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violation of the law face up to three years behind bars since being passed in february the law has met with a backlash in particular from israel and the us why the polish government has seen fit to come up with this legislation for beating people to have an opinion about the guilt or lack thereof of the polish nation it is bad for governments to try and regulate culture and history and literature. one no one can understand what why they would like to have some control over the narrative but it is all in all a bad practice the history of auschwitz no matter whether they are polish or foreign should be guards there and this should be. the standard everywhere in every museum or memorial and this claim that guides
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should only be natives. is really easy against foreigners it has nothing to do with some effort to make the the museum better informed. the deliberate killing of animals and nature is in the netherlands has sparked outrage of a park officials that he claimed the culling is actually in line with nature and she said i think takes a closer look. the russian screen pastures bundles of gold and hey blue skies and sunny valleys picture a flock of wild animals scattered across these meadows and you've probably conjured up perfect wildlife preservation park. but in one park in the netherlands something clearly went wrong to the point where
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the park authority started to shoot some of the animals yes you had it right. the reason all the ponies deer and cattle which were roaming free had been reproducing too much last summer and when winter came there wasn't enough food for all the hungry mouths and the weakest started to die local animal lovers try to come to the rescue and feed the animals but tend to livestock control laws of legal . you see according to the ranges the more animal fats the faster they will reproduce the less food there will be and the more that will eventually die to minimize suffering they began shooting the weaker ones more than three thousand animals were either killed or starved to death within the last few months this is how it works
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in nature and here we try to follow natural process is as much as possible but critics say there's nothing natural about taking guns to living beings and this stuff to let nature take its course spectacularly backfires i think it's abuse and it's pretty sad i mean how could you do that so an animal doesn't have a voice i understand but want to see. those animals are. but it's also fair to joe's sure that i think that we just need to read all those animals are they start places where dare not be harmed that ends and another opportunity is to just crush trade male animals that's a pretty expensive thing to do but it's the right thing to do and watching out
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international celeb t.v. south of the us is the other countries to intensify pressure on venezuela saying its upcoming elections will be a fraud and a sham would like critics to say that he's and that should interference people but the tiles just off the back. live. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't
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only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the superman it just kill you narrowness and spending two to twenty million at one player. it's an experience like nothing else only because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game like great so what will chance for. six point eight. welcome back now thousands in new york have taken part in a march called the immortal regiment it's a tradition that started a few years ago in russia to commemorate soviet war heroes and to since spread around the world or during the march families carried pictures of relatives who fought in world war two but for one couple it was a special occasion that to the future as well. thank you to.
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the was so very happy looking couple there and it was in fact the march itself have brought them together because rob has been taking part in the event for the last ten years and tricia has been helping him with his research they are both part of a reenactment group which is dedicated to a soviet division that fought against the nazis at starling grad we caught up with them and asked for a bad how they got together. i wanted to be really something memorable it was an important event something that tricia and i really think is very important to participate in i wasn't expecting that what happened was he completely caught me off guard it was great because you
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know given sadism are just something that we both feel very strongly about it's definitely something that will live on forever. when we go through what's called a living history of events where regular people will come out to our shows and a lot of them well ask me why i am portraying the bad guys in the war and then i have to explain to them how the soviet union was not an axis power and world war two so what this tells me is that most people here today don't remember they were never taught their history that the soviet union was not an enemy in world war two and not until the beginning of the cold war or to our two nations become rivals. i her try the women in world war two and russia that fought and that's not something that we know here that's actually how i ended up getting into the hobby
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because i found out that over eight hundred thousand women fought and it wasn't just you know working in factories at the tanker crews snipers they were everywhere and it helps to be able to kind of bring that light and help somebody realize you know there's more to the story than what and what we know it helps kind of educate and give you other ways to kind of you everything that happened. we wish them well together now as we mentioned to move to regiment marches are taking title over the world of one underway in paris as we speak and we can guess that and i would have been seeing who is the force so he just give us an indication then of what it's like that because all. these are a sort of combination of celebration and also sad reflection. hundreds of people have to take in paris for this march will be a mood to regiment people from russian descent from french descent down from elsewhere in the world coming here to pay tribute to the people who participated in
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the second world war their relatives their fathers their mothers cousins grandparents sometimes i have been speaking to some of the people here been sharing some of the stories about their relatives what they did during the second world war including one woman he told me that her cousin was just thirteen when she joined the resistance so working in communications to intercept communications to try and find out what the nazi germany doing another woman told me that her father was a russian pilot and he was in a plane that was shot down he actually survived the crash and then after recovering he went back out to fight on the front again because you know like many other people. that they are remembering their relatives who are here we speak with may have survived the war people who lost their lives in the war but people who gave the ultimate sacrifice and bravery to fight for freedom and to fight for their
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country and that's why people have come out to him paris to remember their relatives who participated in world war two and what is now the seventy third anniversary of the end of the rule. the weather holds to the reporting for us there in paris. well tomorrow marks victory day commemorating the seventy third anniversary of the soviet union. in the great patriotic war the day is also important for many at r.t. to whose grandparents fought and world war two.
