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in thirty plus years cia veteran dina has spoke any democrat who claims to support women's empowerment and our national security but opposes her nomination is a total hypocrite interesting how someone's gender is now a factor when selecting a new cia head great argument as well that's like telling all black people all white people to only vote for the candidate of their skin color and people aren't buying that argument torture sarah to choose the reasons why she's not qualified if you ridiculous trump loving idiots feminism is about ensuring that women have the same rights and opportunities as man it also means holding women as accountable as man i oppose any torture of male or female for cia director that's like saying if you claim to be a group monkey but refuse to eat one of jack the ripper his prime cuts of meats you're a hypocrite women's empowerment is about getting their rights women nominated for
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the job not just one with seniority now gina who apparently had no problem torturing tied up suspects is allegedly squeamish about the confirmation hearing all those tough questions and in public might prove too much but trump has her back don't tell me it doesn't work to what your works ok folks you know have these go torture doesn't work believe me it works ok trump was applauded for that and many are of course against haskell and for their troubles their targeted with this president trump is nominated hospital leave the cia but rand paul is opposing her confirmation falsely accusing her of torturing good luck trying to oppose a big ass bill did exactly what our country asked of her and what was necessary to keep us safe call rep with mine to washington to represent us. fortunately those. is resisting on capitol hill aren't alone one hundred nine
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retired generals and admirals have urged the u.s. senate to reconsider given her ties to you know torturing human beings as a retired general and flag officers of the united states military we are deeply troubled by the prospect of someone who appears to have been intimately involved in torture being elevated to one of the most important positions of leadership in the intelligence community with this much opposition to gina haskell's nomination the job is still far off but make no mistake if the former torturer gets the job despite everything many many people will cheer and applaud. i was murdered gas the airfare now workers at the museum of the former nazi death camp say they are they have become the target of a hate campaign waged by polish nationalists they're also concerned too about an increase in the anti semitic incidence most recently the home of an italian guide
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museum was vandalized was washed his and xenophobe explosions as you can see they included poland for the poles and also only polish guides in polish nationalists if accused officials at the site of downplaying the deaths of non jewish prisoners at the camp. what we hear is that people who died here mostly were jews that's a lie let me speak and so it is the government of israel and jews polish jews especially our attacking us they make us look bad. well museum officials deny claims they have under represented the deaths of polish jews and also say workers have been the target of online harassment and fake news reportedly incited by nationalists and that coincides with the introduction of poland's new holocaust speech law it was passed this year and bans any claims that the country collaborated with nazi germany during world war two specifically the legislation
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prohibits references to wartime nazi death camps in the country as being polish those in violation of the law to face up to three years in prison the law though has faced a backlash in particular from israel and the us. why the polish government has seen fit to come up with this legislation for beating people to have an opinion about the guilt or lack thereof of the polish nation it is bad for governments to try and regulate culture and history and literature. one no one can understand what why they would like to have some control over the narrative but it is all in all a bad practice the history of auschwitz no matter whether they are polish or foreign should be the guards there and this should be. the
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standard everywhere in every museum or memorial and this claim that guides should only be natives. is really keats against foreigners it has nothing to do with some effort to make the the museum better informed. the deliberate killing of animals and nature is in the netherlands a spot of the park officials that the culling is actually in line with nature itself and the setting takes a closer look. the russian screen pastures bundles of gold and hey blue skies and sunny valleys picture a flock of wild animals scattered across these meadows and you've probably conjured up perfect wildlife preservation park.
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but in one park in the netherlands something clearly went wrong to the point where the park authority started to shoot some of the animals yes you had it right. the reason all the ponies and cattle which were roaming free had been reproducing too much last summer and when winter came there wasn't enough food for all the hungry mouth and the weakest started to die local animal lovers try to come to the rescue and feed the animals but tend to livestock control orthe illegal. you see according to the ranges the more animal fats the faster they will reproduce the less food there will be and the more that will eventually die to minimize
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suffering they began shooting the weaker ones more than three thousand animals were either killed or starved to death within the last few months this is how it works in nature and here we try to follow natural processes as much as possible but critics say there's nothing natural about taking guns to living beings and this stuff planned to let nature take its course spectacularly backfires i think it's abuse and it's pretty sad i mean how could you do that soon animal who doesn't have a voice i understand but want to see. those animals are. but it's also fair to joe's sure i think that we just need to read all those animals or oh please there are places where do not be harmed friends and another opportunity is to just castrate the male animals that's a pretty oac spencer thing to do but it's the right thing to do the washing our
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taste the lead free the sad they are known as immortal marches which pay tribute to those who fought during the second world war gaining popularity to throughout the world will have a look at a couple of them just after the break. what politicians do you suppose to. put themselves on a lot. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. there's some want to be rich. but you'd like to be closer this is what it looks like the freedom to be good. interested in the law. there should.
