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he makes immediate india's most men invent the. indian act and think if i live in d.c. . and i mean called. finding burial sites is complicated because you need to scrutinise maps of the frontlines reports and burial documents you sometimes have to scour through several hectares of land and it's even harder to find the names of unknown soldiers. seeker of truth six sixty for she then there for me you know if you hadn't been you corrupt against the soviet i was a counsellor even so it's only on. own for with us and i've had some she was very big give always been a. very. with the help of the austrian black cross which peter is a member of the groups of suv that soldiers are found and taken care of. the statue of a soviet soldier in the center of vienna is one of the most beautiful and well maintained
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in europe. but here is an austrian history book. was as part of core take all he can start and then staying said standing start poor now thought. that they could come deal you do want to. do other flippancy to is a bit of going to be inferred. into this can you give in for me other figure in freedom.
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there are some in the west who would prefer to drop this matter and never bring the war up again. there's no need to remember inspector to forget this gulf oil nightmare. kasich fought was my way out. i was almost going to all the new and find us guys of all.
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the groups to crap stadium since. p.c.'s how be it but for a hundred men. in this debate but sailing. spanx of it. seeks to keep trying and may be and it seems that states have clinging on peco to how much of good moods. d.c. he base stuff in feed us who need to increase creep around again and superior in that meeting need at least some kind of grace. to the hope of peace and perhaps. see lover isn't so good to stay mates and sick with the case fifty seconds east. but these are tough and in hopton. you know mine and i need to meet oke to shift long eight feet at. this burial site. used to be completely hidden by
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a tall hedge of trees peter saw to it and the trees were cut down so that soviet soldiers graves are now as visible as others. ts toward a man in serbia had i was three men being depleted big me saying this is can i go make iraq's new media player but. the five point star is a symbol of the red army according to tradition such stars are placed on the graves of soviet soldiers as a token of respect and recognition. like their core warmly you know if i thought there are good people. but you still feed me when we have kathy i mean. yeah
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a dozen years ago i thought yes over there and that's what a couple of warsaw university students think and no wonder since most european textbooks saying exactly that there is not a single mention of the fact that pre-war poland in one nine hundred thirty four was the first european country to sign a non-aggression pact with hitler the pilsen ski hitler backed and poland the quote victim of russia unquote acted before the official start of world war two. the munich agreement for me to germany to annex parts of czechoslovakia hundred cohen between nine hundred thirty eight and nine hundred thirty nine a fact that's not included in the official history of world war two. however this military aggression could be considered the beginning of the war. poland and hungary invaded czechoslovakia before hitler invaded corners. is hidden
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as the beginning of the wars because it's very embarrassing because poland hungary wark an already with the nazis and czechoslovakia they invaded it and then double chamberlain comes and signs you can dream it and france and england basically threw czechoslovakia under the bus and they don't really want us to remember that parisi but they just abandoned them and again the it had been for stalin coming on the eastern front. going son lisa encouraged by this sick sense deputy foreign minister again claimed that in the forthcoming with russia poland along with insulin japan would be allied with germany and they would divide among themselves the huge piii of the suv eat cuny and as he can afford it. they were planning to occupy land from the baltic sea to the blank sea and to annex the western territories of the u.s.s.r. . but hitler had his sights set on them unpruned wasn't included in the plans germany thing to take. europe looked on in silence at this difficult moment having
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lost only faith in the west moscow move troops to found the. confluence of the twenty third nine hundred thirty nine unknown aggression pact was signed between the u.s.s.r. and germany the moment so everyone troll banked the us as a position was that it was entering the eastern europe to pertain to slap it brotherhoods ukrainians and bene russians from fascist invaders. hysterical is good just push him in the to put up the buck today but little mo it off is the whiskey got such a go should it not just because you have to go to school cheerleading yodels get on each side noble price kill voice just production of it to chill in the chimney blusher the night. that you're going to get chased and obvious of of it will. still get to be on a double life. one false. a facet of the media on the
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types that are by me like him to draw. up show we start know if we of course are. the institute of national remembrance in poland who lobbied for legislation to demolish soviet era monuments including statues of red army soon just on june the twenty second twenty seventeen the polish lower house approved this law. for me keep the visible injury out of reach of only one of us want us to the mucho visible and you get spun naked love is what it should be at all visible a new exhibit screen suicide lend us the kittle you push in shelton's even to the local there is a pony in the timothy. this is what happened to poland when it was occupied by the third royal sion nine hundred thirty nine it ceased to exist as an independent
