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remember them the fleet that used to guard the picturesque us the eastern seaboard and protect the north atlantic from those evil soviet submarines during the heady days of the cold war the fleet was finally disbanded back in two thousand and eleven to save a couple bucks since the days of hunt for red october are finally thought to be relegated to the pages of history books and fiction well. much like hollywood it appears the us military industrial complex is fresh out of new ways to squeeze money out of its citizens so why not dust off and reimagine old ones yes the us second elite is coming back according to the chief of naval operations admiral john richards in the second will be reactivated and resume operations out of norfolk virginia july the first right in time for the united states to celebrate its independence day and why why why oh why oh why are we bringing back the second fleet you ask well here's a hint starts with r. and with yes russia has now supplanted terrorism as the little black dress for us
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million military industrial tax dollars spending popular mechanics magazine just applies the new u.s. military buildup in the atlantic and frightening fashion writing russian submarines particularly the new ya's in class nuclear powered cruise missile submarine could creep up to north america and then launch a surprise attack of nucular armed rockets against washington d.c. in strategic targets across the eastern seaboard. wow are we really going to have to start hiding under our school desks again too as steve jobs once said it's more fun to be a pirate and to join the navy so let's go be pirates hang pentagon fear mongering from a yard arm and start watching the hawks. but that's. what. as you see to the bottom.
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like you that i got. sick so. well the watches are so short that i'm having a while are you scared yet are you scared yeah well it's scary out there i have two reasons why i'm thoroughly tariff into russia. making the rest of the sneaking up on the coasts number one is what worried me my son is just on the other side of the country it's in the they know it's not me atlantic it's on them. it's absolutely insane i'm here to resume point lacedaemonian sense would say if you're going to fight against russia why don't you do it on the side
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of that is that you so we have all our ships on the east coast and russia could just come in and take california right over there to cross right over into alaska pretty quickly and easily and i really want to do it when they receive their mail and sounds from there you know i know right you know it's really incredible like the second fleet is set to do open for business on july first like i said it'll start with about eleven officers and four enlisted personnel and i'm like you know paul these ships over the whole bunch really grow though the actual organization of running the second one she wrote about two hundred fifty six personnel eighty five officers hundred sixty four and listed them seven civilians it's going to be a massive undertaking right of all these ships over chief of naval operations admiral john richards that was great tell you all of this told reporters that any costs associated with setting up the fleet and new command structure would be worth it totally. that so all the tax money spent to do all this will be totally worth it
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and unequivocally he made clear that the focus of the second fleet will be on wait for projecting force yes our national defense strategy makes clear that we're back in an era of great power couple of this one will be blue water warfare using major elements of maritime power he loves to see references and that's a little unsettling considering just last year we had but four major incidents those that led to the deaths of about seventeen sailors and we were told the reason that happened was because the navy was already stretched too thin so if you've got mabel experts and other people telling the media that the constant deployments shrinking number of ships high demand on the crews is what's free of the u.s. navy how the hack is bringing back in the second flee to keep an eye
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out for making a reference out coming to steal our cheese and. apple pie and stuff that really how does is always for you to keep our freedom on these are little more obvious way but how does that not stretch them even more if and if you're just taking ships one area into the mads so there was no reason for them to be there but it's a perfectly logical question and that's the thing and so i do unless you're adding them building brand new ships and hiring a lot more people just like moving people around in the chest or that is ridiculous and the thing is too is that there is no. look i would be honest there's no real threat from russia vladimir is not a lot of your putin is not sitting in russia saying how can i attack and destroy the united states with nuclear weapons most of the world doesn't want to see that at all and what's one of those that's not part of it the fear mongering is still strong as you know as part of this russian fear mongering is that you know is that you're seeing defense one dot com raise the call now for a nato. lions against information. are to you and others write they
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wrote one of roses suddenly announced those baltic fleet had dispatched them or motto towards britain would constant. reports of the incompetence of british institutions make that make them conclude the people of britain that any resistance was pointless. so i think it might just be that they're confused this happens a lot guys that means a lot of their russian not borg yes there's a slight difference yeah there's two areas not borg so they're all resistance is futile thing we are not required by the borg i mean russian leader. play what if our reports yes i have a vote much power and i swear i didn't know i have this much power to make the whole of the united kingdom just sit back and do nothing as they're taken over and
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i mean that's the that's why i'm going to do was he was one of us who like the idea that we have that much power is adorable it is here it's just i want to dot org and i hope people are interested in that because generally we're preaching peace which i know is a dirty word on who has airwaves remember russia not for russian board. of the state of california is the fifth largest economy in the world there are two major problems they're struggling to solve slowing the effects of climate change on the state's natural resources and a shortage of affordable housing this week new building regulations and incentives are poised to make california the first state in the country to require almost all newly built homes condos and apartment buildings up to three storeys high to be energy efficient enough that its energy use can be offset by a modest array of rooftop solar panels so while some have decried the move over worries that the extra costs about ten thousand dollars per one family home many including the institute for market transformation found that certified energy if it . when homes sell for two point one to five point three percent higher than those
