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carbonite and our team is actually banks look at look at how artificial intelligence and robots are impacting the jobs of the future plus the meteor merger madness gets even more complicated but tim horton's attorney andre barlow is back to help explain the new state of play with the major media moguls in telecom and archie's trinity charges reports on and from a luxury movie theater it's a segment worth waiting for all that coming up but first we had some of. the chinese led asian infrastructure investment bank or a i b has now reached an agreement with regional development banks in asia and africa the ai ai be initiated at twenty thirteen as a project of president xi jinping has now signed a memorandum of understanding with both the interim merican development bank and most recently the african development bank on financing of projects in a recent interview with bloomberg inaugural ai ib president jim lee quinn said that
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the ai ib will not try to be a clone or copy of existing institutions such as the world bank or asian development bank and would distinguish itself by resisting bureaucracy and corruption mr lee quinn also repeatedly emphasized his view that while the b. and the one belt one road initiative are both chinese proposals belton road is a chinese led initiative will be is can see it as a multilateral development institution. russian president vladimir putin freshly sworn in for a fourth term on monday says he plans to make russia one of the top five global economies by twenty twenty four russia's economy currently ranks twelfth incised analysts say the russian that russia's economy would have to increase by fifty percent to achieve the goal mr putin will also face some added difficulty with such an economic expansion given the troubles of recent years including economic sanctions and a recession. in two thousand and seventeen russian gross domestic product g.d.p.
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grew weakly at one point five percent still it is a nor girl address at the kremlin on monday president putin called for a modern and dynamic economy and later signed a decree prioritizing technological development manufacturing and agricultural notable among mr putin's inaugural audience was former german chancellor gerhard schroeder mr schroeder is now chairman of the russian state oil company rosneft and is advocated for an end to economic sanctions on russia. and moments ago u.s. president donald trump announced that the united states will draw from the agreement between six nations and iran on nuclear issues the move has been expected as trump has been a loud critic of the agreement has telegraphed is intent on do the major diplomatic accomplishment of his predecessor barack obama mr trump announces he will the u.s. he will pose the highest level of economic sanctions and had this which had been
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suspended as part of the agreement however the reimpose sanctions may have much less force now that allies and partners to the agreement have broken with the u.s. and said iran has met its obligations under the agreement but president trump says iran has violated the agreement other parties to the agreement besides u.s. and iran are china france germany russia and the united kingdom last week the leaders of france and germany made their final pleas to mr trump to let the agreement stand french president mccrone responded to president trump's announcement just moments ago via twitter writing france germany and the united kingdom regret the u.s. decision to get out of the iranian nuclear deal the international regime against nuclear pearl for liberation is at stake and here discusses for a pentagon official michael maloof michael thank you for being with us as always we sure do appreciate it so give us the hundred foot for people that may not have been paying attention how do we get to this place well back in two thousand and fifteen
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an agreement was signed that in which with iran by the people us five countries that you mentioned earlier and they basically was iran would limit its enrichment as well as the betterment of centrifuges that would exceed that that could make a nuclear weapon but there are time limits imposed and this is what president trump is rebelling against the sunset clauses as he calls it he wants them extended indefinitely and iran. has basically said no but he said a weird thing so i understand look deep wants to make good on his promise he said it was a raw deal that obama created but then he added this thing about the iranians being non-compliant which is directly in contrast to the new to the national security adviser dan coats former senator dan coats and also to secretary of state mike pempengco both of them before the senate senate last week or the week before
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perhaps said that they thought iran wasn't quite why did he add this does he know something about our intelligence that maybe his own security people don't know well the i.a.e.a. similarly has agreed that they have been in comply international atomic energy correct agency and the problem is is that he believes that the spirit of the agreement has been violated and and he feels that iran is not giving the inspectors full access to certain military facilities and that's what he he wants that wants those opened up now the europeans will have an opportunity to talk to iran over the next up to one hundred eighty days and try to work something out and. rouhani the president of iran has basically said that if since the united states is dropped out they still intend to stay in it the europeans will stay in it but the problem will be in the longer term of what the economic impact will be should president trump
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initiate or impose sanctions against those companies that will assist iran and its nuclear development and its missile development you see one of that was one of the spin violations of the spirit was its missile program iran's missile program he wants them to stop making ballistic missiles and and if that happens we have particular economic war trade war issues now going on it's going to be even worse if it comes to that well let's break that down a little bit further. michael so we know like with the russian sanctions that there are there are countries that have companies like germany angela merkel made the case that she was worried that that german companies doing some business with russia would be impacted and in part because of the proximity of germany to russia that maybe they should get a break how will these sanctions if instituted impact businesses and where
