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tv   Keiser Report  RT  May 8, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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nazi germany during world war two specifically the legislation prohibits references to wartime nazi death camps in the country as being polish those in violation of the law face up to three years behind bars and since being passed in february the law has met with a backlash in particular from israel and the united states why the polish government has seen fit to come up with this legislation for beating people to have an opinion about the guilt of the polish nation it is bad for governments to try and regulate culture and history and literature. one no one can understand what why they would like to have some control over the narrative but it is all in all a bad practice the history of auschwitz no matter whether they are polish or foreign should be the guides there and this should be. the
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standard everywhere in every museum or memorial and this claim that guides should only be natives. is really easy be kits against foreigners it has nothing to do with some effort to make the the museum better informed. there's anger in the netherlands where i'm also being culled at the local nature reserve defenders of the move say it's more in line with nature and asia south it takes a closer look. the russian screen pastures bundles of gold and hey blue skies and sunny valley it's picture a flock of wild animals scattered across the meadows and you've probably conjured up a perfect wildlife preservation park. but
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in one park in the netherlands something clearly went wrong to the point where the park authority started to shoot some of the animals yes you had it right. the reason all the peyronie's deer and cattle which were roaming free had been reproducing too much last summer and when winter came there wasn't enough food for all the hungry mouths and the weakest started to die local animal lovers try to come to the rescue and feed the animals but tend to livestock control or thoughts of legal. you see according to the ranges the more animal fats the faster they will reproduce the less food there will be and the more that will eventually die to minimize
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suffering they began shooting the weaker ones more than three thousand animals were either killed or starved to death within the last few months this is how it works in nature and here we try to follow natural process is as much as possible but critics say there's nothing natural about taking guns to living beings and this touch plan to let nature take its course has spectacularly backfires i think it's abuse and it's pretty sad i mean how could you do that soon animal doesn't have a voice i understand but want to see. those animals are but a. it's also fair to joe's sure i think that we just need to read those animals or place them on places where do not be harmed friends and another opportunity is to just castrate the male animals that's
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a pretty expensive thing to do but it's the right thing to do so blatant interference or just a little bit of meddling in the elections for us has slopped venezuela with a new round of sanctions on his denouncing this upcoming election as a shot details off to the. year like. i believe facebook's market share is increasing despite all the blue ha ha concerning its surveillance technology that they sell the highest bidder including foreign governments but yeah the multi-trillion dollar market top of these companies is a testament to the nature of the plot for the platform this now superseded the nation state facebook's got two billion users that's bigger than china so it's the biggest kind of entity there is in the world or has ever been in the world and probably ever be in the.
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show something seemed wrong. well we just don't hold. any of these yet to seep out these days become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. wanted. to go right to the press this is what the four three of the more people. interested in the war.
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thanks so much for joining us for the program today thousands in new york have taken part in an emotional regiment macia tradition started a few years ago back in russia to commemorate soviet war heroes that has since spread around the world during the march families carried pictures of relatives who fought in world war two but for two of the participants in new york it was a special occasion that looked to the future as well. i would like you to become. the it.
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the or for the happy couple robot trisha the immortal regiment marches actually watch united them a rope has been taken part in the event for ten years while trisha has been helping him with his related historical research and they are both part of the hundred ninety third rifle deficient a reenactment group which is dedicated to a soviet division the bravely fought against the nazis at stalingrad we caught up with a couple who told us more about what brought them together. i wanted to be really something memorable it was an important event something that tradition and i really think is very important to be a part of the state and i wasn't expecting it when it happened. he completely caught me off guard it was great because you know given the victim are just some things that we both feel very strongly about definitely something that will live on
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forever. when we go she was living history event where regular people will come out to our shows and a lot of them well ask me why i and or training the bad guys or and then i have to explain to them how the soviet union was not active powered world war two so what this tells me is that most people here they don't remember they were never taught their history that the soviet union was not an enemy in the world war two and not until the beginning of the cold yours are two nations become rivals. i pray for women and well for if you like rational thought and that's not something . here that's actually how i ended up getting into the hobby because i found out that over eight hundred thousand one and five and it wasn't just you know working in factories or through thanks very for everywhere and it helped to be able to
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kind of rain that light and help somebody realize you know there's more to the story than why and what we know it helps kind as i give you other ways to kind of view everything that i have. and that tomorrow wednesday russia marks victory day marking seventy three years since the soviet victory over nazi germany in the great patriotic war the day is important to many in the arts the family the grandparents of many of our channels employees for in world war two we'll be sharing their stories during our special coverage we do hope you can stay tuned.