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that the certification and the u.s. department of energy found the designated energy efficient home said to sell eighteen to thirty nine days faster than their competitors however it isn't just the rich in their new homes that benefit from energy efficiency it turns out the lowest twenty percent of income earners pay almost ten percent of their income on electricity while the highest twenty percent of earners spend under one and a half percent which is what makes the california move so interesting it isn't just about forcing zoeller panels on rubes it's about lowering the cost of those panels creating jobs for their installation and making new homes more affordable in the long run for families and any economic situation so the question is will the sun shine on california's new building codes or will it cloud the issue of the state's costly housing your god that's a great an awesome question who has an interesting kind of issue that's going on a cold war because like you said. the largest economy in the world the decision
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whether they want to or not or we want to believe it or not whatever decisions made in california do actually affect the rest of the world when you're done talking about you know if you're going to be that big and one of the big questions is why now why has this become an issue well in two thousand and seven the energy commission california public utilities commission basically sudden binding goal of having all new residential construction by two thousand and twenty big zero net energy which is incredible and i'm all for this this is change for the better into the future i'm sorry we don't need the fossil fuel thing anymore i'll got to die now but what's interesting is that the trump administration has been very vocal about limiting the ability of states to set their own environmental protection provisions i guess like states' rights what doesn't count when it comes to protecting the environment that is no longer a states' rights you know states are heads of only a matter and you know slavery and civil war. to say. but the poverty thing
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that brought it down and this is where they state this is where unfortunately i think the federal government does overstepped its bounds it's not just the trumpet ministration it's the federal government and it should not be off telling states that they can't do this because this is a major area of income inequality that states can find a way to so often that's what i think california is doing in a way so michel moore who's a c.e.o. of a company called ground swell they did a study on this about poverty and energy and what they said is the connection between electric costs of poverty what it was that energy is not a luxury good we can't afford these social cost of living economically challenged communities behind the people who can least afford the cost are paying the biggest electric bills and that's why i'm saying is that not only is that a percentage of cost as i talked about the beginning of these it isn't just the actual like these percentage of their income the bottom ten percent are actually paying more per square foot for electricity than people on the top ten twenty
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percent so you're one person or is in your top twenty percent ours pay less per square foot than the rest of us peasants in the it doesn't surprise me why that is because when you think about it those with the most money have the most influence right so they're the ones that energy companies who not only probably own the energy companies anyway but you know they're also the ones of the energy companies in this world don't want to mess with right so we're going to we're going to readjust and squeeze as much as we can out of the poor but hey you know the rich get a break because they got a lot more square footage than the poor you know because those are exactly the homes they could have are going to be. right but it's also interesting too because this brings up another issue that's specific to california but other places around the world well they have a building related pollution not even know about this but building related pollution is possible for twenty five percent of california's stance carbon emissions that's almost on par with like california's industrial sectors that's incredible if you're playing like sim city in cities. that's like the old boards
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just usually the part of the factory zone covered in clouds and the nice residential areas are nice in california be the same the air resources board that shows the direct mission of this from fossil fuel use these buildings largely from what natural gas burning purposes and water heaters are equal to emissions from coal caliper his fleet of natural gas power plants ok so there's a great reason why we need clean energy all right and we're conference interesting is that like i said the solar panels will cost about ten thousand dollars for out of pocket out of cars. and they say it's about twenty to twenty five per house but that has to do with different changes in insulation windows things like that but you're going to save i mean basically just on that power alone just by changing it into these these things will save sixteen thousand dollars at least over a thirty year time of having a house but the really important thing that i want to point out here is this idea that when pushing toward natural gas of course a lot of companies and appliance manufacturers push for gas and electric appliances are actually cheaper now so you're convections of that kind of south and they're
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cheaper to run the gas models in three out of four categories and they're less costly to run on the daily basis horse who doesn't ultimately who anyone who's ever dealt with one of these like super conglomerate energy companies paying your electric bill or pay me a bill like we all love to see you fail of fall at some point so hey let's go solar let that happen all right as we go to break our watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows at our t.v. dot com coming up political satirist right before they go joins us to discuss the shocking fall of the york attorney general eric schneiderman. randy's bodybuilding venture inside the white house correspondents' dinner stay true to the.