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specifically well it could certainly impact any high tech company any maybe even aircraft industries it will be pretty wide pretty sweeping i mean when you when you look at what goes into missile and nuclear development it's an array of enabling technologies for example those all could be limited and and if these companies have to stop producing providing two to iran that could create even greater problems and economically for them and for us and i think a full blown trade war could could occur you know i wonder michael we will get into this on the program perhaps tomorrow but there's a big impact going to be with regard to all prices to which incidentally dropped three percent after the president's announcement because iran because of the sanctions dropped their oil production and so now it's back up that that's the economic engine of that whole government over there is oil prices right you know i
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think so and if we if and if we have an economic war going on with europe. which refuses to stop dealing with iran i envision the possibility that russia china which are signatories to the agreement along with the european along with iran could actually create a separate economic block to bypass and this fits right into the hands of the i.r.g.c. the revolutionary guard because it has. it the agreement they were against the agreement effected their businesses and so this actually plays to their to their new block that i'm super interesting we may have you back to talk more about that michael maloof former pentagon official pritchett your time sure thank you. the international shipping industry is joining the fight against climate change and c o two emissions the initiative is being led by
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a un agency which is promising to cut emissions from shipping by at least fifty percent by twenty fifty r.t.s. alex my hell of it joins us with more alex i was surprised to learn that the shipping industry actually creates and causes more fuel emissions than aircraft maybe it's because out of sight out of mind but how are they going to tackle this problem. well it's actually pretty amazing others as a lot of carbon emissions coming from ships and this is critical this is a mega shift in the shipping sector they're talking about making some drastic changes and as a massive sector as it is you know you'd think that they would have had a plan but this plan is relatively new it just popped up last month that they're going to actually move forward with this now let's look at a graphic just to get into what you just said this is a graph of comparison of c o two emissions between modes of transportation as you see airplanes wow they're like way out there that they have the longest line in the graph but think about this is about tonnes this is about tonnage and the amount of
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c o two that comes out per ton so obviously ships are absolutely massive if you look at the tankers if you look at the ones that have containers on them they carry a lot more than an airplane does but the amount of airplanes that are flying we're looking at about three percent of the c o two emissions the world and that's the same with the shipping industry when you look at the shipping industry that three percent i mean that's that's massive who talk about fifty thousand plus tankers that are out there freighters container vessels ferries except these are boats that are moving constantly fifty thousand of them and these are big machines like that you know what they look like absolutely huge so this is a good number to add to get a bit of a gauge of what this looks like the amount of emissions between two thousand and two thousand two thousand and seven and two thousand and twelve alone global shipping by sea a minute around one billion that's one billion metric tons of c o two per year and that's according to the international maritime organization or imo that's that subsidiary of the of the u.n. that we're talking about that is actually working on this now that amount if you're
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looking at about three point one percent of all emissions that we see that's number one percent ships are pushing up as much of missions as all of germany annually so that is a big amount of pollution now there's many ways that this can be solved on the interim for at least cut down building ships differently you don't have to use these heavy steals and metals you can use aluminum again with a lot of these ships are not that old so until about thousand two. thousand and thirty we're not going to see the ships coming to their end of their lives most of the ships at least that are in the water right now there's also new propellers that are much better as well as the fact that slow down these things can slow down we saw in two thousand and eight when the there was a crisis the ship slowed down they use less fuel alex that super interesting and what a great chart unbelievable how much of those containers pollute it with c o two r.t. correspondent alex the heil of that thank you as always. thank you. and time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return our keys ashley banks looks at how artificial intelligence and robots are expected to impact the jobs of the
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future plus the merger of media madness gets even more complicated but important and very barlow is back to help explain and our chief trinity charges takes a look at luxury movie theaters you're going to want to miss this one again as we go to break here the numbers at the closing bell will be right back.
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ministries police schools is in the city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by mike was hoping the boy doesn't want them going to muslims. this dom is going to come to the. woods as if he did he got on into the sea it's a must also apply to them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments on the side. the threat not only that. the softness of the zoo itself this is also. the will to be willing
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to. assume. this is an awesome awesome stipend on television stock was the sting of losing for his up and his crowds in the sun. welcome back there's more news on the labor front in the united states this week as fifty thousand workers in the ten campus university of california system have started a three day strike worker demands include a six percent raise and guaranteed against any premium increases in health care as well as action on gender and racial pay disparities the u.c.