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state. but polish textbooks ignored this. serious concern years it was up a cigarette check it out of the let's go there goes at this but gee politico they really chris it doesn't. taste. good but it. don't really get it we kissed us at least it's day they go for people out of the news so. strong. let's go to an attack on the.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each dish. eighty five percent of global will you loan to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building
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a two point one billion dollar a i industrial plant but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only. search out the way is anti american and anti-democratic and if you look at that quite plainly by a standing the stock price approach rather was that response so it's trading i think there are three hundred thousand dollars a share so the message from charlie munger and warren buffett americans is unless you've got three hundred thousand dollars to buy one share of berkshire hathaway you're a player you're a peasant here you know they are the neo feudal lords that are building the system milking the system abusing the system and aggregating wealth as raunchy a coupon clippers and nickel and dime are they add nothing to the economy. when you do. economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to
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education is being supplanted by the right to access education it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold so there's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could. also. want is the place of students in this business model for college now and an extremely more high education the new global economic war. this is a symmetry in warsaw wherever you look you'll see tombstones with practically obliterated red stone. eighteen nineteen twenty
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twenty five years old. over nick to show years east which is one of the vanished. now to full ski disco led bush sr. alt fascism you mean skin good jinky adamy legit ski are made of call in europe before you move images you never julie bishop machine to be. fitted as visions you study in a chatroom or not of was this valor. act to own up all scuppered sits up all sounds a bit. new now each though not all do see scale go shoot while difficult and pull a coup for. the
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cement block if here. it's a risk you saw the very. spot enough to throw him off but we are very hard to that a pseudonym stuff and if you know your stuff from me or. if it but imo ya. must i was there. to look to see what you sold out for your going that's of course in much of what family what the market of it's i met you so we thought i could ask. the polish memorial society unites many people who believe that russians and poles are not enemies but brothers just like austrian peeta six zero zero zero is doing an important job over a period of four years five soviet soldiers symmetries were restored as well as
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twenty six statues unders j.j. puts it lots of separate graves many poles are against the demolition of soviet monuments every year on november the second on remembrance day people bring candles and flowers to the graves of soviet soldiers. broken. in various political own people eat the cut the meat so it is in the mainstream it is he he first the people eat the kidneys deep into it's approved it's. logical because he upped the dose up on a bit of shit i would bet your bippy. austere people who view on it yet yeah the shelf life of course it was a bomb it was and it was up and i knew it would look like much of. america much of
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the top of me and i mean by and we got all this was really three other. off caught up. the room on the demolition of soviet soldiers statues the pages of these textbooks the attempt to expunge the soviet union's leading role in the victory of the fascism from history these things are not always done opened a. decent faced. media soaked in unmasked late. day with me in their food worst on what a mum three krzycki a symphony. something a foreign language i wear keiko. on twitter that appear big. the authorities. this area don't sit with the remains of sylvia prisoners of war to muslims to use a graveyard own. c.t.f. family think in aggregate if. this had been.
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tough. in the in. the film in. dallas my secret. statements. in big news station. had spread and able. to be a show of. attempts to revise world war two history started during the cold war when the former allies became enemies. well i think world war two has been distorted incredibly bar the anglo-american
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media and that's because they wanted to minish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler you know it wasn't the united states and britain that defeated him it was really stalin we were frankly on the ropes if it hadn't been for the russians. a fresh wave of world war two history from speculation started in the one nine hundred ninety s. the soviet union collapsed the warsaw pact ceased to exist and opponents immediately took advantage of that. and. said this is space and we. should become an east might have been found only to. be a bit i might. i'm finished up. but we're in. the study not the missing link. up with us the case and we're not there with you said sue me it.