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can't you join us for that coverage tomorrow now the u.s. is mounting pressure home values while where a presidential election is looming some though calling it election meddling is washington is sunshine sanctioning three venezuelans and also twenty companies u.s. vice president mike pence called for other nations to increase pressure on the country it also slammed its upcoming election as illegitimate. the so-called elections in venezuela scheduled for may therefore you. will be nothing more than a fraud and that there will be no real election in venezuela on may twentieth and the world knows that it will be a very good match with think of what the u.s.
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has been calling on venezuela to delay its presidential election since february saying there's no guarantee of a free fair result washington is also a key as mature oh of course in food shortages and sparking a flood of migrants into neighboring countries however we robinson a professor of latin american studies says the new sanctions are a blanket form of election meddling intended to bring about regime change. these new sanctions have absolutely nothing to do with drug trafficking and they have nothing to do with the lack of democracy or electoral fraud in venezuela the united states specifically targeting out venezuela because it's trying to overthrow their government the u.s. strategy for these elections coming up in venice well it's very important to note this there is an opposition candidate running and we found cold and in fact he's increasing in the polls who knows he might win these elections but the u.s. strategy and the majority of the right far right wing opposition interests which is aligned with the u.s. policy of overthrowing the revolution is boycotting these elections this is
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a boycott strategy because it does not want the venezuelan government with judo made by another or another election that it venezuelan government is going to ignore that demand it's absolutely absurd and outrageous demands so. government has made very clear beginning it's not going to succumb to this u.s. intervention but neither is he going to take such such interventionist demands seriously. football's biggest event does kick off in russia in just over a month's time and host nation is ready getting into the spirit of the world cup because between march and the beginning of the tournament the fifo world cup football park here it is touring the host cities visitors can take part in master classes attend autograph sessions and also practice their penalty taking skills like to stop off on the tour was that the russian city of khazan among the business is there was the former spanish defended mikail some guardo he played for real madrid for over a decade and during his career in more than fifty caps for his country and became well known for his tough tackling luckily though he's more gentle with us he shared
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his impressions of. recently i took part in the opening of a new park in khazan that i think will become popular and tracked lots of people from all over the country for those who won't be able to get to the stadium there will be big screens for world cup matches in this park all this will create a great football atmosphere that's because and it's one of the oldest russian cities but at the same time it has the most modern stadiums and they have already been tested i visit because and the rain a stadium and really likes it i think it has everything that can make the fans happy it's a quality stadium with all necessary infrastructure as a player i can say that the sound is very powerful the pitch is fantastic and just right size from a fee for heads view points and in general it's amazing stadium everyone will like it so for me is one of the cities to enjoy the world cup just like in some petersburg old moscow. and other new south new man
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has been elected as the new prime minister of our mania with people celebrating across the country. thousands gathered in the central square get a van armenia's capital to create the new deal to prime minister parliament voted in favor of passion in taking the country's top job following weeks of protests last week his candidacy was rejected by parliament and then protests intensified with people demanding that passion be given the pumps. so that brings up to date is just coming out so us three thirty in the afternoon there moscow will be back with more on the headlines and out. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers
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of alternative but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you on the list is a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to go i mean eighty percent of the tell we are with you and we will show the great game the grid to get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the best go . alone. and i am really happy for joined out to for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet this special one it was also reassure me to just read the review theology team's latest edition to make up a bigger certainly better jersey book. club and was selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forced me to fight the battles of the gulf. to do socks for the tell you that
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would be gossip and probably myself and most importantly this. other off advertising tell me you are not cool enough to buy your product. all the hawks that we along the border will watch. today there are four million students studying abroad a trend is on the rise in the game of global competition international students are very much coveted the best research graduates are entirely taken care of as for the huge number of students that can afford studying abroad they represent an irresistible financial honeypot the expression global student market has become a household term among university head offices. in france and germany
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the foreign students don't pay tuition fees just yet but it changes soon to come in england they contribute fourteen billion euros ten billion pounds a year to the national economy a foreign student pays between twenty and thirty thousand euros a year twice as much as the european student and it represents an additional consumer in the country a dream client. so the university of manchester house about ten thousand international students which is the most of any u.k. university or there was a percentage it's not the highest so those students are important to us for a number of reasons they bring diversity they bring different cultures they bring different backgrounds different ways of thinking our own students benefit from studying in an environment with students from very different backgrounds of course they also bring income to the university which is important the largest community of chinese students which make up just under forty percent of the total international student body and the crowds lining the streets around the university