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system has held out on a new contract with workers represented by unions including after me the american federation of state county mishal employees and others the california nurses association which represents fourteen thousand workers is also currently a negotiation with the u.c. system and say they are striking in solidarity today and the university employees technical union says they will also strike to show support on wednesday even graduate students say they will join the solitary actions later this week. and another u.s. education related news the state of maryland has taken a significant stride towards affordable access to higher education the state's republican governor larry hogan has signed a bill that would offer up a five thousand dollars scholarship to students whose families. make less than one hundred twenty five thousand dollars a year or adults with incomes under ninety thousand dollars the ed will take place in the form of so-called last dollar scholarships which only cover tuition costs
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once other aid such as pell grants has been exhausted the new policy falls well short of the proposal that pushed the governor to embrace a milder version one candidate vying for the governor's seat in the current election battle for november is the former end executive director ben jealous who spoke to a rally yesterday with senator bernie sanders to push a plan to make public college and universities free to all marylanders. now we move to artificial intelligence and robots how will they impact the jobs the future are to correspondent ashley banks joins us actually thank you for being here so are they going to steal our jobs are actually well bart machines could leave millions of people and shop less in the near future and clued in on us now experts argue artificial intelligence is
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a good thing for the economy and will open opportunities for many new jobs now mashad banzai be an engineer for google says quote for sure there is some shift in the jobs there's lots of jobs which will be created which don't exist today think about flight attendant jobs before there were planes and commercial flights no one can really predict that this job will appear so there are jobs which will be appearing up of that type that are related to the artificial intelligence so you still will be some i don't know managers or some sort of people power real people power won't you as this shift for grassroots maps right so far experts are saying that many companies they're discovering they need this manpower to help their smart technology to run smoothly so ai technology as it continues to develop companies will look to hire software developers managers operators and artistic designers consulting firm mckinsey and company and predicts between seventy five million and
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give me one second at seventy five million and three hundred seventy five million people globally may need to switch their job positions due to the adoption of automation now the company says due to investing in ai technology it will create twenty to fifteen million jobs globally by the year twenty thirty and here in the us it would create close to three hundred thousand software application developers one hundred eleven thousand system. software developers one hundred eight thousand computer system analysts ninety four thousand computer user support specialist and eighty four thousand computer programmers so bart technology based companies they won't be the only ones affected by this they're basically experts are saying that bob or he's an i.b.m. chief digital officer he's saying that obviously to technology jobs won't be the only ones of fact dead in every profession like ours no one is going to be untouched by ai even when you talk about the creative world we're working with the
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music producers right now to be their creative muse to help them write songs hit songs so i don't think there's any profession in the world that will not be hit by artificial intelligence and the coming years so the good news is experts say the ai technology isn't smart enough at the moment and won't be for some time so for the time being jobs will be transformed rather than completely eliminate it which is great. well the two things one when you talk about the non-technical stuff you and i were speaking before the program about the japanese robots that are going to milk crows so there are some things out of tech and well we can replace we cannot replace you archies as she banks thank you for being here thank you.
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and here to discuss the recent media merger mad this is andre barlow of the law firm doyle barlow and mozart thanks for joining with us you know this comcast is now talking comcast is now talking about. out doing their bid with the with related to disney what's going on it's hard to keep track of all the players i tell you what action is wow you know another big media deal another one that raises significant and i trust concerns you know with comcast they own and control n.b.c. you so an acquisition of these fox assets would. lead to a number of what they need i mean some so they are comcast says n.b.c. universal so that c n.b.c. and m s n b c and all the other the sports that is the stand they have far i mean that does seem like a lot of concentration you are famously been at every one of these court dates or the time warner eighteen t.v.
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deal but with this raise a lot of anna trust concerns this would raise concerns because one there's going to be horizontal competition concerns meaning that they they overlap so the bargaining leverage that they would obtain through this acquisition would be much more significant then then the time warner transaction which is clearly a vertical transaction contest its acquisition of fox would have both horizontal and vertical issues and we're talking about the regional sports networks that they would obtain we're talking about the overlap in the movie studios so there could be some power over the movie theaters so the licensing fees make may be an issue there so it's not just horizontal it's vertical as well comcast also is a monopolist numbers all of the markets that they're located in right there the incumbent cable provider so they're monopolist adding additional must have content they're very interesting you know i want to also check in with you we haven't had you back since the the. a deal was announced with a tween sprint in t.
