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tv   News  RT  May 9, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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russia is celebrating victory day marking the defeat of nazi germany in one nine hundred forty five. zero red square. for today's month of may but you parade in just a few moments. for victory day is a very personal day for many in russia and beyond ulti shares the recollection of people who fought in the great patriotic war. when i make promises i keep them and in world news the u.s. president announces america's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal but the other signatories vow to fulfill their obligations under the agreement.
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and very warm welcome to you on this special day in russia i'm neki arran and this is r.t. international. russia is celebrating victory day marking the defeat of nazi germany this day marks the seventy third anniversary of the end of the great patriotic war which claimed the lives of over twenty six million soviet people. almost abrasions are being held across russia the parade in moscow's red square has just wrapped up and our team was in the heart of the action daniel hoare kinzer is just outside of the kremlin and he's joined by were received say who witnessed the action in red square guys it's been great having your play by play throughout the morning take us through the action. well it's certainly been an action packed day
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here near red square nicky may have had the noisiest season now certainly with the columns of armored vehicles driving past laurie though himself pops up to one of the best seats on red square he joins me now to give us some a taste of what it was like right in the thick of the action will read you were on but square the next book from the next i'm also leaving a useful to fly one of the columns coming past what was the must feel like that the atmosphere was topical of course at first your your honoring those who lost their lives in the great patriotic war seventy three years ago to the day your honoring the families of course the wall affected by their great loss but of course also honoring the victory that is the defeat of narcissism and fascism as well but when you actually standing on red square and i know they were cranking up their engines right here next to you i know they were cranking up the big diesels i know you got the start of it but when they came rumbling by me daniel i couldn't hear anything i couldn't feel anything my feet just coming back to normal now it's the vibrations
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they make every cool postle in your body go bonkers not obviously you don't want to . glorify weapons of war these are the deadliest instruments known to man created by man to kill him out and obviously it's a bit of a sad state of affairs when the need is that we need to show off such an array of deadly weapons however given the geo political climate we're in as vladimir putin said during his speech as well sometimes it's necessary to show in a way and not talk prevention to just stop some sort of recurrence of the lot the last great war that did happen seventy three years ago but when you are there in the smoke in the vibrations the feeling over at all the russian president not far behind you in all the marching bands you can only feel humbled by the experience and so when i was there just a short time ago well i tell you will you be the judge because this is exactly what . it was like. hey they come now it is the big boys
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and their big toys the massive time is now starting to roll across the iconic couples all over red square the armada time is in the mix of the all my posts and all carriers that have been totally retrofitted kind of upgraded pulled a current challenges in this global climate that we live in today the fake times absolutely enormous. the stones of red square my feet the vibrations it makes you think there's some sort of seismic activity underneath the kremlin some sort of boss tectonic movement here look at the forums of diesel coming off these tanks that's the armada. these are the big ones here that's the terminator three and p.t. right there that's the terminator. oh and everything is just shaking out here it's just a remarkable place to be the jets were going just
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a moment ago illusion of use up was sukhoi speak when you know i speak that he was the i'm just wrong but more importantly he's not one to change on yourself but to him giles translated as the dr the five ten times the speed of sound and if it's incoming nothing can stop it and even at that speed of ten times the speed of sound it can still out the new for any incoming to terror and so that was a pet a pair of kin shall missiles on a pair of super jets that just flew over red square what a day it's been what a day for me and what a day for all of us here on oxy international. quite phenomenal sought the role oriana thought it was to you will put down the thick of the action maybe i'll get to you to go the next year of course this parade particularly salient not only because of historical dates i mean this is the distance enery of the founding of the red all me off to the road for the revolution this is the anniversary of fiction about all of stalin about which was of course a turning point i don't know the least. front but also in the in the wider conflict
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against fascism a real key battle there. also though given recent geopolitical events the else one by donald trump yesterday about iran you could deal netanyahu begin in moscow it all adds up to something quite salient doesn't it really yeah i really you know i'd be really grateful if our viewer would would pay special attention to this in the fact that netanyahu is in moscow today on this victory day has that ever happened before i dare say it has not was he a guest of honor on the stage there i don't know i didn't see him if he was on stage the point is netanyahu has come for a so-called secret meeting with the russian president and this comes twenty four hours after trump has pulled america out of the iran nuclear deal that took nine years and many countries to actually get stamped and approved now if you look at what u.s. centcom is doing right now with officials in tel aviv in israel we are as far as i'm concerned witnessing certain chess pieces being put in position around the
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powder keg of the middle east to what could be a potential disaster iran is saying don't cancel this deal germany the u.k. france are all saying trump don't cancel the deal trump has canceled the deal and now you've got netanyahu in moscow why is he here in moscow is he here to negotiate with putin because obviously israel is attacking some of russia's allies in iran and and they are in syria with the iranian hezbollah so there are some analysts out there that are saying here we are marking the end of the second world war seventy three years since but is it possible here we are standing on the cusp of what some are calling the last great war and i just hope at the end of the day cooler heads will prevail and of course full of hundreds of veterans here and sadly every year as we said there are fewer and fewer. the very important messages and the very important russian proverb at least when you're full of only the main thing is that there is no war that is certainly the message that not only the veterans here but their aunts. as their families you will be doing a mortal management march in just