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anyone else seem wrong. just don't call. me. yet to see how it does this become educated and it gets really equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back now thousands of people in new york have taken part in a march called view more to regiment the tradition first began in russia a few years ago to commemorate soviet war heroes who every since spread around the world well during this march families did hold aloft pictures of their relatives
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who fought in world war two but for one couple it was also an occasion not just about the past but the future to. think you. a very happy couple there and in fact it was the march that brought them together because rob has been taking part in war reenactments for ten years and trisha has been helping him with his research and also both part of a group which is dedicated to a soviet division which forty against the nazis in starlin grad we caught up with them to him more about their story. i wanted to be really something memorable it was an important event something that tricia and i really think is very important to participate in i was the next
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question that what happened was he completely caught me off guard it was great because you know given sadism are just something that we both feel very strongly about that's definitely something that will live on forever. when we go to what's called a living history of events where regular people will come out to our shows and a lot of them well ask me why i am for training the bad guys or and then i have to explain to them how the soviet union was not an axis powers in world war two so what this tells me is that most people here they don't remember they were never taught their history that the soviet union was not an enemy in the true and not until it was the ending of the cold or yours are two nations become rivals. i pray for women and world war two in russia that far and fast that's not something
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that you know here that's actually how i ended up getting into the hobby because i found out that over eight hundred thousand women fought and it wasn't just you know working in factories tanker crews snipers they were everywhere and it helps to be able to kind of bring that light and help somebody realize you know there's more to the story than what and what we know it helps kind to educate and give you other ways to kind of you everything that happened. while the marches are taking place all over the world and paris correspondent sean had been ski went to the event was being held in the french capital hundreds of people have come i can promise you take solace in this he is a moodle regiment much include. i think those like you here who has come here to remember her father her papa he died on this day in nineteen forty five he was a tough choice from the soviet union and he took his time all the way from most go
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to berlin where sadly he died she's come here to remember her father on this day commemorating seventy three years since the war ended in europe many others all around doing something very similar carrying mementos photographs of their loved ones to show that they will never forget them one of the woman told me about the bravery of her father who had been a pilot during the war she said he was shot down he miraculously survived that when he was recovered the first thing he did he went back to fight in the war that kind of bravery is in capsulated by the people who are here today to remember that of their relatives hundreds of people say they will never forget what their fathers their mothers their brothers sisters think grandparents did to ensure that this country and others remained free and the second will who are
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a nazi germany was defeated. in paris there meanwhile in moscow the leader of the left wing party france and bad has arrived not only to meet the leaders of russia's left wing movements but also to join the immortal regiment march here showing stress it's important to remember the role russian people played in the liberation . probably. i want to remind my compatriots in france about the role russians played in the liberation from fascism but they are our friends sometimes we have worlds but they must not become a stumbling block history shows how much we need each other. russia i have no doubt about that and that's my political views. be idea is to show that french and russian people are brothers and that there is a connection between our two nations that does not depend on the political situation to show that one can be friend of the russian people while not supporting
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the authorities this is my case. well tomorrow russia does mark victory day commemorating the seventy third anniversary of the soviet union's victory over an artsy germany day significant say for many people here at r.t. his grandparents forte in world war two. do join us for our coverage tomorrow now finally the opposition leader has been
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confirmed as the new prime minister of armenia supporters celebrating across the country. i was thousands gathered in the central square of yet of an i mean is capital to greet the newly elected premier parliament voted in favor of pushing and following weeks of public protests demanding he gets the country's top job his candidacy had initially been rejected by parliament last week sparking intensified demonstrations my safety then his position he has started to receive a formal congratulations from the foreign leaders. so that brings you up to date say father if you get there we've got the stories for you to you at our website and you can find that at our.