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mobile what do you think about that one it seems to be not getting the scrutiny for example that the time warner eighty and t. deal is is that the case and why so it's matter of time it's a matter of time they will get scrutiny four years ago they attempted this deal and the obama administration basically told them don't bother here they've come back again and it's under the trump and ministrations so what is change is anything change that's the argument that they're going to have to make. you understand this everyone does there's a big for in terms of mobile wireless service providers in the united states so this transaction would eliminate competition and we'd be left with a big three and both sprint and t. mobile have been aggressive competitors t. mobile has been very successful over the past four years in terms of growing it subscribership and so the question is what is change what is why why do they need this deal and that's what sprits going bankrupt it's probably one of the reasons
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they need it right that's right i mean sprint is having some troubles in terms of money you know i wouldn't call it a failing firm but you know they're flailing and they're not doing so hot so the argument is that through a merger that they could you know be a stronger competitor to eighteen t. and verizon right so combined the assets through the increased efficiencies and economies of scale they can roll out technological innovations much faster and quicker i want to ask you about one of those we only have a little bit of time left let me try to get it quick yesterday we spoke about this with manila correspondent and she had a theory that the they're talking about t. mobile and sprint about they're going to get russia to five g. and that that is sort of a ploy as it were for president trump who might want to be president five g. to go ahead and try to push the f.c.c. to approve this deal that that has any merit it has some merit if there's some substance behind it if there's not any substance. and it it won't it won't carry
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the day right now what we've heard from t. mobile and sprint is that they're doing just fine right there they've been doing great and in terms of being able to roll out for five g. so what is you know what's real what's not here you know do you need this merger or don't you. know a lot from a borrower mozart thank you for joining us indeed sure for shit. while the advancement of technology has certainly taken a hit on old school movie theater business that doesn't mean that the business is done for across the nation some theaters are changing their model in order to get more people in their seats to give us a look at how these theaters are stepping up their game we hand it over to trinity job as. well some people like to netflix and chill there are some theaters that are actually worth leaving your couch for some have. an fancy drinks and some have some of the most comfortable recliners that you've ever sat in revolutionizing your
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movie experience one theater at a time. our goal is really for guest escape for them to create memories with us and for them to have access to this experience through what we call an affordable luxury and you could have it all at your fingertips it starts with the touch of a button and then just server greets you maneuvering themselves around the theater so they don't disturb other moviegoers when it's car over your new dresser and then they take your order and minutes later a gourmet meal is delivered with a beverage of your choice and you could enjoy it all in a premium plush pod or a leather recliner everything you need to make it your own to midnight out when you come into the theater you're just immersed in comfort from the pods from the fully reclining chairs a pillow the blankets. a leading competitor in the dining in the dark concept i've picked entertainment currently operates one hundred fifteen screens in fifteen locations nationwide including california new jersey and new york although i pick
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is currently only in the us the company does want to go worldwide recently announcing plans to expand to saudi arabia and they aren't the only ones on april eighteenth amc entertainment holdings opened the first theater in the kingdom in thirty five years in the capital of riyadh and this is just the beginning we expect to open about forty seven miles across fifteen cities in saudi arabia. just in the next few years meanwhile other theaters are experimenting with innovative concepts of their own take a look at this london based hot tub rooftop that doubles as a cinema or at the a limpia theater in greece i mean what could be more comfortable than lying in bed watching your favorite movie but according to a recent report sales aren't what they used to be since the rise of streaming in two thousand and seventeen movie theater attendance fell to its lowest levels since one thousand nine hundred ninety five industry experts say movie theaters each alert customers who have plenty of options to watch at home with a special reason to come out and in an effort to do so the nation's three largest
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movie chains amc entertainment holdings regal entertainment group and cinemark holdings have each dedicated hundreds of millions of dollars to the receding efforts saying that between forty and fifty five percent of their auditoriums will eventually be renovated am see the world's largest exhibitor said that two hundred forty seven of its six hundred forty locations were out that it was recliner seats at the end of last year although take it sales haven't exactly been booming in recent years that hasn't slowed the development of these luxury movie theaters or the efforts in creating memorable experiences for their customers reporting in new york trinity chávez r.t. . if that doesn't want you to go see a movie boy i don't know what will i want to go that's all the time we have thanks for watching sure to catch boom bust on youtube youtube dot com for boom bust r.t. catch you next.
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level floor below you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battle they're going. to stop trying to tell you to be gossiping template file. off of advertising telling me you are not cool enough to buy your product. i'll go for that along the border no one. the united states can always. use. tax on other countries'. economic sanctions or are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries a talking about. and
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there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the head. and we need to make rules for the rest of. us without us there will be.
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the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal president donald trump announces the u.s. is now outside the iranian nuclear agreement is reached by chair on and six major powers in twenty fifteen. of talks. while they're on promises to talk to the other signatures of the deal that most of which have already confirmed their commitment to it. and the israeli military reportedly launches strikes near damascus as it claims iran was planning an attack against israel from syrian territory. my colleague mickey aaron will be here next hour with more news as our live coverage gets under way of the world war two victory day celebrations in central moscow but first it's a look at the final.


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