandal surrounding the agency's or so-called enhanced interrogation techniques my dad has dia has more details. trump's really pushing gina haskell is the perfect candidate strong really strong smart tough and with thirty years of juji behind her so why all the hate one highly
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respected nominee for cia director gina her support has come on before because she was too tough on terrorists think of that in these very dangerous times we have the most qualified person or woman who democrats want out because she is too tough on terror when gina toughen terrorists meaning she ran a secret cia detention center where she those under her reportedly tortured prisoners by the way the videotapes which allegedly documented some of the most horrific tortures were destroyed by the cia tough woman all right with years of experience in the moral torture and any other reasons to vouch for her there's no one more qualified to be the first woman to lead the cia than thirty plus years cia veteran gina has but any democrat who claims to support women's empowerment and
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our national security but opposes her nomination is a total hypocrite interesting how someone's gender is now a factor when selecting a new cia head great argument as well that's like telling all black people all white people to only vote for the candidate of their skin color and people aren't buying that argument torture sarah torture is the reason why she's not qualified your ridiculous trump loving idiots feminism is about ensuring that women have the same rights and opportunities as man it also means holding women as accountable as man i oppose any torture of male or female for cia director that's like saying if you're going to be a group. refuse to eat one of jack the ripper his prime cuts of meat your hypocrite women's empowerment is about getting their rights women nominated for the job not just one with seniority now gina who apparently had no problem torturing tied up
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suspects is allegedly squeamish about the confirmation hearing all those tough questions and in public might prove too much but trump has her back don't tell me it doesn't work to what your works ok folks should do you know have these go torture doesn't work believe me it works ok trump was applauded for that and many are of course against haskell and for their troubles that targeted with this president trump is nominated split to lead the cia but rand paul is opposing her confirmation falsely accusing her of torturing good law it's right up there is a big passport did exactly what our country asked of her and what was necessary to keep us safe call rep with mine to washington to represent us. fortunately those resisting on capitol hill alone one hundred nine retired generals and admirals have urged the u.s.
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senate to reconsider given her ties to you know torturing human beings as a retired general and flag officers of the united states military we are deeply troubled by the prospect of someone who appears to have been intimately involved in torture being elevated to one of the most important positions of leadership in the intelligence community with this much opposition to gina haskell's nomination the job is still far off but make no mistake if the former torture a gets the job despite everything many many people will cheer and applaud. workers at the memorial site of the former nazi death camp auschwitz say they become the target of a hate campaign waged by polish. nationalists they've also denounced an increase in anti-semitic incidents since a controversial holocaust speech law was passed in the country earlier this year most recently the home of an italian guide at the concentration camp was vandalized
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with swastikas and xenophobic slogans including poland for the poles and only polish guides at auschwitz the polish nationalists have accused officials of the moral side of downplaying the death of known jewish polish prisoners in the camp by focusing on his jewish victims. what we hear is that people who died here mostly were jews that's a lie let me speak and so it is the government of israel and jews polish jews especially our attacking us they make us look bad. auschwitz museum officials also say they've been victims of a wave of online harassment on fake news reportedly incited by nationalists have also denied claims the museum's activities have not been representative enough of polish jews but poland's new holocaust speech law bans claims the country collaborated with nazi germany during world war two specifically the legislation
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prohibits references to wartime nazi death camps in the country as being polish and those in violation of the law face up to three years behind bars and since being passed in february the law has met with a backlash in particular from israel and the united states why the polish government has seen fit to come up with this legislation for beating people to have an opinion about the guilt of the polish nation it is bad for governments to try and regulate culture and history and literature. why no one can understand what why they would like to have some control over the narrative but it is all in all that bad practice the history of no matter whether they are polish or foreign should be the guy it's their.


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