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ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board doesn't want the eyes of god to just dump was going to come up with that as the fee that he got going into this it's a must also by the proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that he thinks all of this could put us in more because of this of the sense of selling we won the war was almost like the. war. with. these this is the i still often stymied on. the all business stop and there was a student who was a from his up and his guards in the file. so
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we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy to. let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful it's very critical. to sit down and talk. to. the target. perv.
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hi there i'm eric kaiser this is the kaiser report and check in with stacey herbert right now and find out what's going on stacy actually has some interesting data here regarding the whole facebook remember the whole delete facebook hash tag delete facebook because facebook sold all our data our private personal information to cambridge analytics and then use that apparently to influence us to act against our better judgment and vote for trump and things like that they say. we've also seen lots of boycotts of various products because this is was something that you and i have talked about here in kaiser report is this new trend to outrage and boycotting everything around you and this is sort of like a karl marx in selling the rope to hang yourself and but first i'm going to look at actually the size of these those fangs sarahs actually there that app am a good fake good goofy am a goofy face ok apple amazon google and facebook from april twenty eighth seen
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the combined market cap is two point eight trillion dollars as apple amazon google and facebook in april two thousand and eight max just ten years ago they were a combined three hundred twenty billion so that's a huge increase nearly ten fold increase in the ten years killing bluesier likes. i believe facebook's market share is increasing despite all the brouhaha concerning its surveillance technology that they sold better including foreign governments but yeah the multi-trillion dollar mark up of these companies is a testament to the nature of the platform the platform is now superseded the nation state facebook to. billion users that's bigger than china so it's the biggest kind of entity there is in the world or has ever been in the world and probably ever be in the world and there you get a penny on every ball you know you grab up
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a lot of dollars same thing with these other fang stocks or a mugu guy pan whatever you describe to us at them a goofy. face which is you can buy new restaurant new hipster restaurant or go to parties and all a good face craps served with home grown broccoli spears now you get it you get it you can download all these on an app on your phone and they stare at it all day you become a goofy good yeah yeah yeah and in the most you see the what are the language quickly devolved into the language of platform speak so we live now as fractured atomized entities are individual sovereignty has been destroyed we're no longer. in that sense we're part of the network we're becoming insects and sexual as in insect you know you ever wonder why the ants and bees and the things they know what to do when to do it because they're tied into a network the network to be networked humans are going from our own tools the
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squirrels are the bane of our existence they are all was so they're part of the end they're part of that network so we're becoming networked if i just saw a guy who has a thing here where he can access google database using his mind to conjure up answers that were at mit they did some sort of experiment where they got read a guy's mind but you know in terms of this facebook google all these sort of things is what has emerged over the past ten years and matt stoller has done great work on this and we've covered his work about all of the apple is ation on the lot monopolies these guys have on essentially what used to be back in the seven thousand eight hundred in one thousand nine hundred in america the town square people would go there and congregate or they would congregate at the coffee shop with a beer hall and they would talk and they would talk about. politics and they would talk about you know the constitutional congress and things like this but nowadays you don't do that you meet and talk to your family on facebook and stuff like that
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. i've been kicked off facebook it's a long story but you know i realize now that i don't have a lot of the contact details for all my family only on facebook do i have access to them and now i've been cut off i've been cut off and i can't speak to my family facebook is denying me access to my family i feel like i'm in prison and i don't they're not allowed to come see me this is what it feels like just don't be an ism described by george orwell in one thousand nine hundred four things go down the memory hole so you replace your physical contact and the physical newspapers and letter writing and with the digital experience which is then being deleted and controlled by the platform masters and by the surrogate deities that we've now empowered yeah and with our own ideology that is that you know in america we don't have state media we don't have we have a constitution which guarantees your right to assembly and stuff like that but in this digital digitized world and financial ised world it's corporations that own
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and then the theory is that while corporations have the right to exclude you from their private property but if their private property is the public domain now that's where people congregate and me and that's where you go and assemble it becomes a very difficult story people don't understand two things number one the value of story and the value of public domain so the value of story you talked about the town square and giving news the town square because there was an ongoing story that people could relate to and then hear news and then understand how it is to be weighed and contextualized per the story of their life but we don't live in an era of a narrative that's linear anymore we live in a fractured story environment like a quitting terror team a film like pulp fiction on steroids everything is happening in real time simultaneously from a hundred different directors so we don't really have one. continuous story that we live we live in many many different stories simultaneously we know we have a different life and different apps i'm somebody different telegram somebody different what's something different on twitter i'm somebody different my emails