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twenty past the hour here in moscow the u.s. is mounting pressure on the venezuela where a presidential election is looming some are calling it election meddling old blatant interference as washington is sanctioning three venezuelans on twenty companies u.s. vice president mike pence called for other nations to increase pressure on venezuela appends also slammed the country's upcoming election as illegitimate. the so-called elections are scheduled for may twenty you. think more than for one and there will be no real election as well on may twentieth and
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the world knows it will do you think. we think. the us has been calling on venezuela to delay its presidential elections since february saying there's no guarantee of a free fair and internationally validated result washington has also accused my daughter of causing food shortages and sparking a flood of migrants into neighboring countries and william robinson a professor of latin american studies says the new sanctions are a blatant form of election meddling intended to bring about regime change these new sanctions have absolutely nothing to do with drug trafficking and they have nothing to do with the lack of democracy or electoral fraud in venezuela the united states specifically targeting out there as well because it's trying to overthrow that government the u.s. strategy for these elections coming up in venice well it's very important to note this there is an opposition candidate running and we found cold and in fact he simply said in the polls who knows he might win these elections but the u.s. strategy and of a jar to the right far right wing opposition into syria left which is aligned with
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the u.s. policy of always going to go through should is boycotting these elections this is a boycott strategy because it does not want the venezuelan government would just have made it but another on another election that we haven't seen since well the government is going to ignore that demand is absolutely absurd and outrageous demands so i can you give me a dual government just made very clear beginning it's not going to succumb to this u.s. intervention but neither is it going to take such such interventionist demands seriously . football fans do dream of meeting the stars of the game and for supporters of england's liverpool the chances of meeting legendary striker mohamed salah may have just doubled. a lot on reality if you look apply wasn't convinced at the beginning when many
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people said i look like i'm it's a lot some of them suggested me to raise my hair absolute more like him and i decided then to travel and meet with him in his village and i was surprised that people treated me like i was actually him. because i'm not going to like that sometimes i can enjoy going out with my children and wife because a lot of people tend to surround me it's not a problem when it happens in front of my friends but it is a problem when i go out with my wife many times i've had to cancel going out with a. couple all the time i reckon as some people think that i'm deceiving them when i say i'm not so loved but only as look alike that some of them accuse me of being arrogant and whatever i say they don't believe me so now i accept posing for photos with anyone out of fear of the
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stewarts and so laws image. that just about wraps the wraps up the programs are safer this hour here on r.t. international nine twenty four am here in moscow we are back with more. highlands was as part of course. on he counts donington distain said standing stock poor. because of a viral political gulf oil spill off the top of the media on the all spiffed up all fox show and it's time to leave because i'm told that they will start to put us out
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of going to they go get out of the local parts of. the story at all maybe out through all that goes to strike alert crews could call them no no they go for opening for our own use so. called course plus we'll turn our back to the target. ok when she sees her diet you can fall in the routine. and you can become a saint. in time for venting. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board doesn't want from going
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because i'm god i'm stunned just adama's down the guns not with the eyes that see that he got into the sea it's just us who live in the proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public i think microsoft dependency puts governments under the cyber threat and not only that he thinks office can put more on. the softness of the system is it selling this one of them all for the moment to stop the. war. with. the us this is the. common stipend on. the all. they should stop posting of the fundies up in these kinds of the.