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ministry is police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does but mike was hoping when the boy got thrown from among the muslims god i'm stumped just adama's got the guns going to drop woods as the fee that he got into the sea at the last also by building proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that shooting things off message put more. self-discipline a sense of this is selling this also because they want. to go into almost a walled in this field boredom. with. yes this is the i still
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exist in the study done deal there's no stopping them was the student who was in front is up in these parts of the. in our world of twenty four hour news coverage in the instant feedback loop of twitter and smartphones what a difference a day can make nobody would even venture a guess at the start of this week that new york's vaunted attorney general eric schneiderman was anything but president donald trump's legal arch nemesis on par with robert mueller and james komi a celebrated cheerleader of the women's march and the fight against sexual assault and the long rumored future candidate for governor of governor of new york allows that was all not meant to be following a detailed report by the new yorker's own ronan farrow that reveals the progressive
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champions behind closed doors a record of brutal violence against his romantic partners along with a substance abuse problem that leaves one wondering how schneiderman was ever able to hold down his job let alone entertaining ambitions of an even higher office to break down just how this story managed to stay hidden from the public eye for so long we're joined today by randy credico an activist and comedian from new york and former acquaintance of mr schneiderman for you doing today randi hey it's great to be on the show particular talking about california where i grew up and and that's the worst smaug ever back in the sixty's and seventy's so this still that good so i really appreciate i'm going there tomorrow i'm doing very well thank you for having me back on i love this show tab of anti-hero thank you so much already i want to start you know we know her eliot spitzer david paterson anthony wiener i'm sure the list goes on of what seems like how are the states going to it's pretty yorker. or
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resign in disgrace over the last decade. you brought in new york a long time been put on time what is it with new york politicians and scandal committee not avoided i don't know first of all they don't make a lot of money so i guess they do a lot of other things to make money and they cross lines at least in the assembly and in the state senate you get like sixty five thousand dollars a year and they come in from all over the state well below the national average i believe so. there's a lot of cd people up there i went up there i wish i'd sent you a picture back in two thousand and nine dressed up as to greek philosopher diog in each the senate and i dress i had the toga and i had the the hair i had i had the lantern and i went inside a senate ethics hearing and look and form on this man which is what biologists did looking for an honest politician up there it was huge i mean the greek t.v.
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picked up on it spanish t.v. picked up on it because there are no honest people up in albany you know you take that job you're there forever i mean there's a few i mean there are a few people up there but once again you never go out you just you're just there forever and they do it does attract a very seedy element you know joe so much like the intelligence and history and the mob there are young birds of a feather. well the one thing i'm wondering about is now snyderman was one of the highest profile advocates in the meeting of men and that's really what we really are. infuriated me with a aware of that vision that you know he was one of the bigger sort of overall resistance to try and like i said let's talk about being a governor how did this not come out sooner because this man now has the fingerprints on some of the most important legislation to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace and sexual assault against harvey weinstein so how did
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this not come out sooner well listen i've known him for twenty years he was when i first met him he was a state senator i helped the when a very tough race back in two thousand and two which he was supposed to lose because he had a lot of latinos in this district and the republicans through in a democratic primary candidate who. who was let tino dominican get a moat lead us and he almost got beat but i got into that race and credits me for winning helping him win that race so i know my guy's party inhabits. back in two thousand and five he and i were at some place together we were doing some bad things substance wise and i didn't really want to bring that out but it's already out there i said to somebody in passing they wrote a big story on it so plus they introduced him to a couple of women that i know and when i spoke to them later they were not too happy that i introduced them to him now on the other side the guy was
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a champion back in the one nine hundred ninety eight all the way to two thousand and five two thousand and six with my group the way most concerts one for racial justice and trying to change the yorks races and draconian rockefeller drug laws he was my key guy in the senate and so he was out there he really built his career in the senate be in the point person there and then he would when he ran for attorney general in two thousand and two thousand and ten. you know anyone he actually switched he was using that office to go ask. there are these like forty five forty six people on drug charges and these poor black communities rounded them up by the state police and he was prosecuting them and i really got upset about that that's the reason why i think that i told somebody about the hypocrisy he was like the main guy the main guy in the senate then he totally flipped so i'm sorry this
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happened to him i saw him last year he asked me to stop picking on him because i was picking on him he was going after little welfare welfare fraud cases putting people in jail for that so that me too but he jumped on that because it was a popular issue. but there's a dr jekyll and mr hyde party him i suppose and i'm really sorry for the guy because i actually wanted him to run for governor you know this guy used to talk marxism with this kind of very bright guy and has really good politics but in the end he's a politician and i think a lot of the reasons why he went after some of these cases that normally he wouldn't buy the state police is because they knew i mean there have been rumors about him for a long time and but i really feel bad for him he says that you know he's contesting these charges but you know it's a sad thing because he really inside would have been the most progressive person if