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a few moments that's the message still really wants to be bringing home yeah and you know you look at the current geo political climate here and you look at this ongoing game of global brinksmanship and you just think to yourself what is the point of some of these people in the positions of power what games are they really playing because we've had two world wars already and a lot of people forecast about the next world war you don't want a world war it's totally unnecessary some people say you've got the inmates running the asylum and i just at the end of the day again we need the right people in the right positions to stop any further tragedy from happening ever again and as you said with the veterans who are still with us today and literally all of the what ninety nine point nine percent of soviet families when not left on sky by those so so we just hope the history does not repeat itself but we also have to pay our respect to those who were affected and also celebrate that at this point in time the world is not at war and we are still working with our professional partners and
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as i said cooler heads should prevail thanks for that report i'm going to be done out of this on the the water context the very salient points we can take home today that's it from us for this hour at least dropping out that month of may and a verse you parade here in moscow we will bring you coverage of course about a mortal regiment jackie. believe as well be on site bring us the live coverage of that do stay tuned in the meantime from. from red square that's it for myself and what we do states you know for the latest updates here for the month of may victor celebrations in the heart of moscow. daniel hoare confound what we see you say thank you for your continuing coverage have made us all feel like we're there with you today thank you very much but now it's hard to find a single family in a former soviet union that wasn't affected by the war three years the only means of communication was with their loved ones was by post but not all letters reached their destination and some are still lost.
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do much on the chemo we're writing to tell you that your son even look yonder is the best comrade in arms we had in our battle. soldiers and commanding officers loved. the german invaders but the true russian hero he destroyed many enemies with his gun. the sixty seven thirty am fell to an enemy but. died here doing his duty defending. the entire batch of buried soldiers commanding officers sworn to his grave that they would use their formidable guns to destroy hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers to all of the memory of their beloved comrade in arms.
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one of the most horrific events during the war was the siege of leningrad now some petersburg the city was completely surrounded by germans in one thousand nine hundred forty one the blockade last year to eight hundred seventy two days and claims the lives of up to one point five million people all may just apply routes were cut off with one expectation the famous the road of life running across the ice of lake.
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we know that you're good it's it was june and at our dutch and then my dad appeared with a changed look on his face and said it's war i'd like to say that i had never had it for my dad gave me a little slap to stop my joking around just and then he actually it's me chips me and. below we walked we had only a celebration talk in the car place satirists on the benches and gave each one of us the commander with an amazing fruit i don't think i had ever eaten and one of these even. the your local absolutely when i grew up i find out of my mandarin was brought to me by
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a mixer for governor of a home that was in a church it wasn't just a holder it was a holy from a nazi but it was for. stay with r.t. for our special coverage of the events and celebrations throughout victory day this year marks the seventy third anniversary of the defeat of nazi germany as the end of the great patriotic war.
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now in other news president trump announces america's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal we have the reaction for you after the break. the war in remembrance today marks the seventy third anniversary of victory in europe over fascism this is one of the most important dates on the russian calendar but can't be said of the europeans and americans we discuss how that conflict continues to push through view of the world to this day. the way and see american anti-democratic and take a look at that quite plainly by understanding the stock price approach rather it was that response so it's trading i think there are three hundred thousand dollars a share so the message from charlie munger and warren buffet's americans is unless you've got three hundred thousand dollars to buy one share of berkshire hathaway
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you're a player you're a peasant here you know they are the neo feudal lords that are building the system milking the system abusing the system and aggregating wealth as wrong see a coupon clippers and nickel and dime are they add nothing to the economy. welcome back the u.s. president donald trump is making good on his threats by pulling out of the iran nuclear deal he's found to reimpose tough sanctions on tehran. i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal the
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agreement to restrict iran's nuclear energy program the crowning achievement of the obama white house has finally been terminated by the donald today's action sends a critical message the united states no longer makes empty threats when i make promises i keep them but how much impact is this really having only one country the united states is withdrawing and the ryann doesn't seem particularly worried about it i have ordered the ministry of foreign affairs to negotiate with and lobby the european countries as well as russia and china and to carry out the necessary nation with them russia and china are ready to keep things going as it is so are key allies of the united states and the european union the european union is the tournament to preserve it we expect the rest of the international community to continue to do its part to that and see that it continues to be fully implemented but to say about own collective security together with the rest of the
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international community we would preserve this nuclear deal now this isn't the only global decision the trumpet ministration has made to be met with chirping crickets remember when the usa moved its embassy to jerusalem other than paraguay and guatemala the rest of the world was not exactly clamoring to follow suit and remember one truck pulled out of the paris climate change accords well the other one hundred ninety five countries that have signed on they frowned at washington for a minute and then they moved on as if nothing had happened the chords remain exactly the same so once again we've got a big drum roll and fanfare from the white house but with the rest of the world refusing to go along is washington's global leadership really all it's cracked up to be everyone now recognizes that it's the united states that is that is unreliable and i'm trust. worthy and they cannot be trusted even to abide by its own commitments the rives. they're not going to be hurt as much as they