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of manchester. or the president visited we knew it was. during his visit the president met university churchill. measures i'm not a sailor. around me the thinnest light. material. right. since the early ninety's chinese higher education is experiencing a spectacular growth. over the course of thirty nine years the number of students grew from seven million to thirty five million studying abroad has become an absolute must for all the chinese new benefiting from the economic boom this year
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over seven hundred thousand young chinese are studying somewhere in the world a four hundred percent increase in fifteen years and the trend is unlikely to reverse. a new business is multiplying worldwide. companies in rolling students in international universities in terms of commercial office universities in the u.s. u.k. and australia clinch first place. bond trading. up and. colonel only i didn't offer our order to do so i'm just out of a. traditional you can see what. i mean once you are drawing away the bulk of your true since. you and i don't jim. but we are
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out of the jewish bankers and amount of. french made it into the toilet i shall have a bash here for drunk. soup. our truck your search. quit comparing arson yada yada yada i. ching the ship i mean. that in all your shit because i caught it. all for you. so i thought that in your q.s. time in cash i would tell things out which i haven't played our strong issue. not all chinese students can afford studying in leading universities in those that truly matter not all students can afford to study abroad. most of them are enrolled
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in universities based in their home province they dream of a brighter future in stocks that is the shanghai or beijing hundreds of thousands now migrate every year to big cities. but the chinese economic system isn't quite ready to absorb all these young graduates. dong is one of them he studied bioengineering for four years in a college from his province today he makes a living from odd jobs he dreams of working in the film industry he belongs to this new class of people that are educated but pull. your hair we shall know you hold live bait you didn't mention. your eating to do or our local how they are coming on our chin that you.
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only hire our young there and see that you are you're. going to hard it is when you're in the center and she got on the whole you can. lead but you know harder and. and yoshimi would change on the road she play even though it's hundred ten though she's in the hall we're in a discussion and she. you're a woman. and you heart's all that you're a me. and you are. blondes magruder a woman on the plane. and then to the journey and i'm kind and you are you good called me kenya you walk on them be it. to do or to do very hard to have their hair be our lawyer.
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or leave them in your quiet quiet manner your cheating and some call our attention to their journey can enter what it does i didn't mean yeah you moved your way to. being in the. rule one card you know hide your. room link or you know. that. despite disenchanted hopes of upward mobility china has no intention of slowing down the development of its universities it wants to become a key player of global higher education the us australia and western europe all covered this new market countless partnerships are entered into every year between
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china and foreign countries. the entire world has its eyes set on china and china has its eyes set on the entire world in two thousand and three tome university researchers developed the shanghai ranking the most media tightest the most controversial and the most followed ranking report worldwide a world ranking based on the number of nobel prizes fields medals and publications in scientific journals the united states clearly dominates the ranking among the top two hundred there are the fifty american universities eighteen blish four french and four german. so i'm afraid international rankings are in full and i sound afraid because i
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absolutely hate them but in some parts of the world in particular they all counted rankings for sure. i know for sure. printed for us of all of these. yes. doors are on the president and off track is often up in the end i'm raking in sit what's your one and. only phone. from there the high hip tucked it does rain can of one fun even for freddie up big and it's to do with your own dimension. let's mention the us i know my hero and i know man of god they come on this minute crowded a mess and in the end the frog when it was just would you when you visited got of the phone to not mention quality. to shower. and
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vent mark just kind of wanted to be you know evidently and up. whereas the criticism is substantial very few years in university presidents resist this ranking grace the narcissistic offer is tempting be seen and be identified as the best and so country's increasing of as it emerges with an explicit objective build up the number of research labs multiply publications and accumulate awards they go climb the rankings in france the most representative projects settled in the south of paris eighteen of the country's top leading higher education research institutions grouped under a unique banner here lies the future pinnacle of french education and research the next french harvard stanford or mit a poll of excellence amidst fields of beetroot. the
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new table that you're on that your daughter the only notable on that your daughter . knew it and. for the. challenges to cure the challenges. the. it was no. more easy. he called on me out there all of a leveling on me when he. when you used to. seal not good for my school did you toss for my son like when this all support . that falls of it all don't sit on all the bottles. i was all stopped it and. i sold all the because i have
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on the money early just before. the french have other preoccupations besides rankings they need money more money france cover clee envies england but the successive governments have found it unthinkable to shop the increased tuition fees it would be political suicide so hypocrisy rules paying programs are gradually and in conspicuously being introduced in certain french university departments. at the forefront of the forthcoming marketisation prestigious institutions such as pope paris. have been authorized to introduce tuition fees these experiments are inconsequential for now but they are definitely aimed to prepare for a change in the system one day or another. long
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. course of order. in the if we're going. from says president i'm glad and of own emotional. to come forward and this person does this because i'm to horseshoe alicia belittles bisan so i'm going to shift to i'm big business. that or. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies.


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