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greeting and salutation. i tell you hog watchers it is truly an up and down and left right sideways ride when it comes to covering the military industrial complex there are subservient politicians and their journalists cheerleaders because right when you think you've got things pretty well figured out they throw you that left hook you never quite saw come and can't quite believe like. lasers yes laser right when we are finally seeing the possibility of peace on the korean peninsula the syrian war finally winding down and the only actual physical threat to the united states taking the form of our own political leaders ineptitude us navy and our good friends at lockheed martin bring us laser. battleships no less. very dr evil of them yes it was recently discovered by
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journalists attending the twenty eighteen c. air space expo at the national harbor in maryland that lockheed martin's high energy laser an integrated optical dazzler with surveillance or helio's for short will very soon be making its way on to u.s. navy warships complementing or even downright replacing the current battleship the systems the our i am one sixteen and balance systems. according to a long time supporter of all things laser defense systems more guns in your of the center for strategic and budgetary assessments believes that this is clear evidence of progress telling the media quote we are talking about lasers that now have the power and beam quality needed to defend against you a man there will be a cool small boat threats and possibly some weapons like incoming missiles all over short ranges. you see this this is why peace in our time is
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so darn near impossible little boys and their deadly little toy let's start watching the hawks. to. get the. real thing. as. to. what it looks like you know that i got. this. week that i. rolled over on the watch of the dark side as i robot and out that with lasers. lasers oh ok so. here. it it would need lasers to method they had at least two
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accidents that killed seventeen naval losers and infantry and enlisted men and women and i'm kind of wondering only when in the reach of a release and they were all avoidable access because they weren't getting enough training because our people are not taking their jobs seriously those being a people at the top so maybe when you learn to drive them then you get to have lasers on them this is a bit like a team that's losing getting a new stadium you're right it's good for. you know. thinking that that's going to turn everything around right now you know it's absolutely ridiculous to me that we're we're looking at lasers now and i think like the messed up mindset that a lot of military people have because the frame this way pentagon leaders military does her all that is that while you're fired you achieve peace through fire superiority meaning the bigger and badder weaponry that we have means we're untouchable so no one messes with us therefore peace but that you know can you do
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that tab in your opinion can we find peace through virus a period or do you. know. no. it doesn't work because this is what we learn someone just makes a bigger and bigger weapon you get a bigger stack and a bigger stack and a bigger gun and a bigger this and you think oh well this idea that well if we just knew surely assured destruction will somehow keep us safe it's not going to it's still going to kill people just because you're not put you know mushroom clouds over major cities doesn't mean you're not poisoning people killing people during these things with regular warfare you don't need the lasers well apparently they do need lasers because let me see let me well and here's what you're going to talk about like kind of that idea of escalation that if one country gets something that everybody is never going to get probably nuclear weapons it's what we learn from the batman movies you know the u.s. military is formally complained to china after blinding lasers were used on u.s. aircraft coming in the land at the american air base of djibouti in africa in two
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thousand and sixteen apparently this is great china built its first overseas military base just a couple of muscles down the road from the u.s. base and now as these guys look these guys are flying c. one thirty s and their complaint with our get a laser eye like we've seen heard reports of you know drunken college kids apparently that's that's what china's using their labor lasers to do because i know you can figure out a prank for the very agency by the legs or well there's a reason. well here's the part about why did they complain because they're not supposed to be using them yes there was a un protocol blinding a laser weapons i swear literally it's a thing of the un's protocol and blinding laser weapons the u.s. and china are signatories to that so the protocol bans use on humans except for what they call incidental or collateral facts of the legitimate military employment of laser systems so where to start with this protocol why they all think there
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while they all pat each other on the back about how great they were doing is what they say is pretty much like well i mean if we're doing our grousing happen on lag behind some civilians of our laser who just how we're this all goes back to little to industrial complex stuff because back to where they're just understand the money behind this the lockheed was awarded the contract to build just like two prototypes of the weapons system laser defense system but that that was about one hundred fifty million right but that going with the option to potentially build more which puts them about a million hundred forty two forty three million putting them close probably with everything added together a billion dollar weapons system but that's just with luck it does just lucky tell you this is going to say everybody's got plenty of the visit or the power of those lucky plays about five hundred kilowatts of power output of this one but like i said everybody's got lasers these days certain northrop grumman want to navy contract to build almost as big laser as one the lockheed was saying which is one
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hundred fifty laser system demonstrator raytheon as one that's twenty five kilowatt laser that small enough to put on the top of a humvee and not to be left out of boeing has built a ten kilo out laser that could be carried by soldiers on the ground or laser it's taking care of guys it's great. you know to be going lose laser wars. last april. forty fifth president united states told the press quote north korea best not make any more threats to the united states they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen what has unfolded over the twelve months since has been a cornucopia of juvenile retorts from trump and from insinuating mental health disease to comparing the size of their respective nuclear buttons the leaders have put their own ego ahead of their nation's safety and yet when north korean leader kim jong un met with south korean president a legitimate peace talks that have led to the dismantling of equipment at the