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would. be it was she said you know. you have to say meaning lake and spread this my niece to me yes it's been a big mistake that we violated all these nonproliferation treaties which you know occurred in our case under reagan. history is still possible. in the eyes of some with. deep seated. americans i would say i'm not american but american really without without them i think the whole of europe would be speaking german today.
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and i think it. along with their allies. here. could if it was the usa like the usa all the far there were two teams i remembered that. who defeated them the americas me america there we went over there and we bore them for all. the world what it what and what were the german jerks we would all be if we could german right. in the one nine hundred forty s. confronted with the great peril of germany the world hood something rather different. the united states understands that the soviet union is bearing the brunt
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of war from a letter addressed by u.s. president roosevelt to stalin. nine hundred forty two. the exploits of the forces and. on the toil and suffering of the suv civilian population. go down in history for ever wrote british prime minister winston churchill in green nine hundred forty four. the british prime minister was mistaken there is no mention of the day trees of the rain and all the suffering of the city people in the european history books. does just snitched russians. cluster striking careers could go on just so to feel it more than street on frustration. is the head of this. stamp this is.
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the names of four hundred. two softly told. the ticker for mail go thomas here but open file rushed out but some defiance and feel it often soon. become. a script. of fish no i answered i have also logged off. all the shouldn't you know because it's just punch me all. told to read all truly turn to food see on the side nearest users see a. nuke you can. slide off them cause. it's about off before. sex and swazis and feel
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a lot for the unfiltered saw you know and. if your eyes are kind i'll stick up for certain at. sea she is a tosser and and your selfish. wolfgang ditching is retired but nevertheless accomplishes much at his own expense along with his kindred spirits. in poland and peters six zero in austria. as he said we have a mention here only the angling head. of the french open least that's me he's at home at the end i bet. about fifty three inch in each this year and he commits i bet the. start finish that space dimension missile elite and how the thing in this new you know this is a. mafia it. was
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. and he said give me movida. can deplete the campaign. for me he see the forty. first into this rift and. today many among the european elites prefer to overlook the fact that back then there was no one in europe who could actually fight back against fascism the governments of some countries in terms time while for the others it was a matter of days before they capitulated.
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fronts lasted forty three days poland thirty six greece twenty four norway twenty four belgium eighteen yugoslavia eleven the netherlands five. albania three denmark one and chickasaw bankia surrendered without a fight. the us has some food on for four years. neither the soviet authorities nor the people ever dreamt about leaving their country at the mercy of fascists that's why born over europe there are millions of graves of soviet soldiers. and this is how former us secretary of defense william perry is this is the situation on the eastern front back then. the brunt of this suffering was borne by
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the soviet union. almost half of the deaths in world war two were suffered by the soviet union both in the red army and among the civilian population and they played a decisive role in the family final victory over nazi germany this is something that i recognize this opinion is shared by those who took part in the fights retired american army colonel and world war two veteran franco forth with the t. force field reconnaissance group but the elba. we of course never saw the russian soldiers fighting but we had plenty of reports about it and we understood that they were very aggressive and they did a very good job and they moved all the way through. through russia through poland and enter germany we were very lucky because. the infantry went first
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and then we came afterwards. the above. the b. . ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by mike was hoping the border doesn't come from the eyes of god i'm stunned just adama's on the guns not with the eyes that see that he got on him to see the dust off your bible and proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that just such a security risk when you have
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a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that something is off. mall. the softness of the sense of this is the selling distance of the little one and the more for the. people in this you all do this. with. the ones this is the asphalt. done with the all business stopped and there was a steel mills in front is up and his cards on the fine. board across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies who feel it in me to be a powerful force on paul song alone even if i can be niggas full elsewhere so they invite private companies to take over their utilities anybody tell us drop off i'll
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actually she got she got booked very well on the come up to call. this is help us to quote them out of your corporate uproar over some more years of the left bill brought up the locals are ready to stand up for the basic human rights of access to water. it's about water. it's about the hurt and the redistribution.
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celebrating victory day marking the defeat of nazi germany in nine hundred forty five. these are live pictures we're looking at commemorating those who died fighting in the great hall. when i make promises i keep to. the u.s. president announces america's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal but the other signatories here to fulfill their obligations under the current.


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