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would have been if the united states had implemented the agreement so the iranians have been dealing with sanctions on a daily basis for years now and they've learned how to circumvent those sanctions what the united states is doing is basically pushing these countries closer to each other even u.s. allies like european union countries because when micron and the german chancellor merkel go to the united states and are completely ignored russia which is also a participant of the deal signed back in twenty fifteen has expressed concern over the u.s. abandoning its obligations under the agreement and its plan to impose further sanctions one of the main champions of scrapping the nuclear agreement besides trump has been israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who as we heard earlier is in moscow to meet demand putin now he recently gave a theatrical powerpoint presentation decrying the deal netanyahu has praised
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decision. this was supposed to do from the store. because we said that rather than blocking the wrong spot to a bomb the deal actually paves the runs to an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs israeli influence is absolutely key here trump cited netanyahu is kind of used cars the salesman style presentation in order to justify withdrawing from the iran deal and his new policy of rollback and you know first of all we have to recognize netanyahu introduced nothing new in his presentation the intelligence was arguably fabricated that netanyahu it introduced that trump cited it's another intelligence scam driving us to war with details other signatories vowing to fulfill their obligations despite the u.s. withdrawal let's not take a quick look back at how the queen went with him that out. it took nine years of talks numerous attempts and was even days of meetings.
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we're seeking. the e.u. us russia china and iran had to overcome their trust issues. raises for those they believe it was even possible. to get. to be optimistic and yet it happened a diplomatic breakthrough a true success after a decade long standoff. one country to one happy i think this deal this is. the deal for a while he was the one on the until the new guy came to the white house is the worst deals i've ever seen and the disaster is still one of the dumbest details one of the worst deals ever heard was the iran deal i'm all for agreements but that was
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a bad one first came decertifying the do. we cannot and will not make this certification the e.u. to get personally the president of the united states as many powers not this one trump went even further threatening to pull out of the deal altogether be a total terminations that's a very real possibility some would say that's a great of us of israel was jubilant they're trying to bamboozle the entire world in an burglar the president trying to say well you know enough of that the e.u. tried to knock some sense into trump with france germany and the u.k. sending their top guys to try and change his mind the president has been right to call attention to it but you couldn't do that without just throwing the baby out with the bathwater nine years of talks a diplomatic breakthrough a true success was it all for nothing. that's just over a month to go until football's biggest event kicks off in russia legendary
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goalkeeper peter schmeichel has been toying the country checking out the world cup host cities with a victory day in full swing the latest episode of his show comes from volgograd formerly known as starling grat where one of the key battles of world war two took place. this is volgograd arena and it's one of the true stadiums in the world cup that i've acted competed in when i played here it looked a lot different completely demolished and they've built this. to turn the page a little bit so with a calling to feature the rules of facing north south west and east other than that
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the pitch is exactly where you used to be. in the world cup it's going to be four games played in here and the first of them is tunisia versus spangler and they're preparing for that game today they're having mock trials with that means the first time they have people in the stadium they've got all the stewards out in the orange less thousands of people are getting into the volgograd arena for the first time today so all the systems a test that you could just sense but the world cup is edging closer and closer. i'm involved with what else is going on around here but i'm peter schmeichel and i'm here to find out. the city used to be called standing ground. but it was renamed
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in one thousand nine hundred eighty one to volgograd why because of the river volker and so far i've been to three other cities on the volga and all of those places the river was frozen solid this is the first time i see water so i decided to take a boat trip and at the same time i can see. the neck and if it's a state and from the water so yeah we're passing the stadium now. the stadium from the water looks fantastic and i was here many many years ago of the stupid look i've got it all for the way they've done nothing old. i can just imagine. how great it will be for most of the sea and the fans to come and watch that game against. the state in the in florida years since i last i skied most wanted to see how it
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was from an ice hockey team that's what i'm going to have to do it just. the larger. group of these guys are and they skate like they were turning the thing but .
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i have to admit that ice hockey is a very very festive climate disease you can skate. as you just see i'm not able to skate i leave that to all of these guys these days but a skating rink during. the ice hockey wasn't a great success for me so i found a driving range of come out here it's again a little bit of silva specked back and i'd recommend you know in between games come out here. you've got to brace yourself though it's a bit of a bumpy ride but once your head's nice.
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i really enjoy playing golf. in the hectic life. keep your mind of a lot of things in. and it's such a challenge as well. ok i'm about fifteen yards short. thank you for choosing r.t. international we'll be back with all the latest at the top of the hour our
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. thank you. thank you thank. you thank you thank. you.
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thank you very. much. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high
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education is becoming just another product that can be bolton sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you good. luck with this also kind of the fun little they couldn't. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now i'm an extremely more high education the new global economic wall.


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