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demilitarized zone and the possibility of a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula many gave trump the credit some even calling for him to win the nobel peace prize how very obama him but one has to wonder if an american is the right person to be given credit for bringing peace to a deep nuclearization of the korean peninsula considering nine states kind of the reason north korea even exists and has a nuclear program in the first place between one hundred fifty and one hundred fifty three of the united states dropped over six hundred thirty five thousand tons of bombs and over thirty two thousand tons of napalm on north korea they destroyed eighty seven hundred factories five thousand schools one hundred house spittles and close to six hundred thousand homes in the end the u.s. is estimated to have killed three million north koreans a full ten to fifteen percent of the population with these military action and here's the thing he says is something to be rewarded with a prize it's what happens when the rights and wrongs of enemies are forged into
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faith faith and forgiveness but should trump or the united states take credit for the end of a conflict we started in the first place. no the provision to grant it was a yes we're very sorry restart of this conflict we're very sorry that we've divided the crew were very sort of all this happened in the past and what has made them and now to do better in the future but no we shouldn't we shouldn't be taking credit for theirs and in my opinion in my humble opinion because you know yes we played a role but ultimately i were the team that able to get hold of but ultimately it's the two neighbors that have to fight you know they have to be the ones to decide peace it's their neighborhood it's their region and all that it shouldn't be our job to roll it so you literally cannot you wrote a letter you know north korea south korea its neighbors who actually are involved in the process i just don't think quite frankly we have enough to deal with at home i don't think our president and all of these of these people that have a million other things they should be working on the stars diplomacy if you are sticking their nose about as far as i'm concerned you let china and north korea and
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south korea deal with this on their own that's that's my personal opinion if they need something from us as allies that's fine but i think there is a point where you just say you can't go to the table making me think that the north korean new service actually had released a statement from a north korean official that stated that quote the us is deliberately provoking north korea at the time the situation on the korean peninsula is moving toward peace and reconciliation thanks to the historic north-south summit and the. operation so even they're saying like this is getting ridiculous like why are you taking credit why are you now again now it and this is on both sides left and right i have seen in the media both on your fox news and your c.n.n. both of opinion pieces about how it's all a trick it's all a trap north korea trap president they would do a lot of star wars work and yes it's true that a bit of a war we are solid too and i'm going to wait a minute shouldn't we. give peace
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a chance then of something we started up then he least you can say oh it screwed up but to me it's like you see the warmonger that imperialism you know take hold so now. a little bit more we can't let him do this it's interesting because john de lorean expert of north korean affairs at seoul's gone to university told. i do give one third of the credit to the trumpet ministration the strategic patience and ramped up saying shit then they ramped up the military threat because we all thought he was crazy to take us to war that essentially made you know force them to the table that's the idea being put out there that you know trump kind of did that mix only crazy nixon move like oh he's crazy enough to start a war suite but it appears clearly the south koreans this and china realize that our for even if president united states was more terrifying if you know whether they can draw. that siri. i think it's i think it's more about the law that i think it or less if you're worrying about all of this stuff i think what
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came to the table was it was a story was something that was really needed and as i said eventually you're going to get to a point where you look and you realize there came to an end as it was through this whole dynasty of living up in this he sees people starving you see is it you know there's only so much you can do and you. brought up a really interesting point about the economics of all this up to me to you know brought up to me today you know how about driving the peace process more outside threats united states yeah blow i mean on the one hand no i don't think that you should give a prize for threatening that you know oh you you just threaten hundreds of thousands of lives here use the prize for peace i don't but. on the one i do think this is something that should be thought of so south korean leader moon had can was concerned about the threat of an american military action and i think he was more concerned a lot of people are saying than came from who was concerned about it and that's what brought to the table but it was at that table when we saw the meeting that the
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south korean president gave a u.s.b. drive to kim jong il and on the. u.s.b. drive was a play. and to implement an economic structure to take place after denuclearization that full path forward to making. what he called sort of. a wealthy north east asian country and this was in the part of that and so the roadmap is based on three economic belts on the current korean peninsula and connecting them with the chinese and russian economy is developing what they called an economic community of some sort in northeast asia so if the korean peninsula can unify and they can be running and this is there's a lot of projects railroads energy these are all things in there that say look it's time for us to go to the u.s. . and then china and russia and its north korea's neighbors are joining us this. freedom it's always about all right as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think at the top of the.


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