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i'm virus i'm essentially a symbol of a fractured personality is now due rigs to exist in this multifaceted multi-platform world but the x. at the expense of humanity which is why i'm constantly troubled by the robots that are in encroaching on to the public domain which leads me to my second point about the public domain the constitution united states essentially in its raw ist most. base. fundamental of the foundational is about the public domain that being that the there is no tyranny there is no dictator there is no potentate there is only the public domain that is the guardian of our liberties and in our life but this idea has been destroyed through corporate takeover of the public domain this is why when the we've collectively agreed to that that they public domain is branded
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google or facebook or twitter and that they have the right to exclude you from that public to one of the greatest tribute in america are the public parks like you seventy in the air areas the in our capitalist to say well all competition is great we should drill in those public parts a don't understand the constitution be don't understand the value of huge human the human experience see are working for the robots and d.d. our enemies to be exterminated with extreme prejudice well well of course a lot of antarctica capitalist found the ideas behind that are the likes of john law and adam smith who would have told you that nature you have to mimic nature markets to mimic nature and that's good to preserve some nature before we destroyed all to the highest bidder but i want to also talk about facebook so this i told you about. the hashtag delete facebook and that actually hasn't worked out so well well what crisis facebook added forty eight million new users in twenty eighteen according to data just released by the social networking giant user growth has
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actually been surging in fact during the first three months of twenty eighteen facebook added an impressive forty eight million daily active users a u s which is actually larger than the population of argentina and a lot of other countries the company reported a total of one point four four nine billion dowse by march thirty first twenty eighteen so it seems like that old adage what is that something like there's no publicity is bad publicity so most explain something about facebook you know where you grew up with the understanding that the average person uses something like less than ten percent of their brain. so that ninety percent that's being done is being used by facebook. and they have access to your own use brain yeah i mean if you look for example it's a way to cobble together the c.p.a. or computer power of you now to maintain a network facebook uses your brain to maintain their network so people but they're
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in voluntarily joining facebook the same way you would involuntarily sneeze or involuntarily your heart would be or your blood circulating through your body you are in voluntarily joining facebook now to join the corpus of the interconnected folk humanity surrogate that we are now falling into like lemmings into a black hole of our own unconscious. satanist worship being the same out during the trials master came out as satan well they did admit that they track people who were not on face but they track your friends if you post look at richard stallman who of course if you know richard stallman he's extremely. willing to voluntarily give his private information to any corporation that's why he doesn't use brad. as there is to browse the internet he accesses it in a crazy way that only an original hacker could do but he's got several facebook pages nothing to do with him he of course would never create
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a facebook page but if you go there and search for richard stallman there are several pages there are all these photos of him there's all sorts of information about his travels where he's spoken because people post stuff to facebook on his behalf that he doesn't want there he didn't give anybody permission to do that but they have a lot of information on him for example but border fence force against facebook any clinical psychologist would tell you like jordan peterson for example is very popular now as a clinical psychologist he makes some very. profound truths stated that for the mind controversial statement that a lot of people some of us that the mind seeks status you know it's like a game in your brain that monitors your status twenty four in every second of every day and you feel other ballots are on balance based on your status seeking so this idea of getting followers and getting likes it goes directly into the brain unfiltered by any societal contra drug it's going directly into the directly into
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the lizard brain and as a result we all become raptors that's why the behavior on the internet is so atrocious because people are for sick and anything to do a civilization or humanity there simply reacting to their lizard brains peterson might describe and paraphrase of course and the result is a dystopian one thousand nine hundred four or well the nightmare that we're all living and it's accelerating because again the final bit of data here regarding this facebook their results for the first quarter even more surprising is that facebook's rate of growth actually improved during the period dow's da use boosted three point four two percent during the first quarter which is more than the two point one percent rate reported during the last quarter of twenty seventeen october through december and their income is also accelerating based on these people you know watching facebook and studying and looking to improve their status well human
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