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he had run for governor but you know there is that side and i was upset to a lot of my friends it's hard to defend him these stories are pretty hard hitting but it's something you really have to sort of learn over the last year is that you know when you when a movement like this happens when this moment happens which is so important for so many not just you know people like me but people around the world it is when someone who is like that who's used that using that as a way to get you know their career up and running and i think it says it's a ranch that he's telling you not to be a man when his leg. or are they making excuses in the press that it was all just part of some you know role play and everything's fine i was like i know my difference between roleplay and athol it and we all know the difference and someone like that in fact close the meeting with men should know that i think you're right there is such i have a there and hopefully will realize that. well you know you can just throw in i
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emceed it's fiftieth birthday party and every politician from jose serrano in the house was there everybody was there mark green every local politician robert morgenthau the district attorney i am see that and stayed out with him to like five o'clock in the morning. and you know he was with one of those women back then so we the three of us hung out we were the last ones there are get thousand people there were the last three people there and i really had no idea but like i've said i've heard rumors about other things in fact roger stone called me up in two thousand and ten a week before the election and he said don't say anything to eric schneiderman that i know and i said what and then like a half an hour later eric schneiderman called and he says have you heard from roger stone lately and so you know rock and stone and something on him back then so maybe he's i don't know what happened here but he calls me up it was such a coincidence you know i want to get in and that's where we were at
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a time i want to get your other happier and more exciting and interesting now apparently of the year you attended the white house correspondents' dinner and apparently from what i hear randy got your twitter pages but they are for the state are champions of free speech weren't that excited about your free speech no you know what i was there i was invited by yahoo news all because of the publicity you've given me a jimmy doors given me every melbourne all these others michael isikoff and those are the people that invited me is isikoff and yahoo news who got the book i should regret it was so ironic. so you know a similar isolating this russia gate thing and so i was invited i went to may have these huge parties there and i'm talking to everybody adam schiff talking to adam schiff mansi pelosi i was talking to jeff weaver who is bernie sanders campaign manager bernie sanders campaign manager i did my impression for him so we had it we had i really was adding too much on there you know i was talking to all things i
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was having too much fun and then i went out after meeting everybody tom styer jimmy hoffa who who i know for ever and i was actually reporting for jimmy door at the same time i had a camera in my pocket and we were doing a live stream where jimmy door show so now i go into the main room alley vashti he's talking to me everybody's talking to me and like i sit down i have dinner steak in and great they have wine and everything and i felt really bad i went to the c.n.n. table and i talked to that guy mani ra who called pronounce my name like i was a russian agent like they're rascality you know. and then i'm talking to joe johns kate baldwin chrysalis i'm sitting at their table and they're about to get the big award and i just couldn't you know take it anymore you know. julian assange is sitting in
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a little place he's like it's eighty degrees or no air conditioning he can't communicate only isolated his mother i spoke to the night before and i felt so guilty i had to take a bath so i stood up in a room that included rod rosenstein and everybody else every politician i stood up and i screamed like howard beale i said julian assad should be getting this award tonight he's the most trusted name in news not c.n.n. he's never add an accurate report so i went to four or five strategic areas there table wise and started bellowing that out because c.n.n. was banned under. and so i just felt so want comfortable even the food rubbing elbows with these people and corrupted said what i had to do it and readers who i love having you out there and congratulations for speaking to speak a little truth to them thank you so much for coming on our show today always a pleasure sir thank you very much tabitha tyrrell always a pleasure. last fall over signed a space fact agreement with the u.s.
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space agency now subject to develop new concepts for unmanned traffic management marial systems and this week at the company's elevation conference it will reveal the concept art for what will become our network of unmanned flying taxis in an effort to cut down on vehicle traffic in dense urban spaces the taxi is which will launch from the roof high rise buildings will seat four with no middle seat the taxi will have eight highly mounted helicopter like rotors to avoid having to duck when you get into the aircraft it will be able to reach speeds of two hundred mph and elevations of between one thousand and two thousand feet and if you're wondering who's helping pay for all this research and development well look no further than the u.s. army's corporate research lab who will be putting in over a half million dollars to get flying back says all of the ground and probably air traffic jams all right that is or should be today remember everyone in this world we're about told really loved enough so i tell you all i love you i am i robot and
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to have people watching those hawks have a great day and i've. got twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one little question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know who you on there was is a huge star among us and a huge amount of pressure come on you have to go meet the center of the beach with l.b.j. and do the great the great if you are. the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we go. alone. and i'm really happy for joy and for the girls and. the special one i was also appreciate me to just say the. latest edition of make up
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as we go. look. for a regiment march through central moscow commemorating those who died fighting in the great war these are live pictures from central moscow. clearly it was tanks and troops that rolled over red square one spectacular military parade marking the defeat of nazi germany in one thousand nine hundred five. but i welcome you without international this why.


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